Chapter 24:

New Mission, Official A-Class Mission

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

Orion City...

Karna walked along the stone streets, passing civilians and mercenaries alike with shops on each side of the road. Walking casually, fingers interlocked resting behind his head, Karna passed it all by. Leisurely glancing around at the people and business of the city he passed.

"Just one more to go."

He said to himself, reaching down then lifting the final bounty in front of his eyes. His eyes scanned the rough drawing of a younger him. Having him shirtless, standing handcuffed, his hair falling over his face save for his devilish smirk and an eye peering through the strands of his hair.

"I guess this is her trying to be funny. I guess Miss goodie two shoes didn't calculate me breaking out once they get the reward. Knowing her it's probably according to her plan to have me sit somewhere until they get back."

Looking at the poster a bit longer, a short memory came to pass in his mind. Envisioning a woman lying beneath him. His hands planted near her bare shoulders, having her own hands pressed against his cheeks as her deeply blushed face smiled joyously at him.

"Don't cry...I don't fault you. Free me...from this awful place."

The woman said before her eyes began rolling to the back of her head, her grin growing into an insane euphoric smile. Yet the feeling coursing through her surpassed her body's limits, smiling ear to ear as her tongue extended out. Her body forcibly shifted beneath Karna, her body's rocking matching each thrust of his against her own, shifting her body back and forth to her delight. The woman's back rested atop fine sheets. As her visible euphoric climax came to its peak she continued to smile, her body beginning to stiffen and twitch. Veins visibly pressed against the skin of her neck and face She began to bleed from her eyes and nose, her body beginning to twitch. A tear fell from his eyes onto her cheek which contradicted the present smile of enjoyment on his face.


The sudden call from a male voice snapped Karna out of his trance-like state. Placing a hand to his face chuckling at the sudden memory that had come to him.

"Heh. felt so real just now..."

"No use hiding anymore I know of whom you are!"

The voice called out to him, leading Karna to turn slightly and looking over his shoulder to see who so eagerly wanted his attention. Seeing a young man near his age standing in knightly armor. It was Alexander, the young merc who was humiliated and injured by Aisellia and Miyaura on the first day in the city.

(Well if he's calling me by that name...)

Karna thought while taking glances at his surroundings. Noticing Alexander had made enough of a scene for those around them, civilians and mercenaries, all turning to see what was happening.

(This is probably about to turn into a fun situation.)

He thought, his smirk portraying his slight excitement at the thought itself. Karna began to chuckle at his thoughts while turning around to face the knight in armor.

"And Remi swears it's me heh heh. I guess it's about time he said something. He's been following them around for a while, I've had to stay away from the inn when he's around. Couldn't put them at risk since you never know what a stalker will do."

The knight drew his sword from his sheathe and pointed it at Karna.

"So you confirm you are the wanted criminal then."

"I confirm nothing! You just kept staring at me specifically so I figured you wanted my attention."

Karna said lifting his hands and shrugging his shoulders.

"Your stalking can use some work though."

"Silence! I am Alexander of the honorable Saint Knights Guild! I'm taking your bounty. You're accepted dead or alive."

Karna looked at the man silently for a few seconds before shrugging his shoulders and breaking into laughter.

"If I WAS a certain criminal-"

Karna began to say, gradually growing closer to Alexander with every step. With a smirk on his face, he continued.

"Then I'd wager I'm a pretty rough catch. What makes you think YOU could capture me?"

"I could enlist help but that would imply capture."


Karna questioned, stopping a few steps short of standing face to face with the knight.

"So you think you can kill me then?"

Alexander stood, tightening the grip of his sword.

"Hmph. I'm far smarter than a brute like you. Tch, Why would those two women bother with such a flea as you? You must be blackmailing them!"

"Heh heh. They're absolutely stunning, right? But no...there's no blackmail involved. Just some serious luck that I can't even understand myself but I'm definitely not arguing with fate right now."

"You fiend! Such beautiful and...-"

"Well proportioned? Ample? Voluptuous? Curvaceous? They still amaze me and I've been with them for a while now."

Karna quickly filled the knight's sentence wearing a grin on his face, raising his right hand in front of his face while performing a squeezing gesture with his hands. Thinking about the girls with every new word he had thrown to describe them.

"Thinking about them...I can still feel the taste. My tongue can almost remember the feeling of sliding across their bodies."

Karna said, extending his tongue against his hand, slowly licking upward until his tongue flicked off the tip of his index finger.

"You heathen! You're blackmailing them to abuse them for your own delights!"

Alexander said. Snapping Karna from his thoughts, his eyes shifting to look over at the knight. Chuckling as he did so.

"Heathen? You knights and Temple guys really love that word huh? Oh, I assure you It's just as much my delight as it is theirs. But seeing as how you want to kill me, thinking it will give you a chance with them, I'd say you're trying pretty hard for a losing battle. Take a hint and go save some damsel or guy In distress or something Heh heh."

"You dare mock me while speaking of your abuse?!"

"Hey! In my defense they enjoy it and in some cases, one actually asks for it. No complaints from me though heh heh. They're actually very sweet girls." (Hell, even I don't get why they like being around me so much. Well I am pretty badass)

"Enough! I will be their knight in shining armor. Once you're dead, they won't even know your killer. Five-hundred thousand bounty Qrow!"

Alexander grew a smirk of his own announcing Karna's bounty to the public of which Karna himself quickly noticed. Losing his smirk as he could see mercenaries in the area begin focusing on him. He sighed as he could hear the mumbling of those around him reference his bounty, some even beginning to grip their weapons. Momentarily closing his eyes, Karna let out a deep sigh before slowly opening his eyes again wearing a smirk on his face.

(Heh, so that's it. A city of mercenaries and killing a criminal isn't a crime, even with this many mercs, taking me out is just part of the hunt and law. Well then...)

"I've done a little research. Hmph! Ready yourself criminal!"

Alexander yelled out, getting into a stance with his weapon. Prompting the mercenaries in the area to begin drawing their weapons. Karna stood wearing a smug expression, his grin fading once a visual of Aisellia formed inside his mind. Giving him a stern reminder to avoid trouble that could become problematic for her. Letting out a disappointed sigh, Karna visually scanned the area around him. Taking note of just how many mercenaries were truly in the crowd, witnessing many holds onto and drawing their weapons. Their eyes trained on him intensely while the civilian bystanders all looked around concerned, seeing the situation unfold.

(I doubt they could kill me, but I'd lose the deal if one of them turned me in. If one of them saw me healing it would be bad too, so I should avoid letting them shoot me.)

Karna thought, irritably scratching his head in the face of his deal being complicated by others now.

(Well I think a little city-wide chase might be fun. Aisellia...Miyaura. Thanks to you two, I'm feeling more energized than usual!)

From the sideline of observers, a mercenary stepped forward with his handgun aimed at Karna. Hi, rugged beard and facial hair still easily revealing his grin as he spoke.

'Heh, Step aside shiny boy! This here's a real man's bounty."

He proclaimed confidently.

On The Battlefield...

From a bird's eye view the battle could be seen, the large mass of bodies that filled the area before, now the remaining beings of both sides were significantly lowered. Large open spaces were sporadically located throughout the complete mass but it was obvious humanity was indeed losing this battle. Leiliana and Miyaura fought valiantly alongside the remaining mercenaries above the common class who had luckily survived the battle thus far, separated in some areas while others managed to group together. Captain Leiliana could be seen still fighting using a mesmerizing display of martial arts talents combined alongside her spear mastery to fight off multiple enemies, alternating masterfully utilizing her spear to slay the goblins surrounding her and using her limbs to knock back those who slipped inside her spears range. Elegantly twisting and turning her body, twirling her weapon around the curves of her figure to strike, slash and pierce those attacking all sides around her. Due to the size of the goblin, some occasionally managed to get close the distance, seeing their opportunity being too close to be struck by the weapon. As she had been, Leiliana effortlessly switched her tactics to defend herself, knocking each away with every kick to the invaders of her personal space. Giving her a moment to breathe, the break needed from her continuous fighting was evident by her rapid pace of breathing as she cleared and watched the area around her.

(Our numbers are already dwindling far more quickly than theirs. I can't tell how many of us are still alive but none will be if we keep exhausting ourselves at this rate. We can't possibly win a long-term battle.)

Suddenly Leiliana's eyes darted sideways, quickly assessing a large body moving at great speeds in her direction. The large body soaring through the air, mowing down the many goblins standing in its way. Crouching, Leiliana took a deep breath and calmly exhaling, soon leaping up high above the mass to evade the trowe goblin crushing those behind her in its way, Leiliana looked over in the direction it traveled from, seeing Miyaura following through with her punch that delivered the large goblin from where she stood.

(Such strength. It's notably greater than the average Deimos...)

Leiliana thought while suspended in the air. Miyaura would see yet another large opponent just before her eyes, quickly launching herself forward and delivering a powerful kick to the beast's stomach. Its flesh forcibly warped around her foot before being pushed off with great force once again lifting them off its feet. Knocking them back with the killing blow.

(She's killing them with a few attacks or less? Deimos tend to only having incredible strength depending on which animalistic favoring demonic genetics are more dominant. Yet she looks completely human yet there's no doubt of her demon blood.)

Miyaura lightly landed on her toes post displaying her strength, spinning on her right foot, quickly delivering a jumping spinning back kick to a nearby goblin. From the sky, Leiliana could see not only Miyaura but the few allies remaining and enemies in the area. Being more sporadically spread out than the large collection of mass the battle began by allowing her to see Miyaura clearly. Leiliana focused on Miyaura, seeing her kick connect with the goblins. Witnessing Miyaura's foot releasing a great pressure of force upon contact, deforming the goblin with a killing blow before its body flew into the distance.

(That's it...but demons can't use Artes especially so consistently. She must be channeling energy through her body and releasing it upon impact, the amount stored and released. Creating an explosion of power, releasing it on impact for deadly force against these things that easily out-size us.)

With a moment to breathe Miyaura took the chance to catch her breath. Panting slightly as she watched her enemies for any movement towards her.

(You are an interesting girl Miyaura. To fend off this many is exhausting for even me yet you're fighting hard for a battle that wasn't even yours. But with's every living being's battle. Huh? I think I'm understanding a little more. You may already realize that and you aim to use that power of yours to protect people like Aisellia?)

Leiliana reached the peak of her ascent, now beginning her natural descent towards the ground Leiliana could only chuckle at her curiosities in Miyaura. Bending over forward, the Demon Hunter Captain held the weapon near her feet, placing one foot underneath the pole and the tips of the other on top.

(I've met plenty of kind and sincere Deimos in my life, I've also slain many demons since I was a young girl. All this time and there is never a kind demon...)

Leiliana let go of her spear once it was secured with her feet, quickly tossing her hands and torso upward with a twist and kick flipping the spear upward as her body continuously spun as inverted upside down. The spear rapidly flipped while rising into the air near her.

(You're not fighting for yourself, or just to fight. You're pushing your body to its limits to protect someone dear to you, you're fighting with us in this battle to survive. In a way, you may be more human than a lot of us.)

Ending her rapid spinning, Leiliana could be seen upside down, her eyes narrowed and focused behind Miyaura. She delivered a powerful kick against her pole arm's small circular base with explosive force, propelling it diagonally downward at an incredible velocity. The impact of the launch creating a breeze of air around Leiliana herself keeping her mid-air.

The spear tore through the air from the great force of its launching. Quickly finding its way near Miyaura who quickly and shockingly gazed upward, only reacting quick enough to witness the spear passing closely by her face. The girl's eyes were only able to shift to the side enough to see the pole of the weapon pass her, already missing the blade. Miyaura quickly twisted around, suddenly hearing the painful groans of a demon. Her facial expression displayed her shock and surprise, seeing a trowe goblin bent over backward with its head forcibly pinned to the ground by the very weapon Leiliana had used. Taking a second to visually process what had just happened, Seeing the large demon's visually broken spine and under its head were the crushed smaller goblins that were also pierced by the spear protruding from the large one's face. Leiliana smirked in the confidence of hitting her mark before something else caught her attention on her descent down towards the ground. Looking beyond the crowd surrounding Miyaura, a demon made its way from the north end of the battle yet this demon was notably different physically. Roughly the same size as a trowe yet its mass consisted of large muscle compared to the fat the gave a trowe its great weight. The demon's skin bore a red tone, tearing through both humans and goblins that stood in its path. Using its mighty claws paired with the use of the bull-like horns on its head. Leiliana looked back towards Miyaura who had been already looking off in that direction as if she were looking past those still around her.

(She can sense it from that distance?)

Immediately Miyaura looked at Leiliana with a concerned look in her eyes.

(So even with your power you can tell you can't take it down alone. You're a great fighter Miyaura but you're aware of your own lack of training. Very well.)

With their eyes meeting, both simultaneously delivered a nod of confirmation to one another prompting Leiliana to look down to where she was landing, seeing a group of goblins gathered under her. Miyaura, with a clear visual path to where Leiliana was landing, could see the gathered creatures, prompting her to look back over her shoulder to see the pinned trowe goblin. Miyaura jumped backward, performing a backflip and stomping her feet into its gut, snapping its spine the opposite way as its back was forcibly pushed into the ground with great force. This action forced the spear from the beast and twirling mid-air until it landed in Miyaura's grasp. She quickly began running off the corpse and started her sprint through the gaps between enemies to make her way towards Leiliana.

The Demon Hunter captain looked towards the red beast, seeing it begin to change course and heading more towards the center of battle where the girls were.

(It changed course...and it's quickly moving this way.)

Her eyes looked over to see Miyaura sprinting in her direction then back to the red demon.

(Is it following her? No, it's going for her, Killing allies and foes alike to seek her out, it must be able to sense her power as she could it. It's a pride demon...subconsciously seeking to destroy those whose power challenges its pride as the strongest being here. It must have felt the energy she was exerting. Tch. I have no time to think of how it got here in a horde of goblins.)

She finished thinking and returning her attention to below her. Miyaura, having made it past her enemies, entered a large clearing of space. Planting a foot strongly onto the ground and throwing the spear with great force as she leaned forward at its release. Just as Leiliana touched the ground she calculated her position from where the spear was thrown but it proved useless as she could hear the pain of the demons as well as the destruction left in its path, piercing clear through the bodies of the goblins. Opening her eyes wide, Leiliana could see the tip of her spear exiting the back of a trowe as if in slow motion. Reaching for her weapon, the captain allowed the blade to slightly pass her by before grabbing the pole's very end, using the momentum from the throw simultaneously lowering her stance and perform a wide circular swing, spinning her body with the attack wounding and killing creatures around her. Immediately clearing the area as she brought the spear back under her control letting the weapon finally rest on her shoulders behind her neck.

Now with a cleared path between them, the two women could easily see one another from the distance. From behind Miyaura, the red demon broke through the crowd, sending blood and many bodies into the air from its massive swing. In its hand was one large club the goblins had been using, having found a tool to easier clear the crowd, and now making a full sprint towards Miyaura who rested with her hands on her knees breathing heavily, being visibly fatigued.

(It caught up that quickly?! Shit!)

Miyaura thought, looking behind her after hearing the roar of blood lust coming from the red demon. Turning around Miyaura clenched her fist, using her twisting momentum to throw a heavy punch at the red demon who had quickly entered the girl's close range. Her fist connected with the beast's abdomen possessing mighty force behind it, releasing a shock wave upon impact. The red demon stood its ground as the shock wave from her attack flung her backward, soon landing on her feet, coming to a gradual sliding stop.

"Run to me! Its skin is too tough!"

Leiliana called out while making a full sprint in Miyaura's direction. The demon girl began to turn towards her ally yet she quickly stopped, her nose beginning to twitch as a smell entered her nose.

(Huh? This scent...Aaaah!!!)

She screamed out suddenly considering what was behind her once again, forcing herself to begin running and closing the distance between them. Leiliana who dashed at incredible speeds twirled her spear within her hand into a reverse grip on the weapon.

(Miyaura attacks seem similar to Artes. The guild train recruits for a year to grasp the concept to increase a physical ability for a few seconds. We use the very energy inside us all, the energy of the human spirit. The original demon slayers learned and restrictively taught others how to channel one's spirit, creating a single energy. Techniques using this energy are called an Arte but it is not without physical drawbacks. If this girl uses her apparent large reserves of demon energy to channel and releases consistently in every attack with her lack of combat experience, even her durable body must be screaming right now.)

Miyaura could be seen running at full speed with the red demon close behind her, its mouth opens revealing its dagger-like teeth. The red demon would interchangeably swing left and right attempting to mutilate swipe Miyaura with its large clawed hands. With each attempt, she quickly yet barely evaded each attack. Miyaura glanced over her shoulder only to see the demon with one of its clawed hands swinging down above her head.

(Miyaura channels large amounts of energy to a point and unleashes it all in an explosive release. By that logic...)

Leiliana began to lean forward in her sprint, her feet running increasingly more rapid along the ground before the captain threw her body forward. Her body performing a front flip moving forward through the air close to the ground until her rotation led her feet to touch the ground once again. The captain's feet planting onto the ground, tightening her back muscles and flinging her torso forward. In her fluid motion, Leiliana aimed and launched her weapon like a javelin. Her body was almost horizontal to the ground, throwing herself even more forward to increase the momentum behind her throw. The spear left the captain's hand with a spiral snapping release, Miyaura planted her stepping foot and threw herself forward attempting to escape the beast's claw just barely missing the back of her head and swiping down her back. Its sharp claws hooking into the back of her sash. Leiliana's spear pierced the air, its spiral rotation visibly twisting the air around the tip of its blade before crashing into the red demon's abdomen, the force of the spear causing the beast to dig its heels into to ground as the blade sparked aggressively against its iron-like skin. The red demon's claws snatched Miyaura's sash off her just before its feet tore the ground apart on its path backward and letting out a horrific roar as the blade pierced its skin impaling the beast and leaving both ends of the polearm exposed front and back it leaned forward, gradually slowing down its path backward. Just as it came to a stop, Leiliana would appear to phase into sight just in front of the demon as if her body had flickered into visual sight, quickly closing the great distance between them. The Hunter Captain stood in a stance of her martial arts form with one palm held out in front of her and the other drawn back prepared to strike.

(Enlightening Palm: Rejecting Grace.)

Leiliana would thrust her retracted palm forward, swiftly yet gracefully touching her palm to the circular base of the weapon. For a moment it seemed as if the two froze in time, a gentle breeze passing over the two combatants frozen still in time. Suddenly a burst of wind exploded from between them. The pole of her weapon began to splinter and break before quickly shattering in its entirety in an explosive shock wave from its center, not only destroying her weapon, the explosive shock wave also blowing a large hole in the creatures torso, leaving its upper body barely hanging on from its sides while it began to fall backward in contrast to its lower body standing firm from its feet planted into the ground. Her opponent slowly falling, Leiliana quickly took a short hop away from the demon before collapsing down onto her knees panting from a sudden extreme exhaustion, planting her hands firmly onto the ground to hold her upper body off the ground with sweat dripping down her face.

(Damn, focusing and releasing that much energy took almost everything out of me. At full strength even I could only do it a few times yet she's been doing it the entire battle.)

Suddenly Leiliana lifted her head, looking at the red demon's body. Seeing its flash beginning to stretch and mend where the hole in its torso was, motionless but stopping its fall backward as it healed

(It can't be! Shit! It's no regular demon. A high-classed greater demon, above standard strength for their class. If there's an abnormal then...Tch, my body is too exhausted to take it out, not to mention my spear is gone.)

Leiliana's head quickly perked up, hearing the sound of a roaring engine.

(The sounds of demons and battle must have been drowning out the noise.)