Chapter 1:



-Present: July 21th 2027-

“Saeki!” A young female voice chimed throughout the empty hall. At the end of it was a 16 year old looking girl. Short white dyed hair with a undercut underneath, A common hairstyle for the group. Icy blue eyes that could stare anyone down, yet she still had a childish personality. Pale snow white skin and a small body build. But nobody could let her size fool them, She was one of the best gunmen in the group.
The tilted her head slightly to the left as she heard the young voice echo down the hall with her name. “Julie?” She asked slightly confused as she leaned against the workshops metal door frame. A girl who looked about the age 13 ran down the hall, the small pink dress flowing as she soon reached the destination. She had dark brown eyes and olive toned skin. Dirty blond curls that went down to at least her shoulders. It took her a minute to catch her breath before she perked up once again. “Ma-Mayu was looking for you! And she said if you don’t come in under 3 minutes they’ll leave without you!” Her voice squeaked.
Saeki let out a soft laugh before shaking her head and patting the young girls shoulder. “Julie listen, Sometimes Mayu likes to be extra. The funny thing is that they’ll be in trouble if they leave without me, And Mayu is just very impatient. Can you please tell her I’ll be there in 10, I need to stock on the ammo” With a bright smile Julie went running off in her bare feet once again. Even though she wasn't official apart of Exile but everyone loved her high spirits during these bad times.
Saeki shook her head slightly while heading back into the workshop finishing up the maintenance with the guns and filling the ammo to max capacity. Making sure the safety was on she laid them in the duffel bag along with 5 gallons of water. a pouch full of spare ammunition and saltines. The basic pack for scouting missions. Placing the large bag over her shoulders she started walking down the quiet hall.
Saeki soon was exposed to the loud chatter of the community room. The area where everyone got together just like a big family. Yet in the corner of her eye she saw here team mates. Zei, Mayu, Dean, and Jude. They were known throughout the community for being one of the most successful and powerful groups. They nicknamed the team Exorcists from the amount of scavenges and kills they gotten, Even though they didn't focus all on killing but only if it was necessary for the mission. Mayu rolled her eyes before tossing Saeki the keys to one of the jeeps. They arrived at the loading bay which was heavily guarded. It was one of their most prized possessions. Saeki threw the bag in before checking the fuel levels and starting the ignition. Exiting Exile's territory they soon entered the Wasteland. The deadliest area to be trapped in.

Well well, I see you lurking around my story. Have you enjoyed it so far? Please give me ideas for events, Or characters. I love to hear feedback and suggestions since I'm not the best writer, Hopefully I'll see you in the next chapter! ~Ukyane