Chapter 11:


Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

Narration: "It's been a couple of days on the road to his friend's home and it's been a hassle of a journey so far. Exploring what has always been here but it's a whole new world entirely to me. In our own's new to each of us. We've only been traveling two days now but I've already seen more of the sadness the demons AND people bring, more than I would have liked so soon after...all that. I gather small towns and villages are often either abandoned or destroyed. Not all the time forced by demons alone, with the fear, starvation, and lack of help from Nobles. Bandits are a common threat to someone's livelihood too. I'm noticing just how lucky I am to have these two with me. Miyaura's been refreshing memory for her Martial Artes on the bandits that have tried to rob us. They never stood a chance against her. As far as the only demon that attacked us, Karna had killed it with a single swipe of his hand. Miyaura's body is still feeling pretty weak after being sealed for so long, demons seemed like too much for her to handle right now. That night we were able to find an actual small town of people. No gates protect it like a minor fortress or even a few heavily armored guards. Just a few men with rifles is all they were able to spare to defend their families, Just a few hours ago we finally made it to his friend's hometown. It's a small town but everyone seemed quite friendly so far from who we've met. Miyaura and I were checked out by the local physician who tended to our injuries before Karna took us to his friend Angelia, a beautiful shop owner who runs her own gunsmith business. She must be pretty smart too, it only took a glance at us showing up with Karna before she offered to let me and Miyaura rest at her place for the next few days until we head out. It shouldn't be surprising but I could only feel like she had a good idea of what we had gone through within first glance at us."

The trio sat at the back of Angelia's shop. Half the room being her kitchen the other a dining space, at Angelia's dinner table they rested with a plate of food present before them. Aisellia neatly cut apart the food on her plate, utilizing her fork and knife leading her eating to show her noble mannerisms. Taking a bite of her food she smiled.

"Mmm, this is pretty good!"

Looking across the table, her face suddenly dropped, looking awkwardly at her traveling companions. Karna tore into his food with his hands, savagely stuffing the food into his mouthpiece by piece. Miyaura sat in a happy bliss sitting straight, her back resting against the back support of her chair, a piece of meat in her hand. One additional serving sat on her plate, the crumbs from the missing third one scattered across her plate. Miyaura sat perking her chest up, allowing her beverage to sit inside her cleavage, slightly tucked away in between, with the straw easily making its way to her lips as she sat happily with a fork holding her next bite of food in her hand.

(Oooookay. Those are ways to dine.) Aisellia said in her head, surprised at the first sight of them yet during her thought, seeing the two enjoy themselves brought a smile to her face. It was then the woman Angelia who sat in her seat at the head of the table, took a sip from her cup she held in her hand.

"The similarities between them are uncanny. From what you've explained to me Aisellia it sounds like you girls have had a very eye-opening experience, but I must apologize still."

Angelia said, casually leaning back in her chair looking at Aisellia. Angelia was a medium height short silver-haired woman, the part in her hair leaving one of her eyes fairly covered just outside of her thin-rimmed glasses. Just a few years older than Karna.

"Apologize? We should be thanking you again for your help and kindness!"

"Thanks, I got the message by the third one but it's more of an apology for THIS guy. I know he's probably bothered the hell out of you two, he was much worse when we were younger."

Angelia's eye's moved back and forth at the two girls' chests as she spoke, having the two girls follow her eyes and look down at their own bosoms. Aisellia's face became blushed from embarrassment knowing what she spoke of, looking down at her plate to pretend she knew nothing.


Miyaura asked, placing her cup on the table and looked at her chest, it taking a few seconds longer before she caught on to what Angelia was speaking of. Her face grew red as well but unlike Aisellia she happily yet shyly smiled.

"Oh! Like how he aggressively drooled a little on my boobs? I was pretty bothered up then! hee-hee!"

Instantly Angelia rose from her feet after hearing Miyaura's words, drawing an elaborately designed revolver and aiming it directly at Karna from her position at the table. Seeing him with a goofy smile on his face at the thought, it was an expression oh his that she recognized all too well.

"What the did you just swear to me before you left?!"

Karna snapping out of his trance could only find himself looking down the barrel of her gun, his face making a sudden shock filled expression.

"Wait Angelia it's-"

His sentence was cut short from Angelia pulling the trigger and firing a round into his head, his head jerked back knocking him out of his seat with great force and onto the floor. The sudden extreme turn of event shocked Aisellia and Miyaura, frozen in place from being mortified as evident by their faces. In no time Angelia stood over Karna's body and continuing her barrage of shots into him, the intent to empty the whole clip was now more evident.

"You're NOT one of THEM! How could you abuse and use the fact they wanted to survive and live to your advantage just to forcefully sexually assault these girls?! Huh?"

At the end of her sentence, Angelia noticed her arm being pulled to the side. Looking to see Miyaura holding onto her arms with tears streaming down her face.

"No...please stop! Bothered in a good way!"

Looking to her other side, she could see and feel her gun hand taken and being held gently in between Aisellia's hands, her head shaking side to side in disapproval.

"H-he didn't, it was our idea as part of a deal to help us. He had our full consent."

Miyaura fell to her knees next to Karna's body. Leaning over him and touching his face, the fear of losing him is easily seen on her face by Angelia.

"I finally got to see you again after you saved me as a little can't die"

Seeing and hearing Miyaura's words, Angelia allowed her hand to be lowered to her side by Aisellia. Angelia lowered herself to one knee and placed a hand on Miyaura's shoulder, causing Miyaura to quickly shrug her hand off her. Miyaura turned her head, looking at Angelia with anger in her eyes but it was nothing compared to the tears and look of sadness dominating her facial expression.

"Well, consent makes the difference. Hm. Don't worry, it'll take a lot more than that to kill Karna, it'll hurt like hell but I've seen him take worse. Plus it's nowhere near the first time I've shot him. He catches one bullet a day on average. Every time I tell him if he wants to be a perv and grope me I get to shoot him...and he never decides not to. It's like a regular thing with him. Doesn't bother me, he gets his fun and I get to test out new guns. It's a win-win situation, we help each other entertain ourselves sometimes. if you ask me."

Angelia said walking back to her seat and holstering her gun onto her upper thigh. The two girls looked at his bloody body to see the wounds were healing themselves, pushing the bullets out of his head and body. After a second, Karna's eyes quickly flung open, his mouth deeply gasping for breath. At that moment he stopped gasping for air, seeing Miyaura leaning over him having her breasts hanging just above his face. His eyes stared at them with his goofy grin and stars in his eyes to boot. Soon snapping out of it and seeing the two girls looking at him. Quickly smiling at them nonchalantly as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.

"If I wake up with a view like this every time, I don't mind getting shot more times a day! Heh heh."

Karna's statement-making her smile, Miyaura stood up, seeing him intentionally being drawn to her skirt but she quickly blocked his vision by shyly holding her skirt pressed against her upper thighs preventing his view. She said playfully teasing him.

"Nope! You just had an eye full that seemed to bring you back to life hee-hee!"

Looking at her playful teasing and smile, Karna seemed stuck looking at her with a blank stare. A few seconds passing before he quickly sat up and looked at Angelia.

"Quick Angelia! Another clip an-"

He was cut short by Aisellia foot swiftly finding its way to kicking him in the head. She looked at him before rolling her eyes at his antics.

"Don't scare us like that again, I never want to see Miyaura cry again and THAT'S an order!"

"Us? So you were worried about me too huh Aisellia?"

He said, giving her a confident smile for what she had said to him. Miyaura turned her gaze to Aisellia curiously noticing her friend's words for herself and began giggling. Aisellia quickly turned her head away to avoid looking into either of their eyes with the embarrassment she felt coursing through her body.

"Why would I care about such a shameless pervert? You're just a strong guard dog and it would be hard to get home without your help is all. Hmph!"

"Either way one thing stands true. You're pretty cute when you're upset."

Karna said giving her a devilishly charming smile that caught her off guard, surprising the young noble.

"I agree, I think Aisellia's always beautiful though. She's like a noble princess!"

"I can easily agree with that. You're also naturally gorgeous yourself Miyaura!"

He said giving her the same smile, causing her to shyly blush and look away as well.

Aisellia & Miyaura: "T-thank you."

At her seat Angelia watched as it all unfolded in front of her, looking surprised by their bonds already formed before a thought popped up in her head.

"Wait, guard dog? Is that the deal you spoke of?" Angelia asked curiously.

A few moments later...

All present could be seen sitting in their seats once again, with Angelia laughing loudly as if she had heard the funniest thing she's heard in a while. Wiping a tear from her eye before leaning back in her chair, propping her feet on her table.

"If there was an Angel of Luck, they'd definitely like you girls. The chances for this asshole of all people to wander around are lost and find you two. Now you've got arguably one of the strongest beings around working for you. With the real kicker being at the same time you two ended up being pretty busty too."

Aisellia & Miyaura: "Huh?"

"It's THE guy in the world who's obsessed and entertained by the anatomy of a woman. This man holds more value in curves, boobs, and ass than he does money, food, water...basically anything essential for life. So you girls probably wouldn't have made it out of there if you didn't offer something he would enjoy more than anything else this world has to offer him, by his highly selfish lifestyle standards."

"Rude! I like other things!"

Karna proclaimed. The three women all looked at Karna with judging eyes. Miyaura and Aisellia looking as if they were waiting for him to disagree with Angelia's claims about him. However, he sat with his eyes closed, chewing the last bite of his food. Noticing the women went silent during their conversation he opened his eyes, his eyes shifted over to the three women, seeming surprised they were looking at him. His eyes shifted the opposite way before returning to look at them. Still waiting, after a couple of seconds of silence, he finally spoke.

"...I'm not apologizing..." Karna said in a serious tone, folding his arms and turning his head away being stubborn. His responses leading the three women to heavily sigh out loud at his response as a reaction.

"Speaking of being rude, have you even checked into your own shop? You know a certain little lady you should let know you're alive?"

Miyaura suddenly became saddened by her statement. Angelia would see her reaction and smile.

"Don't worry he doesn't have a girlfriend or anything like that. She's essentially the backbone of his non-existent business."

"Hey, it's not my fault."

"You're right. It's just mostly your fault. With your type of fun when fighting you do more damage worth than you even get paid for and usually have to forfeit what you earned."

Looking rather guilty, Karna rose from his seat and casually began walking towards the front of her store where the exit was.

"Oh, would you look at that? I should let Remi know I'm back. It's been a few weeks since I left."

"'ve been gone for a month and a half..."

"Are you serious?! *sigh* She's really going to be the one to kill me."

"Yup now get going, I'll bring your lovely ladies around there tomorrow. If you all are planning to leave again, I think Remi would be the best person to learn more about demons from. She's easily one of the smartest people I've met. She even helps me out around here sometimes. Very helpful personality on that one."

While Angelia continued to speak to Aisellia and Miyaura, Karna made his exit through the front.

"It's better to wait until tomorrow for you two to meet her for help. She's quite full of the knowledge of demon-kind and physiology, more so than any most out there in my opinion."

"So it would make sense we learn what we can from her before we leave. It could be really helpful during and after our journey. Plus I must admit, it's a personal matter as to why I must learn what I can from her." Aisellia stated.

"I suppose it would be pretty important, being a girl from a capital, where The Temple has spent decades tricking people into thinking the era of demons were long gone."

The two girl's eyes widened from surprise. Their silence giving Angelia time to continue.

"Unlike most people, I've actually been to a capital once. Unlike most people, you were able to leave the capital and survive. I'm practically one of the only few out there who know the truth about what they teach in a couple of the capitals. We're two women with extremely rare experiences. I'll let you know now its better no one else learns of this. There's a good amount of people who would target you for that simple fact alone for more reasons than you should try to fathom right now."

"Does that relate to why it's better to wait to see this Remi you and Karna know?" Angelia smiled after hearing Aisellia question, waving her index finger in front of her face playfully.

"Oh no. It's just better to give her time to take out her anger on Karna, the real issue is a girl's envy. A dangerous thing that easily works its way into our hearts like poison."

"Envy?" Miyaura asked for clarification, having a rather confused look on her face.

"Well, that answer and more will be given to you tomorrow when I take you over there. For now, you girls can clean up and rest easy. I know sleeping on the road isn't comfortable at all. The bath and beds are upstairs. I only have one room but you girls can sleep in there."

Angelia said playfully winking her eye at the two girls.