Chapter 10:

A Devil's on My Shoulder or Rather...

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

In mass, demons stormed the forest heading to one location. With the waves of demons rushing towards the demon priest. Racing their way, the smaller demons' bodies became destroyed as they came close to the priest's area, rising with the souls from buried humans and the corpses inside the village. From their body's their souls could be seen being spirited away at greater speeds than the stronger appearing demons making their way to the demon priest. The demon priest himself stood, inhaling heavily, his eyes still facing forward down the path broken through the trees by his body.

(The human priest was right to question who this one is. I released my aura all over the forest...and his spans nearly as wide as mine yet it's potent...Great enough that the weaklings' physical forms perish once in range of his...and...)

Walking down the destroyed forest ground and forestry was Karna, casually paced with a devilish grin on his face. His eyes glaring straight into the eyes of the demon from what seemed like a mile away. The souls were quickly sucked into a large vacuum being drawn into the demon's mouth from its deep inhale.

(Minor demons become stronger by consuming human flesh and blood. Thanks to this priest's mind and the years I've spent building my power existing between realms, learning the secrets of the most powerful demons that ever came to be. To become an even higher demon, I must consume the cultivated souls of humans dead and alive.)

Quickly the direction of the souls changed as they were overpowered by a stronger vacuum of air bringing them in the opposite direction of the demon priest. To his surprise, they were being devoured by Karna.

(What?! To know...the power and demonic energy...he's already a high-class demon but he can't be with that smell of human. Hmph, It's too late for him anyway.)

The demon priest chewed on what souls he had managed to eat before Karna stole the remaining few souls. Taking a deep breath the demon priest soon clenched his fists, with an increase of power from the souls he had eaten; it was enough to make his demonic aura physically slightly visible surrounding his body, black energy flowing on his skin around like a low flame. His muscle mass growing notably from his boost in power gained from consuming souls.

"No matter what you are I am more powerful now."

The demon stated confidently, watching Karna closely. Karna let a deep exhale escape him as he finished consuming the last soul, a sliver of its energy seeping from the corners of Karna's lips resembling a slow-rolling mist.

"Oh is that right?" Karna confidently questioned with a grin on his face.

"Even with the number of souls, I consumed it's enough to make me more powerful than you could ever be."

Karna simply broke out into a burst of short laughter. "That would be intimidating if you were...well...intimidating! Haha!" Karna began laughing again, mocking his opponent.

"You dare mock me? Your soul will be delicious. After I'm done with you I'll make sure to enjoy the human women as concubine slaves before I shred that top-heavy rich girl and cow-tit idiot. Compared to you I am a demi-god!"

Suddenly Karna's grin disappeared. Karna having a memory flashing through his mind of a much younger him alongside a girl of the same age, the two looking at each other. The young girl strongly favored a young Miyaura in appearance, bunny ears on the top of her head. The two sat next to each other by a small campfire. Miyaura lovingly gazing at Karna as he tore into a piece of cooked meat belonging to an animal they had caught.

"It's a promise then! If you really mean your promise, become stronger than any demon, helping humans in good people in need too...if I ever feel trapped somehow, you'll come to save me!"

Miyaura then puffed out her cheeks adorably and held her hands making squeezing gestures with her hands against her flat chest

"Then it's settled! I'll wish hard on the magic of tonight to grow huge cow-girl size boobs for you! So when we're older my body can be yours too! I'll make it my oath to smother you with them, let you rest your head on them and you'll be fueled enough to never lose! That way I can return the favor for everything you've done for me, I'll help you in every way I'll have to offer! "

She finished saying with a determined look on her face, locking eyes with a slightly blushing Karna. Surprised by the girl's words which led a smile to be formed on his face.

"It's a promise then. No matter where you are if you're trapped I'll come save you. You chose on your own to go such lengths to care for me, without me even asking. I might not be able to I promise I'll save you no matter how far apart we are, and no barrier or demon will keep us apart."

Karna replied. Unable to hide his smile that matched hers. With a joyous laugh, the young Miyaura tossed herself onto the young man in a loving embrace. Their cheeks pressing against one another.

The demon priest's eyes could be seen wide in disbelief, as what seemed to him as a near pause in time. Seeing Karna lose his focus, the demon priest used this moment to his advantage. Ahead of his eyes in this pause, multiple demons leaped and charged at Karna. Attacking him from the ground and sky alike from numerous angles surrounding him. Karna, with his head, hung low in his trance like state had stopped moving, standing still which had made him an easy target. Time continued visually for the demon priest, although now a mortified and fearful expression overcame him, seeing only Karna's devilish grin stretching from ear to ear. His devilish red eyes gleaming as they peered through his strands of hair and directly into the demons as if ignoring or failing to notice the demons closing in on him.


Karna loudly questioned. Regular flow of time returned instantly, the demon priest witnessing a pool of darkness forming that covered Karna's body, flowing down off him and surrounding his feet, covering them with the black demonic energy. Karna lifted his face to lock his newly revealed crimson-colored eyes to the demon priest even though the other demons attacked from all angles. Karna's body seemingly became one with the darkness, it resting on his body. From within the darkness at the center of Karna's chest, a demonic eye appeared staring directly at the demon priest. This eye appearance summoning multiple eyes to form and peer from the darkness on different areas of his body. Within a fraction of a second, since the demons launched themselves to attack him, the darkness flowed from his body. As they became closer, the dark energy shifted its form, stretching out in multiple directions. The demonic darkness riddled with eyes began to change in shape and form, the ends of the many tendrils shifting each form mirroring the head of demonic hounds.

Effortlessly, the hounds pierced through, ripped, tore, and mutilated the demons surrounding Karna. Inside the same second, the darkness simply continued increasing in quantity. The demonic hounds weaving through the forestry killing demons as if they had a mind of their own, hunting with eradication as a priority. The demon priest managed to react when the darkness shaped and released the hounds, seeing a few racing towards him, the priests' reaction speed allowed him to lean back just out of reach of the deadly jaws belonging to one of the tendril hounds closing inches separate from his eyes. In the same movement launching his body backward, diving that direction, evading the snapping jaws of other hounds that aimed to maim the priest immediately after the first one failed. Each one had missed but continued to stretch their body of darkness even further away from Karna, staying right on the demon priest's heels giving chase.

The demon priest, turned around in mid-air, his turn allowing him to escape another closing jaw just before he kicked off a passing tree, using his demonic aura to manipulate his body enabling him to stay airborne. He rapidly dodged and weaved trees, his make-shift power of flight, the hounds attempted to clamp their jaws onto him with every fractional second passing.

(One wasted second and they'll tear me apart.)

Around Karna, the darkness continued to spread, the dark hounds continuously moving and mutilating any demons they could hunt. Karna stood in his same position, his eyes watched the demon priest rapidly evading trees and his dark hounds, with his devilish smile he began laughing hysterically. The laughter in addition to the look on his face portrayed his enjoyment in what seemed like joy inside pure insanity.

"Running away now? What happened? You were talking all that good shit a second ago! HAHAHAHA!" Karna yelled out, leaning forward as if he was taking a starting position in a foot race.

"Ready or-"

Suddenly he kicked off the ground. Instantly removing him from sight, although the effects of his take-off were evident, tearing apart the ground where he stood and causing the pieces of demons remaining around him to be blown away. As the demon priest continued to dodge the lethal fangs of darkness, he could hear Karna's voice projecting from the hounds.

"You want to take those two from me? You'll regret even having the thought..." Karna's voice projecting from different hounds chasing the demon priest. The voice surprising him, causing his eyes to shift to the side, hearing the voice clearly. In that brief second one of the hound's mouths clamped onto and tore one of the demon priest's legs from his body. One of the demon priest's eyes winced from the pain but returned his other eye looking forward as he raced at a breakneck pace continuing his evasive maneuvers.

"What's wrong demi-god?! Stop running! Summon up your demons! Fight Me! Kill me-!" Breaking out from the tree line, the demon priest saw an open grass area reaching out to a cliffside overlooking a massive portion of land. Just as he exited the forest, the demon hounds dissipated as if they had evaporated into the air itself. Their sudden disappearance causing the demon priest to look back once again, seeing the hounds in chase close to him were gone.

(He called them back...No!)

Quickly the demon priest's head looked forward in the direction of the cliff he was still flying towards. The priests' eyes widening to see now that Karna stood in his way. Karna's arms outstretched as if he were looking to embrace his opponent. His voice originating from his new singular location, every part of his body below the neck was covered in the dark energy, multiple demonic eyes visible all around the darkness shroud which covered his body. At the speed the demon priest was moving, he knew he wasn't likely to be able to stop on time. Attempting to stop or alter his flight path.

"Give me a hug!"


Running into Karna unable to stop his momentum only the demon's own agonizing wails of terror, pain, and crunching bones could be heard through the forest. The sound of the demon's cries was only matched by the insanity which was Karna's ominous maniacal laughter.

A short time later...

Aisellia and Miyaura stood near the village entrance, seeing the corpses around evaporate into the air. Miyaura let out a deep sigh of relief, a smile coming to her face.

"It's all over now. My nightmare finally ended..."

"So...he was able to kill him?"

"Mm. Not just him. I can't feel any demons left at all."

"Whoa. He did it...he actually did it!"

The two girls looked at each other with blank expressions before they couldn't help smiling at one another. Immediately moving close and hugging each other in joy, having tears of happiness streaming from their eyes.

"I thought we might die! The odds were impossible! I can hardly believe it all turned out alright!" Aisellia cheered.

"Me too. But once I saw him, I felt like maybe he'd be the one to save me again, but he did more than that. More importantly to me, he saved you to Aisellia."

"Mm, I'm grateful for both of us to be saved, and your nightmare to finally end. Thanks to him, we'll be able to leave here together as friends from now on."

Suddenly the girls heavily flinched from fright as the spear of the priest pierced the ground near them. Looking up afterward, the two could see Karna crouched on top of one of the buildings.

"Ya know I was thinking I was getting such a sweet deal out of this, it felt a little unfair so I figured I could bring back something and that spear looks pretty expensive. You could probably find someone to sell it to. Ya know, not having cash on you and all Haha!"

He said hoping down from the roof, the girl's eye's followed him down to the ground, landing in front of them next to the weapon.

"Perfect. If we're going to be traveling we'll need money for food and lodging along the way...wait."

Aisellia suddenly remembering the deal they had struck with him, her face immediately blushed red. Leading Miyaura to notice her new friend's reaction, giggling and smiling at her friend knowing what she had remembered.

"You didn't forget did you Aisellia? It seems like he more than handled his end of the bargain."

"M-maybe! I'm going to need you not to sound so excited about it Miyaura..."

"It's okay, I'm feeling a little nervous about it myself!"

She said, Aisellia noticing her red cheeks as well. Turning back towards Karna, her eyes stopped at the spear, looking at its decorative spearhead attached to its silver pole.

"No way. That spear couldn't be!"

"Hm?" Hearing her friend's words Miyaura looked at the spear and stepped forward. Extending her hand out she attempted to grip the pole but it would quickly burn her skin the moment she attempted to wrap her hand around it. Miyaura instantly drew back her smoking hand.

"Owie owie owie!!" She cried, blowing on her hand to cool it down.

"Yeeeeah I had that same problem." Karna announced to the girls.

"But your hands not burnt!"

"I heal from burns pretty quickly but it stung like hell though that's for sure. That's why I threw it all the way here."

He said before laughing. Both of their attentions were drawn to Aisellia as she stepped up to the spear and gripping onto the pole of the weapon with a single hand.

"There's no denying it now. He must have stolen it from the temple!"

"Temple? Oooh those annoying self-righteous guys. Apparently, it looking nice isn't the only thing this thing has going on."

He said leaning forward slightly analyzing the weapon more closely.

Aisellia Rae: "In my city, it was said to be a Holy weapon used by an angel centuries ago to fight in a Holy war against demons. With humanity helplessly in the middle, the angels protected humans but the demons used their love for humanity against them, leading to the demons winning the war. This spear was said to be able to pierce through anything. As a relic of the angels, The Temple recovered it and revered it as a Holy Relic. I thought it was always decorative. But where I'm from no one believes in demons, but I see for myself all that was a lie. The story behind the spear is believed to be a children's tale. Now It makes me wonder how much truth there actually is to that story."

Karna: "I haven't gotten most of my memories back yet but I don't recall there ever being anyone who doesn't believe demons are running around. I never heard of there being any angels though."

Miyaura: "I don't recall there ever being angels, only dem-Hm? You lost your memory?"

Karna: "Yup, got hurt pretty bad a while ago and was in a coma for some years although I'm sure I was more dead than comatose. Somehow I woke back up and over time my injuries healed. I've been awake for a year now."

Aisellia Rae: "So what have you been doing this whole time if you don't mind me asking?"

Karna: "Hmm. After I woke up I could only slightly remember two old friends of mine. Found one in her hometown and she helped me. So this year I mainly helped her with her problems, afterwards, she figured with my lost memory I should seek out our other friend. She felt like they would be able to fill in the gaps more than anyone. Buuuut I got lost, running into demons back to back for a few weeks, getting chased out of towns, and when I thought I found some out-of-the-way place I could relax I bumped into you two here! Aaaand that's my story."

Aisellia Rae: "So you were on your way to trying to get your memory back."

Karna: "Mhm. The problem is I got lost so I've just been wondering really."

Karna admitted, laughing about his own situation.

Karna: "The real issue is we have no idea where they are or what crazy name they're probably going by now which makes it a lot harder to find someone. I just know the name of the place she was at last according to my friend back home."

Karna let out a depressive sigh.

Miyaura: "Maybe while we're helping you get home we can ask around along the way?"

Aisellia Rae: "True. We wouldn't be alive right now if not for this pervert."

Miyaura: "You don't mind her calling you that Karna?"

"Hm? Oh that? Not really. It's not like she's wrong." He said giving Miyaura the thumbs up. Surprising her at first but making her giggle at his honest acceptance and security in his nature.

"Speaking of which, I have an ultimate reward owed to enjoy!"

He said with a mischievous and perverted smile on his face. The girl's cheeks became red once again, Aisellia turning her nose up and looking away from him, quickly opting to close her eyes.

"W-well go ahead then. I-it's only fair since you've done your part..."

Aisellia quickly opened her eyes wide from a sudden surprise, lifting her arms slightly into the air. Looking down to her own chest she could see a pair of hands fondling her. Karna pressed her back against his chest as he groped her from behind. Shyly she kept her arms up and diverted her eyes away in embarrassment. His hands repeatedly caressed her breasts in the palms of his hands, switching between fondling and jiggling them in his hands.

"Yes! They have a wonderful jiggle to them. This soft sinking squeeze, more than my hands can grab at once, easily filling my hands with more to spare. Ooo the more I feel, it feel like they're much bigger than this outfit shows though. Even with these you're still a modest noblewoman heh. I wonder what other pleasant secrets you have hidden away heh-heh. Ninety-Eight centimeters of legendary perfection!"

"H-how?! You're very much correct on the number..."

"I like to think I've got a master's eye for these types of things!"

A slight sensual whimper came from Aisellia's lips, the man's fondling starting to affect her physically.

"H-hey, it's been a decent amount of time, you may stop now!"

Just like that, she could no longer feel him on her. To her expressed surprise she suddenly heard an audible moaning sound coming from Miyaura. Karna now having Miyaura in the same position he had her in, additionally lifting them in his hands. Miyaura stood with a happy yet submissive smile on her face.

(She looks like she's enjoying it...) "Oh! Miyaura! I just thought about it noticed your cursed mark had disappeared when we were tossed out of the cave."

Speaking to her friend, she realized Miyaura wasn't responding to her. Curiously turning her eyes over to her friend to see a dazed but joyful expression on her face. It is even more obvious she was enjoying the feeling of his hands fondling her by the trail of saliva trickling from the side of her mouth.


"Hey, Aisellia to Miyaura. Am I coming in alright?"

While the two girls conversed, Karna simply minded his business fondling and playing with Miyaura's breasts with a highly pleasing look on his face that matched Miyaura's enjoyment, having stars twinkle in his eyes. Aisellia pulled the spear from the ground and held it in her hand. Miyaura perked up curiously looking over her own body.

"Oh! I hadn't noticed. Wait...that was before he killed the demon though."

"Thinking back. It disappeared when...we landed on him..."

"Hmm, weird. Well, he was looking for his friend before he found us right? So if we find them on the way that might be something they'd be able to give us a clue as to why."

"That may be for the best. He's lost his memory and was lost, I only know my city-"

"And I only know this village. I don't remember where I'm from but wherever it was me and my parents fled from there to this village when I was little so I don't know much of the world really."

Listening to Miyaura, Aisellia noticed Karna had a goofy look stuck on his face while his hands explored Miyaura's body. Aisellia watched him with a disappointing look followed by a sigh. On the other hand, Miyaura looking at her and talking obviously not being bothered at all by him as he easily found his own enjoyment groping, fondling, and jiggling her breasts within his hands easily filling the spaces and squishing between his fingers.

"This fullness, this volume of squish! They're completely soft yet here's so much, like I have the seas contained within my hands. Their weight, this squish spilling between my fingers and more. I have two handfuls here! One-hundred and Eleven centimeters! I could I'd easily suffocate happily...and that couldn't sound any better! These are World Cup of perfection praiseworthy! Better than anyone could imagine would exist on such a cute girl! heh-heh!"

Aisellia simply walked up and repeatedly hand-chopped him on the top of his head. Knocking him off of her leading him to playfully rubbing his head in a sense of pain.

"I've been on the road for weeks and ended up going in one big circle. It might be a good idea to stop at my friend sthat helped me after I lost my memory. We could get better directions and rest up some before I help you two get home."

"And a bath!" Both girls said excitingly with stars in their eyes at the thought of a hot bath. "Then it's settled Captain Aisellia!" He said while playfully bowing to her.

"C-Captain?!" She quickly questioned. Hearing this Miyaura could only vocally express her approval, "Ooooo!" Miyaura responded curiously with a finger to her lips, looking rather curious by what Karna suddenly did and said.

"It was part of the deal, wasn't it? I become your personal guard dog, nothing will harm you as long as I'm here Master. Woof Woof!"

Karna said before playfully barked at the girls, lifting his head and smiling at them. Leading both girls' cheeks to become blushed, their eyes glistening at the way he looked as he did so. Aisellia and Miyaura looked each other in the eye for a moment, noticing each other's reaction. Aisellia turned her head to the other side and folded her arms while Miyaura simply smiled and giggled. Now announcing her opinion on the matter.

"I like the sound of Captain Aisellia!"

"F-fine! You'll have to do anything I say, got it? No matter what it is or how demeaning it may be for you! Even if it's just for my entertainment!"

"I'm all for a little fun and discipline if it's coming from you. You dress like a noble so it's only fitting to have a bodyguard too well...heh...guard your body."

"P-please don't say such odd sure are awfully agreeable."

"How could I not be agreeable with two women as beautiful as you two? Of course, I enjoy your assets a way, I guess I can say it just feels right. Like when you're going with the flow and it feels like you're moving in the right direction."

"W-well...I'll be counting on you."

Karna & Miyaura: "Of course Captain!"

The two said, saluting Aisellia, Miyaura having joined in on the fun shocking Aisellia. Karna looked at Miyaura to his side who stood in the same position. The two looking into each other's eyes, sharing a laugh at their own shared sense of humor.

(One day...I'm sure you'll-)

"Now I can try to keep my end of the promise and keep you close." He said with a smile, Miyaura's eyes widening with tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"You remember me?!"

"Just a little if I'm being honest. While I was fighting I had one of my memories return and I remember a promise with a girl a long time ago. I had already seen your face but once I was able to remember hers, I knew immediately it was you. I can't remember everything but I remember part of the promise."

He said, his eyes trailing down to her exposed cleavage. A sparkle coming to his eyes.

"After all it looks like you kept your end and grew-"

"Huge cow-girl boobs you can rest your head on! Hee-Hee. There were multiple parts to the promise but I'm glad you remembered the most important!"

She said while leaping onto him, wrapping her legs around him to latch on. Immediately grabbing his head and shoving it between her breasts, smothering him while she clung onto him with a smile on her face, still tears in her eyes. Miyaura holding his face enveloped within her cleavage, completely submerging his face between them, wrapping her legs tighter around his waist to hold on tightly while he easily and happily stood and enjoyed it all. Aisellia looked shocked at Miyaura's sudden advancement on Karna.

(Miyaura's a little lewd too huh?)

She questioned watching the two of them, Karna simply allowing his face to be smothered, giving Aisellia a thumbs up signaling he was enjoying what was happening.

"This is going to be some trip with you two...but I'm glad...we're able to live another day." Aisellia finished saying, looking at the two and thinking of what they had just survived brought tears of happiness streaming from her eyes following a great smile of joy.

"Before we go...I want to make proper graves for my friends and the victims of this village, especially Eileen. We'll never forget them."

Aisellia said, embracing Miyaura in a hug as they both began to shed tears for the lost while holding one another compassionately in their embrace.

"And kick the shit out of a little blonde bitches corpse a few hundred times..."