Chapter 14:

Nice one, Kuma-chan!

Having Trouble Coming up With a Decent Story

“But Aika-chan, isn’t the festival supposed to be at the end of the year?” Sawada asked.Bookmark here

“Yes, but we don’t have time to lose!” Aika Murakami replied.Bookmark here

“But president, why would you do that…” Bookmark here

WHAT?”Bookmark here

“Aaan…” he looked away, “I-It’s just that t-the festival i-is at the end of the year because of the cultural day! H-How can you do it so early? Don’t you have to take care of other student-council-related business?”Bookmark here

KOIKE-KUN, if you haven’t realized it, this school don’t follow the regular rules, and besides…” she then whispered: “...we have to do something to move this slow plot forward, you know? We need this cultural festival, and we can’t just jump so many months.”
Bookmark here

“Oh, that’s right…”Bookmark here

“Anyway, I don’t think we’ll be able to call it Cultural Festival.” Sawada looked at Murakami.Bookmark here

“Hmm…” the student council president straightened her glasses, “That’s probably true… do you have any ideas, Umiko?”Bookmark here

“Hmm… not yet.”Bookmark here

KOIKE-KUN?”Bookmark here

“N-Not yet ma’am, but I-I’ll think of something right away!”Bookmark here

“Huh?” Murakami tited her head. She didn't understand why the boy was acting weirdly, but she decided to let it go and turn to her last hope: “What about you, Kuma-chan?”Bookmark here

They all stared at the b… at Kuma-chan.Bookmark here

“...” she didn’t move or reply.Bookmark here

“Is this girl serious?” Bookmark here

“I see…” Murakami continued, “Not even you Kuma-chan? It is indeed a diff…”Bookmark here

The sound of glass shattering interrupted her. A tennis ball somehow made its way through the student council’s window, whooshing in the direction of Kuma-chan’s face, who promptly jumped out of the way, leaving Koshiro to be the target.Bookmark here

“Aaargh!” the boy screamed when the ball hit his face, forcing him to fall to the ground.Bookmark here

“Are you alright!??” Sawada and Murakami exclaimed at the same time.Bookmark here

“N-Not… really…” his pupils were shaking from the impact, “But… wait, you were talking to her?” he looked at the other two helping Kuma-chan.Bookmark here

“Koike-kun?!” Murakami looked at him, “What are you doing ON THE GROUND?Bookmark here

“Koshiro?” Sawada turned to him after helping Kuma-chan. “Koshiro, are you alright?” she asked timidly.Bookmark here

“Well, not really…” he rubbed his face, “Ouch…”Bookmark here

“Hmm…” Murakami’s eyes were looking down on Koshiro as if saying “Get up RIGHT NOW, aren’t you a MAN?”Bookmark here

“O-Okay!” Koshiro stood up with a jump.Bookmark here

“Huh?” Murakami tilted her head, “Anyway, if you’re truly fine Koike-kun…” she started to ponder, “...I like your idea Kuma-chan, what do you think Umiko?”Bookmark here

“Hmm… it should work.”Bookmark here

“What are those two talking about?” Koshiro stared at Kuma-chan. “Kuma-chan gave an idea?”Bookmark here

“Precisely, she did it just now.” Murakami answered while picking the ball from the floor.Bookmark here

“Dodging the ball and leaving it to Koshiro idiot!” Sawada exclaimed, happily.Bookmark here

“What? Dodge the ball and leaving it to me is the idea?”
Bookmark here

“Huh? DIDN’T YOU REALIZE?Bookmark here

“E-Ee… I-I just didn’t k-know that we had a tennis team on our school!” Koshiro smiled awkwardly and looked away while scratching his head.Bookmark here

“Well, we do have one!” Sawada started.Bookmark here

“But this was from Ball Club.” Murakami completed as she showed the tennis ball to Koshiro.Bookmark here

“Okay then…”Bookmark here

“So!” the president shouted confidently, “As Kuma-chan pointed out, we should use the large number of clubs from Obaka High to our advantage!”Bookmark here

“Did you really get this from a dodge?”Bookmark here

“Nice one, Kuma-chan!” Sawada hugged her.Bookmark here

Murakami nodded a couple of times: “It’s decided! Koike-kun will continue to spy and report to us, and I’ll talk to the principal to see if we can do this Club Festival!” she then darted out of the room.Bookmark here

“Ugh.” Koshiro sighed, “I guess there’s nothing I can do… but maybe this can give me some inspiration...”Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“Just so you know, I bought your medicine today, so everything is ready for next Saturday.” Koshiro said to Scar after verifying the condition of her carrier.Bookmark here

“Grrr.” Scar growled, “I hate to take those things, but if it is what it takes to visit Sumiye-chan…”Bookmark here

“Yes, if you wanted to travel normally you should do better on trains.”Bookmark here

“I know, I know… but it’s not like it’s my fault! Cute bodies like mine don’t deal well with superspeed.”Bookmark here

“Sadly so…” Koshiro sighed, “Either way, now I’ll write on my inspiration book…”Bookmark here

“Your diary.” Scar corrected him.Bookmark here

“My inspiration book…”Bookmark here

“Diary.”Bookmark here

“Insp…”Bookmark here

“Diary.” Scar meowed and then turned around, “But whatever, I don’t care, just make sure to put the right day.”Bookmark here

“Right day? What do you mean?” the boy looked puzzled.Bookmark here

“Well, the last time this thing appeared was in Chapter 9, and we had some time jumps since then…” Scar explained, “If you put the wrong day people will notice the holes in the timeline.”Bookmark here

“Hmm…” Koshiro held his chin and pondered, “I guess that you’re right, but couldn’t they just gloss over it?”Bookmark here

“Maybe. But I wouldn’t count on that.”Bookmark here

“What about blaming me for my idiocy?”Bookmark here

“That’s the most probable outcome.”Bookmark here

“Aargh.” Koshiro frowned, “Handling a timeline is so difficult...” “Thank you very much, Scar.”Bookmark here

“You’re welcome!” she left the room.Bookmark here

“Hmm… take care with the timeline…” Koshiro thought while picking his dia… his Inspiration book:Bookmark here

Day… it’s a day, after the last and before the next… JUST GET OUT OF MY BACK! it’s the day that the president ordered me to be a spy.Bookmark here

Well, I don’t have many ideas… club isn’t much of a help…Bookmark here

Shimizu was the one to scream at Hirata today.Bookmark here

The secondary characters attack again??! I have a spy job now…Bookmark here

Why do we have a Ball club? Maybe Answer club can clue me in on that... Anyway, now we have some type of Club festival early in the year, I guess.Bookmark here

Everyone seems fine… unless the next chapters say otherwise.Bookmark here

I should focus! All this weird stuff should make my creativity come to life!Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

“Are you alone again?” a voice asked from behind Kuma-chan.Bookmark here

“Apparently, I’m not anymore.” Koshiro turned to the inflatable bear near him. He was eating his lonely Anpan in the same spot as on his first day of school, “What about you, Sawada-san?”Bookmark here

“I’m not Sawada-san! I’m Kuma-chan!” the voice protested, “But I heard this Sawada is really cute, even though she’s very tall and has normal eyes.”Bookmark here

“Hmm, is that so?”Bookmark here

“Of course!”Bookmark here

“Nice, but I can still see you from behind the be… from behind her, Sawada.”Bookmark here

“Aaah!” Umiko Sawada jumped from behind the b… from behind Kuma-chan and screamed at Koshiro: “Koshiro you idiot! Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot! Why can’t you play along?!” she was sulking.Bookmark here

“Hey, I’m sorry but I don’t see a point in doing it.”Bookmark here

“Hum!” she frowned and pouted.Bookmark here

Koshiro ignored the girl and continued to munch his Anpan until he realized that the girl was looking at it like a hungry dog.Bookmark here

“What is it?” he stopped for a moment and turned to the girl.Bookmark here

“Nothing!” she deviated her eyes right away.Bookmark here

“Hmm… okay then.” Koshiro’s attention returned to his lunch. “What? Do you want some?” he asked after noticing Sawada’s gaze again.Bookmark here

“Of course not!” she looked away again.Bookmark here

Koshiro once again looked at the Anpan, but after a few seconds: “Aargh!” he sighed, “If you want some, you just have to ask!” he tore the rest of the food in two and stretched one of the parts to Sawada.Bookmark here

“Huh?!” she stepped back, “I-I’m not hungry!”Bookmark here

GROWL her stomach denounced her.Bookmark here

“Huh??!” Sawada jumped with the sound, “W-What? I’m not hungry! Besides, is it really alright to… iasgrre...”Bookmark here

She was interrupted by Koshiro shoving the entire food on her mouth, “Just eat it.” for some reason this reminded him of a long red hair…Bookmark here

“Hmm..” the girl grabbed the rest of the Anpan and started to munch it slowly, “It’s… delicious…”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Sawada, but you do look like a child.” Koshiro observed her eating.Bookmark here

“What is it, you pervert?” she scowled at him.Bookmark here

Koshiro sighed, “I was just thinking of what you told me last time we met here.”Bookmark here

“Huh? What… do you… mean?” Sawada asked between munches.Bookmark here

“You said that you liked to be alone, but that’s actually a lie, right?”Bookmark here

“...” the girl stared at him for several seconds without saying anything.Bookmark here

“Sawada-san?”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

“Did you hear what I said?”Bookmark here

“Hmm... eee...”Bookmark here

“It's not that difficult. Just tell me you don't like being alone.”Bookmark here

“No one likes being alone.” she said with a low voice while a shadow was cast on her face.Bookmark here

“Duh!" Koshiro frowned, "But you still come here all by yourself.”
Bookmark here

“I’m not alone! I..."Bookmark here

"Why aren't you with the president? Why don't you eat with her? You seemed like good friends."Bookmark here

"She's always busy with the council..."Bookmark here

"Wow, you can't text each other and agree to eat together?"Bookmark here

"I can't..."Bookmark here

"What? Stop saying nonsen..."Bookmark here

"I don't have a phone."Bookmark here

"Huh?" "What type of kid doesn't have a phone these days?"  "Anyway, you can definitely agree to eat together at the tea parties."Bookmark here

"At lunch she's busy! Besides..."Bookmark here

"Besides what? I don't think she does much at the student council."Bookmark here

"Shut up! I'm not alone anymore! I’m always with Kuma-ch…”Bookmark here

"The inflatable bear?"Bookmark here

"SHE'S A PRECIOUS FRIEND OF MINE! She does more good than you'll ever do in your life, you idiot!" after screaming at Koshiro the girl turned around and ran.Bookmark here

“Aargh, she always needs to do that?” Koshiro sighed and looked at Kuma-chan.Bookmark here

"It's your fault for being an idiot. You should hurry and do your job!"Bookmark here

"Wait, did you just..."Bookmark here

"Koshiro..."Bookmark here

"Huh?" the boy turned his gaze to the voice, "Sawada?"Bookmark here

"I'm just doing this because it's natural for a princess!" Sawada lifted the sides of her skirt and bowed saying "Thank you for the food." with a pout. The girl then bolted out of the place for good, dragging Kuma-chan with her. Bookmark here

"Okay..." Koshiro observed the girl leave and then got up to go to the school building himself, not realizing that someone was looking at them from above: Hayami Takayama.Bookmark here

“Humpf, so he’s a lolicon after all.” Hayami concluded, “Well, that's good to know! That rat has to keep his distance from me..." Bookmark here

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