Chapter 28:

Lucky Devil

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

Leiliana's flight path surprisingly stopped, she could feel whatever cushioned her pressing against the front of her body. Time felt like it slowed down for her once again. She quickly opened her eyes, at first only able to see Aisellia standing with her own look of surprise while holding Miyaura in her arms. Tufts of hair waved in front of her face from below her chin causing her to look down now able to see it was a person who had caught her.


She began to question, the man planting his foot, leaning forward, and beginning a spin. In Leiliana's slowed state of time, they moved in slow motion. Her thought escaping her once she was able to realize whoever this was held her attached to the front of them, her face becoming intensely red the more she seen. The person's head wedged between her breasts as she realized she had instinctively wrapped her legs around their waist, latching her onto them. Now halfway through the spin, although her legs kept her attached, she felt her pressed body shift against who she was latching onto, her position now adjusted, being latched onto the person's left side.

Now able to see a man she did not know but found herself analyzing the face of the person. She became shocked from a sudden impact striking her lower body. To even her own astonishment the impact was light yet she easily could tell it was a hand slapping and firmly gripping her butt, feeling his hand through the thin black bodysuit material she wore under her gear. At the second of impact, a noise began escaping her. She held her lips sealed attempting to suppress it but the sensation proved too surprising making her let out an audible high-pitched squeal. This lead Leiliana to simultaneously glance back and over to see the hand having a firm grip on her flesh. His hand had gripped her but she proved able to quickly assess, it also had another purpose, the man's forearm held a sheathed katana pressed just as firmly against her lower back. The realization forced her from her state of embarrassment, anger, and shock, forcing her to remember the threat at hand and seize an opportunity.

Hastily Leiliana used her right hand to hold and press her body completely against the man. Holding onto his far shoulder and using her left hand to reach behind her and assist and securing the sheathed weapon against her lower back. Though she had become serious, she couldn't hold her renewed blush due to his head being partially submerged into her breasts again with the man wearing a smile on his face. Enabling her to witness his enjoyment of the matter given the threat at hand. She could only tightly shut her eyes to push her way through such embarrassment and fight her initial urge to strike the man as her face grew more intensely blushed.

The superior demon now paced its way towards them, with the bodies of the dead moving alongside him. Something seemed to even draw the demon's attention, causing its face to turn with surprise and disgust. His body began to vibrate and in that split second, it disappeared from sight.

The man and Leiliana coming upon the full turn, he gripped the blades tsuka (handle) as Leiliana turned and angled her head to face the demon horde. Watching the attack she suppressed herself, ensuring flawlessness in this opportunity but no attack came into sight. Only the sound of the blade locking back into its sheathe entering her ears. Leiliana looked to see the man had sheathed the blade. Her face displayed her confusion. Looking to Aisellia who looked rather embarrassed herself, kneeling on the ground holding Miyaura's back against her body. Miyaura, although she could barely hold her eyes open, giggled and smiled bringing more confusion to the captain before she realized the man groping her butt. Continuing to smile, happily nestling his head into her breasts. Leiliana baring a sizable bust clearly above the average woman left the man's head smothered. Anger visually took over her but before she could release any on the man, seeing all that she had endured was for nothing. She caught a feeling in the change of wind pressure and turning her head to witness the entire horde slashed in half. Appearing as if one massive blade sliced through the large mass of demons. Creating a shock wave like no other bringing forth an astonishing burst of wind. One of such magnitude Aisellia clutched Miyaura against her bracing themselves. Leiliana, although watching it unfold, her legs tightened her grip around the man's waist while her hand held tightly on his shoulder all to brace themselves against the powerful gusts.

Slowly the gusts, clouds of dust, and mass bloodshed settled. Aisellia and Leiliana were both taken by surprise at the carnage, in complete disbelief in what they had just witnessed. Leiliana gradually began to loosen her body's grip on the man, slowly removing herself from him and standing independently right beside him. Her eyes were unable to move away from the slain horde for even a second through the process.

(W-what is this?!)

Where the only words to manifest in the young captain's mind. Hearing Miyaura begin giggling again turned her attention to them seeing Aisellia in tears yet her smile revealed they were tears of joy, the pain breaking Aisellia voice as she spoke.

"You came*sob* You really came. I didn't..."

She said, stroking Miyaura's hair.

"I believed in you both. You two really are my amazing protectors. A voice helped us but I haven't been able to hear it for a little now but...Miyaura got hurt."

It was Karna. In an instant Karna disappeared from beside Leiliana, reappeared kneeling beside the two girls. Before she knew it, Karna's face was only inches away from hers, the man already wiping the tears from her cheeks.

"I'm already upset I let you get this dirty my noble princess."

He said smirking, their lips and eyes smiling at one another, able to feel the meaning behind each other's words. Soon his eyes looking over Miyaura's body wearing a smirk on his face.

"You're pretty roughed up. Heh, even injured you still look great."

"Hee-hee! I'm just glad it didn't hit me in the boob, that probably would've hurt a lot worse. I honestly don't know how you could miss these things."

Miyaura responded having a nice giggle afterward, not able to contain her smile and enjoyment seeing him and having him inspect her body with lustful eyes as he leaned closer and closer to her face. With a smile Miyaura closed her eyes and tilted her head towards him, allowing Karna to gently press his lips against hers in a deep kiss. Initially, a simple passionate kiss that, in its further evolution, stunning Aisellia and Leiliana who witnessed it further. Miyaura's body lied limp but as the kiss grew gradually more intense, her body began to lightly shake and soon sensual whimpers began escaping her through the kiss. Their lips soon separating allowing the girl to gasp for air right before Karna introduced their lips once again. Soon separating slightly letting her whimpers escape into audible moans through her deep breathing. Giving enough space between their lips allowing the others to see their tongues twirling with one another before sealing the gap between their lips again. Leiliana instinctively walking even closer seeming almost curious as she attempted to get a closer look with her beat red face which matched Aisellia's own who averted her eyes yet still gently stroked Miyaura's hair. Although she attempted to avert her gaze, Aisellia would repeatedly look to watch them from the side of her eye. The demonized girl's upper body resting on Aisellia's legs and torso left the display extremely close for her to see.

Spontaneously a small remnant of the Azure flame formed between their lips. Even having the space betwixt them closed it was visible for all, Miyaura and Karna's performed a dance of the tongues inside the girl's mouth. Evidently from the sounds and lustful expression on Miyaura's face told the euphoria her body was going through. As the flames dance around their lips, her wounds began to heal slightly. Karna finally separated their lips for now and rose to his feet once again. Leiliana and Aisellia couldn't become any redder while watching Miyaura unable to move from her position. Her deep breathing, eyes partially rolled to the back of her head, mouth agape having her tongue sticking out through her deep breaths. Giving no room for the others to dispute what euphoric sensation riddled her body so. Left appearing purely vulnerable and defenseless from her euphoric display of affection.

"Karna what did you do to heal her?"

"Hm? I can't heal anyone."

He responded to Aisellia, shrugging his shoulders before quickly Leiliana chimed in.

"Sin is their life energy, as a dominate would increase their life force from the serving human or demon to sustain their own. These two have formed something I would have never thought possible. He's allowed her to drain him of his sin for her body to naturally heal. Regeneration is a rare ability among demons...but these two aren't normal demons. Fighting this battle only proves that, if that ability and having compassion for another did not."

"There' thing I have to know."

Miyaura said, looking up at Karna.

"How did it feel? I'm jealous, I bet it was awesome."

Aisellia and Leiliana primarily thought she referenced the kiss but the strange bond between these two immediately made both smirks, knowing exactly what Miyaura was asking. Prompting Karna to form his goofy grin and gripping gestures with his hand.

"Surprisingly full, amazingly soft too. Crazy soft. Heh-heh! I couldn't have guessed it would be that soft on such an athletic body. Not as thicc as Aisellia's but I swear it feels like just as much ass. I honestly almost lost consciousness, so much so since I didn't expect her chest to be bigger than they are but in that uniform. I could feel it's really suppressing everything, making them look smaller than what they are. No offense but in all my days you have some of the softest-"


Aisellia interrupted.

"Fine, luscious physical qualities...if you will. Heh-Heh."

Hearing their words, Leiliana quickly covered her chest with her arms in response. Having heard the description of what it felt like to touch her body, nothing she had really thought about before but also decisively had never given the opportunity to anyone to figure out.

"Aisellia has the noticeable one, round and prominent enough for a sharp arch to take shape at the base of her lower back going out to round the booty. Miyaura's-"

"Yeah yeah juicy thick, similar to my size if not thicker, but doesn't poke out as much as mine but her ass is more jiggly and prominently more full, plump and ample looking with a luscious accumulation of it being mostly, what you sometimes like to refer to as, booty meat. We've got it understood by now Karna! This isn't the time to go full perv!"

Aisellia interrupted once again. Leiliana was unable to deal with her embarrassment any longer just hearing the way he described their bodies in such detail. Quickly raising her fist prepared to strike him yet she froze just before she did. A loud crash coming from behind them all drew their attention without fail. There a short distance away, the demon fell from the sky, having leaped over the attack and landing loudly. Karna chuckled, picking his blade from the ground, having dropped it from being more focused on feeling Leiliana pressed against him now facing towards the demon itself who stood silently watching. Seeing Karna point a finger directly at it.

"You know what? You're one ugly fucker. Girls who I couldn't imagine in a hundred years would choose to stick with me even though I'm kind of a pervert, visually of course, physically with permission. Quite possibly three of the most beautiful woman I've laid eyes on. Personalities and bodies, ugh amazing bodies! You see I want them all to myself. These ladies? I don't want to lose...and that's where you fucked up. Plus some guys were pretty mean to me today. So now I have a lot of aggression I've decided to take out ...on you specifically."

The girls watched in awe and Leiliana was additionally confused at how Karna spoke of them. Even more surprising his words appeared to get to the demon, its face churning with rage and lifting his palm towards them. Leiliana stepped backward next to the girls, bringing her behind Karna.

"It's lack of demonic pressure is not to be underestimated. I drew my own conclusions from its power. A superior classed demon, yet even with my sensory abilities I couldn't feel a thing."


Karna replied.

"I guess that makes sense. How does your guild normally handle something like this?"

"There hasn't been more than two superior sightings in the last decade. Normally at least two captains would have been assigned to this."

"Hm. So its power is so high, it's off Miyaura and your senses. It IS pretty intense after all."

"Mmm. That's the likely case I've come to...wait! Are you saying you can sense it?"

"Of course I can, I'm no slouch myself Ha-ha!"

"You are the ultimate slouch hee-hee!"

Miyaura chimed in to say.

"Even more the ultimate pervert."

Aisellia added as well. The shared moment leads to the three of them laughing and smiling during even this dark time.


Aisellia called out to Karna.

"...Can you kill it?"

"Honestly...Not sure. That thing has a crazy density of energy."

The demon having its hand aimed at Karna. Energy began pulling from the air, taking the form of a violet-colored light-concentrating into a singular compressed orb. Karna trained his eyes on the demon, taking the freedom to walk off to the side to separate himself from the others and as expected, the demon's glowing hand adjusting and following him as its target.

"Kill it...and I'll honor my part of our deal, any of our deals with no complaints. I know I'm demanding and a little stuck up but...our deals make me happy. It's's like our own little thing inside my head ya know? Do the thing... just one more time, please. Save humanity from this disaster."

She pleaded, tears again falling from her eyes while she looked down at Miyaura. Her tears dropping onto the latter female's face. In response, Miyaura's hand struggled to move. Still finding its way to Aisellia's head, running her hands through the nobles hair just as was done to her.

"Hm, by now you should never have to ask me to protect you Aisellia."

Karna responded, smiling at her once he finished speaking. Leiliana stood confused. Leiliana's empathy for the group brought her to a harsh realization, humanities protector would be a demon itself. The feelings forcing her to call out to Karna on her own.

"What makes a demon fight to protect humans? You could easily walk away right now instead of throwing yourself into a battle you're not even sure you can win?"

"That thing isn't gonna give me enough time to really explain...but. Even now a dream becomes a reality for me on this journey. Impossible to find outside my own reality. and even more impossible to resist figures...and they chose me...they indulge someone like me. At first, I knew for survival they had to, it was reasonable but..."

Karna would place his hand over his chest.

"They chose to include me and my sinful levels of lust in their own lives. Their dreams and fantasies in their own minds. So...I'll defend them and our paradise until my last breath. Their dreams will become our reality. That's why I'll sin time and time again. That's why I'll happily be a demon forever."

"...Who or what are you?"

The only question Leiliana could muster to ask as the distance between them grew.

"Me? I'm just a guard dog. Woof!"

He said, chuckling immediately after. Keeping a steady pace and eyes trained on the demon as Karna became gradually further from the girls, watching the demon's glowing palm follow his movements.