Chapter 2:

Episode 2 Taiyaki: Discovery of the Water Mage

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Episode 2

Taiyaki: Discovery of the Water Mage

Opening and Credits begin to play.

Two days have passed since the summoned warriors have left the village of Kusa to travel for a year and gain magic skills and allies before the Demon lord begins his assault on the world. Taiyaki Yuriko wanders the woods living on the land by hunting small rabbits like creatures known as Grass Hares. He also collects other foods he found such as carrots, nuts, apples and a rock crystal that taste similar to salt.

[Taiyaki Narration] Turns out from what a villager told me a lot of the foods he named are similar to our earth food such as livestock and produce. As well as minerals. I guess god got lazy when it came to specifics.

Taiyaki sat down next to a pot he found by a river completely intact. So he washed it and brought it back with him. He also found a plank of wood he can use as a cutting board and a pair of scissors he carries. After realising how easy things have been so far he takes a look at his Hero Card. His luck stat was at level 90 which is pretty high. Taiyaki collected some sticks and bark he tore from trees. A created a fire like his father taught him while camping. Once the fire began to brew he placed the pot, added some water, and began cutting the rabbit and vegetables to add to the pot. The pot began to steam while Taiyaki began adding the carrots, apples, ground nuts, and the rabbit bits. He took the salt stone and began hitting it which began to create a powder which he added to the pot. He took a spoon and cracked bowl he asked for in the village to stir around the stew. He took a taste and found it good he scooped some out with his bowl and sat down on a rock.

[Taiyaki] Thank you for the meal.

Taiyaki blew on the stew and took a sip of the bowl.

[Taiyaki] SO GOOD!

He looked around seeing the beautiful landscape around him. A small forest next to a river. He heard rustling in the bushes. Thinking it was nothing he took another sip of his soup. A spear flew from the bushes knocking bowl from his hand and hits the pot knocking it over.

[Taiyaki] My Soup… You knocked over my fucking soup! Who dares disturb my meal. Show yourself.

Two goblins and a giant hobgoblin emerged from the bushes and behind a tree. Taiyaki stares at the hobgoblin while the little ones begin to chuckle. One begins to charge at him and takes a swing knocking the scissors out of his hands. He dodges and begins to run.

[Taiyaki Narration] I'm in the woods, unarmed, alone, with goblins chasing me. I think my luck ran out…

Taiyaki trips over a rock. Suddenly a voice of a woman echoed in the distance.

[Akama] Water Jet Spear!!!

A sharp jet of water rushes past Taiyaki’s face and pierces one goblin through the skull and pierces the hobgoblin in the chest. The water evaporates and the two goblins fall to the ground. The third goblin looking frightened scurries back into the bushes.

[Akama] Are you alright?

[Taiyaki] Yeah, thank you for the save lady.

Taiyaki stands up and dusts himself off. Picks up his scissors on the floor.

He takes a deep breath and swiftly gets into a defensive stance.

[Taiyaki] I’m in one hell of a bad mood lady, who are you?

[Akama] I am Akama Kasumi, Mage of water. I’m just here to help.

She was a young woman. Beautiful and wore mostly blue with a staff by her side. Black hair wrapped into a braid with what looked like lipstick on her lips. She had a warm feeling like a mother caring for her child.

[Taiyaki] Again I appreciate the assistance of Mage.

[Akama] What are you doing out here by yourself. Do you have any comrades with you?

[Taiyaki] Well… no I suppose. I was just out exploring the land for a couple days then I was gonna head into town. But can I make a request?

[Akama] Oh… what do you have in mind.

Taiyaki gets on his knees and bows his head

[Taiyaki] Could you please teach me in the ways of magic?!?

[Akama] Sure, but I’m surprised. For someone your age you should have learned some from family or people in your area.

[Taiyaki] Well it might sound impossible but I came from a land where the concept of magic doesn’t exist. Only the stories and culture. What you see as reality, is fiction in my land.

[Akama] Tell me more about your homeland.

[Taiyaki] We can work a trade. Teach me in your ways. Tell me more about this place and I will tell you stories of my world.

She put her hand out to help him off the ground. They shook hands and headed towards the edge of the woods with a young girl and began to call out for Akama.


Akama waved the young girl over. Maybe her daughter or sibling Taiyaki thought to himself. The young girl full of energy ran up to the 2 of them.

Taiyaki looked down at the young girl. She was short and wore a blue and green chest plate with pants. Short black hair with a pair of goggles around her neck. She seemed very child-like with the personality to boot. She looked about 10 or 11 and reminded him of his little sister.

[Mochi] Oh there you are Akama - Sensei but who are you mister…

[Akama] This is Taiyaki Yuriko, he’ll be joining us from now on. Let’s head back to camp, Taiyaki. I'll introduce you to the others.

The trio walk out the forest to a small campground in the open field. There were 2 men there. One was sitting by the tent polishing his giant weapon. The other was playing with what looked like a dog.

[Beta] Hey Hey Akama welcome back. Who’s the dude behind ya.

[Taiyaki] Nice to meet you, Im Taiyaki and I’ll be joining… holy hell your tall.

[Beta] (Laughing loudly) I like this guy. I’m Beta Hoshino Nice to meet ya.

Beta was really tall. He was bald with a red head band wrapped around his head with a symbol he did not recognize. He was shirtless and worn black pants. Over his shoulder was a giant spiked club. It looked like an oversized baseball bat. He has a very bright and cheerful personality and Taiyaki took a liking to the big guy. The two did a manly handshake.

[Dan] Nice to meet you young one, I am known as Dan Alfheim and this is Ai my pet hound.

Dan seemed like an introvert. He wasn’t was free spirited as his other comrades. It seems he likes keeping to himself. His voice sounded sinister but his eyes seemed to be caring and open. He was shorter than Taiyaki with brown hair. He had pointy ears and wore some old timing clothing.

Ai was a big dog with black fur and blue fire eyes. It looked scary but seemed quite friendly. Taiyaki pet it on the head while the tail wagged.

[Akama] So let’s get started on your lesson.

[Dan] Lesson you say?

[Taiyaki] Well unfortunately, I don't know anything about magic

(He said nervously while rubbing the back of his head)

[Beta] Nothing about magic. I’m surprised but no worries it’s not difficult to learn.

[Taiyaki] Oh really?

[Akama] Indeed, Magic comes in many different forms and everyone is capable of learning an mastering it. Fire, Water, Earth, Lighting, Wind, Light, Dark, and life. To use an element you must learn Mana Manipulation, a way for the human body to form and reshape the very elements into this

She raises her hand into the air and a ball of water formed in her hand.

[Akama] You can also combine elements like this…

A small flame appeared in the same hand. The water soon burst into a puff of smoke creating a light mist.

[Akama] Seering Mist!!!

The light mist began to thicken and the surrounding area becomes covered with the mist. Taiyaki blindly stumbled around the field. Akama came up behind him and tapped in on the shoulder

[Akama] The spell only last for 2 minutes depending on the person. And don't worry it doesn't affect allies in battles.

[Taiyaki] What the limitations of spells?, are there spells that affect the user in harmful ways? Also what is the element of life?

[Akama] The only limitations to spells are only the amount of mana at your disposal. But since your body absorbs mana as you grow with simple training such as exercise, labor, and battles you face, the amount of mana you have will grow and spells will become stronger. There are spells for everything, from farming to flying, to walking on water or walls, to summoning and blowing things up. It’s up to your imagination to come up with new ways to form the elements. For spells that are harmful to the body I have no idea perhaps there is. The element of life is… strange. Primary used for healing magic but…

[Beta] It gets real messed up. Spells able to weaponize the human body. Blood Bones and even limbs and be removed and used as weapons. It get pretty strange.

Even though Taiyaki has seen anime and horror movies with these concepts he still cringed at the thought of having to face such foes in the future. After they discussed how magic works they sat down next to the fire Mochi and Dan created while they were talking. Dan began placing skewered fish into the fire. Taiyaki’s stomach began to grumble.

[Mochi] Are you hungry Tai?

[Taiyaki] (Began to laugh) Hehe Tai huh. Yeah I’m a little hungry

[Dan] Well sit we have plenty.

The 3 joined Dan and Mochi by the fire and began to eat the roasted fish.

After the meal Akama sat next to Taiyaki while the others went to bed.

[Taiyaki] Thank you for the meal. (Takes a deep breath) It’s so nice out here. It’s been awhile since I’ve had freedom like this.

[Akama] Oh how so?

[Taiyaki] Well I’m the eldest of my family so I have to take care of my younger brother while my parents work. I haven’t had a peaceful time like this though. It’s nice.

Taiyaki soon fell asleep on the rock.

[Akama] Your training begins tomorrow.

She placed a blanket on him and patted him on the head and left to be look out for the night to watch for monsters or thieves. The next morning Beta woke everyone us since he switched for watch duty. They put out the fire and Taiyaki woke stumbly trying to find his glasses. Mochi comes up and hands them to him

[Mochi] Here you go Tai, you need these right?

[Taiyaki] Thank you Mochi.

Beta comes over and hands me a sword. He picked up his own weapon which was a giant club with spikes. He walked over to Taiyaki with a huge smile

[Beta] Alrighty, time for weapons training. You said you had little experience yeah?

[Taiyaki] I did Kendo… if thats a thing here for like a year. But it was for my research purposes.

[Beta] Well show me what you got. Come at me as if your gonna kill me. If you don’t do that you won’t learn.

Taiyaki begins to swing the sword as Beta continues to dodge. As he keeps swinging, Taiyaki begins to notice how Beta moves as he dodge. Taiyaki flips is sword which caught him off guard. He counters with his weapon.

[Beta] How interesting.

Beta begins to fight back with his club which he smashed into the ground.

[Taiyaki] OH GOD!

Cuts to Momo snickering in the background. Beta continues to swing as Taiyaki continues to dodge. He trips and Beta stands over him. Taiyaki covers his face fearing the worst. Beta puts out his hand to help him off the ground.

[Beta] You did well for your first time.

[Taiyaki] (Laughs Nervously)

Akama walks over the the near by riverbed and begins to meditate

[Akama] Taiyaki, come, sit with me for awhile

Taiyaki sits next to Akama. Akama forming a ball of water from the lake in front of her. Taiyaki watches in awe.

[Taiyaki] Though you showed me before its still fascinating to watch.

[Akama] To flow with the water one needs a clear mind. Like the water you need to control your mana to where it flows like a river

[Taiyaki] So basically I need to meditate

[Akama] Yeah…

The two sit in silence for a couple of minutes. Wind blows, birds chirping in the trees, and the sound of the swaying river.

[Akama] With a calm mind you can the nature around you which puts one at eez. Put you hand out like so

She puts her hands out toward the water. Taiyaki does the same.

[Akama] Now focus mana towards your hand. Think of nothing else or this wont work.

Water begins to spin in each of their hands. Taiyaki opens his eyes as water from the like rises up and comes to his hand. He tries to touch it out of curiosity but he loses control and the water splashes in his face.

[Taiyaki] Dammit *Coughs*

[Akama] Try again.

Taiyaki closes his eyes once again and focuses his hand toward the water. Slowly the water rises and creates a ball in his hand. He opens his eyes and stares at the water.

[Akama] No reaction, you seem calm?

[Taiyaki] *Takes a deep breath* Yeah...

[Taiyaki Narration] HOLY HELL I DID IT!

As Taiyaki throws his water ball back into the river Mochi comes over and tugs on Akama’s trench coat.

[Mochi] We should head into town and look at the quests for today

[Akama] He is not ready. You guys go.

Akama stands and dusts herself off.

[Akama] We will continue here for the next week

Dan and Beta came over with their gear and weapons handed out their bags, gave Mochi her polished knife, and Akama’s staff.

[Akama] Dan, you and Mochi go in Belmont. Gather supplies and go on a quest if you wish. I will remain here with Beta and Taiyaki for the next week.

[Taiyaki] What kind of jobs do you guys do?

Beta rubs Taiyaki’s head

[Beta] Monster hunting, and Odd Jobs.

[Dan] Indeed. We get paid decent Coin for our work, the bigger monster we take down. Worth a lot of food too. One time we got a wood sword from a village kid

[Beta] Speaking of which. Here

Beta throws a sword with a holster at Taiyaki. Looking at the handle and empty name slot.

[Beta] Write whatever you want there, your blade now.

[Taiyaki] I’ll call it… Soba.

The tag lights up and inscribes “そば” in the section.

[Mochi] Soba?

[Taiyaki] It’s a type of noodle dish I ate a lot of with my friends back home.

[Dan] We will see you in a week, grab your bag please we are heading out.

[Mochi] See ya Tai, Beta, Akama - Sensei

Dan and Mochi grabbed their supplies and headed away from the camp grounds with Dan’s hound Ai following next to them. Mochi Waving as they disappeared into the woods.

[Taiyaki Narration] Even though these people seem like an odd bunch, I can’t wait to start my new life with my new comrades in this strange new world.

He smiles at the camera screen fades to black.

End Credits begin to play.

A woman in the shadows unable to she her face sits on a throne

[Lisa] I have a mission for you five. Your friends the water mage Akama yes, Kenji?

A young man wearing a straw hat comes from the shadows and takes a knee

[Kenji] Yes, Mistress. We will handle it.

He stands and behind him Five shadows stood in silence. He smiles as the screen cuts to black


End of Episode 2

Taiyaki: Discovery of the Water Mage

NEXT TIME: Training Day While the Team is Away

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