Chapter 9:

Thoughts in loops

Blue in the sky

As I entered the kingdom of Hypnos, I came across another isotopic setting, however more detailed than the last time, was a setting reminiscent of an ancient painting, was in a green courtyard of a Renaissance cultural castle, some structures resembled Greek pillars dividing among the plants that gave a tone of green to the site, I walked alone among the labyrinthine alleys until I heard a female voice.Bookmark here

— You finally arrived, did you take in? I could have awakened the symptoms faster, it wouldn't be necessary I came here to talk to you— It was the same girl with pink hair speaking directly to me, however different from that time, I could clearly see her familiar face, but I couldn’t recognize whose side it was.— I hope you don't spoil your promise 'cause I'm waiting for you outside—She said goodbye giving a kiss on my cheek, her lips were cold equally in her escape when she broke the whole place began to fragment, I ran after her to escape the void that filled the courtyard, even though I used all my strength I ended up immersed in this darkness, even if I was only a few seconds immersed in solitude, I could feel again that despair that my first dreams gave meBookmark here

— It's time to wake up sleeping beauty— Lt. Col. Berna woke me up whispering in my ear when my body lifted, she threw me a bucket of ice water, leaving me soaked —Ok, his arm didn't change with a 25° heat shock, hey you, are you feeling something weird?— She was with a notepad writing down this new experiment of hers when I would complain of the brutality of my awakening, but I looked out the window, I realized that we are close to lunchtime. —Sleeping almost twelve hours straight is something to be expected for someone who has had to do heavy exercise coming from a sedentary routine, but nineteen hours is too much, what are you dreaming about, I hope it's nothing too naughty.Bookmark here

—No!— I couldn’t say this, her smiling face might think I was thinking of inappropriate things, but I used the excuse of the hour to kick her out, even if she wanted to be in the room to state, as I got rid of the wet clothes I could notice something, it seemed that the blue of my right arm came directly from my torso because every time I put it next to him it seemed that a blue light illuminated the nearby bloodstream veins, but that light seemed to weaken quickly after my awakening, Meanwhile, as I thought about the beauty of that girl with cherry hair, this light seemed to tread a path to the middle of my chest, I put it aside for the urgency that Lt. Col. Berna represented knocking the door of the room.Bookmark here

—So? have you cleaned yourself?— Quickly leave the room with her clothes changed, seeing the lieutenant colonel outside the room carrying a different bag than the one she brought yesterday— This here? Well, we're going to train something different this time, let's see if you haven't forgotten any of the theoretical proof—After eating a very reinforced lunch we go to a small personal library of the general present in one of the several fours of his mansion, the place passes the coolness of a well airy environment allows, she quickly removed a few dozen books heavy homes, there were classical school subjects such as mathematics, language and multiple sciences, but there were subjects I had never seen before.Bookmark here

— Are you already on the Holdfighter operation manual, or How to act during an attack, or even the HF armors weekly magazine?—This last one was a serial, with images with more diverse robots that go beyond the mechanized fleet of the order, it was the first thing I took, most diverse shapes and colors of them caught my attention, but lieutenant colonel took it from me to realize that it would be my escape valve.— First I want to know how much memory you've lost, then I'll let you see this magazine— The teacher spirit took her aura that soon she took some tests for me to answer, at first I did not understand the need for this quiz after all were simple questions of the disciplines that fell into the theoretical test, quickly answered almost all subjects, even taking all afternoon for it, but the only discipline I couldn’t answer was how to act as Holdfighter and its derivative.Bookmark here

—Interesting, you almost got all the subjects right, but you missed precisely on an easier matter like personal care during an attack and how the Holdfighters act, It seems that you came from another world, very similar to our home, but you have never seen an attack of Ghost in life.—She was formulating some theory with my answers of proof, I devoured with my eyes the figures of the magazine, while this the artificial lighting of the library was activated, but between the gaps of the columns of support I could see the outside, it seemed that it would rain, then a system of automatic windows acted swiftly to avoid any raindrops entering from the resentment but did not prevent the noise of thunder.Bookmark here

— So how was I found the day of the accident?—I took advantage of the sound of thunder to stifle her perception because even though I wanted to know the details I didn’t want to trigger another prolonged conversation, but my attempt failed when she heard and decided to respond— As far as I know, since I read the incident report, you suffered a truck accident, which your sister told us you tried to save a child who crossed the street at a red light and even thing are succeeded, but the truck didn’t brake in time, you lost a lot of blood, but thanks to the immediate rescue team that was on on the spot you did not die, but stayed in a coma for a while considered, your mischance is that you woke up well on the Bloodynight day, hence the rest you already know— She spoke sloppily, as if this information was nothing, which left me overwhelmed by the softness of her voice, however, something caught my attention.Bookmark here

— Was I found alone?Bookmark here

— In the report it said yes—She again spoke with a lack of importance, but she began to take a call on her mobile, leaving me alone in the room. At this moment I could guide my thoughts, how could I be alone that day? I’d probably be with someone, I’d know someone, but all I remember are sounds, I kept asking until Lt. Col. Berna returned to the premises.Bookmark here

—Well, the general will take a while longer, it looks like the pizza he ordered isn't ready yet, so do you have any more questions?—She entered the room drinking a body of water and guarding the cell phone—You can be everything, from how I work, my tastes, even something like the general to the fact that he's eccentric.Bookmark here

— How was my sister at the Academy— When I asked her this question, she almost fell out of her chair, her supply being the fact that this question is important to my recovery, so much so that she quickly took the notebook that was in her purse before she started talking — So why this question?Bookmark here

— I want to know what she was like in her social life.Bookmark here

— Well, she was quite outgoing, she talked to everyone at the Academy, regardless of being the most troublesome student, even the most refined teacher, she talked to them on equal terms, there was once our working mechanics teacher, a story that you will like since it deals with mechas, was very demanding, so much so that it required us to make an HF armor alone, but if it wasn’t Lau convincing him to make a theoretical proof, maybe we wouldn’t be talking right now, She was really pretty and a lot of guys wanted to go on a date with her, but she used you as an excuse to get away from them, and then we had graduation, honestly if it wasn’t for her, we’d be close to extinction, your sister was amazing, she was charitable, kind and helpful, all enviable characteristics, so much so that I try to imitate her style until today.— Unlike what she thought, I observed to Lt. Col. Berna and while she talked about my sister, her eyes shone, almost in tears, every word of her seemed to create a link with her past, generated in me envy because I didn’t remember much about my sister except for the few moments she was awake and she was around when Lt. Col noticed my look quickly tried to reset her posture and asked me.Bookmark here

—So, did you remember anything while I was talking?— She wiped her eyes to try to hide the tears while I denied her statement, at the same time General Hostviner arrived carrying three pizza boxes into the library, the smell of the cheeses aromatized the airBookmark here

—By the way, you'll have fun..., kid, what did you do?— When General Hostviner saw Berna crying, he soon thought I hurt her, but Lt. Col. quickly resolved the misunderstanding, we ate the three pizzas of cheese, Berna told me about what was left of the day for him in front of me while we go to the dining room, apparently, I gained her trust, but still, the General seemed afraid of my presence, taking advantage of Lt. Col. spoke of my question, his sense of pride awoke.Bookmark here

No newbie, are you not curious about the past of this old man who speaks to you?— I didn’t want to look at the arrogance of his face, but I affirmedly waved to him that I drank a glass of wine, for I am still a being that nourishes curiosity— you young people are very lucky to have an Academy on the continent, in my time people like me who wanted to become a Holdfighter had to go to the Capital city to have a decent education, when I was your age I already lived alone, thank goodness the rooms at that time were so refined that I used them as a base to make the dorms here, but it was difficult, as it was, we had to wake up every day before Spica dawned, it was three of the most torturous years, but it was worth it, look at the house that I build with the pay of these more than thirty years serving the order— He spoke this and other nonsense until he fell into the dream, to Lt. Col Berna would laugh as nervous, while I was embarrassed in parts where he talked about his love life as once he dated 50 women, but when he was talking about the challenge of being director of the Academy, he fainted from the amount of wine he drank, still matched the fact that the pizza ran out, so Berna and I took him to his room, which was on the second floor at the end of the hall, After we dropped him off, Berna talked to me while we went back to the dining room to clean up the mess.Bookmark here

— You saw how the general looks like an uncle because you just have to drink something alcoholic and it will soon be open, you don't need to be afraid, he's a normal person like you and me.Bookmark here

— I don't know, but he never calls me by name, I don't know why?Bookmark here

— Well, maybe because you look a lot like your sister, after all, he treated her like a daughter, so losing someone so close must be hard for a man of that age.Bookmark here

— But what about you Lieutenant Colonel?Bookmark here

— You can call me BernaBookmark here

— Alright Berna, what did you think of my sister, no formalities.Bookmark here

— Well, she was my only real friend, she helped me in difficult times and made me happy in sad moments, she was the only person who actually managed to make me happy, she is the only person I trusted, now I want to give back by helping you— When I saw her crying face, my first impulse was to hug her and in fact it helped her smile again, too bad it was too late and she needed to go. — Ok, tomorrow it's arranged, practical exercises in the morning and theoretical exercises in the afternoon, remember to wake up early, otherwise, it will be another bucket of ice water— She said that by getting into the taxi that she requested, leaving me alone, awake inside the mansion, but decided to put me to bed early so as not to miss that appointment and so it was four days before the start of the Academy, with intensive training in the morning while the afternoon there was a study section, Bern and the General talked during breaks also in that period I did not dream of the abstract until the last day.
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