Chapter 27:

Chapter 23 – God Sleepless Night Shift

Transmigration to the Otherworldly Heavens

Next on my nocturnal agenda was the case of priestess.

I sent a message.

“Need to get a gift/reward to human female priestess ASAP. Please advise anons!”

Of course the only available forum user was my most trusted anonymous archangel Archie.

- Thou maketh no sense, o’ Holy Father.

She replied quickly, but once more she has relapsed into archaic speech.

- It is you whom is not making sense. This way of speaking is a disease. I am here to support you in your recovery. We are strong together I believe in you. I believe you can speak normally.

- I dislike how you youngsters have butchered up a perfectly fine language.

- Come on! It’s not even my own language nor did I learn it incorrectly. At this point even the Throne’s translation spells consider your version to be flawed!

She grumbled a bit and I pretended not to hear it, like a true gentleman and most supreme leader.

- Well. What was that you needed in the end?

- Oh, yeah. About that, I need a gift for a priestess worshipping me. Preferably a dress?

- Heavenly Seamstress is always available, but I recommend picking from some ready made goods in Treasury. A piece with some minor enchantments would be appropriate. There are still some like those among failed works of apprentices that would suit a mortal.

Bingo. But wait. Failed works? Would it be okay?

- Can you help me pick up one with those dimensions? I know naught about fashion and the like.

- It is an enchanted robe, why would anyone be overly concerned whether it looks ugly or not?

- Come on. Do it for PR!

- PR?

- Public Relations. Propaganda! If it is a gift from the God of Thrope it needs to look presentable! Even if not that powerful of an artifact.

- Alright, alright. Let us meet in the Treasury.

I tucked Elfin in and wiggled out of her embrace before teleporting.

This was a mistake.

While it was quick and easy to filter appropriate sizes of the dresses, it was still a nightmare to browse them all. Too late have I realized that Archie was also a woman. Woman with a lot of pent up stress and unfulfilled shopping urges.

I stumbled out of Treasury, totally drained of lifeforce. I could swear my HP literally dropped.

Not that I was that honorable and honest for I to mean anything substantial.

I had the right dress!

- Archie, can you give the seamstress this locket to be attached to the chest area?

- Yes, my Lord!

I bid her farewell and floated in the general direction of the Throne of Thrope. I caressed its stony features.

- You were of great help those last few days.

I sat on it and thought on whatever task I would spend the rest of the night.

My position resembled “The Thinker” statue. In more mundane realities it would be called “Constipation on the Loo”.

After a while I jumped up and teleported to my palace.

First “empty” room I have found was further emptied by removing any furniture and decorations.

Whether I would decide on doing it or not it would be prudent to prepare it beforehand.

This was an empty storage for Elfin’s use.

I had set up the same spacetime bending rules inside as well as paralysis effect on anything hostile. I labelled the room as “God’s Storage #2” and my old one as “God’s Storage #1”.

I made a custom skill orb.

<Throne System Notice: Skill Orb created: Storage (Celestial) LVL 1 (Spell, Throne System Access Permission Elevation, Heaven’s Authority Access Permission Elevation, Auto-faked as Storage LVL 1)>

As everything on the status could be further inspected with high enough levels of skill I made sure the description followed standard properties and sizes of storage. The skill would display a different descriptors and volume available for storage to the true user, but it would still be finite and not exactly all correct.

The rooms were actually as large as needed. There was no block on them from putting entire Thrope in them. I made sure to make it block objects larger than a mountain. I dared not think if she accidently tried to put something like ground into storage only for it to be interpreted as the entire fucking globe.

Heck. I made sure that Throne understood my intentions so that it would require me to double confirm any outrageous storage (or rather teleport) requests.

Making full use of the opportunity of visiting the palace I named the room for teleportation “Teleportation Relay #1”. My very own divine bedroom was named “Bedroom – Lynx of Krark” just in case I had guests not familiar with my own godhood.

I have also made another empty room and named it “The Forbidden Room”.

Just for the heck of it.

One jump to Library later I started to pick a few books for Elfin to familiarize herself with. Making copies of them was quite tedious and a little bit taxing on divinity. Maybe I should make another fake skill so she could browse the Library on her own?

Making a fake, GUI skill orb will not cost me anything. I mean that small amount of mana and divinity is basically renewable, right?

The logic of the app, I mean skill, would be almost the same as my own way of browsing. I have just added filtering function so that I could choose what books she would have access to. Theoretically even my current diary was recorded with all the taboo and forbidden knowledge inside. The search function would still be here, just not the contents. Each book would have to be requested from The Librarian. In other words – me.

<Throne System Notice: Skill Orb created: Mind’s Library LVL 1 (Spell, Throne System Access Permission Elevation)>

Thankfully this cool name was not taken already by some other skill for schmucks.

Now what I should do with the books I had already ‘printed’?

I returned to bed and snuggled with my elf.

She was asleep, but stirred unconsciously. I brushed away the strand of hair that fell on her face. I leaned in and tenderly whispered “Status Check”.


She did level up to 6, but her potential jumped straight to 47!

That is over 7 levels difference!

That is cheating!

Could it be due to healing her leg? Probably. She could also have an epiphany, but about what?

I will have to think about that later. Lest she leaves me in the dust. While I did reach Level 4, my potential only changed at the decimal digit. Why does the Throne evaluate her better than me? Maybe Talakhe messed up the summoning and got the wrong guy? It is not like I have died prior to my transmigration. Maybe all of this was a fluke and Thrope (and myself) were doomed.

I decided to get off this train of thought and go to sleep ‘early’.

When I woke up it was still night, though the sky was starting to brighten on horizon. Despite the approaching dawn everyone in the inn was still asleep. So much for rising early with the sun myth. Or maybe it was differing between cities and countryside?

Gah, I felt too energetic to go back to bed. Metaphorically speaking that is.

I picked up the books on basics of magic as well as fire and Demonflame respectively. All of them were gifts I have prepared for my half-elf.

Basics of magic tome was written in a foreign and dead tongue. Its title could be roughly translated as “Kelthankan Academy of Magic Arts – Magica Primeria”.

I had already read some excerpts from this book. It was truly a masterpiece. I wanted to finish reading it from cover to cover before handing it over.

The smell of papyrus filled the room. While it was novel to me, the coarse and stiff fibers were not the best to use. Next time I will order to remake the book on the best quality non-acidic paper.

It would be quite taxing for my elf to learn all those languages. Maybe I should include auto-translation into the “Mind Library” skill?

<Throne System Notice: Skill Orb updated: Mind’s Library LVL 2 (Spell, Throne System Access Permission Elevation)>

Huh, did the Throne update a skill just because I thought about it freely?

Let’s make it tiered.

- Level 1 to read and request books.

- Level 2 to auto-translate them.

- Level 3 for searching the Mind’s Library.

- Level 4 for adding any material books into it?

With obvious exceptions.. maybe requiring an approval for each piece of literature?

- Level 5 for limited searching of Heaven’s Library.

Making nonsensical pseudo skills is so much fun!

Eh, it is not like I am gonna give Elfin anything above Level 3. For now even Level 2 will be enough.

Speaking of the devil or demon, she started to stir yet again. I think she was waking up.


The stirring grew more violent and her expression grew grim. Eyeballs darted erratically under her eyelids. Was she having a nightmare?

I should wake her up!

After I shook her she opened her eye, looked at me and started weeping.

Come on, I am not that ugly.

I hugged her and whispered.

- Shh. It was just a nightmare. Not real. It was not real.

- The flames. They felt real and scalding – her voice was hoarse.

- They were not. You are safe. Shh.

She had a few more spasms and gradually silenced herself in my arms. She took a couple of deep breaths. I could vaguely feel two bumps through the thin cloth of my upper pajamas she was wearing. I stroked her head.

- Sorry master, for bothering you first thing in the morning – she said and sniffled.

- It is quite alright. Would you like to sleep some more?

- Master is already awake. I am ready to serve.

- My myself! Let me repeat the question. Would you like to sleep some more? Now answer properly.

- I am still sleepy. My head hurts.

Might be because she force-learned a lot of skills yesterday. I pulled her own from half-sitting position.

- Then cuddle up and go back to sleep.

I laid her weary head on my arm and she finally returned the hug. For the next half of rainbow hour she tried to fall asleep and finally gave up with the first rays of morning sunlight.

Thankfully there were no rooster cries to accompany this morning.

Were there even chickens present on Thrope? Who knows.. certainly not some slothful dude with access to that information, but too lazy to check it.

- You could not fall asleep, could you?

- No, master.

- Would you like to discuss your nightmare or would you rather try to forget it?

She grimaced and shook her head, still on my numbing arm.

- I was burning again, master. The day I have used magic for the first time ever. I relived it.

- That must have been awful.

- It was.

- The only thing you can do is understand what happened and make sure the situation does not repeat. I think gaining precise control of your magic would help with your trauma. Also if you want we can cuddle again or even stay in bed for the whole day. If you still feeling off, that is.

She clenched her fists and pecked on my chest, that she was laying on. She scrambled to get up and I have also sat up on the bed.

- Anyway, I have good news. I have read on healing magic a bit and I think we can try to heal your eye today. If the method works out and there are no complications we will go ahead and heal your arm as well.

- Master can do that?

- Yes, apparently I can now. Just have to use.. mana.. differently.

I fidgeted with my words. It is not exactly like I could tell her the mana I referred to was Divinity itself.

I patted my thighs as if to divert attention from this white lie.

Secretly I made sure the throne would watch over her health and track all the particles inside of her body to warn me of any deficiencies.

- Come here, lay your weary head to rest. Don't you cry no more.

When she did so and I was just about to heal her I realized that I could use the fake “Healing Kiss” spell again. I held her head up in a cradle made of my arms and leaned forward.

- Healing Kiss! – I whispered and kissed the scar tissue covering her right eye.

With such a (fake) spell I was a bona fide magical girl. Magical boy? Whatever.

Golden light enveloped the eye and healed it rapidly. Scar tissue seemed to crawl back, revealing healthy skin underneath. She reflexively blinked and surface of the eyeball was revealed. The pupil was pearly white, but soon started to gain other colors. Specifically: black in the middle and golden yellow on the outside. Finally it settled on being red with golden streaks.

The hell?

Did I overuse divinity?

Her other iris was beautifully and plain red.

I mean I expected heterochromia, as it is a common isekai slash chuuni trope, but why would this one be golden?

<Throne System Notice: Divine Slave Elfin has gained a new skill: Soul Sight LVL 1>

Well, fuck.

That is a freaking divinity skill.