This is a piece of history arranged and rewritten by what was left of the George Fanclub.

But this is a fun isekai story, we think, and it only takes a sprinkle of dried cactus powder up in your nose to believe that this world, which we called Alamat, is truly magical.

Our province was transported into this world after making us see this bright light, which we now called "The Bright."

This is a dark and comedic grand epic, the story of our founders; a man who had befriended our lord and savior, George, a true gamer, a compulsive liar who thinks everything is wrong, and a dick-sucking specialist.

Let this fight for survival commence, for their sanity to regress.

Would they be able to prove that the power of friendship is more powerful than a blunt force trauma to the head, or would they believe that everything is GEORGE?

It's a trick question.


Prompt: Survivor Slaughter
Theme(s): #War
My Themes(s): #NewWorld #Magic #Humor #Psychological #GEORGE #JUSTGEORGE #DarkComedy #GeorgeFanclub

Prompt: Survivor Slaughter
Theme(s): #War
My Themes(s): #NewWorld #Magic #Humor #Psychological #GEORGE #JUSTGEORGE #DarkComedy #GeorgeFanclub

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Jul 04, 2021icon-views 973icon-reaction-127
Chapter 1: Everything Turned Bright
Jul 05, 2021icon-views 237icon-reaction-114
Chapter 2: Blessing of the Tempest
Jul 06, 2021icon-views 253icon-reaction-116
Chapter 3: White Lines and Cacti
Jul 07, 2021icon-views 311icon-reaction-111
Chapter 4: Princess of the Chicken Instant Noodle Castle
Jul 08, 2021icon-views 206icon-reaction-115
Chapter 5: Plants and Deranged Saviors
Jul 09, 2021icon-views 246icon-reaction-114
Chapter 6: The Truest Gamer
Jul 10, 2021icon-views 271icon-reaction-110
Chapter 7: UNRAVELing Answers and Comrades
Jul 11, 2021icon-views 247icon-reaction-110
Chapter 8: The Ballad of the Gurgling Beatboxer
Jul 12, 2021icon-views 212icon-reaction-114
Chapter 9: Free Panic NOT in the Disco
Jul 13, 2021icon-views 259icon-reaction-18
Chapter 10: The Glorious Green Knight and His Noble Steed
Jul 14, 2021icon-views 156icon-reaction-110
Chapter 11: The Smashing All Star Hero Till the End of the Night
Jul 15, 2021icon-views 137icon-reaction-17
Chapter 12: The Gamer that Decided this Title
Jul 16, 2021icon-views 206icon-reaction-111
Chapter 13: I Held My Piss and Punched a Kid in the Face
Jul 17, 2021icon-views 203icon-reaction-111
Chapter 14: You Fucked with a Cactus Named George
Jul 18, 2021icon-views 231icon-reaction-19
Chapter 15: The Beasts Smiles as Three Men and a Cactus Beat His Meat
Jul 19, 2021icon-views 191icon-reaction-19
Chapter 16: Bitter Taste of the Glory Hole
Jul 20, 2021icon-views 180icon-reaction-111
Chapter 17: Pissing at this Marvelous Pseudo-Cinematic Universe
Jul 21, 2021icon-views 174icon-reaction-111
Chapter 18: I Stood at a Pile of Corpses and Claimed I'll Protect Them
Jul 22, 2021icon-views 98icon-reaction-19
Chapter 19: I'll Protect You Too, the Reckoning
Jul 23, 2021icon-views 166icon-reaction-19
Chapter 20: So this Piece of Shit was Useful All Along
Jul 24, 2021icon-views 91icon-reaction-110
Chapter 21: My Sore Face's Reflection Glittering on the Toilet Bowl
Jul 25, 2021icon-views 157icon-reaction-114
Chapter 22: I Will Kill Everyone, Then Myself
Jul 26, 2021icon-views 118icon-reaction-19
Chapter 23: The Liar, the Dicksucker, the Roleplayer, and the Good Boi
Jul 27, 2021icon-views 101icon-reaction-17
Chapter 24: Greater Persuation Under the Dimming Lights
Jul 28, 2021icon-views 84icon-reaction-16
Chapter 25: Stealing Thunders, and the Telemarketer Weather Report
Jul 30, 2021icon-views 60icon-reaction-13
Chapter 26: The Dick-sucking Testament
Jul 30, 2021icon-views 19icon-reaction-13
Chapter 27: Gorilla Fish
Jul 31, 2021icon-views 14icon-reaction-13
Chapter 28: My Prince Charming Screamed as He Fell Off the Roof
GenreActionFantasyMagicMilitary / WarPsychological
UpdatedJul 31, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
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