Chapter 0:


The Hole

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My name is Idlis a single father who works the Osaka City Metropolitan Sewage Department. My life has been going downhill for the past 3 years. I’m in debt, I have to take care of a brat and my chick also left me though it was my fault since I put my thing down her hole without using protection. Her parents took her away and left her brat with me, a five-year-old brat named Saori. Well now, she’s all I have, and she looks up to me so I cannot disappoint her hence right now I’m in a hole located just a few metres from Universal Studios Japan fixing a few pipes so that I can fill those holes in my pockets and earn some grub for Saori and myself.Bookmark here

It’s pretty damn hot in these manholes but we’ve got to do our jobs to earn our bread and butter. Japan has such an intricate sewage system that one can get lost in it but then there’s also a fear if this system falls one day it will be the end of Japan, our beautiful island country. Therefore we toil ourselves to ensure that the land of the rising sun never sets. Bookmark here

Oof looks like I’m done here all the pipes are fixed and there’s no leakage. The water should drain away easily during the monsoon. Now let’s climb up and get out of this stinking hole.Bookmark here

It’s harder to climb out of the hole than going down, but I can finally breathe fresh air, so that’s a win. Now I can pick up some grub and head home to meet Saori.Bookmark here

‘THUMP’Bookmark here

Dammit, my life really sucks. A brat just rammed into me and dropped his ice cream on my pants.Bookmark here

“Oi brat, don’t you keep your eyes open when you run? Look what you’ve done to uncle’s pants.”Bookmark here

The brat didn’t say anything, not even a simple sorry he just kept his hand out. Bookmark here

“What do you want? Why are you keeping your hand out?”Bookmark here

“Your pant ate my ice cream so you’ve got to pay me back.”Bookmark here

“Huh? Me? I have to pay you back?”Bookmark here

“You work for the government, don’t you?”Bookmark here

“Ya, somewhat along those lines.”Bookmark here

“Then, just like Captain Smoker, return the money.”Bookmark here

“Smoker? Who’s that? The name of some new captain of a J League team?”Bookmark here

“You’re not Smoker you’re Blackbeard for betraying the government and not serving your people.”Bookmark here

“Now you’re being racist, come here you brat!”Bookmark here

The brat escaped from he was quite the fast runner even though he had a damn Hoola Hoop around his body, he manged to get away from me. Oh! Well, now I’ll pick up some grub and head home. Bookmark here

Vending Machines are the greatest invention of humanity you can find them all over Japan providing you with all your daily necessities at dirt cheap prices and that’s how I landed up buying instant ramen for Saori and myself from a nearby vending machine. I put the bowls of instant ramen inside my bag and was about to leave when a man banged into me. What’s up with people banging into me today. The man looked dazed, at first I thought he was high on drugs but then he pointed to the bottle in his hand and said, “I bought this Lemon Ice Tea bottle from the Vending Machine and when I took a sip but BLOOD came out of it.”Bookmark here

“Blood?” I said.Bookmark here

“Yes Blood.”Bookmark here

“Sir, are you sure you are doing ok? Why will blood come out of the bottle?”Bookmark here

“If you don’t trust me, see it for yourself,” and he handed me the bottle.Bookmark here

I opened the bottle and spilled all the lemon ice tea in front of him there wasn’t any blood.Bookmark here

“See sir, there isn’t any blood. You seem to be stressed go home and have a good night's sleep.”Bookmark here

“Wait a minute, keep my card with you I belong to Nippon Oil Legions so if anything happens to me you can inform the police and my company about this incident.”Bookmark here

“Sure I will,” and then we parted ways. Bookmark here

Looking at the card he gave me, he seemed to be quite the big shot, but I paid little attention to it and was about to throw it into a dustbin when someone banged into me AGAIN!Bookmark here

But this time, lady luck was on my side cause it was a cute young girl. She clung onto me and said, “Good sir, please save me!”Bookmark here

And then I realized it was just for a few moments that luck was on my side cause a group of men were chasing her. I grabbed the girl’s hand and sped away. My legs were tired, but I felt like my blood circulation had increased tenfold since my heart was pounding when the cute young girl asked me for help.Bookmark here

We had left the group of men who were pursuing the girl in the dust and reached Sakurajima Station. The girl was still clinging to me. Her breasts were touching my body and I could tell that she at least had F Cups. I sure was getting excited, but as a certified adult and a father, it was my duty to remain calm and help the girl.Bookmark here

I asked her, “Miss, now that those men aren’t chasing you, do you need any other help.”Bookmark here

She went on her tiptoes and whispered into my ears, “Please take me into your care for a few days.”Bookmark here

At that moment, my mind went completely blank. It felt like I had strayed away too far from reality. Wait, who am I? What am I doing here? What’s going on? Oh ya, I was helping a girl.Bookmark here

I turned to the girl and said, “Miss, you are joking, right?”Bookmark here

She tilted her head towards me and for the first time I got a look at her was beautiful, so angelic. Going by her face, she was in her early teens I didn’t want to turn her away and leave her helpless or at least my devilish side wanted to keep her close to me but I didn’t know what to do. If I did something wrong, society would look at me as a pedophile and I still have a young daughter and I’m still a married man well not on paper, but still. I stood there frozen.Bookmark here

The girl then said to me, “Good sir I can pay you back later but will you allow me to stay with you for a few days you see I have my reasons for this request.”Bookmark here

“I’m a married man and I have a daughter so I cannot —”Bookmark here

“You don’t have to worry about anything good if any problem arises I will take care of it.”Bookmark here

I do not know why, but in the end I accepted the girl’s request. We took a train from Sakurajima Station to Taishō Station and then headed to my apartment. The girl clung to me throughout the journey on the train and she covered her face with her hoodie. Only when we reached my apartment did she remove her hoodie and when she did, her beauty blinded me. Radiant blank hair, eyes that dazzled, a mesmerizing face and the perfect body. She was truly the embodiment of an angel sent from heaven, but was she sent to bring me respite I doubt that.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry for not introducing myself my name is Chizuru Yuki. I’m Nineteen years old and hail from the Chiba Prefecture. I’m currently doing a course in Performing Arts at Osaka University. Thank you for accepting my request. I’ll be in your care for the next few days,” and she bowed to me.Bookmark here

I was taken aback; I didn’t realize that this girl was nineteen years old she looked much younger. But I then took a deep breath and said, “Oh thank god! I thought you were underage, but now I am relieved. Thank you.”Bookmark here

The girl came closer to me and said, “Now that I look at you, you seem to be young, too. How old are you, good sir?”Bookmark here

“Who me? I’m Twenty-two.”Bookmark here

“That’s great no wonder we gel so well. If you were one of those old farts, I doubt you would help me. So what’s your name?”Bookmark here

“Ah, my name isn’t really fancy it’s rather strange, it’s Idlis.”Bookmark here

“What’s strange about it? I really like it, a human is not defined by their name but by their work ethics, isn’t it?”Bookmark here

She made eye contact with me. I couldn’t look away I just muttered, “Ya, you’re right.”Bookmark here

“By the way, you’re really cute Idlis I like you.”Bookmark here

She said my name. Wait, was that an informal confession? No wait, what was that.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. You’re married and have a kid I’m really sorry.”Bookmark here

“No, you’re partly wrong. My wife, or rather my girlfriend, left me after giving birth to my daughter.”Bookmark here

“Oh! I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that and call me by first name from now on don’t be shy, Idlis.”Bookmark here

“Sure Chi..Chizuru.”Bookmark here

She started laughing. I said, “Please forgive me it’s just that I haven't had another woman in my house for very long.”Bookmark here

She walked up to me and put her hands around me and said, “There’s no way you can be nervous, right? After all, you had the balls to do it when you were so young.”Bookmark here

“I guess you’re right.”Bookmark here

“So where’s your daughter?”Bookmark here

“She’ll be in her room”Bookmark here

“I’ll go say hi to her then”Bookmark here

“Sure”Bookmark here

I opened the door to Saori’s room, which I usually keep locked on weekends while I’m at work and she's at home. She was playing her flute when I opened the door. She was delighted to see me and ran towards me screaming “Daddy-Daddy I learnt a new tune on my flute through YouTube.”Bookmark here

“Way to go! Now that’s my Saori for you! By the way, someone's here to meet you.”Bookmark here

“Yahoo! How do you do Saori? You can call me big sis Chizuru. I’m your dad’s acquaintance from the Osaka City Metropolitan Sewage Department. I’ll be spending the next few days with you, so let’s enjoy ourselves.”Bookmark here

“So you’re daddy’s friend?”Bookmark here

“That’s right.”Bookmark here

“Ok then I’ll give you this,” and Saori put a toffee in Chizuru’s hand.Bookmark here

“Thank you so much” Bookmark here

“Would you like to go for a bath, Chizuru?” I asked.Bookmark here

“Well, I don’t have any clothes.”Bookmark here

“No worries, there are some old clothes of my wife I’m sure they’ll fit you”Bookmark here

“I guess that works, thanks.”Bookmark here

“By the way, how did you know I work for the sewage department.”Bookmark here

“Silly, the logo was on the back of your shirt and don’t feel bad but I guess you should go for a bath first cause the odour is terrible,” And she skipped away back to Saori’s room but at that moment I really felt ashamed of myself was I allowing a hot chick like Chizuru cling to me while I was smelling of sewer water — I’m such an idiot!Bookmark here

Anyway, I headed to have a bath and get rid of the stinking odour well that was the secondary reason for having a bath the main reason was that I couldn’t hold it any longer — I needed to FAP! I know society would judge me if this got out, but I just couldn’t resist myself from masturbating to the very thought of a hot chick like Chizuru living under the same roof as me for a few days. It made me Super Horny!Bookmark here

I came out of the bath satisfied; I had shaved and used some special Sakura fragrant shampoo. I felt like a new man, as if I was reborn. Well, since I met Chizuru, I’ve been living in seventh heaven so I better bring about a change in myself. It’s my time to shine... this is my story.Bookmark here

I put my soiled clothes in the washing machine and told Chizuru that she could go use the bath.Bookmark here

I removed some fine sake which I had saved if ever a woman came over to my house. I heated the instant ramen with hot water and placed it along with the other food comprising Korroke and Takoyaki on the table. It was a long time since we had a third person for dinner I felt like crying. But then Chizuru entered the kitchen she was wearing my wife’s old clothes, and she had used the same Sakura shampoo I had used. She walked closer to the table and then I noticed she wasn’t wearing a brasier and I could see her cleavage. I almost got a nosebleed.Bookmark here

“Was the bath ok?” I asked.Bookmark here

“It was perfect,” she replied.Bookmark here

“I’m glad. I’ve prepared dinner could you call Saori for me.”Bookmark here

“Yup”Bookmark here

Chizuru bought Saori for dinner. Saori sat on her highchair while Chizuru sat beside me. I offered her some sake which she gladly accepted inquisitive, Saori also wanted to try the sake but before I could say anything, Chizuru said, “Saori the juice that we are having has a magic potion that will make you grow old quicker, do you want to have wrinkles on your face?”Bookmark here

“But big sis Chizuru, even you are having it. Does that mean you want to get wrinkles on your face?”Bookmark here

Damn Saori is a smart kid she’s caught Chizuru’s bluff should I intervene and help her out but if I say something weird, I’ll make a fool of myself in front of Chizuru.Bookmark here

“You see Saori, I’ve drunk a magic potion which gives me eternal beauty,” said Chizuru.Bookmark here

“So that’s why you can have it. But what about Daddy?”Bookmark here

“I guess your dad also has some attributes that prevent the wrinkles, isn’t that right Idlis?”Bookmark here

Chizuru smiled at me was it the cue to say something I was confused. What should I say? Then I realized I should change the topic, “The food’s getting cold we better eat it fast everyone take a Takoyaki.”Bookmark here

Everyone used a chopstick and took a Takoyaki. Only after eating the Takoyaki I realized I shouldn’t have changed the topic since I had eaten the Takoyaki containing the Wasabi. I immediately opened the fridge and downed a jug of cold water while Saori and Chizuru laughed on. It seemed that my bad luck had followed me to heaven.Bookmark here

After finishing dinner, I put Saori to sleep in her room and went back to my room. I just fell on my bed, my body was really fatigued. I was just looking at the ceiling when suddenly Chizuru appeared in front of me rather on top of me.Bookmark here

She put her hands on my chest and said, “Let’s enjoy ourselves tonight.”Bookmark here

“I don’t understand what do you mean, Chizuru?”Bookmark here

She then put her index finger on my lip and said, “You’re only three years older than me and have experience doing it plus after shaving you look much hotter, you know? There’s no way I’m missing this chance.”Bookmark here

“You don’t mean — ”Bookmark here

“Of course I do. Don’t put on this innocent act cause your thing down here is rearing to go.”Bookmark here

She slipped her hands into my pants and said, “Looks like you’ve been naughty did you perhaps masturbate to me?”Bookmark here

“Of course I did who wouldn’t and you’re not an angel, you’re a Fallen Angel!”Bookmark here

“So what? Did you think I was a goody two shoes?” Bookmark here

I couldn’t resist. I pinned her down and was on top of her and said, “Is it okay with you doing it raw? Cause I don’t have a condom.”Bookmark here

“I don’t give a fuck if we do it raw and if there are any complications, I’ll take care of it just make sure you fill my hole.”Bookmark here

I switched the light off, and that’s how the night passed. Bookmark here

When I woke up, it was already 6 AM. I had slept like a log and beside me was a gorgeous naked girl. I had experienced this feeling after five long years. Well anyway, I got out of bed, put some clothes on and went to make breakfast. While I was making my tea, I switched on the television to see the morning news apparently someone had been murdered as per the headlines. Bookmark here

The Headlines read as, “Obi Aoba, Operations Manager of Nippon Oil Legions has been found dead on the tracks between Sakurajima Station and Universal City Station in Konohana Ward.”Bookmark here

They then should the picture of the man who had been murdered. My heart almost missed a beat. It was the same man who I had met yesterday and claimed that his lemon ice tea bottle had blood in it. I ran to my washing machine since I had kept his card in my pant pocket. I removed my washed pant and searched for the card. Thankfully, I found it. The name and details matched the identity of the murder victim. I was completely shocked. I never thought that a man I met just yesterday would die in such a way.Bookmark here

I changed to another news channel to see if there were any other updates. On one channel, a reporter at the site of the scene reported that apart from the local police authorities, it seemed that even the PSB were present who were blocking all media coverage of the incident.Bookmark here

The Headlines ended with the following statement, “Reliable sources within the police are telling Morning TV that they believe Obi Aoba was murdered since his body was full of HOLES.”Bookmark here

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Golden Boy

The Hole

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