Gifted Blessing upon Curses

A world filled with magic and war, tainted by blood and tragedy. Those who are gifted are called Blessed Warrior, the most elite soldier of a kingdom.

Kazuki Tenrai, a young teenager forced to face a grim reality joins a rebel group to overthrow the corrupt government and to take revenge but an unexpected attack from a neighboring country crumbles all of the laid-out plan.

The Landrantzel Kingdom is in chaos, only Miyaki Landrantzel, the youngest princess is alive to take back the throne with the help of the Blessed Warrior.

Not the best story out there. Bad grammar and not-so-extensive vocabulary, read at your own risk.

GenreActionDramaMagicMilitary / WarRomance
UpdatedJun 26, 2018
Writing StatusFinished
Word Count6,809
Featured fan art of this novel.