Chapter 1:

Episode 1 Summoned: A Nerd’s Magnificent Dream

KomiDanchi Zero


Prologue: There are many stories of Humans being brought to other worlds whether by death or by other means such as magic. This is the tale of 10 legendary heros and their comrades who stopped a world ending threat from the 4th Demon Lord and his armies.

Episode ONE…

Summoned: A Nerd’s Magnificent Dream

The story begins April 10th 2016 in with 2 teens standing outside the gate of Takenodai Highschool in Tokyo Japan beginning their 2nd year of highschool.

[Grim] Dammit, He’s gonna be late.

[Jian] And on the first day of school too. I’ll give him a call.

Jian scrolls through his phone till he finds the number labeled idiot and dials it. About 10 minutes away from the school a boy sleeps soundly in his apartment when his phone starts ringing.

[Taiyaki] Uhhg… dammit. What’s with the noise. Gimme 5 min...

Taiyaki tries to ignore the phone by turning it off but hits it

off his nightside table. He rubs his eyes and opens his phone.

[Taiyaki] Let’s see. Oh Akuma called but why is he calling me this earl…

He stares at his phone blankly

[Taiyaki] HOLY SHIT I'M LATE!!!!!!

Taiyaki jumps out of bed, grabs his glasses and stubley tries to get dressed. He trips as he stumbled out of his room His mother waiting for him in the kitchen while his brother eats breakfast

[Chelsea] Have a good day sweetie!

She waves goodbye to him runs to the kitchen grabs his bag and rushes out the door. As he runs down the stairs he starts yelling at himself

[Taiyaki] Why, am i such a heavy sleeper…

A boy on his back passed by as he ran down the stairs


[Junior High Kid] Why sure but I still need to…

[Taiyaki] Where’s your school at kid.

[Junior High Kid] Down the block Why you ask.

[Taiyaki Narration] Oh thank god so is mine. 3 minutes left

[Taiyaki] Alright kid hop on.

Taiyaki grabs the kid by the hand and books it down the road.

He sees the kids junior highschool he parks near the gate thanks the kid pats him on the head and books it to the school gate

[Grim] There he is, Your late…

[Jian] What’s with you and the first day man you did this last year.

[Taiyaki] *Heavy breathing* I know I know. I'm a heavy sleeper, you know that. Come let’s get to class.

The trio headed into the school gates and ran towards the classroom opening.

[Jian] So, you buy the new issue of Jump? I heard Yūsei released a new issue of Assassination Classroom

[Grim] That’s the guy who created Metamorphosis isn’t it?

[Taiyaki] WHAT NO! That was someone else… But anyway I usually read it for the Gintama section. I’m on issue 61. Sorachi - Sensei is a true mangaka master

[Jian] Nah, Oda - Sensei or Kubo - Sensei is way better than that ol kook. What do you think Grim...

But suddenly beneath their feet. A giant white circle surrounded the area they were in. Students that were in the area walked towards it but could not enter the field. Curious Taiyaki touched the field but it shocked his hand.

[Taiyaki] Ow What the hell.

[Grim] This feels like something straight out of an anime or game

The light shined brighter and soon the trio disappeared with the circle as the kids stared dumbfounded on what the hell just happened. Soon they trio wake up in what looks like a temple with 5 other people.

[Kami] Greetings travelers I am the one you know as


[Kami] Uh, yeah I’m god watch your mouth kid. You might be wondering why you were brought here tod…

[Jian] Train to by ninjas to become ninja president

[Akira] Get trained by pervy old dudes to fight in tournaments

[Jynx] To fight giant man eating monsters to take back the homeland of a bunch of kids who scream a lot.

[Kami] Well, no. Let Me explain. I am a god of a world of magic. As I’ve seen from you earth your people have knowledge of other worlds and magic. Something called Isekai, I don’t know. Last time I went to visit earth some dude named Arthur pulled my sword out of a rock I left it in and he got praised for it, so it’s been awhile.

[Kami] Anyway, there are rumors of a war that is about to plague this world. The 4th Demon Lord that goes by the name Beelzebub has rumors of gathering an army and the adventurers who were sent to investigate were killed. Now you might be asking, your god why don’t you kill the bastard yourself. But unfortunately Gods can’t interact with any of the beings directly and can only create and reshape land. Also can create world ending events whenever.

[Grim] So why summon us, uh 1… 2… 8. 8 people here to this building.

[Taiyaki] Also, magic. Could you explain the mechanics of such limitations and capabilities. How does one learn to use mana if you aren't born with it? Is there a leveling system to keep track of skill? and so on.

[Kami] Alright, Each of you have been summoned from different parts of the world and all have different skill sets. Some have extensive knowledge of culture, media, fantasy and history. Knowledge of weapons, leadership, and culinary arts. You come from all walks of life and we need people like you can bring new light to this world. Well there is one exception. The tall one over there died and was regarded as a great blacksmith so I brought him along. On the topic of magic I have someone you all can talk to. She’ll explain the situation. Im just here to send you on your way.

[Samantha] I have one more question, How can we all understand each other if we are from different parts of the world?

[Kami] The power of magic my dear. A translator spell within your brain which will translate any language you hear into one you understand. Now before you leave each you will receive this.

Kami hands everyone in the room a small brown card each titled with there name information and stats.

[Anya] What are these things. Hey dude in glasses, you into anime? Enlighten us.

[Taiyaki] I’m guessing from what I remember this thing is like our hero cards. Think of it as a birth certificate with you name, age, and physical information such as strength defensive capability, luck, speed, and abilities. It’s a way to record progress. Right Kami?

[Kami] Aye spot on. Now time to send you on your way you will get more information at the Beastmen Village of Kusa where you will met you trainers who will teach you the basics.

Kami claps his hands and summons a gold summoning circle which appears under the feet of everyone in the room. One by one the heroes were engulfed by the light and disappeared to the village location. Each of them waved goodbye or made a gesture. When the light was about to teleport Taiyaki he makes a peace sign and gives a big smile. Soon after he is teleported away. Within an instant the heros were teleported to an old temple room. Outside was a bright blue sky and there was the village of Kusa. A beautiful grassy field near a forest and a river. The houses were made of wood and stone while the streets with run by different species of animals. Soon a tall beautiful woman with light blue highlights holding a book walks towards the summoning circle.

[Cora] Ah so you are all the heroes Big brother told me about

[Jian] Brother? Wait Wait Wait. Your telling me the big man upstairs has siblings. What does that make you 2nd Christ or something.

[Cora] My rank is Ark Angel 2nd most powerful being in this Universe. Unlike my brother I can assist you in your travels. I am known as the Guide. Cora Alazae.

She walked in front of everyone

[Cora] Now before we get started, state you name age and country of origin

[Samantha] Samantha Von Reinhart, Im 16, I am from Germany

A tall woman raised her hand to speak. Taller than any girl Taiyaki has seen. With long brown hair wrapped in a ponytail. Light blue eyes and spoken with a bit of an accent. Taiyaki was curious if she was royalty by the way she was dressed

[Chloe] Chloe Brown, 20 Years old, America

A shorter girl than the last with green eyes and long brown hair, Taiyaki guessed she was about 5’4 or 5’5. She was in all white clothes which looked like traditional Chef Uniform. It seemed she was summoned here from work. The way she spoke in a light and happy tone but had a feeling of sinister intent like a killer. Taiyaki felt a chill down his spine. He soon realized he shouldn't piss her off or get in her way.

[Jamison] Jamison nice to meet you and all, I don’t have to tell you anything

Such a strange kid Taiyaki thought. He was Skinny and taller than average with black hair and red eyes. He seemed quite and very and edge like he sees everyone around him as enemies. Taiyaki thought he should watch over him to make sure he doesn’t do anything rash.

[Cora Narration] This guys gonna be a drag…

[Anya] Anya Brooks pleasure to be here, 17 years old, From Australia

Anya was the one of the tallest besides the one Kami mentioned as Jynx. She had golden hair with brown highlights and were tied in puffy pig tails on both sides on her head. She was wearing a school uniform Taiyaki did not recognize. She seemed very uppity and very approachable.

[Akira] I am known as the powerful Akira Bushida and all cower in fear within ear shot. I am the mighty age of 18. Born in the realm of America

Everyone couldn't help but snicker. Taiyaki, Jian, and Grim were all to familiar with what he was going through. A had a bad case of Chuunibyou Syndrome. He was a tall dude with dark blonde hair and brown eyes. He wore a red bandana tied around his head and wore a red unzipped hoodie. He must have been summoned from his house.

[Taiyaki Narration] At least he has the right attitude for this situation

Taiyaki couldn't help but laugh after that introduction until Grim punched him in the arm to shut him up but then Jian began to laugh as she reached for his ear. Both boys rubbed the part she injured as she snicked to herself. Soon the tall one Kami called Jynx stepped forward. Everyone turned to face the giant and looked at him in awe waiting for him to begin.

[Jynx] Jynx Bladerush blacksmith in Scotland, 25 years old. My father is a Yakuza from Japan but is Spanish. I honestly don’t know where I was born parents never told me. But I grew up in Japan.

He looked like a basketball player Taiyaki thought to himself as he looked up at the giant and his name sounded straight out of an MMO RPG. He had tan skin with a head of brown straight hair. He wore trousers and an overcoat with a white shirt underneath. He seemed be carrying a bag which Taiyaki guessed was filled with tools

[Jian] Before we move on there’s something I want to ask. Kami mentioned that you were killed or something. How did that happen?

[Jynx] Well…

He flashes back to about 5 hours ago before he died where Jynx was getting tools in the city of Sapporo in the Hokkaido Region.

[Jynx] I was walking home from the hardware store. I was paying attention so I crossed the street at a red light with traffic and I got hit by a truck. Soon I woke up at Kami’s place and he asked me if I want to go to heaven or learn magic. I said magic and soon you all appeared in the room.

[Jian] Oh… Um moving on. I’m Jian Akuma, 16 years old, My family is from the Philippines.

Jian awkwardly scratches the back of his head and shuffles backs away and heads back in line. Jian was always awkward around others besides family and close friends like Taiyaki and Grim. He had snow white hair and tanish skin. He was slightly taller than Grim but shorter than Taiyaki. He wore a Red and White hoodie and shorts

[Grim] My name is Grim Black. N… Nice to meet everyone, grew up in Japan, 16 years old.

Like Jian, Grim was also kind of awkward around others. She was shorter than Taiyaki but taller than Jian. She has green eyes and long black hair. She wore a black button up pop collar school uniform with a grey skirt.

After speaking she stood at attention and moved back to the line.

[Cora] Alrighty last one, You there in the glasses.

Everyone turned towards the last person on the far left waiting for him to speak. He stepped forward and gave a salute. Everyone began to snicker a little but because of how dumb he looked.

[Taiyaki] My names Taiyaki Yuriko, Born and Raised and Tokyo Japan with these 2 chaps, and I’m 18 years old. Nice to meet ya old.

Taiyaki was tall with brown curly hair and glasses. He wore the overcoat of his school uniform and a white shirt with sweat pants. He seemed very excited about the situation. Having read tons of manga, games, movies, and more he is an expert of super natural and mythical situations.

[Cora] Alrighty, since we all got to meet one another let me explain why you are here. In one years time, The 4th Demon Lord has declared war on this land. The human faction composed of holy knights and high ranked adventures stormed his territory. A majority were killed. Those who survived were suffered mentally. The soldiers with less experience refuse to fight and those with the ability to do so have disappeared. Thats where you come 8 come in. You were brought because we need fresh minds, those with new ideas to inspire this new generation. Also so you can learn, this.

She lifted her palm. A flame began to form in her hand as she announced the spells name. Everyone gathered around in aw as the flame grew.


As she yelled the spells name, a small ball of flame formed in her hand. She turned her palm forward and launched it forward at a near by tree with knocked it down. Everyone gasped and began to clap.

[Cora] As you stand on this land your body will begin to absorb mana. An invisible energy that is used to create magic techniques such as the element of fire spell you saw now. Depending on your age your body will absorb a certain amount. But to increase the amount of mana your body can use you must train yourselves mentally and physically. The more fit your body the more mana you will have and so on. ONE YEAR. YOU HAVE ONE YEAR TO TRAIN. EACH OF YOU GO OUT INTO THIS WORLD ALONE. GATHER COMRADES, LEARN FROM A MASTER, CHOOSE YOUR PATH. MEET IN DIAMOND CORE IN ONE YEAR AND FORM OF GUILD WITH THE FRIENDS YOU FIND, BECOME THE WARRIORS WE NEED!

All 8 rise there fists to the sky and soon scatter. Off they went to find a master to find some comrades. In one years time they will be together again. Elsewhere in the Demon Lord Domin undead roam the outside wall of his castle while creatures called Devilmen travel the skies surrounding it.

Within the castle stands the demon Lord and his 7 hooded warriors known as the 7 Mysterious Lords.

[Sabaku] I sense that summons was a success.

[Ketsueki] My lord why don’t we kill them now it would be an easy win.

[Grin] Come on Ketsu ol pal, whats the fun if it’s easy... Nono we must wait give them time. Then we can really have some fun.

[Lord Beelzebub] Patience is key my Warriors. We must wait for a time to strike to have an enjoyable fight. It’s not fun if we don’t play fair, at least for awhile. (Begins to laugh maniacally.)


Summoned: A Nerd’s Magnificent Dream

Opening and Credits begin to play.

NEXT TIME: Discovery of the Water Mage