Chapter 7:

Auditions II

I Became the Manager of the First Galactical Idols

A few candidates later, a redhead girl stepped inside. She was tall and wore a long ponytail. Her green eyes were behind a pair of round glasses.

Her glasses are quite stylish.

I repeated the same procedure as always. Her name was Aki Akane. She was a nineteen-year-old Japanese citizen.

"Okay, Akane. Tell us about yourself."

"Sure. My name's Aki Akane. I'm nineteen years old and I study Design at Saitama University."

Oh, that's surprising.

"How did you find out about the auditions?"

"I was walking by and saw the sign yesterday."

"And why were you interested? Why do you want to become an idol?"

"I will admit that I didn't know much about them until I saw the sign. I remembered I had heard about them years ago, so I researched more. I immediately fell in love with their costumes, which made me keep researching throughout the entire day. I even forgot to finish my homework."

I doubt that's something you should say at an audition or any kind of interview, but I respect her honesty.

"Eventually, I fell in love with the entire concept. Cute and attractive girls giving a show to an audience even offstage. Popularity, fans, happiness, and love. Everything I cherish."

Quite an interesting answer.

"Do you think you have what it takes to be an idol?"

"I believe so. I had acting, dancing, and singing lessons for many years. And I'm cute and attractive, making me popular among guys."

It might be true, but saying it about herself sounds presumptuous to say the least.

"We are done with the questions. Please proceed to show us your dancing and singing skills. If you have another skill you want to show us, go ahead."

She chose to dance first. She played the song on her glasses and began dancing. The song was slow, romantic, and sensual. Her movements were hypnotic, perfectly following the rhythm—especially with her hips. She even winked at me once, making my cheeks feel a bit warm.

She finished dancing and started singing. It was another song, but it also was slow, romantic, and sensual. Her voice could reach low notes as well as high ones. Her control was practically perfect. It was mesmerizing.

After a few minutes, she was done and left the room.

"What do you think?" I asked Sanae and Risa.

"I don't know," Sanae answered. "Yeah, she was very good at dancing and singing, but I don't like her cockiness."

"We don't know if she can work well in a team," Risa added.

"Those are good points," I replied. "But don't you feel that she complements the group quite nicely?"

Sanae crossed her arms. "Aren't you saying that just because she was trying to seduce you?"

"O-Of course not."

She sighed. "Maybe she does fit. Let's take our time to decide."

The rest of the candidates came in and out. Even though they had good skills, only a few seemed honestly eager about idols. Still, none of them convinced us. We were done with the auditions until, suddenly, Butcher opened the door.

"Guys, another girl just arrived. Should I let her come in?"

Sanae, Risa, and I looked at each other. We were mentally tired, but we decided to give her an opportunity.

The girl stepped inside. She was short, around Sanae's and Risa's height. Her hair was dark blue and very short, practically bald on one side. Her eyes were gray and she had two piercings on the eyebrow that wasn't being hidden by her fringe. A guitar case hung on her back.

I repeated the same process of checking her ID.

"Okay, Adachi. Tell us about yourself."

"Why? Didn't you already see my ID?"

"W-Well, it's more formal like that."

She sighed. "Fine."

What's up with her?

"I'm Umi Adachi. I'm eighteen years old and I study Music Production at Saitama University."

She too? I guess it shouldn't surprise me being this close to it.

"How did you find out about the auditions?"

"I was walking by and saw the sign."

Her answers are really short! And she looks like she was forced to be here. Let's find out.

"And why were you interested? Why do you want to become an idol?"

"I'm not and I don't."

What?! Then why is she here?

She sighed. "I need a job, okay? I haven't been able to find anything for months. This is the only chance I've gotten."

"Okay… Do you know what an idol is?"

"Yes, I'm not that cold. I researched about them after I saw the sign. I wasn't keen about it, but I don't dislike them."

"And do you think you have what it takes to be an idol?"

"There were requirements for this audition, right? I fulfill them."

"Please show us."

She took her guitar case off her back and put it on the floor. She opened it and took out a guitar. It was dark blue and pinkish red.

I haven't seen a real guitar in ages.

After tuning it a bit by ear, she started playing it. It sounded acoustic. The song began without vocals. It was slow and soothing, but it gave a feeling of emptiness. She started singing. Her voice was low and raspy. Then it became loud and powerful. Not only could you hear the emotion, but it made you feel it too.

The song ended. Sanae, Risa, and I stared at her, processing what we had just heard.

"Did you write that song?" I asked.

"I did."

"It's very—"

"I don't care about your opinion."

What the hell?! She really needs to chill.

"I-I see. Now please show us your dancing skill."

"I don't want to," she replied as she put her guitar inside the case and closed it.

"It's a requirement."

She sighed. "Fine. Play ballet music."

"Ballet? What song—"

"Doesn't matter."

I searched for ballet music and played the first song I found. Out of nowhere, she started dancing ballet. Her movements were quick but steady and graceful. She moved around the room jumping and spinning. Her flexibility was incredible. She was impeccable.

She finished the dance with her arms pointing to the ceiling, stretching her entire body. Again, Sanae, Risa, and I stared at her in awe.

Where does that grace go when she talks?!

She lowered her arms and picked up her guitar case.

"I'll be waiting for the call."

And she left.

"I can't believe her," I said. "What do you think?"

"She's really cool!" Risa excitedly answered.

"I agree, but she lacks basic manners," Sanae added. "She was way too rude."

"But again, I feel like she complements the group quite nicely."


"I think I have a rough idea of who to choose."

Clueless, they looked at me.

We spent the afternoon discussing all the candidates even though only three had caught our attention. In the end, we only chose those three girls.

The next morning was heavy. I had to call all the candidates that allowed me to contact them and tell them they weren't selected. Most of them were cool about it, but a few of them were sad or even angry. The reaction didn't matter, I understood them all. But it didn't mean it was easy for me.

After that, I called the girls we had chosen: Astra Celeste, the cheerful girl; Aki Akane, the mysteriously sensual girl; and Umi Adachi, the rebel girl. They were thrilled about it—except for Adachi, who sounded indifferent.

Done with work for the day, I asked Sanae the cause of her panic attack. She said it happened when she saw the long queue outside; she felt insecure about her being good enough. The previous attacks she had were about the same. I told her there was nothing to worry about because she was already in the group, but she didn't seem very pleased with that. Still, I bought the medicine in case it happened again.

There was nothing else to do for the following week; we were going to wait until we all met to decide everything about the group. Meanwhile, I studied more about idols and prepared the contracts for the new members. They had said yes, but it wasn't settled yet.

Cel T.