Chapter 2:

A Noble Journey

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

The carts stopped, the priest noting they were stopping in the small town to change at their Inn, letting them know he had sent someone ahead to make the preparations. A few minutes later the three male Nobles would be in a changing room, Dan leaning against a wall visibly upset. The other two already putting on new pants, they went through the assortments of their large travel cases.

"At least you could take off that huge fur cloak, it's not like this was supposed to be a high-maintenance social like in the city."

Ian stated, looking at Dan resting his back against a wall next to the doorway, still dawning his all-white attire and cloak.

"Greeting the helpless village as one of the four royal children demands presence, how else would their savior look other than perfect?"

(You...are something else. But it's not like he's the only one. Money and power goes to almost every noble's head.)

"Hm? Lord Raizo, correct?" Dan question out loud, earning the attention of the male who had been silent for the trip so far. Somewhat surprised to hear his name he looked curiously at Dan.

"We're all on this trip together so if it's easier to call Shin, it's alright."

"Alright, Shin Raizo it is. The question, what gave you that scar?"

"That's not the type of question you just ask somebody, Dan," Ian interjected into their conversation to point out Dan's obvious rudeness.

"It's alright actually, he's not the first to ask."

"It's also weird because outside of your clothes your oddly buff, the scar goes from your shoulder to your back. I don't think many would get to see it. Almost like you intentionally hide it but everyone must wear clothes so that assumption fails."

With Dan's mention, Ian looked, seeing the scar on Shin Raizo's back he had failed to notice prior. To Dan, it looked odd because it surprised him yet Ian could tell.

(He's toned like an athlete or a warrior. Maybe the scar was an accident.) Ian noted mentally as he looked over the body and scar of the youngest male in the room.

Dan Aifried: "When I got father's council to group us for this trip, all of our names are from noble families so that includes yours but-"

Shin Raizo: "But you've never seen me or my family at any socials or events? In truth my family adopted me. A noblewoman and a Great Priest took mercy on a child is all my story is."

Ian Maliago: "Makes sense then, those who work for the Temple and Rise to the greater ranks are treated almost as equally as Nobles...With you being the exception Dan."

Dan Aifried: "Then it only makes me want to ask even more based on other thoughts I've had and a few rumors. Shin, did you get that scar from a demon?"

Ian Maliago: "Dan, what noble ever leaves-?"

Shin Raizo: "Hm, it was simply an accident long ago." Shin said as he finished putting on his shirt and left the changing room. Ian standing shirtless stood in slight shock.

"Do you think he was for real?" Ian questioned the Aifried noble. "Probably but he didn't exactly say no either. I had to ask for myself though."

"Why is that?" Dan raised his hand to his chin in thought, letting silence fill the room for a few seconds before he spoke once again to answer Ian.

"Ian...Let's just say I dug a little deeper than I should have back in the city. I just have some questions now Shin probably can't answer. I may just have to have a chat with the Priest." Dan said ominously as he walked out of the dressing room. Ian silently watched him leave, visibly confused by Dan's last statement.

In The women's dressing room...

Sheilia would be seen visibly pleased with herself, twirling in her newly changed outfit.

"I like fancy dresses but they're way too much, takes up all the moving space if you ask me." Sheilia said, having switched from her formal dress to a sleeveless mid-driff top attire accompanied with a skirt, knee-high socks, and a hat.

"I look cute! I'll be making one hell of an impression as a cute Noble girl."

She announced, striking a small pose but suddenly her expression shifted being one of shock as she saw Cana pulling up her bike shorts, watching her partially exposed breasts when she stood up straight, bouncing on her heels to help snug them on nicely. Cana wore a black fabric across her chest under what appeared to be something similar to an elegant casino dealer's vest. Sheilia's expression became sour with envy as she watched her friend bouncing up and down to wiggle her shorts and skirt over the slightly longer thin black material she wore underneath the clothing on her lower body. Subconsciously Sheilia couldn't help but place her hands over her own chest in envy. Cana fitted on her elegant shirt and vest leaving her stomach exposed like Sheilia yet her top left her cleavage partially exposed in its glory. Noticing her friend looking from the side, Cana turned to face her friend with a playfully smug smile.

"...Flat is justice..."

Sheilia said while glaring at her friend Cana who held a smug smile on her face.

Cana Sigfried: "Medium is premium..."

The two held their expressions, their focus on each other breaking hearing Aisellia giggle and speak.

Cana & Sheilia: (I forgot she was here for a minute.)

"You two must be really good friends, you remind me of me and my friend Laura a little."

Aisellia said, her voice traveling to the other side of the dressing area where the other girls stood by each other. Cana and Sheilia turned their heads to look at Aisellia undressing, pulling her shirt over her head. Seeing her breasts lift with her shirt, the two girls were in shock. Both being drawn back once Aisellia removed her shirt fully, seeing her large breasts drop back down and rested naturally in her silk lace bra.

"She has mountains of life! Boobs of truth!" both Cana and Sheilia quickly exclaimed, their eyes locked onto Aisellia who still underwent an outfit change. Aisellia now having her shirt in her hand she noticed the two looking at her with jealousy. She looked confused at the two who now both held their hands on their own chests.

"Sheilia THAT'S what unfair really looks like..." Cana proclaimed as she and Sheilia looked over Aisellia voluptuous figure and assets.

Aisellia smiled playfully at Cana, placing her fingers between her hips and the waistline of her skirt, seeing Cana's eyes move down to her waist.

"Oh? Are you curious Cana?" Aisellia said teasingly before sliding down her skirt down to her ankles, leading the two noble girls to dash over to Aisellia, closely inspecting her full figure.

"Soft thighs and a supple booty! It jiggles for no reason!"

The two noble girls simultaneously screamed. While the two regained themselves, both silently watching Aisellia, tuck her assets away getting dress. Awestruck at the sight of her large chest seeming slightly smaller once secured away.

"Damn Aisellia, how is that bra holding all that boob? When we get back to the city we're hanging out...I have to eat what you eat or however you get a body like that!"

Cana said enviously before the girls shared a laughed, sealing up their travel cases and finishing the final touches and adjustments on their outfit. Aisellia finished getting dress, wearing an elegant top and at her waist she adorned a matching short skirt, the bike shorts underneath stopping at her upper thighs, giving her the appearance of shorts under her skirt, a large amount of her cleavage visible through the revealing neckline, leaving her cleavage visible, her breast seeming to push against the fabric helping keep them contained and in place.

"Proper positioning and compromises is the answer. Also, that's fine with me, I mostly eat meaty dishes in the middle district but I think my daily exercise evens it out. I have a friend that works at a family restaurant. Noble places just have expensive tiny dishes so I only eat at those places if I have to."

Aisellia smiled playfully at Cana, placing her fingers between her hips and the waistline of her skirt, seeing Cana's eyes move down to her waist.

A look of determination came over Cana and Sheilia simultaneously.

"Get ready Sheilia, we're gonna start seeing the middle-class area and eating poor people's food!"

"Ready! We'll fill out more like her!"

The two said looking at Aisellia's body, both simultaneously nodding in agreement with each other. Aisellia giggled at the two.

"Well...they're not poor exactly." Aisellia humbly noted to Cana.

"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that!"

Aisellia Rae: "It's ok, I knew what you meant. I can tell you two aren't like the other 90% of Noble girls. Our city is massive and the financial difference between High, middle and low class respectively is exponential."

Sheilia Ciest: "It's one of the reasons me and Cana wanted to go on this expedition, not just to broaden our horizons as noblewomen."

Cana Sigfried: "But to also to see the world how it really is, most noble's like you said, just get stuck in their stuck up world. Nobles stay in the highlands and live lavishly, with the guarded blockades blocking districts from one another, nobles don't ever leave there. They just hire someone to go outside of the district for them. Some things work out though. Sheilia and I have been friends since we were little girls. Our families have always been close."

Aisellia Rae: "It's sad but true. Nobody, even the middle class never leave the city and those in the low quarters..."

Sheilia Ciest: "Simply can't..."

Aisellia Rae: "Sheilia?"

Sheilia Ciest: "I might be the princess type stuck in a tower every day but I've done my own research into the city. With Cana's help of course."

Aisellia Rae: "Then it's settled, since I work for my parents, my business pass can get all three of us passed the district gate. I'll show you two a few nice things. Some things aren't as bad as the nobles make it seem, even with their struggles they are more lively people than most nobles. And of course, we can eat at a few places."

She said winking her eye, leading Cana and Sheilia both to smile at each other before running over to Aisellia, each taking a hand of hers.

Cana Sigfried: "From this day we're all in it together!"

A few minutes later...The male nobles and the priest could be seen standing next to the cart they rode in the line of cargo in an orderly fashion. The three girls stepped from the building and walked up to the group. The male's heads turned, only for the priest to quickly turn away with a blushed face.

"I'll be riding in the front cart today to be at of the head of the arrival, It's far more pleasing to be greeted immediately by an ambassador of the capital." He said while hastily walking away towards the front horse-drawn cart.

"Did even the Priest just get turned on? I guess we are just a bit overloading for a man of the cloth."

Cana mumbled. Giggling over the matter and the fact they were thinking the same thing, they confidently returned their eyes to the male nobles who stood faces flushed red and their jaws dropped. Shin snapped back to reality, catching himself and simply hopping into the back of the cart. Ian and Dan however stood stuck, unaware at how hard they were exactly staring but the girls smiled in confidence together.

"Ok guys your few seconds of free gawking are up!"

Hearing Cana's declaration, the two snapped out of their trance like state, fixing their posture, Ian and Dan raised their hands to their mouth and awkwardly coughed, but as much Ian's body wanted to, his eyes glued to Cana's cleavage, Dan's were locked on Aisellia's. Noticing this Aisellia folded her arms under her breasts and turned slightly away from the boys, having Dan's jaw drop again and earn Ian's gaze as well.

"Dan, pick up your jaw and stop now. You don't get any seconds." Aisellia demanded of him.

"It's hard not to when you're dressed like that."

"All those fancy dresses get stuffy. Even though they look extravagant they're kind of uncomfortable." Cana interrupted slightly irritated by Dan's comment before Aisellia took the lead in calling him on it.

"Don't be such a bigot Dan. Our skin has to breathe in the heat. Clothes tend to be suffocating, tight, or outright uncomfortable. It's a terrible idea to go into an incredibly hot area and there's no room for your body heat to vent."

"Yeah, are you two such kids that you're offended by a woman's natural body?"

Cana chimed in, leaning forward purposely to lure Ian into peeking down her shirt of which she smirked mischievously catching him unable to avoid looking before quickly shifting his eyes, knowing she was watching his face. Aisellia, holding her arms under her breasts began walking towards the cart, her outfit's low neckline leaving her chest still visible through the opening.

"I think they are Cana." Aisellia began in supporting Cana's train of thought and continuing the notion.

"Nothing wrong or shameful about the appeal of a woman's body. If you got it, it's ok in my opinion to show a little or a lot, whatever a girl can be comfortable with herself in my opinion. Everyone has their way they enjoy dressing, I think it's simply awful to be prejudice or judge someone based on the manner they like wearing their clothing."

"Hee-hee, I believe so too Aisellia!" Cana agreed before following her new friend into the cart, followed by the guys. Sheilia however stood, her face riddled with envious rage, her hands being placed on her chest, glaring as they made their way to the back into their cart.

"...Flat is justice."

A short time later...Shin was sitting up front with the driver, taking the priest's place. Ian sat quietly, his eyes attempting to look in any direction other than Cana who sat across from him. It looked painful, attempting to keep his eyes from straying as she sat speaking to Sheilia. At his breaking point, he assured himself a quick glance would be fine. His eyes slowly shifted, his eyes widening at the sight before him. Now across the border into the new country, the dirt road they traveled on being bumpier than the stone streets they were used to. The moment his eyes looked at her cleavage his eyes caught sight of her breasts bouncing with the road, seeming each time to almost spilling out of her clothes.

"Hm? Ian, are you stuck again?" Cana questioned teasingly. Ian's eyes shot up to meet with hers, realizing he was caught, and quickly turned his head.

"I uuuh." Ian responded attempting to look away but ended up viewing Aisellia's chest as well who had a cold glare on Dan, watching him to ensure his eyes were elsewhere of which he seemed frozen stiff to make sure his eyes were held away. Aisellia began noticing Ian's gaze, slowly turning her head, smirking.

"Just try to ease up a little Ian. It's not like we blame you. We're aware of our figures and how they look in these outfits. Honestly, it's part of the reason we like these outfits. Nothing wrong with liking what you see as long as you're not rude or creepy about it. Just a girl tip for you."

Aisellia and Cana shared a playful laugh at the expense of the males.

Cana Sigfried: "You are a man who just sees what he likes. Women aren't as stupid as to wear things like this and not expect some glances...well some are. As long as you're not rude, glance or two isn't bad or anything but that's totally up to the girl you're dealing with."

Aisellia Rae: "Quite frankly I think it would be odd if you weren't struggling to keep your eyes off them as you were."

"For the sake of my healthiness as a man, I must also-!"

Dan exclaimed, feeling he would get away with it as Ian did, aiming to turn his head and fully gaze upon the women's bodies but his face was stopped by a single finger of Aisellia's, stopping his head from turning fully.

"Eyes stay outside the cart creep..." Aisellia sternly commanded. This move caught the other nobles by surprise, Dan fearfully following her command was even more of a surprise. But he growled underneath his breath.

(Stupid bitch...How dare she touch me after being so entitled. I'm still royalty and the most important envoy on this trip. An Aifried gets what he wants one way or another Aisellia.)