Chapter 35:

They Didn't Have to Knock on Heaven's Door


Rayan was killed. Kayel couldn’t believe it. The worst part was that he’s the one who actually followed the plan since the other team that was supposed to destroy this base with him was late.

Maybe he could tear it down with blades of ice. But that’s no fun. It’s going to rain. That might work. Kayel sighed. His Anito was a very particular one. He had to make a scene, a great display. He’s taking care of rats. But that’s the place where the fun might lie.

Kayel scratched the side of his face. The slaves that he sent inside the biggest house in this clump of houses had not returned. There was the sound of fighting, and someone hooting like some kind of bird, and some snapping of fingers, which confused him even more as though the ones inside were partying instead of fighting. Then again, he gathered four of his least good men to check it out and see what was there. Again, there was the sound of fighting. He shook his head.

They didn’t even get through the front door. They could just kick it down, but somehow, his men caught something amusing. A tall man jumped through the window to get inside the house. For some reason, they began contesting if they could pull that off, and the next thing he knew, they actually went through the damn window.

Then someone screamed. Might be his men. God. They’re screeching like their balls were bitten off by an undead baby. He wouldn’t judge. Maybe it’s a worm. For some reason, they scream when they see worms. It could happen. He had seen it happen. He’s open-minded. He could accept that kind of thing happening, but he would slap himself in the face every single time. Or, if by some fluke of fate, it might be an enemy. Kayel sighed. There was that sound of fighting again, a couple of grunts, and then silence.

He could burn this house down and call it a day. These invaders were favored by the Anitos as well. Rayan won’t fall if that was the case. Still, the thought of him being killed by some insignificant rats made him consider. Maybe he could keep a few alive, burn their bodies, heal them, rip their skins off, then heal them, cut them bit by bit, then heal them. Kayel crossed his arms. He should not let these thoughts show.

There’s no “HKF” written anywhere. No matter. They just need to return home, assemble the main army, and slaughter everyone in this forsaken place.

Now, if the Joswa was here, then, they would’ve destroyed this building in minutes. No matter. He had waited long enough. He had given those rats time to pray. He’ll take some losses and demolish this pitiful camp. He alerted his men and signaled them to attack.

But they stopped.

The door was ripped away from the rest of the house. Some of his means shrieked. Of course. Kayel ran his palm down his face. So much for some battle-hardened warriors. They rained their spears at it. Their weapons bounced off, of course. The right option was to crowd over him and defend him with their spears in line. Idiots. They actually led the invaders towards him.

Kayel would sometimes wonder if he was born under the right clan. This was one of those moments. He stood his ground with a dark smile. Time to show his men and his enemies what despair was.

Kayel demolished the door. That was the first step. He felt like laughing. The kind of what a monster like them should do, but the second step didn’t happen. A hulking invader with a bold physique emerged from the shadows of that door and punched his face instead. Itchy. Kayel scoffed and punched that big being once more.

That man took the brunt of his blow, smiled, and hit him back. Kayel’s vision blurred. He wobbled, laboring for his next breath. He felt himself falling. Two of his men came to his rescue. One was axed in the face and fell. The other was speared through the neck. Idiots. The rest were frozen in place.

“Man, it’s like they forgot that we existed just because Jonathan took the spotlight.”

A man walked outside of the shadow of that big man, Jonathan. He was just as tall, with long dark hair resting on the side of his head. He carried a spear. The other one with the metallic red ax was a little girl with bright hair.

“Got a problem with that, Joey? Why are you even telling my name to the enemy?” Jonathan glanced at that tall man and crossed his arms. Then, he looked at Kayel, stepped forward, and shadowed him with a smug grin. “You have two choices. You turn tail and leave us alone, or you’ll be telling me something for your parents.”

His men really were useless. They let that happen, and some got killed by something that they’d failed to see. Pathetic. And he even let himself fall into this state. These people would pay. Kayel wiped his saliva dripping from the bottom of his chin. He pulled himself back to breathe.

“You have about,” Jonathan sized up his men. “a minute to either turn tail or tell me something for your parents.”

“I don’t get what you mean, you filthy…”

“Human.” Jonathan sighed. “Look. I’m giving you the chance to run. Otherwise, I’m going to have to kill you. I have a good idea what parents are capable of, and you look young. So... if I, and would,” he nodded to get his attention. “kill you, I would have at least something to tell the people that would come looking for your body, something that would help them move on. I’m open to anything. Like, I’d be good to tell your parents that you were like that because you were expecting love that you didn’t get, or if they’re even dicks in the first place. Something like that.”

“But you can save your and our time by just running away. This might even work with a treaty,” Joey followed. “You know, we would not hurt you, and we would tell you what we know, something like that.”

“How about I sing you a song—”

“You’ve ruined it, Lucy. Now they’re not open and we’re going to have to kill them.” Joey interrupted that small girl.

Kayel laughed. He took a whistling breath through his gritting teeth, thickening his muscles to gain as much as Jonathan’s physique. Now, he stood tall as large as that bastard who chose to humiliate him in front of his men. And they would pay for something that they should’ve done the first thing they got to him. He signaled his men to attack them from all directions.

“You could’ve run or have killed me with that girl’s weapon,” Kayel followed. “Why?”

Joey rested his spear over his shoulder with a proud grin. “To prove a point that we could be better than the people we already are.”

Kayel’s eyes were drawn to that house. He saw a kid putting a small plant with thorns by the entrance. It was cute if he had to admit, and most of his men did look, too. Then, a roar came, followed by a small number of humans, fearing for their lives, rushing out to turn this massacre into an all-out joke.

He would’ve laughed if Jonathan didn’t punch him in the face.

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