Chapter 31:

Azure Sins

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

Two days later...

The sun shined brightly on the city of Orion. Civilians, mercenaries, and guild members carried on in their usual daily activities. The trio rested in their room at the inn. Its walls and tables were greatly empty comparing to how they were when they arrived. It was silent and nearly empty. A few new traveling mercenaries and several were injured from the mission from the day before. The defeat was expressed greatly on their faces.

Inside their room, Karna lied unconscious on the bed. Aisellia sat at the foot of the bed while Miyaura sat in a chair at the bed's side. Both appeared to have taken damage during the mission. Aisellia having bandages wrapped around one of her arms and both of her legs. Miyaura appeared wrapped in bandages covering her limbs, torso, and neck watching over Karna. His lower body was covered by a blanket, he seemed to have no injuries remaining on his body. The only notable change was his increased hair length.

"It's fine if you want to take a break and get some air Miyaura."

"Mmm. Thank you but I'm fine. I want to be right here when he wakes up."

"Hm. Alrighty then. Is there anything else I could do for you? You've had this uncomfortable face for a while now."

It was then Miyaura's head dropped low, remaining silent for a few seconds before lifting her head to meet eyes with Aisellia who was suddenly surprised to see tears pouring from Miyaura's eyes.

"What is it? Are you in pain?"

"Yes! excruciating pain! ? *sob*"

"What would you like for me to do?"

"Can I take these bandages off?! They're so tight it hurts!"

Aisellia giggled, realizing what type of pain she meant. The bandages binding Miyaura's torso, her chest tightly secured.

"We've gone over this with the doctor, remember?

A memory played in both of their minds of the day before. The two found themselves in the guilds infirmary, being treated by their medical professionals. Female physicians took care of the girls. Aisellia just finished being bandaged up, looking over to see Miyaura being bandaged up currently. Wrapping the girl's limbs and stomach up but having trouble keeping the material wrapped around her breasts. Seconds later another doctor joined in the efforts, having wrapped her decently to only hold a few seconds before Miyaura's bust caused the bandages to snap off once again. The next three doctors all worked together to bandage her. Only for her chest to prove un-containable once more, snapping the bandages and freeing themselves once more.

"But it huuuurts!"

Miyaura cried as the memory ended for both of them.

"Well I'm sorry but your burns aren't healed all the way. They have to stay on so the ointment can help as much as it can. Only we know you're healing is much slower than his, more so it exists at all. After that fight, neither you nor he seems to be recovering as fast as usual. I assume it's from using so much energy back there. So until that recovers, let the ointment help you recover just a little bit faster."

"Ugh! Fine!"

Miyaura said rising to her feet while pouting.

"But once Leila gets back with my outfit these girls are free. Great ones like these shouldn't be tightly contained and imprisoned!"

She declared, throwing her finger high into the air, unknowing causing one of the bandages on her back to begin tearing.

"I like my huge melons almost as much as Karna and he reeeally likes them!"

"I honestly don't think much could contain them. I assume that's just exactly one of the aspects this man likes about them."

"Exactly! He likes the feel of them big, I like the feel of them big, and I HAVE reeally big ones hee-hee! It's so awesome! Even if you don't like girls everyone's intrigued by boobs to some degree!"

Aisellia could only begin laughing causing Miyaura to join in. Sharing a moment before Aisellia spoke.

"I personally agree with you. There is an unknown fascinating thing about them. I'm not sure if it's just fascination or what but I'm astounded every time I see yours, but yours are a wonder on their own. I have to say I've met people who would disagree. With their right to of course. I've been pretty buxom for a long time so I've come across plenty who hates big boobs simply for them being big."

"Hmph! They sound pretty envious about not having them. We all come in our own bodies with our beautiful souls. Some of us are lucky to have these things we enjoy for our reasons and hey...That's lucky in its own ways too! I'm sure being small has its advantages, like crawling through small spaces! Or being all adorable and stuff! Such petite figures are great in their own ways! We all have our likes and preferences. Just because someone is different doesn't mean you have to spite them. Women can be beautiful in many different ways! They can be tall! They might have gorgeous hair! They might have nice assets! But most importantly, beautiful women do what it takes to do the right thing to yourself and others!"

Miyaura began saying, lowering her hand back down to her side. revealing the long skirt around her waist bearing a high slit on the side, exposing a majority of one leg. Her curvaceous plump thigh forcing the slit to part around it, exposing much of her leg and gifting a prominent side view of her entire leg along with side exposure of her rear. She joined her hands together behind her, unintentionally loosening the bandages around her chest, allowing a great deal of skin to reveal itself from behind the loosened bandages. Giggling she leaned forward with a smile. The motion led her breasts to bounce, and their weight, loosening the bandages more as her ample chest hung freely. Miyaura's bandages were just barely able to continue to support the full weight of her assets as she casually moved, causing her bosom to sway side to side with her, the woman's heavy and greatly voluptuous breasts being a second behind her body in its movement.

"Just politely enjoy if you happen to see what you like. Initial glances are expected, it's what you do after that counts. Please...don't be a creep. If it hurts to be envious, please have the decency to respect the preferences enjoyed by others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and behold. We're all great in our own ways but that shouldn't stop anyone from bettering themselves and their kindness to others. Instead of using all that negative energy to bring someone else down for something as simple as their body, try using it to better understand yourself or help someone else who may be struggling with their self-image issues. No one chooses the form their body takes, but what's yours is yours and you can choose to hate it or embrace it."

Aisellia finished off confident straightening her posture and gently brushing stray strands of her hair behind her ear while sitting in her wooden chair. Although wearing bandages, her posture and gesture filled the room with a dense refined yet seductive aura of her nobility. A thin midriff tank top rested gently on her upper body, yet due to her large bust, the fabric simply hung over her breasts. Its length descending to in front of her lowest rib. On her lower body, extremely short shorts covering just a fraction of her lower body just as she crossed her legs. Aisellia's legs were kept securely embraced by her thigh-high socks. Her clothing not only revealed her ample breasts but the softness of her body and skin. Her thighs being plumper than one would be able to tell in her regular clothes. The top of her socks squishing onto her thigh, causing a little to of her thigh to spill over its edge. From a side view, a great volume of her rear couch be seen, her shorts pulling back from her leg positioning. With just a side view alone the amount of flesh revealed would allow one to witness just how well proportioned, curvacious, and well-rounded Aisellia's body was including the levels o just how big and luscious her ass held that she confidently carried behind her. Making such things evident by playful squeezing on her upper thigh. Aisellia could now be seen sitting with her back arched for elegance and her legs crossed. Together the two beside each other filled the room with their shared confidence. Shortly after looking at each other and bursting into laughter together.

A moment of laughter alone passed when something caught Miyaura's attention making her eye quickly shift over to Karna. Curious, Aisellia looked over to him as well.

"I think I just saw him move!"

Miyaura claimed excitedly. Quickly taking the opportunity to climb onto the bed and straddle him. Leaning over him, supporting her weight with her hands placed on his chest.


She hummed while leaning closer to his face.

"Are you sure? He's been out cold for the last couple of days."

Aisellia questioned moving closer to the head of the bedside. She leaned over from the bed's edge, placing one hand on his chest, the other by his head. She raised a knee onto the bed in order to support herself enough to lean closely in, gaining a better view of his face. Having her head next to Miyaura's. Amazing them both, Karna's eyelids twitched. Before they knew it both girls were gasping with joy. Slowly his eyes opened. His vision began to slowly clear but even though he wasn't entirely sure, his eyes quickly opened wide to what he was seeing. From his point of view, seeing both girls whose faces were closely looking down on him, their breasts hanging closely to his face. It was then multiple light snapping sounds simultaneously filled the room. Both Karna and Aisellia's eyes moved to Miyaura from who the sound came from. Karna's eyes watched as the bandages barely holding Miyaura's breasts snapped off. Miyaura leaning over him close enough for her full well-endowed chest to drop, squished onto Karna's chest. The busty girl simply giggled at what just occurred, watching it all occur curiously with her own eyes. Her eyes trailed from her own chest up to meet eyes with Karna where he could see her smile seductively at him. Suddenly his head fell back to his pillow, unable to remain conscious after such a sight. Passing out with his goofy smile still present. Miyaura's shift of emotions was displayed openly by her expression revealing her confusion and sadness.

"Heeeey! What happened?!"

Moment later...

Karna's eyes slowly began to open once more. The voice of Aisellia having woke him up. "Maybe we can make him more comfortable...Let me see him."

His eyes slowly began to open, his sight coming into focus soon enough to see Aisellia begin leaning over his head to adjust the pillows under it. While she reached and adjusted his pillow, her breasts swayed less than an inch above his neck. From his view his eyes peered down her tank top, seeing her breasts sway freely inside, as she stretched further her chest moved onto his face, smothering it into them. A sudden warmth on her breasts forced a whimper to involuntarily left her lips as a sensation passed through her body. Her arms weakening causing her body to fully drop down onto him. A moan escaped her as she used her hands in an attempt to lift herself back up. Looking under her chest to see Karna, knocked unconscious once again, evident by his faint laugh and grin on his face.

"Oh geez really?! I'm sorry! Wait...why be sorry? Knowing him he enjoyed it..."

Aisellia finished saying with a confident smirk on her face.

Several Moments Later...

Leiliana entered the room. In one hand carrying a bag and casually closing the door closed behind her with the other. She approached the trio, seeing both women leaning over the demon male. She sat the bag in the chair and placed her white cloak around the chair's back. Watching what they were doing lead her to curiously inquire.

"Is there something happening to him?"

"I think we broke him..."

Aisellia answered swiftly.

"Let's take a look then."

Leiliana responded walking up to the bedside. Aisellia moved further up the bed. Adjusting herself back to her seat by his head, leaning on one hand, placed on the other side of his head. Miyaura is on the opposite side of the bed. Her knees together, one hand planted beside his torso allowed her to hover directly over him while her other arm was kept held across her chest. The bandages simply hanging off her, unable to remain secured around her body, leading her to cover and support her breasts with her forearm. With space, Aisellia created Leiliana placed her hands placed side by side onto the bed close to him and began leaning closer to inspect his face.

"No discoloration or markings from what I can see."

Once again Karna's eyes opened. His first sight being Aisellia and Miyaura hanging over him like before at slightly different angles. Yet to his surprise Leiliana was included. Her arms forming a V, pressing her breasts together, forcing them to tightly press against and stretch the flexible material of her attire. His eyes moving up to meet her emerald eyes, looking at him with an innocent curiosity.

Like before his large smile grew and he could only chuckle in his own state of idiotic happiness. Looking at his face, a conclusion entered Aisellia's mind. She sighed and rolled her eyes. During which her sight locked onto Miyaura who simply smiled avoiding everyone's gaze.

"Ugh! You knew!"

Aisellia exclaimed before audibly huffing. Removing herself from the bed entirely. Tracking his eyes Leiliana was last to discover what it was he was smiling about. Her face immediately blushing deeply, quickly covering her chest with her arms before becoming visually very irritated by her face. Her blushed yet anger-filled glare down into the man's eyes was soon followed by a swift powerful smack across his face. Knocking rendering him unconscious on impact. In a single strike, he was out once again, seeing the result of her actions lead Leiliana's expression to quickly change. Now drawing her hands back to her chest nervously flustered. Her face revealing her nervous panic as she rapidly looked back and forth between Aisellia and Miyaura.

"I didn't mean to hit him that hard!"

Leiliana cried out, frantically shifting her head left and right looking at the other girls with an expression that simply begged them for forgiveness.

"Don't apologize, Leila, please!"

Aisellia quickly spoke out.

"He deserved every bit of that smack!"

Aisellia continued while walking away from the bed. Soon coming to a stop she looked over her shoulder to witness Leiliana now standing a safe distance from Karna but as expected no such distance could be expected of Miyaura who clung to his unconscious smiling body, clinging him tightly with her cheek pressed to his. At a glance alone Aisellia could tell she knew he was fine but her worry for his condition was just natural.

(Luckily Leiliana's reaction time is so much greater than ours. After spending so much energy, their bodies are essentially starving of lust at this point. Who can say how she would have reacted if he got his hands on her. Not just anyone going to be as accepting of it as Miyaura and I are. But I guess that's what makes him our pervy demon.) "Hee-hee!"

She finished thinking before giggling out loud, her eyes staring at the unconscious Karna adoringly.

"May a pose a question Aisellia?"

Leiliana asked thus prompting Aisellia to twist, tossing her hair to the side as she peered over her other shoulder to see Leiliana clearly. Aisellia placed a hand on her hip to assist in keeping her body slightly turned thus making it easier to look on that side.

"From Shingen, he spoke of the conversations you three had with Elanor when you met. It seems Miyaura loves just how lewd her body may be, yet she wears clothes not to show off to the world but to give the man of her affection open opportunity to visually enjoy her."

Leiliana began, analyzing Miyaura then proceeding to look over Aisellia. Suddenly Aisellia eyes widened with curiosity, seeing Leiliana begin to blush as she continued.

"I have practically zero experience when it comes to societal norms, much less in...romantic situation, even less with the male gender. Aside from my superiors, I can count the number of men I've ever exchanged words with on one hand. So excuse my ignorance."

Giggling, Aisellia smiled at her. Seeing this smile visibly eased Leiliana's physical tension. From her body language, Aisellia could tell Leiliana had to build up the courage to ask something and force through her nervousness and embarrassment. Aisellia watched as Leiliana grew quiet, nervously twiddling her fingers.

"It's okay Leilliana, I find myself quite comfortable around you. Don't be afraid to ask me anything. I will answer with full honesty and to the best of my knowledge!"

"Um, if she wants him to see her body as much as she wants to, does that mean you wear those to please him as well?"

Leiliana's question caught both girls' curiosity, all three of them now analyzing Aisellia's body with the noblewoman using the hand on her hip to help twist far enough to look herself over from behind.

"Those shorts are extremely short for example. They fit snug on you but your rear is so greatly proportioned they fit practically the same as panties, the back only covers about sixty percent of each buttock and that tank top has such little material it's hanging on your breasts more than your shoulders. You dress completely refined and non-revealing such as I in public but alone here, you dress in little to nothing. Is it safe to assume that you dress like this around him to please him as well?"

Leiliana's question. shocked both Miyaura and Aisellia. The noblewoman being the most surprised, her jaw immediately drops. Quickly looking back, with the size of it, Aisellia was quickly able to analyze her rear end. Seeing the truth of Leiliana's words instantly. Turning towards them she immediately looked down to her breasts and with little eye movement, she could see how loose the shoulder straps were, one already hanging off her shoulder. Aisellia's whole body flushed deep red, the woman frantically looking in random directions as if physically looking for any answer she could give to deflect the embarrassing question she did not want to answer. Immediately regretting being so supportive of Leiliana's curiosities. Her eyes continued to frantically shift in every direction while her body language allowed even someone like Leiliana to tell she was extremely nervous about something. It was then Aisellia's eyes stopped. She did not find her answer, only dread, her eyes now locked onto something to place a deep concern into the girl's heart. Enough so that a bead of sweat trickled down her forehead.

The Noblewoman's eyes were locked in a fearful stare, feeling as if she stared down an alpha predator. Not far from her, it was soon revealed what brought her frantic gazing to a sudden halt, Miyaura stared Aisellia down from the bed. A smile from ear to ear was present on her face. From the look alone, one could assume Miyaura's cheeks would soon begin to ache from her intensely she smiled gleefully. Miyaura locked eyes with the noble, never noticing the pattern Leiliana spoke of until now. It all clicking inside her mind now, noticing how Aisellia not only wore more comfortable clothing when the three of them were alone, yet as those revealed a moderate amount, what she wore now was far more revealing. Ever since they left the infirmary the girls had planned to stay in their room with Karna until they recovered. It was at this moment Miyaura instinctively pressed her hands to her cheeks in excitement. Her friend was wearing extremely revealing clothes to assist in their lust or so she thought before discovering it was to please, tease, and give their bodyguard plenty of her bountiful body to enjoy and lust over. Inhaling a deep breath, Miyaura could no longer contain her excitement.

"You ARE like me! I knew you have feelings for-!"

"Shush! Shush! Okay Okay! He might hear you!"

Miyaura scrambled off of the bed and adorably scooted her feet across the floor until she was in front of Aisellia, their eye contact never breaking alongside Miyaura's devious smile and Aisellia embarrassed blush.

"You know to deal Aisellia, I don't have to remind you do I? Fufufufu..."

"...But...but I...don't think I can"

"Come on Ai-chan, you know you have to say it!"

"Geez alright! I...I...I CAN'T DO IT! It's so embarrassing! Plus I'm not even sure!"

"Oh, you're sure alright, those panties say as much hee-hee!"

"Oh you know these are shorts! Your teasing is too embarrassing Miyaura! I don't know how much more I can take..."

"Then you have to give me something!"

Miyaura declared. Aisellia nervously began looking around once again, soon leaning in close to Miyaura, enough to whisper into her ear.

"I...I like it when he grabs my ass okay?"

"Ooo naughty, tell me more you naught princess hee-hee!"

"I enjoy how his big strong hand stretches out and grips so firmly when he squeezes. His hands gripping me, big enough to cover and grip a lot of this ass. The way he holds all that tightly and jiggles it in his hands is just magic to my body."

"Oooo same, bestie it just does something unexplainable! Ooo when he smacks and grips on at the same time?! Mmm, you can just feel the addicting tingles shot right between the legs."

"I know right?! Before him, I never even knew that was a thing!"

The two girls separated themselves, smiling at each other as their conversation concluded. Leiliana watched curiously as the two girls whispered back and forth to each other yet now they smiled as they concluded their topic. Aisellia and Miyaura began laughing together over their own words and shared feelings. In Aisellia's mind, she began remembering her Academy days in the capital. The young Aisellia stood in one of her massive school's many hallways dressed in her school uniform. Stockings under her long blue/white plaid skirt, a white blouse along with a blue/white sweater vest over her shirt.

A group of girls shunning Aisellia visualized inside her mind, their fingers pointed as they mocked the young noble.

Academy Girl: "Ugh that Rae girl thinks she's so great! You know brick broke up with me to ask her out only to be shot down?"

Academy Girl 2: "My boyfriend too! It's obvious she's only popular with the boys because of those massive udders!"

Academy Girl 1: "She thinks she's all that because she developed early! I bet she's trapping boys with those boobs and luring them to her lair so she can bite their heads off. I hear she even gets hit on by the older boys ahead of a grade level too."

Academy Girl 2: "Her udders are bigger than most of the girls in their last years of the Academy."

Academy Girl 1: She's such a slut, who else but a dirty slut goes around putting those things in everyone's faces. I heard she's been skipping classes lately. Straight A's and a whore. I bet that who can't help but to sneak out of class and get railed by a group of older boys! I bet that slutty body loves all those boys at once too!"

Academy Girl 2: "Ha! Look at the little whore, all boobs and no personality! Hey, slut! isn't it about time you move those udders? I'm sure your schedule to get fucked when you skip class is already full. Chop chop! Run along now!"

Academy Girl 1: "Those boys won't get off without their bathroom bitch to help them get off! I'm sure you just love being a dumpster for all their cum! everyday"

Immediately, the young Aisellia whose head hung low and bangs covering her eyes finally reacted after hearing every word the girls spoke of her. Unable to bear anymore Aisellia clutched her books to her chest and darted off, the tears heavily flowing from her eyes rolling off her cheeks and left behind as she dashed away from the other girls. The girls laughed as they watched Aisellia run away crying, suddenly the sound of the school bell caught their attention.

Aisellia could be found sitting alone, finding a quiet place on the stairwell. Sitting silently with her head hung low, she remained still, her knees together with a small collection of books sitting in her lap, tears streaming from her cheeks onto the book covers. Upon inspection, one book remained yet to be unwrapped from its packing indicating it was new.

"We're nobles, we'll pass even if we get bad grades. Is it so wrong...I like to escape into my books is all...where nobody is there but my happiness..."

On the staircase, Aisellia's tears began flowing once again. The noble girl curling into a ball with her books right there

Present Day...

Aisellia mentally returned to reality, finding Miyaura had been curiously watching her, apparently having stopped laughing oddly. The thought of being able to share and enjoy being so close with another girl brought joy to their hearts. To Aisellia, she enjoyed such a moment of taking down her emotional barriers for once in such a long time. Unable to hold her concern any longer, Miyaura tilted her head and proposed a question to her friend.

"What's wrong Aisellia? There isn't anything wrong with you is there?! What do I do to fix it?"

She asked, getting closer and closer to Aisellia with each question she pushed forward. Giggling, Aisellia raised a hand to Miyaura's cheek and gently smiled as she looked reassuringly into her friend's eyes.

"Absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing is wrong with me at all."

Aisellia moved her hand to the top of Miyaura's head and began scratching her head. In response, Miyaura took on a lustful expression displayed on her face from having her scalp scratched, her mouth slightly parted, enabling drool to begin to seep from the corner of her lips. Aisellia knowing enough of Miyaura at this point to know she loved having her head scratched and massaged.

"And there's absolutely nothing wrong with you either! Hee-Hee!"

Miyaura formed what of a smile she could in her daze of delight which only left her mouth more open than before. Aisellia continued to please her strange friend by scratching her head yet her own words made her eyes drift over to the sleeping Karna.

(...Or you either. We like you the way you are Karna even though we all still have a lot to learn about each other on this journey. I want...I want to learn everything about you...and I want you to continue to learn me. He may think I haven't noticed but he's paid attention to me and Miyaura in quite the detail besides our bodies. He's already learned our preference of food and a few of our other tastes including learning the type of person I prefer to engage with, letting me speak so highly over someone knowing he'll protect me. Thanks to him I've been able to keep my dignity as a noble...and a woman. Thank you for everything, thank you especially for being the link that brought me such a great and supportive friend like Miyaura.)

Moments Later...

Aisellia and Miyaura returned to their seats on the lower bed and the chair respectively with Leiliana standing beside them at an angle speaking. Miyaura's bandages were secured onto her again although not much remained to leave a great deal of her body exposed to the air.

"Other than Miyaura's outfit, I'm thankful the guild master of Orion's Hall is honorable. This brings the point of he wished for me to speak with you two. Given the criminal status of that man, it would benefit both sides for us to keep what happened confidential between us. In return, a request to the master guild to remove his bounty will be sent out, considering how you two were in battle yet miraculously the longest-running bounties were captured and claimed under your names. Only I and the guild master are aware he was doing them for you which isn't against any rules. Some mercenaries don't care about jobs. Bounty Hunters are people specifically concerned only with the money they collect on someone's head. There are even a few bounty hunting guilds that exist but they're as persistent and money-grubbing, not all of them, just mostly. Also, apparently two days ago while we were being attacked, a massive goblin force was eliminated right outside the city walls. Only I know that it was him before he saved us...he saved Orion. Oh, and I managed to find him new clothes as well."

"Huh? How did you know what sizes he wears?"

Aisellia questioned.

"Miyaura heard me speaking of my plan to Shingen and greatly insisted I allow her to measure his body in my stead."

"I made sure to measure everything...hee-hee."

Miyaura insurance was noted in the end. Standing up she reached for her hip, slowly pulling a string outward from her long skirt letting it drop to her feet. Her other hand pulled at what remained of her bandages. Quickly and happily allowing her breasts to be free from their binds, dropping and bouncing before sitting properly in their natural place.

"Your bust is astonishingly perky for their size and full volume. Absolutely no scarring or blemish on her whatsoever. No excessive drooping or strained skin, they're quite remarkable in all honesty. full too and rests properly on her chest despite their size. Hm, an incredible phenomenon indeed."

Leiliana suddenly mentioned, curiously leaning closer to inspect Miyaura's figure.

"One of my many points exactly...phenomenon."

Aisellia said, shrugging her shoulders. A few minutes later Leiliana threw her cloak over her shoulders as she made her way to the door, stopping when her hand touched the handle.

"Rest well ladies. If Shingen recovers in the infirmary quickly, we might be able to see you off at the least. We really must report back to the guild so I, unfortunately, have paperwork to get a head start on."

"How is Shingen?"

Aisellia asked.

"Physically he's recovering fine. Mentally...he's understandably defeated from losing Eleanor. They joined the academy of our guild together a short time after me. I've learned they traveled for a year or so together before they came yet he knew her from before even then. I should go check on him. I have to arrange for the guild to...give Eleanor a respectable burial ceremony. The guild was her home and her comrades were her family. So...Back home in Gallus is where we'll have the burial. Sadly, there being no witnesses to what happened yesterday...the people are aware of the demon forces. Officially a large demon assault was exterminated by the united front of the guilds. Only Shingen and the local guild master are aware of the Deadra Class demon, or Superior as you called them. I will take credit for it slaying off the record to my superiors. Therefore Miyaura and this man's heritage is still our secret. When I first saw you two, you didn't seem like you wanted it to be public knowledge. Considering she has virtually no control over her power, but...I see potential."

Leiliana turned the door handle and opened proceeded to exit at her own pace.

"I guess you could say I'm hoping you three might...Hm. I'm not sure I can even describe it but...maybe I feel nostalgic. Maybe I just haven't had hope for too long. Both of you are linked to that man in a very dangerous way...please be careful. I'll check in with you girls another time."

"See ya later!" Miyaura happily yelled, she and Aisellia both waving bye as she walked through the doorway. Unknown to Leiliana, Aisellia smiled as she walked away however Miyaura's eyes were focused onto Leiliana's posterior, watching her walk away, the hunter's booty having a jiggle to it with each step. The instant the door closed Miyaura turned to face Aisellia.

"FUCK! She's so fucking hot..."

She noted, seductively licking her lips afterward. Aisellia simply laughed. Her curiosity peaking, bringing her to vocalize a question for Miyaura.

"N-not that it's important but said y-you measured him right?"

Miyaura's curiosity peaked hearing Aisellia's words. Miyaura suddenly held a large sarcastic grin on her face. Leaning closely to Aisellia's face while ominously giggling.

"You wanna know how big it is, don't you Aisellia?"

"W-what- No! I mean yes! No, I mean...Ugh! I'm just curious okay?! So can you just tell me? I'm ashamed of myself for even wanting to know..."

"That's the great thing Aisellia. He explores his curiosities with us, I thought it was only fair we have some numbers on him too! Although I already knew seeing as it was in my mouth, stretching my throat out and all."

"Sounds right, considering he knows our measurements...No no I can't! Why would I want or need to know anyways? It's probably a disappointment. Big wasn't exactly a size in the capital. Angelia, a full-grown woman told me stories of how out here it's the same, that's why it's easy to seclude herself since-"

Miyaura interrupted with a devilish smirk on her face, approaching her friend and whispering into her ear. Enjoying the shock that promptly showed on Aisellia's face from her reveal. The information left her speechless, her mouth held open and her eyes on Miyaura in disbelief. Aisellia could only slowly turn her head towards Karna, immediately looking at his body under the blankets. It was then Miyaura crept closer to her friend, their cheeks pressed against each other. Aisellia's eyes shifting sideways to look into Miyaura unavoidably considering they were close enough to touch, Miyaura's devilish smirk still on her face, revealing how much she enjoyed teasing Aisellia.

"Hey Aisellia, you're incredibly smart. I'm not the greatest with technical number measurements, just how much is that?"

Aisellia still speechless, her eyes slowly dragged back to Karna. It became obvious she was still in shock, her voice stuck in monotone from simultaneous shock and awe. Miyaura threw her arm over Aisellia's shoulder from behind, pulling them even closer together, their body's pressing against each other but no matter how she was moved, Aisellia appeared temporarily unable to remove her sights from him.

The next day...

Aisellia, Miyaura stood in front of Leiliana and Shingen. Karna sitting on a bench right beside them outside of a small eatery. Having shared a morning and a meal with the demon hunters. The women embraced each other before their departure. In reality, it was Miyaura who was the primary enthusiastic huger of the exchange. Karna and Shingen exchanged a silent upward nod coupled with their individual smirks. Not requiring words to make their acknowledgment and goodwill for the other on their journey known.

Now they waved as the hunters departed towards the city gates. Aisellia leaned forward reaching into one of the bags resting by Karna's feet and retrieving a map. As she leaned over, While searching through the bag with her left hand, Aisellia subconsciously reached up, placing her right hand onto his leg to make it easier to support herself. While searching, she seemed unable to get something off of her mind. A memory from the battle of days past. Remembering not a memory of her own, but one of Karna's she had seen during the battle.

Mentally, she returned to the exact scene. A gentle breeze gracing against her skin as the sun shined brightly in the sky above. Although not physically, there she stood behind the young Karna, overlooking the village below.

(Considering was his real memory. Yet it felt so real to me. Standing there...I could feel what you felt in those moments. It hurt...what made you different is what set you apart from all of those around you, It hurt didn't it Karna? The pain was familiar, something I must have had buried inside for quite a while. So deep I only remember it existed as I watched you stand there. As I watched you, force your unknowns to protect us.)

The scene of Aisellia's vision shifted. Transitioning into memories of her own back in the capital. The Noblewoman was once just a young girl. She stood at the center of a small group of similarly aged kids chattering with each other over a silent Aiseliia. To her, their faces were blank and their words muffled. A teenage Aisellia soon took her place in the center, being of near age to the young Karna she saw before. Each teen now around her having an academic uniform on, their faces blank yet their words became clear as a pair of girls to one side gossiped and pointed at her from the left side. Their words striking her like daggers, openly insulting her endowed physique, having developed them earlier than most girls around her age. These insults were mixed in with announcing to other girls how weird she is. Drawing hate from girls older and younger within the academy. To her right was a small group of male students rambling offensively perverse statements about her body. As if she weren't able to hear them, they continued on, their statements progressively more and more creepy statements came from them with statements of assaulting her for her body, none of them having obviously approached a girl directly before. The teenage Aisellia shifted once more, appearing at her current age and wearing a dress & jewelry combination that represented the wealth of high society. In front of her were men young and old yet all coming from noble families. All kneeling before her, offering their rings in exchange for her hand in marriage. In the face of her offers, Aisellia only looked saddened as she looked away from all of them, peering into the dark abyss that surrounded them. Suddenly something caught her attention deep in the darkness. Her eyes widened as her grim expression began to light up with hope at the Azure Flame she could see burning in the dark distance. In a yearning for the light, Aisellia suddenly reached for the flame desperately, tears coming to her eyes as the collective ghosts of her past began aggressively pulling on her limbs, hair, and clothes, dragging her into the darkness at her feet.

(Hiding parts of yourself. Whatever made you special or maybe just a little weird only created bigger gaps between your understanding of others...and so much more, their understanding of you. Even when surrounded by hurts to be alone inside your heart...doesn't it Karna?)

The flame began to burn more intensely, continuously growing in size thus eradicating the darkness and figures that surrounded her.

Aisellia came back to reality she found herself raising her head, having already met eyes with Karna without knowing. Finding the map inside the bag she slowly returned to her standing position. She looked at Karna wearing a smile on her face.


"No, but who else is going to carry your things?" Come on, Aisellia's we already know I'd carry more than this for the chance to see you two from behind. Heh, I'll do more just to get closer, but you don't mind as long as I do my part."

Aisellia extended a hand and patted him on the shoulder a few times.

"Now you get me! Hee-hee! I also think I get you a little better now too. You're quite the lustful guy, but it's not toooo bad. You've done so much for me so I've been thinking...Miyaura shouldn't have to be all you have to enjoy. After all, you have two beautiful girls so why not enjoy two exclusively right? Now let's see here."

She said before turning her back on him and looking at the map. Karna gazing forward allowed him to see her twirl on her toes, turning her back to him, moving inside the open space between his knees within the same motion. With his sitting position, his low eye level immediately fixated on her butt. Taking notice of the shirt following the arch of her lower back, her ass, alluring and round, pressed and prominent enough against the fitted pants she wore on her lower half. His eyes focused on the woman's lower clothing clinging slightly to her lower body. Finely outlining her lower figure while she stood between his legs. Playfully she teased her hair with her hands, beginning to wiggling her hips in front of his face. All while smiling, she began humming a tune. A smirk appearing on Karna's face from the sight she willingly gave him. He could not help but to instinctively indulge himself watching her wiggling motions sway her hips in front of his face. Her motion causing her butt to jiggle and sway, displaying how even within the confines of her tight clothing, it moved and bounced in its entirety, revealing that her ass lacked any real firmness even in the tight bottoms she wore, it jiggled as much as Miyaura's. A testament to how soft it was entirely as it waved greatly for what little energy Aisellia put into her wiggle. Without looking back, Aisellia spoke.

"Any objections?"

Karna took a second realizing he was spoken to, his eyes still happily watching her booty move. Snapping out of his trance he gazed upward, meeting eyes with Aisellia who had looked back over her shoulder smiling back at him. Karna hung his head low laughing.

"None at all, I'll follow that ass anywhere heh."

"Perfect, Anywhere this booty goes I want you there."

Aisellia replied joyfully looking back at him...

"When you say it like that, If I feel you're around dangerous people who knows just how close I'll get, it looks too good not to taste for myself."

He said, showing her his devilish smirk. His tongue slowly brushing across his lips as his eyes once again looked down to her butt. Aisellia's smile did not fall, however growing even larger with a gleam of happiness in her eyes. When Karna finished speaking he looked up into her eyes just in time to catch her matching confident smirk.

"If I'm in such a dangerous place, I expect you to be so close I don't care if you're on it. I won't say you can touch me as freely as Miyaura but...You do deserve the reward. Appreciate my nobility and kindness to allow you to protect and feel my booty any time!"

She said, appearing flustered detailing her reward for him, her face blushed red yet she still angrily announced his privilege. On the side, Miyaura watched, her hands covering her mouth attempting to remain silent to ensure she didn't interrupt. Her eyes remained wide, continuing to watch the current event play out. Being entertained, excited, and barely able to contain herself the further things went along between her two friends.

"Oh is that so? Then you wouldn't mind if I..."

He said before reaching out. His hands placed on Aisellia's outer legs, gently squeezing them. His hands slid upward along her soft thick thighs, eventually reaching and fondling her ass. She looked forward, holding both hands clutched to her bosom. Her face turning a deep shade of blush while her eyes quickly looked around to notice no one but them were around, prompting Aisellia to calmly close her eyes and take a deep breath. While he enjoyed so, Miyaura silently watched. In between intense sensations that flowed through her body from being fondled by this man. Aisellia endured standing, although her body couldn't help but fidget a little with what was happening. After a short time, she began lewdly biting onto one of her fingers, her eyes opening just halfway allowing Miyaura to see Aisellia's eyes were rolling back from her enjoyment.

(Aisellia you naughty girl you, you're so hot and awesome. It's really you this is a reward for, to get used to enjoying it, isn't it? You have to get what you want girl! Hee-hee!)

Unknowingly to the girls while they drew their enjoyments from the situation Karna himself began to extend his tongue out. The sudden feeling of his tongue pressing onto her was instantly noticeable to Aisellia.

Suddenly Aisellia's body jolted and slightly left off the ground, an extremely clearly audible submissive moan rapidly and repeatedly escaped her lips as she reached back, gripping on the man's hair and pulling his head away from her, allowing her to remove Karna from her body. By the time her feet touched the ground once more, Aisellia could only stagger forward several steps clear away from him before hunching over and resting her hands on her knees. Miyaura quickly made her way over and kneeled next to the noble yet before she could speak, Aisellia put a hand out to stop her from doing so. The noblewoman taking a break and heavily breathing...or so it would appear. Miyaura being so close could hear each breath of Aisellia's intense breathing, each inhales and exhale being a sensual whimper or moan making it more difficult for her to catch her actual breath. Looking down Miyaura could see that her knees quivered greatly. A slight chuckle from Aisellia caught her friend's attention, seeing the noble girl turn her head to speak to Miyaura.

"It's fine, that was my fault. I pretty much asked for that putting temptation in front of him like that."

Aisellia said giggling, her face hot, and sweat coming down her face, displaying just how intense it was for her even with how short the contact was.

"Keep this a secret Miyaura but...shit that felt wonderful. What a use your lips like that...It's unthinkable! "

Aisellia said in a whining manner, looking rather sad. Feeling rather ashamed of how much she enjoyed it. Miyaura giggled and patted her friend on the back.

"Oh, I know it does sweetie! Don't feel bad, some girls like us like his degeneracy! Hee-hee!"

"Hmph, he's a degenerate for sure."

Aisellia responded, pushing off of her knees and standing straight up once more. She turned to face Karna once more, seeing the great smile on his face.

"Hmph degenerate!'re my degenerate. As long as you can remember that...let's go."

Aisellia said to him, folding her arms and turning her nose up as she walked away.

Karna rose to his feet, slowly interlocking his fingers before motioning into a stretch. Looking back, Aisellia blushed. Seeing the man standing so close and looking into her eye.

Grabbing the straps of the bags and slinging them over his shoulder, Karna began laughing and followed the girls who made their way towards the gates.

"Okay. Going by this map we are in the northern lands of the southern region. Which means we're almost done with sand and all this heat. Our meet-up point for your contact is in the Northern region. Leiliana says due to the danger, obsolete paths, and natural topography changes we won't be able to get to my home Freya by cutting through the center. Officially suggested longer routes pass through a part of the eastern region. The shorter path to the border is dangerous but if there are any demons you can do that cool fire thing."


Miyaura interjected.

"Hm? Yes?"

Miyaura leaned in closely to Aisellia ear and began whispering something into her ear.


"WHAT?! Gone?!"

Ten minutes later...

They now stood just outside the city gates, conversing in a circle before they were on their way.

"Okay, so that made no sense. So I'm going to put it like this for mercy's sake of my sanity. Essentially using so much demonic power somehow removed your crazy abilities and turned you into your human mode."

"I'd like to make note my speed or stamina haven't suffered. Believe it or not, I'm still very efficient without them."

"Oh, I hope so...for your rewards sake. So don't let me regret it okay?"

Aisellia said, looking shyly into his eyes as she spoke. Her words perking him up, erecting a grin on his face.

"No worries. I got ya princess!"

Miyaura stepped in the circle, closer to both of them. Having a smile on her face, she playfully leaned against Karna's chest.


She asked in a teasing tone of voice. Surprisingly Aisellia took a step closer to him, leaving both girls looking into his eyes, chests pressed against his own and each other as they hung onto him, clutching at his clothes.

"Is that a promise?"

Aisellia questioned simultaneously alongside Miyaura.

Karna's eyes shifted back and forth between both girls, looking into their eyes...then down to their chests. Staring quite lovingly before his eyes met there again. Given the look in their eyes, it was apparent neither was bothered by his degeneracy and was patiently waiting for his answer. Each girl fully knowing how he enjoys every given opportunity anyways. The girls miraculously causing his face to blush slightly of which did not go unnoticed. The girls even looked at each other to confirm if what they were seeing was real. Looking at one another they broke out into giggles. Gazing happily back at him simultaneously with smiles on their face. He looked slightly embarrassed for a moment yet a grin broke through.


He confirmed happily. Just as the words left his mouth he was caught off guard. Both girls had moved quickly to each side of his face. Before he knew it, both placed a gentle kiss on his cheeks. Playfully stepping back with their faces blushed, displaying their own embarrassment for their shared boldness. Seeing his smile the girls laughed and turned away from him, facing forward out to the horizon beyond. Setting on their journey, facing whatever fate had in store for the young adventurers.

A short distance away, Leiliana stood atop a dune of sand. Her position giving her a clear view of the city gates and more specifically Aisellia and her friends. A short laugh escaped her, seeing what had transpired between the trio. Smiling she watched as they set out on their adventure. As if drawn to him, her eyes focused on Karna, seeing the same breeze that caused her cloak to wave in the wind, cause his hair to wave as well. Looking at his face, a memory forced itself to the front of her mind. A young Leiliana in training uniform, surrounded by various sectioned combat classes being instructed but her attention was held elsewhere. She gazes upward, looking into the distance to see a young long black haired boy standing at the edge of the only cliff overlooking the village. Her vision focusing on the young man's face as he stood next to an elder male looking over the village. Snapping back to reality, her eyes widened as they remained focused on Karna's face currently.


Shingen's voice interrupted. Surprised by his voice she quickly turned to see him.

"We should...are you alright captain? You look like you've just seen a specter."


She questioned, taking one more look at Karna in the distance walking closely behind his companions.

"Oh...I'm fine. Let's get back to base and report. The guild master must know of what happened as quickly as possible."

She commanded, taking lead and turning away from the city of Orion.

"Okay but captain, next time we have a dangerous mission please don't go into battle with no rest for three days again."