Chapter 9:

Days an Icon Fell

11 Kingdoms

Report: Days an Icon Fell Bookmark here

Accessing corporate Logs: Black clover investigation on the Accident involving Bookmark here

Jamie Eve Bookmark here

The team sits in a large waiting room, watching the age with stress and tension form of Mrs. Ebony Eve, pacing the floor. Her teeth in a constant clench of her jaw, only opening to bite at her nails, in an act of a nervous twitch. In a brief respite of her nail-biting, she rushes a growl of frustration and releases a choice set of words to Rick's direction. "You, you were the one in charge of my daughter's team, how could you let this happen." Rick Mathers wipes his face with his hands in a futile effort to take the sleep away, that the past 30 hours have brought for him and his team. But he does not answer the woman. “That’s what I thought, you people did this to my daughter, and I tell you what I will pray to god if I were you to give you a reason to go on living because after this I will see to it you are finished along with that company.”Bookmark here

“Damn, Jamie said you were a vicious one, just never thought I would see it with my own eyes. Ms. Eve nothing here is Rick’s doing.” States an equally tired Melissa, stepping in-between a very irate Ebony Eve and her team leader. Bookmark here

“Yeah, it's that creepy creature's fault, that Dark Mistress character." Groans Moses from his laying position, on one of the hospital benches. "You're just lucky she's still alive."Bookmark here

Ebony walks up slapping Moses. “You call a heartbeat alive, for god sake my daughter needs a god damn machine to breathe for Christ's sake."Bookmark here

“Calm down, there was nothing any of us could do, the person behind this had set this up and there was no way to stop the accident. What we have to do now is find out who is behind this and do what we can to prevent it from harming more people like Jamie.” A shaken Melissa shouts while stepping in front of the fury of Ebony Eve. “For now let’s all drop the emotions and just be here for Jamie while the company works on tracking down the Hacker.”Bookmark here

“If you think I will dare let you all, or that company near my daughter again, you are sadly mistaken. I will see to it that you pay dearly for this.” Ebony vigorously waves her finger in the face of Melissa, refusing to drop the heat of emotion at the moment.Bookmark here

“Then be that way. But perhaps you should know that it’s the very same company that you claim put her in this condition that’s saving her life right now. The tools the doctors use, the very building we stand in all of it is part of Black Clover. So if you sue the company, don't be surprised if the company decides to lessen the care your daughter is receiving from them at this time." Melissa grasps the hand Ebony and pushes it calmly away. Ebony walks off to another side of the room in frustration with dealing with the crew. While they continue discussing the events that have played out so far in the last several hours.Bookmark here

“But the company is behind it aren’t they?” A groggy Gavin wheezes out.Bookmark here

"Damn Gavin don't tell me your one of those guys." Groans Moses. Melissa turns to look puzzled at Moses's statement. "You can't seriously be one of the people who is claiming the Company set out to do this."Bookmark here

“Why not it makes perfect sense, and it explains how such a thing could be done. What proof do you have that they aren’t responsible for it?” Growls Ebony in agreement with the raising opinion of Gavin.Bookmark here

“Gavin you were there when Ms. Freaky showed up and threw you along with all the grand heroes offline.” Moses rubs his temples to make sense of his companion’s views of recent events.Bookmark here

“Yes. And the people with the power to do this that is,” Gavin is interrupted by a voice that is working hard to be quiet during the debate.Bookmark here

“The Main servers.” Rick’s response catches Moses and Melissa off guard.Bookmark here

“Not you too Rick!” Melissa retorts.Bookmark here

"I don't believe yet that the company is responsible no, not willing at least. But if the Hacker had access to the Main servers at central they could use the accounts of those active and push them off. The problem is the Main server's location is a deeply held secret. I doubt Bart, even knows its location.” Rick scratches his slowly growing beard at the time and tries to think things through. “But to say the company is completely innocent of fault here is wrong. A hacker to do things like this would have been playing around with issues reaching out and affecting the game at times in smaller ways.”Bookmark here

"Didn't Jamie mention something about the plant monster in the arena fight being affected?" Moses questions the others on past events.Bookmark here

“The monster boar we encountered a few faced months ago was acting weird too! After she beat it she leveled a lot. We thought it was a glitch." Gavin adds in some issues he recalls.Bookmark here

“If that’s the case then the hacker was likely testing affecting both the game world and altering Fawn’s character in some way.” Rick sits with a quizzical dazed look.Bookmark here

“But why didn’t she say anything, and why would the hacker help her by leveling her up?” Asks a confused Melissa.Bookmark here

"To be fair with Jamie she may have thought it was a basic glitch or someone at Central performing tasks to make Fawn look more heroic. To make her look good at photoshoots of her activity and stats listed in the game. Or the challenges of facing the other grand heroes in public events, or for the broadcast feed’s that follow her." Rick snaps out of his dazed look and turns to see Ebony Eve while separate from the group is trying hard to not look like she is listening to the conversation. His eyes catch her just in time to see her roll her eyes.Bookmark here

"Meaning your company knowingly brought harm to my daughter." Ebony growls in response to Rick's statement. "And I wouldn't be surprised if you four are also responsible as well. That is something time and lawyers will show us."Bookmark here

“Very well Mrs. Eve, if you feel that is the case there is little we can do for you. I want you to know though that not myself or any of my staff would ever want Jamie in this condition. Jamie is like family to us all, and we have each risked our jobs to help her in some ways up to now.” Rick pauses and looks at Melissa. “No, not just jobs. Some of us would have easily traded our place to save Jamie from the harm brought down upon her.” Rick gets up and starts to walk out, only to stop and snap back a glare at Ebony while giving orders. “Since I am not wanted around here I’m leaving. Melissa, tell Jamie to get better for me.”Bookmark here

"Where are you off to, the doctors are likely to let us in soon." Melissa stands a bit puzzled but relieved that Rick has directed her to stay in concern for her friend.Bookmark here

"I'm going to try to get some answers, Gavin you and Moses need to head back soon too, the tower will be active again in a few hours after corporate makes an announcement. We need some staff to help out there. Mrs. Eve, I am sorry for your daughter's injuries but if you threaten my friends and family with snap judgments. I will see to it that you will fail at bringing others harm for your quest for vengeance." Rick leaves down the hall with Moses and Gavin jogging to catch up to him. Melissa looks at Ebony and turns away to sit quietly. The two stayed silent for a long time with occasional glances at each other resulting in a display of dislike to one another. The only thing breaking their silence is the arrival of the doctor in charge of Jamie. He walks in and sits down next to Ebony pulling out a tablet computer and going over the details of Jamie’s injuries.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Mrs. Eve, but the damage to the brain from the electrical shock has it shut down, the only thing we find it is keeping going is her heart. But we don’t know how long that will remain active. Your daughter’s brain activity shows minimal use. If we cut off the devices hooked up to her she surely would pass away in mere moments. If things don’t improve in the next few hours we can only assume that they will never improve for her in any way. I would suggest you make arrangements for the worst.” Melissa watches as Ebony’s fist clenches tightly and tears stream down the stern face of the woman. She turns and starts to walk away from the scene of Ebony breaking down in hysteria over her daughter’s news. Bookmark here

She walks up past the door of Jamie’s Hospital room where Jamie lays, she listens to the constant beeps and air pumps from the machine. She stands there looking on at her friend now facing the verge of death. Due to her injuries, no one had been allowed in, other than Jamie's mom on the last day. Jamie's hair is now bright white and bandages wrapped around the neck where the computer connection had melted in the skin from the charge superheating it. A tube forcefully kept Jamie's mouth agate. In a way of looking like she is about to say something but nothing comes out. Melissa walks in and takes a seat in the chair across from Jamie's body. She brushes her eyes clearing them of tears.Bookmark here

"Wasting tears." Melissa laughs quietly. "You got me to waste them, sweetie. Had I known that the trip would have been your last, I guess I would have fought those guys tooth and nail.” Melissa chokes, swallows, and brushes away more tears. "Rick won't let this go. He blames himself more than anyone, I'm sure. He won't … We won't let the person who did this get away with it. Damn, I don't even care if it is the company we work for. I won't stop till they pay for what they did to you, sweetie. But we need something from you. We need you not to make this the time to flee the battle. We need you to come back to us. We need our coworker. I need my best friend back. So don't you dare give up on life, you fight it every step, every breath, every heartbeat you have to fight it. Live for us, we are all waiting for the princess to rise again.” Melissa brushes her eyes clear and looks up at a quiet cough made from the doorway, where Ebony Eve now stands.Bookmark here

“Don’t mind me. I was just coming in to see her.” Ebony responds as Melissa jumps from her seat.Bookmark here

“Sorry I will leave.” Melissa begins to rise from the chair next to Jamie’s body.Bookmark here

“Don’t please, I … I want to apologize for how I treated you and the others. You show me that my daughter was in a place, I didn't think was very likely given her past." Ebony walks in and sits down on the window sill of the room. "I mean friendship. Jamie has always suffered from anxiety, and I was shocked at how far she was coming out with the whole idol stuff. But I worried that she was building herself up for heartbreak. Now I see that with friends like you she wasn’t alone, was she.” Melissa shakes her head back and forth to signal no. “When she was a teenager I worked hard for her to be at least a little bit social in her life, but she merely would go back and forth from school to her room. I worried for so long she would spend her whole life alone, without knowing any friends. I was more worried when her grandmother passed. Mom was Jamie’s best friend for years. The only person she would carry on an actual life with. My daughter I think grew up too fast under me. But you all it seems brought out a Jamie I never got to know.”Bookmark here

“You’re going to do it aren’t you. You’re going to pull the plug on her.” Melissa asks with a stern concern in her voice.Bookmark here

“I was, yes. But then I heard you in your moment alone with her. So who am I to deter my daughter from this battle at this time? If she is as strong a fighter as you say, I would like to see that side of my daughter. I don’t think now is a time to give up yet on hope.” The two remain quiet for much of their remaining time in the hospital visit. Bookmark here

File Source EndBookmark here

Accessing: Black Clover Press announcement on the accidentBookmark here

Additional Access: Black Towers Security camera networkBookmark here

The door of the car slams as Rick doesn’t even flinch. Both Moses and Gavin struggling to step out of the vehicle, as Rick just marches on. Making his way around the corner he in his act of rage almost runs fully into the person he has come searching for. Bart Howser the towers Game Director, takes no real note till Bart speaks up to him with a slick smile on his face.Bookmark here

"Hey Rick, Jamie oka…." The middle-aged game designer has no time to react as the larger Rick grabs Bart by the shirt and throws him against the wall lifting him to his toes and growls.Bookmark here

“What did they do? Huh, what was it, I thought the company wanted Jamie around, that they wanted her to promote the game. Why is it she was chosen? Was this just some sick way to gain publicity? Tell me, Bart, TELL ME!” Rick Snarls in Bart’s face.Bookmark here

“Whoa hey there buddy, I don't know the least bit about what this is all about." A shaken Bart responds.Bookmark here

Moses runs up pulling the two men apart. “Rick man calm down! Let the man speak.” Unfortunately for Bart, the grip Moses had on Rick lessened enough for him to slide free, but not far enough to avoid a thrown punch from Rick. The punch hits landing slightly on the cheek but smashing more across Bart’s ear. Bart falls back grabbing his ear.Bookmark here

“What the hell is wrong with you, I have no idea what caused this mess. You know everything I do. Besides if you want to be upset at someone be upset at Gail, she’s the one about to go out and blame the accident on Jamie’s actions." Proclaims the head game designer for the tower. Moses Pushes Bart this time, he goes falling to the ground.Bookmark here

As Rick runs on forward towards the open hall on the first floor, there standing in front of several cameras is Gail Jeirade the Black Clover spokeswoman. "We at Black Clover, find that the accident that occurred the other day is an abhorrent tragedy and we are offering all services we can to Ms. Eve and her family at this time. The first investigation into the matter, however, reveals that Ms. Eve did not take action to evacuate the game upon request from central offices and had placed herself at risk, which had led to the injuries she had suffered from the accident. While the accident did occur to Ms. Eve it is believed that the fault is in no way linked to the actual game or the Nuro-link hardware. Both have been tested and prove to be safe to return to the gameplay and these delays will not delay the game's set to release date in two months. In conclusion, Ms. Eve's doctors have informed us that she remains in critical condition from an accident that in no way was caused by our companies' hardware or the software of 11 kingdoms. Once again we send our sympathy to the family of Ms. Eve and pray for a speedy recovery. In the meantime, we will focus on the game and work with Interpol and FBI offices, in hunting down the mysterious hacker of the game. That appeared two nights ago going by the handle Dark Mistress. At this time I will take questions from the audience.”Bookmark here

Rick takes action pushing his way to the front of the news crews that have gathered. A few of the more news-hungry people shove back forcing him to work hard shoving his way through.Bookmark here

His face gets blocked as he gets ready to holler at Gail by the first news reporter, Jarrod Vines, to shout a question. “So is Black Clover acknowledging that the hacker is responsible for the injuries Ms. Eve suffered?”Bookmark here

“No, our sources show that she suffered an earlier injury the day before. We believe that along with tampering of her chair may have caused the electrical charge to be released on her.” Responds a fully professional Gail in showing just enough emotion behind her words that she comes off as caring, but not too much to show so much as a blemish of makeup smudging under tears or slurring the words she states.Bookmark here

“But surely the charge hit at the exact time the hacker struck her avatar in the game.” Vines replies not letting Gail spin the story any further.Bookmark here

“We are still looking into that at this time.” Gail turns to look at another reporter while Rick tries to shout at her but goes ignored.Bookmark here

“GAIL!”Bookmark here

The reporter Vines turns and pulls Rick back. "Hey, pal back off we were here first, besides you don’t even have a,” Before Vines can finish his sentence Rick punches him, tossing him to the ground. The reporter throws down his mic and throws off his jacket as he returns to his feet to return the favor to Rick. By now the focus of the press meeting has turned to the two men fighting as Security runs in grabbing both of them, pulling them apart, and handcuffing them.Bookmark here

As he is being cuffed Rick shouts out at Gail. “I won’t let you destroy her Gail, Jamie is in the hospital dying, and I won’t let you silence her voice.”Bookmark here

A very furious Gail replies in a gritted teeth yet swift action. "This conference is over, Security, take Mr. Mathers up to the conference room and let the reporter go.” The news reporters start to swarm both the security guards covering Rick and forcing him to the elevator and Gail, as she also makes her way. She looks over at the now beaten face of Rick as the elevator doors are closed and she remains in her cold form keeps her silent and unflinching in emotion on the matter.Bookmark here

The Elevator is a quiet long ride to the top of the tower. But no sooner do the doors open to floor forty-nine than Gail speaks up. "Drop him and leave us, Guards." The guards drop Rick face first on the floor still cuffed with his arms behind him. Rick rolls about getting himself to his knees then making his way to his feet. "You're looking to get yourself fired aren't you, Mr. Mathers?”Bookmark here

“You are telling them it’s her fault. What kind of monster are you?” Growls Rick as his eyes locked in a stare with Gail.Bookmark here

"You have no right to talk here Mr. Mathers. This company has put a damn lot on the line, even more on the line for you and that girl. This company employs close to one-hundredth of this world's population, it’s not just you or Ms. Eve. When an accident occurs we must take actions to do the least amount of damage as possible to us so we can keep all those people employed." Despite the lack of press, Gail continues her professional speech with Rick.Bookmark here

Rick spits out a collection of blood in his mouth on the floor. “I don’t give a damn about the public image of the damn company, but there is no way you can pin Jamie’s injuries truly on her. You know damn well she did not mess with the chair and had no way of exiting the game.”Bookmark here

“That may be so, but if I go out with the fact the hacker was able to prevent her from physically getting out of the game then what will happen. I will tell you what will happen, the damn governments of the world would dub not only the game but all systems unsafe including the very machines now keeping our young Ms. Eve alive. They will shut down everything of Black Clover, causing millions to lose jobs, and billions of other lives at risk from the Neuro-link system all because one sicko stalker brought harm to the damn girl. Do you want the girl to die at the hands of bureaucrats or do you want to find the person responsible and bring them to justice?" Gail finally slips from her professional attitude as her scowl wrinkles her make-up causing a slight line to form.Bookmark here

For the first time in hours, the anger begins to flee from Rick's body. "I want to be at the forefront to find this hacker."Bookmark here

"There is a great risk, but the FBI needs someone familiar with our systems to look into ways the hacker made it into the game and affected it. Plus we still need to get a lockdown on their location. All tracers we tried to put into play to find the hacker so far have been useless." Gail sighs and lowers her voice hoping the fury from downstairs has calmed down.Bookmark here

“I don’t care, Jamie was my responsibility and if anyone should bring this freak in it will be me.” Rick proudly proclaims.Bookmark here

Gail reaches in her pocket and pulls out her DAS. She dials a number and activates the monitors in the room. “Central it’s Gail Jeirade, I need you to send all we have on the plague files and the hacker Dark Mistress, for our newest investigator. Please send it to the systems here, in Tree Top, of the Black tower thanks." She hangs up and the monitors begin to fill with files. "The system up here will be locked from below. Do what you can but don’t you share a damn file of this info. Or I will have you thrown in the worst prison I can find for fraud, understand. Report your findings to me and I will send them to Central. Is that all?”Bookmark here

“My group thought about it. How do we know that central doesn’t have someone who did this?” Sternly asks Rick his voice slightly showing a hint of rage returning.Bookmark here

“Central isn’t easily swayed Mr. Mathers.” Gail sighs but remains calm in her retort.Bookmark here

“One last thing Gail!” Rick stops Gail who is making her way across the room for the elevator of the floor with both cigarette and lighter already in hand.Bookmark here

“Yes?” she responds with frustration in her voice.Bookmark here

"If you say central is not that easily swayed then you can tell me. Where is Central?" A serious concern faced Rick asks.Bookmark here

“You’re not cleared for that Info Mr. Mathers.” Gail walks to the elevator and gets in with the doors shutting tight. Rick looks around at the documents opening up on the screens. One of the screens lists unusual glitches carrying the signature of Dark Mistress. Both the Boar and the Plant creatures appear, with their times and note both were destroyed, by the same player Fawn Midin. In between the 29 other cases of monsters most of which were destroyed by a computer system wipe. He looked to see the last accounts of activity and came to a shock. Dark Mistress the other day wasn't the last. No, it's far from it, in the last two days the system indicates many of the world’s section Pangai, have been infected and system wipes are not clearing the virus from acting. Then Rick looks and sees the last file is noted that a single unknown file is still active in the Black towers records.Bookmark here

“How is this possible, the game isn’t active here yet? What is that active in our system? Computer lock, in, and display the unknown file." The computer acknowledges Rick's request and zooms in on a grassy field in the northern plains of the Noiox Kingdom. The camera begins to zoom in on a humanoid form with black hair highlighted with shades of purple. "No, it can't be."Bookmark here

Rick Dashes to the stairs not wanting to wait on the elevator and bursts open the door to Floor forty-seven, shocking both Moses and Gavin who stand talking in the hall.Bookmark here

"Hey, Rick what happened with Gail. Last we saw you were being taken by Security to face the full force of Gail." Rick fails to respond to Moses's inquiry.Bookmark here

"I have something I have to check for myself in the game. You two get back to work." The two men follow their leader who makes his way into his office and hops into the chair activating his Neuro-link.Bookmark here

“Work? But we just got in.” Gavin WheezesBookmark here

“Just stay out of my hair will you, find something to do.” Dropping down the monitor, Moses, and Gavin look at each other.Bookmark here

“Are you going to let him go alone, or do you want to see what he's up to as well?" States Moses already dashing down the hall to get on his connection.Bookmark here

"The last one on is a." Gavin can't even finish the sentence before Moses is already at the door to his apartment in the tower to log in.Bookmark here

File Source EndBookmark here

Accessing corrupt file: Log File Princess Fawn MidinBookmark here

The hazy blue sky comes into the blurry vision of its capture across my eyes. The odd tingling sting of the blades of wild uncut grass tickles the skin and sounds of the wildlife moving about hit the ears. When a faded figure comes walking into the view casting a shadow down on me from above. A low thump repeats itself in my ears what is going on. My eyes begin to adjust more and the blur of the figure is joined by two more. As I begin to hear voices somehow familiar to me, though I cannot make out the names or faces as they fade into my view.Bookmark here

“Tit cannot be!” Cries the voice of the short figureBookmark here

“Gavin drop the dwarven speak no one is here but us.” Shouts the tall figure.Bookmark here

“You’re alive.” The medium figure cries. Bookmark here

“No way Rick this is just some other computer glitch.” States the Tall oneBookmark here

“Or another trap by the Dark Mistress.” Proclaims the short one.Bookmark here

My vision clears and I see the face of people I start to recall. The dwarf Gavin, the Tundar Nev Lir, and the old man is my father, King Valspur Midin. But something doesn’t sit right with me. Something in the pit of my stomach tells me these people are something else to me. But the sensation eases me as I am hugged by my father, in an act of love. I try to send him words of comfort. “Father I am okay.” The man I know as my father pulls back and looks coldly at me.Bookmark here

“Jamie, it’s okay you can drop the act. There are no players.” I look puzzled at him as the uneasy feeling returns to my stomach.Bookmark here

"Players? Jamie? What are you going on about, father it's me, Fawn." I try to be reassuring, as father is in his elder years and his memory may be slipping from him at who I am.Bookmark here

“I told you it’s a computer program, a ghost, one of Fawn. It has no memories of Jamie. Besides, how could it be her, she's in the hospital. Hell her chair was destroyed." The words computer, hospital, and chair begin to jar my damaged memory and my head begins to throb.Bookmark here

"Computer game, this is a game I'm not Fawn am I?" I question the three and get a nod of yes in reply to my question. "But this world is so real, I remember so much from my life, how can this be a computer program."Bookmark here

“Okay officially getting freaked out here, Rick.” Nev steps away from me as if I was out to harm him.Bookmark here

"Okay, Fawn tell me when is your earliest memory?" Father asks with a puzzled look at me as his grip tightens on me.Bookmark here

“Um, I was about six and I spilled some ink on my hair, and you.” I stop and think before continuing confused as my head throbs.” No, it wasn't you. It was a woman. She got mad at me. Mom? It was Mom?" I grab my head as the throbbing continues to hurt.Bookmark here

“What did that prove?” Gavin asks.Bookmark here

"It proves that bits of Jamie are in this version of Fawn. She still lives in a way, locked in this ghost file of Fawn." I look at him.Bookmark here

“I’m not a ghost, father I can feel the touch of things, I smell the clean crisp air smell of Honey Suckle nearby. These are things I believe ghosts can’t do.”Bookmark here

“Your right Fawn, you aren’t a ghost you’re a real thing, a miracle real thing.” Father weeps as he hugs me and rubs my head.Bookmark here

I look at Nev now risking moving closer as to study me. His massive eye reflecting my face in its glare. “You can smell and feel? The game doesn’t offer those sensations how does it know what those things are. I for one know we didn’t program smells into the game, Rick."Bookmark here

“No, but to this Fawn, this version of Jamie this world is very real. Perhaps the senses are tricked with former memories Jamie had from the real world and now the program is trying to make sense of it in her mind.” Father states not letting my hand go.Bookmark here

"So what is this?" Nev pokes at my face and I shy away from the touch of his rough skin.Bookmark here

“I am Fawn, what do you mean by what is this, Nev.” I sternly proclaim to Nev in anger.Bookmark here

“Ye heard her, Nev. This is Fawn, in every way.” Gavin retortsBookmark here

“But that’s not possible. Fawn is a character in the game, not a real person. Jamie is her player.” Nev stands scratching his chin trying to work out the puzzle laid out before him.Bookmark here

"Still is!" Father says looking up from his position of the protective hug he is giving me. “Jamie sits in the hospital brain-dead, because her memories and consciousness, all that is her mental self, is still in the game, is still in Fawn. Let’s help get her back to the castle to rest. Gavin fast-travel the two of you there."Bookmark here

“Aye!” Gavin salutes and grabs my hand then he vanishes in a burst of light while I stay behind.Bookmark here

“Interesting, the world is holding her to set limits for herself as well. Very well Nev, let us walk back with Fawn shall we." I looked puzzled at the cool nature both men have after Gavin, just vanished before us into some unknown void. Quickly I feel the rough hands of Nev reach down and lift me and start to carry me back to the castle. The two say nothing on my trip but just keep looking back at my face and smiling.Bookmark here

The sun was setting when we made it back to town, but I did not let Nev carry me through town. I squirmed about till he dropped me and I walked on my own. I paused only briefly to hug my horse Caramel in his stable, but moved quickly as the stench of the compiling piles of manure begins to fill the air and as Caramel seemed far more interested in his dinner being served than in letting me stroke his soft fuzzy hide. Father grabbed me lightly and we walked through town my mouth-watering at the smells of the food stands, and carts selling their wares. I didn’t purchase anything as I was not carrying any funds on me at the time, and as father felt it was far more important for me to return to the castle.Bookmark here

"Fawn needs her rest, let's get her to her room and I will discuss matters later in the meeting room." Nev nods and leaves me to father's care escorting me through the castle's walls. Father leads me up to my room and sits me down on my fluffy mattress. But I choose not to pay attention to him too closely as I eye a plate of fruit in my room and move over to it and begin to eat the food. "Fawn I want you to stay here do you understand, I need to go take care of some issues. I will see to it that Nev and Gavin meet any needs you have. Also, Captain Gaut will protect you, but I don’t want you leaving the castle till I say so. Can you do that for me?” I nod to respond to him as I shove a piece of orange in my mouth. Its normally sweet taste is a bit sour and causes my face to pucker. Father then looks puzzled again and asks. “Did you just taste that?”Bookmark here

“No I ate it, and it’s a bit sour.” I reply dropping a remaining chunk of orange from my mouth and go ahead to find something sweeter.Bookmark here

“Amazing, truly amazing. So you will stay here and not leave the castle till I say you can, okay.” Father looks astonished at my eating habits and just watches me for a bit.Bookmark here

"Yes, Father." He leans in and kisses me on the forehead and walks out the door closing it behind him. I quickly grab a nearby knife and cut away a hunk of cheese that lay hidden in the pile of fruit and grab a bread roll as well. “I don’t get what’s bothering them. I feel fine. Weird.” Bookmark here

File Source EndBookmark here

Accessing Linked MaterialsBookmark here

News Show Broad Cast TranscriptBookmark here

Host (Chris Dimen):Bookmark here

Welcome back to Head to Head. In the last few hours an accident has left, Jamie Eve the player of the hit game, 11 Kingdoms is in a coma and the company Black Clover is looking into the issue. The company is reporting that the damage is done is due to Ms. Eve's action. With me tonight is Gail Jeirade, Black Clover Public Relations Manager, and Herbert Vales, of The People Against Kingdom’s Techno Zombies. Let’s start with you Gail, Today you came out with the report and it looks like it came up with some ire to someone earlier shouting that your response was a lie during your press conference.Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

Look here, Chris I’m not here to be bashed by you I’m here to tell you and your audience that Black Clover, is looking into the incident it’s still too early to decide who is fully responsible. During this time we are seeing fully to the care and wellbeing of Ms. Eve’s recovery in the Hospital.Bookmark here

Herbert:Bookmark here

You have to be kidding me, Gail, your company has known what went wrong.Bookmark here

Chris:Bookmark here

Mr. Vales, do you feel she knows something she is not sharing?Bookmark here

Herbert:Bookmark here

Black Clover has made itself such a Monopoly in this world, you have no choice these days other than to work for them or starve to death. This game is designed to make brainless slaves willing to help the company make money. They now are forcing the world to take part in their games, to determine the benefits the lower classed people and countries that normally receive help and assistance for their needs. They are playing games with the lives of the masses. Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

Not at all.Bookmark here

Herbert:Bookmark here

Excuse me, may I continue to talk. I let you talk, may I continue.Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

Go on, but your facts are sadly mistaken.Bookmark here

Herbert:Bookmark here

My facts, my facts are one hundred percent accurate. The lies you and those that work for your company use. Cover the facts to control public opinion. I would not be surprised if the investigation shows that Ms. Eve's accident was caused by the actions intentionally for you or your staff Gail.Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

Are you accusing me of attempted homicide on international television?Bookmark here

Herbert:Bookmark here

If the shoe fits.Bookmark here

Chris:Bookmark here

I’m going to step in here, Herbert do you have any evidence of these allegations you’re making here.Bookmark here

Herbert:Bookmark here

At this time no, but we can’t let Black Clover investigate them or this issue will be covered up.Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

That's not true we are working along with the FBI, DC Police, and Interpol in looking into all possibilities.Bookmark here

Chris:Bookmark here

It’s interesting you bring those organizations up Ms. Jeirade. When the event occurred, those that were watching the event claim that Ms. Eve, admits that she was attacked by a source she claimed was part of the game. Yet your own company claims it is a hacker of the game.Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

With a system as complex as Eleven Kingdoms, it leaves itself open to people to hack into the system. Our offices have even tracked attacks from the very organization that Mr. Vales here is a part of.Bookmark here

Chris:Bookmark here

So you’re saying Mr. Vales could also be responsible for this incident?Bookmark here

Herbert:Bookmark here

That is Slander, she has no proof and no one in my organization is responsible. She is merely looking for a scapegoat because the so-called accident was caused by her or other members of Black Clover. Blood is on their hands. Look here Chris, They designed the game, and they designed and build the controller chair that Ms. Eve was in at the time of the claimed accident. They controlled her life in every aspect, I have a reported sighting of Ms. Eve a week ago in Virginia where she was simply eating in a diner when guys in suits grabbed her and took her away kicking and screaming right in front of the public of the diner.Bookmark here

Chris:Bookmark here

Is that true Gail?Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

Ms. Eve and a fellow employee had indeed left the tower and security was called in to return them to safety. They peacefully regained Ms. Eve. This was done as part of Ms. Eve's safety protocol as we have dealt with threats on her life, by groups like the one run by Herbert Vales.Bookmark here

Herbert:Bookmark here

More lies. Come on Gail you spout nothing but lies, just like the man said to you earlier today. I wouldn’t be surprised if that man turns out to be one of your own formerly loyal members and by now is a rotting corpse being buried along with the truths you try to hide.Bookmark here

Chris:Bookmark here

Well Gail, do we know who that person is at this time?Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

We do know the individual and have taken action to resolve his issue.Bookmark here

Chris:Bookmark here

Can you identify the man here and now?Bookmark here

Herbert:Bookmark here

She can’t because then the lies and bodies will be found. Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

Despite the blatant ignorance on the issue of Mr. Vales, at this time I cannot reveal the person other than stating they are a Black Clover and Eleven Kingdom’s Employee and is not only alive but still working on his job, all be it under a reprimand for his actions today.Bookmark here

Herbert:Bookmark here

I don't need her to identify him, Chris, because my organization looked into and found the man is none other than Rick Mathers. The very person in charge of Ms. Eve’s, own team.Bookmark here

Chris:Bookmark here

Wait you mean this person worked along with Ms. Eve personally?Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

Mr. Mathers is still working with the company. He plays the character King Valspur Midin and when the game returns to being active later tonight. He will be back on. As for his reasons for being upset, given for the last few months, the staff of each team has drawn close and Mr. Mathers's emotions for Ms. Eve got the better of him. The company at this time is handling the situation.Bookmark here

Chris:Bookmark here

Well, it looks like we need to wind things down any last words, Mr. Vales we will start with you.Bookmark here

Herbert Vales:Bookmark here

Don't believe the lies of this snake woman, and the vile company she works for. My organization is working hard to uncover the lies that Black Clover, spouts. I welcome all to join us at here

Chris:Bookmark here

Gail, last words.Bookmark here

Gail:Bookmark here

We at Black Clover continue to see to the safety and aid of our employees around the world. Be it in the help we gave San Francisco since the quake, or be it in cases of accidents like what happened the other day to Ms. Eve. We truly care to make a difference in the world as best we can. Bookmark here

Chris:Bookmark here

Well there you have it, now it’s up to you the viewer to form your own opinion, back in a minute with the final word.Bookmark here

Report endBookmark here

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