Chapter 6:

among us forehead seen from low earth orbit

big fat glistening among us hairline.mp4 HD no virus

The world shakes, alarms blaring. What is going on? “Reactor meltdown in 29”. I wonder every day what that meant. All I know is that the rumbling got more and more violent, things started flying around, someone definitely got hit by a runaway crate, but then everything went black.

Crash. Explosion, Fire. Lots of fire. Big arson. I awake on a mysterious earth, with mahogany-tinted soil and snow everywhere. There are buildings, filled with tasks to do. My inner crewmate rises, but so does the sus. New ways to sus, project the sus, commit the sussy. I crawl out of the burning wreck of the Skeld that allowed for the spilling of so much blood, there’s fuel everywhere. I try to get to medbay, but do not know where it is. Then, I see it. A crewmate, scrambling to collect the spilling fuel. Why? I ask? But then it becomes apparent. He collects the fuel and fills it in the fuel chute on the dropship in on the nearby landing pad. This confirms it, he is a crewmate. No-one with any resemblance of sussy energy in their being can even consider doing such a thing. My spacesuit drenched in fuel, it stank, must get rid of it. Limping to the nearest building, I hear the unmistakable crackling of high voltage power lines. Ah, I think to myself, “the safe harbour of electrical”. But this is different, it’s bitterly cold and this is not the electrical that I know and love. Could electrical be the impostor? No, that’s just retarded. There’s a small room on the side, I don’t know what it is but there seems to be holes in the ground everywhere. I go up to investigate and discover a sussy vent network. Oh boy, this will be good.

But venting randomly is too sus, it could reveal me as the sussy impostor to whoever survived the crash. I continue down the hallway. It’s dark with a low hum coming from the ceiling. I stumble out of the hallway into a massive central room. There’s a tree and O2 room, with a room with big water valves in the bottom. It also came with a water fountain, and I could definitely go with a nice sip. I fill a reservoir with some crisp H20 when susdennly, a voice booms from the doorway. I freeze, was it over already? Preparing for the worse, I turn to face another crewmate stared me down. He spoke with a strange accent, but seemed to utter “What are you doing?”. I was about to reply “Getting a drink” before he cut me off saying “Go do the dishes!”. What? Dishes? Where the hell am I? I finish my glass of water and make for the exit but he’s still there, and shouts:

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Somebody once tol-”

“Who say you can leave?”

I can’t help but notice his heavily Chinese accent

“Go do the dishes”

I reach for the door but then,

“I will send you to JeSUS.”

He holds up a shoe in the right hand, with clear intention of yeeting it at me. Confused, I continue for the door before


I take a blow to my right temple. The impact stuns me through surprise alone and I pass out on the cold floor of the boiler room.

I woke up in medbay, surrounded by crewmates. I must’ve been out cold for at least a day, that slipper impact was awesome. Still don’t know who threw it, it was a bit of a rush in the moment. For a moment I forgot everything, I was adrift in the void of imagination before Pink said “You woke?” Hearing Pink’s voice reminded me of everything. It was Pink who was fuelling the dropship after the crash and all the sussy energy suddenly came surging back. Level of Stress: 99%. The jig is up. I jump out of the bed which startles the crewmates, but I regain my composure before going to fake the vials.

After loitering in laboratory for 2 hours, the lights come on and everyone goes to morning dinner. Sensing a lull in the suspicion, I go to the bathrooms and vent towards security. But as I am about to emerge from the sussy vent, I bump into something. What? An obstruction? This is a nightmare! I scramble to try and figure out what this obstacle is when I see a tinge of red. Red? What could this be. It is then my brain recognizes the scenario. There is another. Another sus. Red sus, I have a partner in arms.

Brace yourself crewmates, the Red Sussy Sun rises.