Chapter 13:

The Devil, The Witch, and The Portable Revolution

The Devil, The Witch, and The Wicked World of Delirith

Somewhere in the lost world of Delirith, somewhere in the ashen plains of Boneyard Badlands. A land true to its name as gigantrous bones of prehistoric, current-historic, and those who just got killed last night scattered the calcium-rich ash-like sands of the badlands.

Almost all of the native wildlife there grew hard exoskeletons regardless of species; snake, lizards, giant spiders, birds, dogs, mammals- and its plants too mostly had skeletal-motifs. Point is, Boneyard Badlands is quite literally a land filled with bones.

And somewhere in this natural abomination of a land lay two porta-potties placed right next to each other. One of them was locked, the other was not, but both were closed shut. Waiting outside both toilets was none other than our female protagonist of the series, Fyra the one-horned devil.

“Told ya not to eat that weird looking mushroom, Mako!”

Waiting For A Friend

“So, any progress on your business?”

“Shut up lady! Just let me shit peacefully for frikes sake!

Trying To Shit Peacefully

“GRRRR…..” the witch groaned inside the locked porta-potty.

Mako experienced a terrible constipation after eating a weird mushroom, causing his partner to wait for him outside for who-knows-how long. It’s been half an hour since Mako rushed into the bathroom in the middle of nowhere, and it seemed it might last longer.

All of Mako’s belongings; backpack, Boomthorn, wristwatch, bomb belt, ammo waist bag, and even his witch hat were handed over to Fyra to keep guard while he tried to squeeze out nature’s weakass call.

"Hey you there!-" a voice suddenly called, gaining Fyra's attention. "There anyone in any of those two potties?"

Just a random encounter

A buff-looking bearded man, wearing nothing waist-up except a construction vest and hard-hat greeted Fyra's sight.

"Y-yeah. My friend's using the right one," Fyra replied to the man. "Wait, or was it left?- Nah, he's definitely at the right potty!"

"Alrighty then-" The bearded man gestured as a crane-mounted truck made its way into the scene- "take the left one Joe! Right's still occupied, we'll fetch it tomorrow!"

The crane lowered its hook to the left portalet as the bearded man helped fasten it up. Once done, the portalet was lifted up by the crane and the bearded man got onto the vehicle.

"Sorry for the bother, kid. Have a nice day!" He tipped his hard hat to Fyra and left the scene with the truck and porta-potty.

Fyra went back to waiting for Mako finishing his number two. She helped herself to some hoverbike radio tunes, humming and singing along with her angelic voice (at least according to Mako. The rest considered it ‘demonic’) to kill off some time.


It's almost sunset and Fyra has commited mass genocide on time itself, yet Mako had yet to come out from the porta-potty. Irritated, she approached the portable toilet-

"COME ON MAKO! WE DON'T GOT ALL DAY!!" Fyra banged the toilet door violently. There was no reply from the other side.

"YO MAKO!-" Fyra gave the door an angry kick. The door opened itself revealing no one inside.

"Wait wha- oh shit, don't tell me-"


"HOOOEY! Now that's good shitting!" Mako remarked, slamming open the toilet door feeling all better and proud for himself.

Mako walked out of the porta-potty happily. A few steps in however, the witch felt something strange. It was as if there's no floor below him and he's actually floating hundreds of meters up in the air, like in those cartoons where gravity won't activate until the character looks down.

Hence, Mako looked down and just like in cartoons, gravity immediately took action.

"GAH!-" Mako grabbed the portalet’s floor edge just in time. He pulled himself back up and closed the door shut.

Zooming-out of the scene, the porta-potty was currently hanging on an overhead conveyor belt hundreds of meters up in the air, alongside hundreds of other portalets. Mako sat very still on the closed stool, experiencing occasional rocks and bumps as the portalet he’s in went up and down across the conveyor belt.

The portalet dropped on a flat belt conveyor at one point as it queued behind dozens of others ahead. The porta-potties were brought to a large x-ray machine where its content was inspected by a group of workers before being dumped to another conveyor system.

*Ting!* *Ting!*

“Pass- Pass-” one of the workers spoke, ticking the checklist in his hand as another worker pulled a lever to open the gate allowing the next porta-potty to pass through the machine.

“Pass- pass-”


“What the?-”

The x-ray machine stopped momentarily. The worker looked up and was surprised to see a child’s skeleton on the machine’s display. He and some of his men went to check the toilet’s inside and sure enough, they were greeted by a confused Mako.

“Uh.. Hi?”

“Oh for chris- this is the 12th time this week!” the worker grumbled. “Get out kid! Consider yourself lucky that we checked on ya. All previous ones were corpses but we didn’t bother to check the 11th. All of them got sent to the crushing machine.”

Mako was more than glad to leave. He got up and left the toilet but right as he was about to jump off the conveyor belt, his arm was grabbed by one of the hard-hat wearing workers.

“Now now, you ain’t leaving this place just yet,” the worker spoke. “We gotta bring ya to the supervisor first. He’s the one making the calls.”

With that, the workers escorted Mako to meet with the place’s supervisor, whoever that is.

Walking across platforms after platforms, bridges after bridges, Mako earned himself a scenery view of whatever place he’s currently at right now. The witch saw countless conveyor systems of all kinds; hanging, flat, curved, inclining and declining- and transported on it were portable toilets similar to the one he was in before. Hard-hat wearing workers were seen across stations and platforms working on whatever task assigned to them. Some were assembling the portalets, some inspected its quality, and some operated cranes that carried it elsewhere.

And so, using his expert deduction skills, Mako concluded that the place was-

“Is this a military base?”

Close enough.

“No kid, this is Ramsbottom Portable Toilet Manufacturing™ factory. Basically a factory for all those loos you see on Boneyard Badlands,” one of the workers replied.

After some time walking, they finally arrived at the supervisor’s office which was located on a platform higher than the rest. At this altitude, only other supervisors’ offices of different sectors were built. As for the one visited by Mako and the workers right now, it belonged to the demolitions sector that handled the destruction and recycling of decommissioned toilets.

“Yes sir, I know production’s not all high this month but think about it, maybe this is a good sign that we should cut our worker’s lunch ration-” the supervisor’s phone call was interrupted by constant knocks on his office door- “I’ll call you back in a minute.”

The supervisor put down his telephone with an annoyed expression on his face. He pressed a button on his work desk which unlocked his office door, allowing entrance to whoever’s outside.

“Alright, what’s the commotion this time?”

Super “Visor”

Alfred adjusted his visor, leaning back on his desk with his arms all crossed.

“We found someone inside one of the decommissioned toilets. A kid-” the worker pushed Mako forward for their supervisor to see- “a LIVING kid.”

“Well I’ll be! What's your business doing here kid!? You tryna hijack this place!? Overthrow the owners!? Well that ain’t happening!” Alfred interrogated Mako much to the witch’s irritation.

“Hijack!? Listen here you suit-wearing-ugly-visor-shade baldie! I was literally crapping my guts out when I somehow ended up in this weird dystopian factory-place!” Mako replied aggressively.

“Huh. Normally I’d kill ya for talking smack to me, but if what you said is true then we got ourselves a case 47B for this.” Alfred went to a drawer and pulled out a thick rulebook of the factory. Blowing the dust off the rulebook, he opened it and turned to the page discussing ‘case 47B’.

“Let’s see here… Case 47B: individuals that are brought to a Ramsbottom™ factory accidentally through a decommissioned portalet…-” Alfred read quietly under his breath- “Aha! Say kid, do you have a parent or guardian accompanying you prior to your use of the toilet you’ve visited, ie, the one that brought you here?”

“Uhh, I have a friend waiting for me outside while I’m inside the toilet.”

“Is this ‘friend’ of yours older than 18?”

“Naaah, Fyra’s 12.”

“There we have it!-” Alfred closed the rulebook shut- “From now on, you’re working with us. Welcome to Ramsbottom Portable Toilet Manufacturing™ kid,” Alfred announced.

“Wait a minute, wh-

*scene immediately cuts to a construction vest and hard-hat wearing Mako holding a pickaxe at some junkyard

“-at the hell...”

Somewhere in the factory complex lies a vast junkyard of old vehicles, vending machines, and other ruined objects. Dozens of workers, all bigger and older than Mako, were seen foraging scraps from the mountainous piles of junk: ripping off car doors, chainsawing fridges and such- and tossed it into a wagon where it was pulled away by their fellow workers to a certain station.

“Welcome to the ‘Foraging Sector’ kid,” an eye-patch wearing scruffy looking man greeted. “The names Alai-”

The pick can hit what the eyes can’t see!

“Mehmet Alai. What’s yours kid?”

“Uh, Mako. Just Mako.”

“Well, pleasure having you with us, Just Mako-” Alai shook Mako’s hand- “now, I’m sure you know what to do now from observing the others.”

“Forage scrap metals from these piles of junk?”

“Yes sirree. Ramsbottom potties were made from 100% recycled metal. And so, we got the short end of the stick by being the ones to fetch those metals from whatever crap we’ll find here. The second shittiest sector of this damn factory.”

“Wait, if this is the second, what’s the shittiest?” Mako asked.

“That would be the ‘Poop Sector’, the ones that rid the shits from the loos,” Alai replied. “And no, it's not the ridding part that’s crap. It’s the scavenging part cuz excrements aren’t the only things people dump inside toilets. Some idiots would hide precious stash like bullets, bombs or some shit in there-”

“-and someone had to dive inside to search for it.”

Mako shuddered at the thought of working in that department.

“Anyways, we should get going with our work. We’d be in deep trouble if the supervisor finds us slacking around- okay maybe not so deep cuz the supervisor for our sector’s a pretty cool guy.”

And so, Mako followed Alai as they climbed on one of the junk piles. Under the guidance of the seasoned worker, the witch picked out scraps after scraps of acceptable metal, contributing his role in the manufacturing of the porta-potties amongst thousands of workers at the factory complex. They worked non-stop for hours to come until finally, the lunch break whistle blew much to the tired witch’s relief.

Mako joined the other workers lining up to receive their lunch bag. Inside the lunch bag was a tomato sandwich and a bottle of water, served on a portion too little for the hardworking workers.

“You’ll get used to it kid. We pretty much work on the verge of hunger every single day here,” Alai replied.

Mako was about to take a bite when he was called by another worker out of nowhere.

“The supervisor wants to see you kid,” the worker spoke.

“Can’t I have my lunch first?”

“You can have your lunch in his office. Now follow me.”

“Hoho! Looks like he wants you to be part of it too,” Alai remarked.

“Part of what now?”

“Oh you’ll see. Now go and meet the supervisor. He’s gonna fill you in on everything.”

Alai’s statement confused Mako, but the witch decided to shrug it off. He got up and followed the worker to the supervisor’s office, but unlike the one before, the office for this sector was built on the ground and seemed way less luxurious than the others.

Mako entered the office and was slightly startled when the door behind him slammed shut. The supervisor’s chair had its back facing towards the witch, obscuring him from seeing the face of whoever’s sitting on it right now.

The office chair turned and a boar-headed man greeted the witch’s sight.

“So you the new kid here, eh?”

“Bor” for short, not “Boar”

“Yes sir?” Mako replied.

“Aight then, my name’s Boratheus. Am the supervisor of this sector, but unlike those prestigious hogs up there you can ignore any honorifics and just call me ‘Bor’, without the A.”

“Alright Mr- I mean sir- Bor.”

“I’ll just cut to the chase and skip straight to the point-” Bor got up from his chair and approached his office’s window- “this place... is shit. No, I’m not making a toilet joke out of this factory, but I mean it literally. this place is shitty to everyone but the higher-ups.”

“Workers? Pffft, the way y’all being treated might as well call yourselves slaves. Working 18 hours a day, food as good as scraps, paid little to none, and our families were held at gunpoint living in those overglorified concentration camps they call ‘residentials’. Only the supervisors and above got it easy, 'cept for me and the 'Poop Sector' guy cuz we both are the lowest among them. Big mistake on them. They treat us like shit yet still allow us access to information and places forbidden for y'all."

“Because of that, me and the poop-guy are planning a huge scale coup against the higher-ups. We've planned this for years and so far, we haven't raised a single suspicion from them. All the labour workers from every sector signed up for this, except the security folks as they're pretty much mercenaries and hired guns from outside. There's no way we could outpay their rich employers.”

“So, if you wanna get out of here kid, best you listen and do what I say,” Boratheus concluded his long speech.

Mako, who wished nothing more but to escape from this gulag-esque factory, agreed to cooperate with Boratheus’s plan (not like he had any other voice anyway). Once his secret task was dropped, the witch went back to work and like everyone else, sneakily carried out their secret tasks under the security personnel’s noses.

Meanwhile, somewhere outside of the factory, a one-horned devil was busy tracking down her lost friend. Fyra traveled from commune to commune on the Silverbolt, asking locals whereabouts of crane-mounted trucks picking up portalets across the badlands.

Some had an idea of where the truck came from and heading to, some straight up had no clue, and some just spouted random nonsense to the devil. Either way, the result of her tracking down tire tracks and asking locals finally culminated-

-right back to the first toilet where she had lost Mako.

“Gatdammit!” Fyra kicked the ashen ground, frustrated.


Weeks passed and the workers of Ramsbottom Portable Toilet Manufacturing™ had been secretly planning and working for a coup against their upper peers. Their modus operandi was pretty simple and went like this:-

Once every three days, a group of workers escorted by security personnel will be released outside to collect decommissioned portalets or junks to be harvested for raw materials. While doing this, they would sneak in disassembled guns and other weaponry from outside to be collected as ‘junk’ which will be dumped at the junkyard.

After that, the disassembled guns will be picked out by the Foraging Sector crew for themselves and the remainder were delivered in the form of raw scraps on the delivery belt. Workers of other sectors will spot these gun parts and collect it as their own. To their convenience, company policy allowed workers to bring home 50 grams of scrap irons from the junk pile as extra pay. The scraps will be inspected though, to avoid smuggling of dangerous items. Hence, it’s the foragers job to make the gun parts look as least suspicious as possible.

The workers assembled their guns in their living quarters and hid it as best as they could, normally inside secret trap doors on the floor or underneath their bed. So far, only 20 workers had been caught in possession of a firearm throughout their years of secret revolutionary effort. All 20 were executed ruthlessly on the spot.

Meanwhile, janitors and maintenance workers would sneakily sabotage various security systems such as loosening the screws for safedoors, not properly cleaning their guns, changing the wiring for electrical appliances such as hidden turrets and such whenever possible. Engineers too would half-ass their maintenance work for any security-related items such as their bikes and vehicles.

Among the high table, Boratheus and the supervisor for the Poop Sector gather any crucial info they got from conference meetings and such. Having access to areas restricted to labour workers allowed them to draft a proper blueprint of the entire factory’s layout. This information was given and delivered to other workers through the Postal Department, whose workers were also part of this secret coup. What seemed to be a normal letter from the workers’ family also contained secret messages from the two supervisors leading the revolution.

All of this was done for years long now, and the only thing left before their final step for the coup was now in the hands of our witch protagonist, Mako.

“After years of sabotaging their weapons and arming our own men, the security folks mean little shit to us now. But as weak as they are, they're not our biggest threat,” Boratheus spoke, as recalled inside Mako’s flashback.

“Security bots. I’ve seen them in action and ho-boy, we stand no chance against those metal shits. Military grade machine-guns, shoulder mounted micro-missiles, chainsaw and flamethrowers, we stand no chance no matter how well armed we are. Fortunately for us, the entire security AI system server in this factory is operated at one and only one server room, and it just so happens I know where the room is located.”

“Ah, so our next step is to destroy the server room then?” Mako concluded.

“Yessiree. And that’s where YOU come in-” Boratheus pulled out a key and unlocked a drawer containing a chest and its key. He used the key to unlock the chest and lo and behold:- a handmade timebomb!

“There’s no way we could sneak into the server room and bomb the place. The building is well protected with dozens of guards, CCTVS, turrets and laser fields. However, I discovered a route that could be taken to sneak past all of that and arrive directly inside the server room-”

“-and that route is a literal maze of vents so small that only a child could fit through,” Mako grumbled to himself, currently crawling through the vents of the building with the server room.

Carried with him was a blueprint of said building showing the pathway of the maze-like ventilation system and the handmade timebomb. Mako’s only yet most crucial mission was to place the bomb at the server room. Unfortunately, it seemed the witch was lost.

“Man, how the hell do you read this thing?” Mako scratched his head, observing thoroughly the building’s blueprint without a single clue of his current position and where he should head next. Even so, the witch didn’t give up for this might be his one and only shot at bailing out of this toilet factory.

“Lets see, I should arrive here anytime no-” without warning, the air-duct panel beneath Mako fell. The witch grabbed hold of the ledge just in time and caught the falling metal panel with his legs.

The sudden fall nearly gave away Mako’s position but luckily, no guards were seen around. Even more lucky was that the witch discovered that the room laid below him was none other than the server room itself. Hundreds of servers arranged in dozens of lines of racks, completely dark illuminated only by the LED lights of the servers.

A giant computer display was seen at the end of the room, showcasing almost everything observed by any operable CCTVs. A guard was sitting in front of the giant display, monitoring everyone’s movement while enjoying himself with some snacks.

Seeing this, Mako silently dropped down and hit behind one of the racks. He pulled out a piece of paper containing a simple sketch of the server’s room interior. There was a red coloured ‘X’ drawn on the sketch, marking where the bomb must be placed to inflict maximum destruction to the room. Checking back on the guard, his eyes were still fixed on the monitor while his hand kept shoving popcorn into his mouth.

“Now how am I going to deal with him…” Mako whispered to himself.

Immediately, something caught the witch’s eyes. On the wall near him was an emergency box containing a fire axe, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and a water hose. For some reason, the glass panel of the box was broken sparing Mako from creating attention to snatch its content. The witch took one of the items out and sneaked behind the sitting guard.

“Man, I was hoping to see some sexy time by one of ‘em,” the guard spoke to himself. Mako approached him ever closer until he had reached hitting distance from the guard’s head. Without further ado-


“Ohff- What the!-”


The guard received a powerful swing to his chin from a heavy fire extinguisher. He was instantly knocked out cold, but to make sure he won’t get up, Mako axed his head with the fire axe.

“Now that’s settled. Let’s get to work-” Mako armed the timebomb and stuck it right in the middle of the computer’s display. The witch had less than a minute to leave the place hence he rushed straight back under the air-duct he previously dropped from.

Mako pushed an office chair along with him and used it as a boost to jump and grab hold of the air duct’s ledge. He quickly pulled himself up and crawled away from the scene. The timer on the bomb was left with less than 10 seconds in the clock.







The factory complex was silent that midnight. Every worker was now on their beds inside their cramped dormitory. Their family members; wives, kids, elders and all slumbered in a separate residence. Night shift guards patrolled the area; walking through corridors, observing from watchtowers- but like any other nights, there’s not much activity from either side.

Meanwhile, the higher ups enjoyed a luxurious night inside their suite-like living quarters whereas the owner of the factory himself; Mr Ramsbottom, enjoyed a peaceful slumber in his mansion within the complex. All of the higher ups enjoyed a goodnight’s sleep- all except for two.

Waiting hidden outside their quarters, Boratheus and the ‘poop’ supervisor spied the server building from afar with binoculars. Bor looked at his wristwatch and back to the building, heart beating non-stop anxiously.


His anxiousness immediately swept away, replaced with a proud and smiling look on the boar-man’s face.

“Kid f***ing did it! He pulled it off!”

Clouds of smoke rose high from the server room followed by violent flames. The explosion awakened every single individual inside the factory complex but for the labour workers, it was a sign-

-a sign to start their full-scale coup.

Emergency sirens blared everywhere in the complex. Hundreds of guards marched towards their stations to gear up their armours and weapons, unaware of its functional faultiness. The guards quickly separated into several groups; some went to the exploded server building, some rushed to attend the higher-ups, some went to guard the residentials and some headed straight to the workers’ living quarters.

“HANDS UP AND HEADS DOWN NOW!!” one of the guards kicked open the quarters door as the rest of his crew rushed in.

Instead of surprised and compliant workers, the guards were immediately shot down by an angry mob of armed workers. The guards tried to fight back but to their dismay, their guns jammed. Instantly they were gunned, runned, and crushed by hundreds of people rushing out of their quarters excitedly.

The labour workers joined forces with other sector workers in fighting and gunning down the security forces. The guards experienced jammed guns, punctured-tire vehicles, self-destructing bombs, and other unforeseen faultiness of their equipment thus making them quickly overwhelmed by thousands and thousands of mobs charging at them with guns and spears.

The security stood no chance. Their only hope was to deploy the security bots but the server room controlling it was destroyed. Victory was imminent it seemed for the workers as far as Boratheus and the ‘poop’ guy could see. Hence, they joined their men below and rallied the workers into two groups.

The first group, led by ‘poop’-visor, went to the residentials to free their families while the other group, led by Boratheus, headed straight to Ramsbottom's™ mansion to finish off the owner once and for all.

“Ah! Mako! I thought you died from the explosion,” Bor greeted Mako, who arrived there right on time. The witch gasped for air after fleeing endlessly from the explosion.

“Stand strong kid! Our fight ain’t over until we put Rambottom’s™ fat, ugly head on that stake over there-” Bor pointed at a flagpole near the owner’s mansion- “MEHMET! Give this boy a gun!”

“Here you go, Just Mako!” Alai tossed a rifle to Mako who caught it in time.

“Now, let's storm that bastard’s™ mansion! VIVE LA REBELLION!! ” Bor raised his gun and charged. Everyone excitedly followed him behind.

Bor’s group runned down the guards trying to stop them and stormed right into the mansion’s gate. They rushed across the porch, gunning down whatever guards and leashed creatures protecting the area. The main entrance door drew ever closer for our labour rebels and just when they thought things had been going smoothly, a sudden quake shook the ground hard out of nowhere.

"Keep your guards up, men! Don't let the tremor deter our final push!" Bor shouted his command.

The tremor hadn't stopped yet so the rebelling workers were forced to take cover behind whatever bushes and pots they could find in fear of ambush.

"What's going on Alai? Why is there an earthquake here all of a sudden?" Mako asked.

"Wish I know too, Just Mako. But as far as I'm concerned, the whole factory ain't experiencing any earthquakes throughout my 10 years of working here!"

There and then, Mako and Alai noticed cracks forming on the ground near them. The crack trailed onwards ahead until it reached near the mansion's porch, where it culminated into a sudden powerful blast.

Many were sent flying, some were swallowed into the splitted earth created by the explosion. From the exploded ground emerged Ramsbottom's™ final line of defence: a fearsome 15-feet tall mecha piloted by none other than the factory owner himself.


[ 4RSE M4KER ]

Winding up all its cannons, guns and launchers across its upper-body, Mr Ramsbottom™ unleashed all of 4RSE M4KER's™ arsenal unto his rebelling workers.

Bor and his men struggled against the heavily armed mech. Their encounter with it was completely uncounted for as no one in the higher-ups knew about 4RSE M4KER’s™ existence. One-by-one the workers fell, yet they still fought valiantly emptying clips after clips of bullets onto the bulletproof mech.

All hope seemed lost for the rebelling workers when a fiery glow suddenly shone above them from the sky. A loud vroom thundered the sky as the workers looked up- to be greeted with a miraculous sight.

A huge fireball approached the 4RSE M4KER™ at great speed. It crashed right on top of the mecha’s head creating a fiery explosion upon impact. A silver hoverbike flew from the explosion before crashing right beside Mako and Alai.

“Wait, that’s Silverbolt!” Mako remarked. “That means-”


A familiar figure stood on top of the mecha’s head, spewing huge streams of fire from both of its hands.

“FYRAAA!!!!” Mako shouted in delight.

Noticing but paying no heed to the shout, Fyra shoved her right hand into the 4RSE M4KER’s™ eyegap which led directly to its head core. The one-horned devil blasted a fire stream right into the eyegap, overheating the mech’s entire system inside.


“Wait don-” before he could finish his sentence, Mr Ramsbottom™ was instantly ejected out of 4RSE M4KER™ crashing smack in the middle of his enemies

Facing up, the factory owner found himself surrounded by an angry, bloodlusted mob that yearned for his head. Right in front of Mr Ramsbottom™ was none other than the supervisor himself, Boratheus.

“Well boss, should’ve increased my paycheck back then, eh?” Bor commented with a sinister grin on his face. “Get ‘em men!”


The mob charged right at the helpless fat old man with guns and blades raised. What they did to him was better left to the imagination, for what’s important was that the factory complex was no more, it’s worker’s liberated, and it’s owner’s body buried six feet below the ground (while his head staked half a hundred feet up in the air). The violent coup ended right during sunrise, and thousands of workers reunited with their families once more.

As for our protagonists, Mako never felt happier to see his partner once more.

“Fyraaaa- That’s the last time I’m using that kind of toilet ever again!” Mako remarked as they both hugged each other embracingly.

“I’m never going to eat mushrooms ever again!”

“That’s what you said last time about chicken, carrots, beetroots, lizards, roaches, barks, maggots, worms…”

“Alright alright I get it! But yeah, I’m probably gonna avoid eating it for a while before I repeat the same mistake again.”

“Heh, like you always did?” Fyra added.

“Like I always did,” Mako replied.

Not long after, a noisy creak was heard throughout the whole complex. It was the main gate, now opened wide for all of its inhabitants to leave.

“Well Just Mako, it’s time we leave this damned place-” Alai tapped Mako’s shoulder- “it’s been a pleasure working with ya this past few weeks.”

With that, they all exited the complex with their families and friends. Waving goodbye to his workmates, Mako got onto the Silverbolt before pulling Fyra up to the seat as well. The duo rode off into the sunrise, to who-knows-where doing who-knows-what, dealing whatever bullshit the author of the story decided to throw upon them in the next chapter.

And as for Ramsbottom Portable Toilet Manufacturing™, the company became a historical legend among the people of Boneyard Badlands. If you see any abandoned portalets scattered around the badlands rusting away without care, now you know how it ended up like that.