Chapter 12:

##Update and Rant##

Gifted Blessing upon Curses

Hi, no one will read this probably. I'm putting this series on hold if its not obvious enough with all the inactivity. Anyway, life sucks. I hope I can write again one day and improve my english. Now that I seriously think about my english, I'm really bad at it even after using it for 10 years in the internet. My speaking skill is the worst though, followed by grammar then vocabulary. Even speaking in my own mother tongue which is not english is tough for me. This is probably due to my introvert behaviour. I started to be silent because people keep asking me to repeat my sentence. From that, I lose all self confidence in speaking. I tried to use gesture almost everytime. And answer in the most simple way like yes or no. Anyway, why the fuck are you still readingg? Creepy bastard. I will probably write about my real life story alongside the loner one. I dont really remember a lot about my past but I will try. Anyway, I really thank you for reading this shitty rant and small update about my honeyfeed. Thanks, it help me a lot in tough time, knowing someone care about me.