Chapter 5:

Stubbornness and Pride


Emyria awoke from her slumber feeling refreshed, and ready to tackle the day. Her body felt lighter, and her appetite had seemed to increase. I wonder if I could be as nimble as Aystaria, Emyria wondered as she looked over to her window. She could see a tree branch within the distance that slightly swayed in the light breeze. Taking a few steps back, Emyria readied herself to try, and jump through the window, grabbing onto the branch, flipping a bit for show, and land to the ground on her feet. Getting a running start, Emyria planted her foot onto the windowsill, and used all the momentum she could to push herself to the tree branch.Bookmark here

As she flew through the air, she held out her hand to grip the branch firmly. Before she had a chance to react, Emyria could hear the sound of the branch cracking. In just a split second, the sudden snapping of the branch forced her weight downwards to the ground. I forgot to take my weight into account, crap, Emyria thought as she felt herself starting to fall.Bookmark here

“Festina!”Bookmark here

It took Emyria a second to process what had happened, but soon found herself blushing due to the position she was in. She was straddled atop Aystaria with her hands pinning her wrist down in the grass. Aystaria smiled as closed her eyes.Bookmark here

“This is where you’re supposed to kiss me,” Aystaria said in a playful tone.Bookmark here

“I think you’re just full of yourself.”Bookmark here

“Then a simple thank you can make up for you forgetting to calculate your weight when you try to do that.”Bookmark here

Emyria got off of Aystaria as she took a second to stretch.Bookmark here

“Thank you, Aystaria.”Bookmark here

“You are quite welcome. Now, how about we get some breakfast before you have to go to school.”Bookmark here

“What do you even do when I’m at school?”Bookmark here

“Study, and read through the books under your bed,” Aystaria said with a smug expression.Bookmark here

“Wait! You—”Bookmark here

Aystaria playfully skipped merrily while twirling on the ball of her foot as she giggled playfully.Bookmark here

“I read all your little secret books so I know all those little kinks.”Bookmark here

Emyria run towards Aystaria but failed to land any attack as she dodged all of them as if she was merely dancing.Bookmark here

“What is wrong with you?”Bookmark here

“Hehe. I think it’s cute that you like—”Bookmark here

“Stop!”Bookmark here

Aystaria slipped behind Emyria as she wrapped her arms around her gently.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, your secrets are safe with me.”Bookmark here

“Promise?”Bookmark here

“I promise. In fact, I’ll even wear one of those outfits for you, if you past the exams. That’ll be your reward, okay?”Bookmark here

“If you’re serious, then I’ll work hard.”Bookmark here

“I know you will.”Bookmark here

After eating a well-balanced breakfast of bread with a side of bread, Emyria preceded to change into her school uniform, and made her way to school as she always had. Walking to her classroom, she smiled as she greeted each of the students. Many were shocked by the sudden change in Emyria’s stride, and her confidence to smile as if nothing was bothering her. All of them knew Emyria as a snobby nobleman’s daughter that had only one friend.Bookmark here

Emyria continued to greet others as she made her way into the classroom. She was relatively early to the point that only a few students were sitting at desks—along with Miss Feldia standing in front of the room. The face of horror stared upon Emyria as she stared back without fear.Bookmark here

“Good morning, Miss Feldia,” Emyria said with a cheerful expression as she made her way over to her desk.Bookmark here

“Good morning to you too, Miss Hyteria. You seem rather cheerful.”Bookmark here

The few students that were sitting in the room appeared surprised by the exchange that took place before them. No one had ever smiled in such a way that while wishing Miss Feldia in a friendly tone. Before Emyria could take her seat, she could feel the cold chill sensation of death looming over her, and staring down to her soul. Turing around on the ball of her foot, Emyria smile as she tilted her head slightly as if puzzled.Bookmark here

“Is something wrong, Miss Feldia?”Bookmark here

“You’re acting just like her.”Bookmark here

“Are you referring to Aystaria?”Bookmark here

Miss Feldia leaned down as she stared intensely into Emyria’s eyes.Bookmark here

“Don’t lose yourself in the process,” Miss Feldia said in a cryptic tone.Bookmark here

Emyria pondered the phrase Miss Feldia said as she sat down at her desk. Throughout the day, Emyria thought about what she wanted to do after graduation. She enjoyed the thrill of fighting, yet, there was the reality that she would have to take lives—possibly even innocent lives. After the school day had come to an end, Emyria exited the classroom as fast as she could, hoping to get home with due haste. As Emyria crossed the threshold of the school gate, she could feel the presence of Nolvet within her sense of range.Bookmark here

“Emyria!”Bookmark here

I think I need to put Nolvet in her place, Emyria thought as she turned on the ball of her foot. Holding back the urge to glare menacingly, she simply smiled the same way Aystaria would, speaking in a cheerful tone.Bookmark here

“What do you want this time, weakling?”Bookmark here

“Excuse me?”Bookmark here

“I didn’t stutter,” Emyria said giggling playfully.Bookmark here

“This is why you don’t have any friends, Emyria. You think you’re too good for everyone else.”Bookmark here

“Well, we can fight so I can prove that I’m better than you, but pretty sure you would lose.”Bookmark here

Without warning, Nolvet rushed forward as she reeled her fist back. Calculating the trajectory of the strike, Emyria avoided Nolvet’s right hook, and quickly followed up with a swift strike to her right eye. Even with only minimum effort, Emyria had managed to force Nolvet to the ground. As Emyria waited for Nolvet to get to her feet, students gathered around to watch the fight unfold. Once Nolvet was up, the anger in her eyes could be seen as clear as the sun in the sky.Bookmark here

Nolvet continued to land a flurry of half-hazarded blows, all of them failing to connect as Emyria dodged each one like a flowing river. As Nolvet reeled back to land a punch, Emyria ducked, and weaved behind Nolvet like a skilled assassin. Grabbing her skirt by the hem, she quickly pulled Nolvet’s skirt down to her ankles—revealing her white. The echo of laughing students rang out as Nolvet struggled to pull her skirt back up. Maybe it’s time I put into practice what Aystaria showed me, Emyria thought as she closed her eyes. She recalled that Aystaria had explained one move that was powerful enough to incapacitate someone. A single punch to the temple at just the right force was enough to make someone go unconscious for hours, or even blind them permanently. As Emyria dodged another of Nolvet’s blows with ease, she prepared to strike in the single area with all her might. In the blink of an eye, Emyria felt the bones in her arm crack as she the stinging feeling shot up through her whole arm.Bookmark here

“M-Miss Feldia?”Bookmark here

Standing in between herself, and Nolvet was Miss Feldia who stared down into Emyria’s eyes with a stern look. Emyria quickly realized that Miss Feldia had stopped her punch with the palm of her hand, failing to budge even an inch. Others looked on in shock, and confusion as they stood in silence.Bookmark here

“Well now, Miss Hyteria. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you were just about to possibly send your classmate into a state of unconsciousness, or quite like make her blind for the rest of her life.”Bookmark here

“But Miss—”Bookmark here

Miss Feldia hoisted Emyria with one hand until her eyes were level with her own. The sharp pain that coursed throughout her arm felt like a thousand daggers stabbing her from the inside-out.Bookmark here

“All students should proceed home while I have a chat with Miss Hyteria.”Bookmark here

None of the students said a word as they vacated from the area. Once all of them had left, Miss Feldia continued to hold Emyria by the arm as she carried her to the classroom. Tossing her onto the floor like a rag doll, Miss Feldia made her way over to her desk. Tipping it over revealed a long strand of black rope, and a black coin shaped rock. Grabbing the coin, and rope, Miss Feldia made her way back over to Emyria as she flipped the coin in the air nonchalantly.Bookmark here

“Do you know what this coin is?” Miss Feldia asked as she held out the coin.Bookmark here

Emyria stared closely at the coin. It was black with a faint tint that made it stand out in its dimensions. On the coin was an engraving of a symbol that Emyria had never seen before, along with a language that she couldn’t read.Bookmark here

“What is that?”Bookmark here

“This is special coin. It’s actually quite heavy. So heavy in fact that if I was to place this on your head, it would crush you.”Bookmark here

“But you’re flipping it in the air, and catching it like it’s nothing. How heavy can it actually be?”Bookmark here

Forcing Emyria’s legs open, Miss Feldia placed the coin on her skirt. Like a brick, the coin fell to the ground as Emyria felt her legs close from the coin pushing down on her skirt. This can’t be real, Emyria thought as she tried to pick up the coin. The coin refused to move even a single millimeter as Emyria tried her hardest to pick it up. Miss Feldia smiled as she picked up the coin with almost no effort.Bookmark here

“How are you able to lift that coin so easily?”Bookmark here

“Only a few people can hold these coins. Aystaria, could easily hold six in her hand. I myself can hold nine.”Bookmark here

“She can hold six of those things?”Bookmark here

“Yes. Aystaria is far stronger than you seem to realize.”Bookmark here

“Who is she?”Bookmark here

Miss Feldia smiled as she placed the coin in her pocket, and gathered up the rope.Bookmark here

“If you truly wish to know, follow me.”Bookmark here

Emyria followed Miss Feldia out into the hallway as she spoke.Bookmark here

“Aystaria is many things. Sweet, kind, and willing to help others even at the cost of her happiness. Of course, she has flaws like all of us. Stubborn, cocky, prideful, and determined to push through even if it means losing her own life in the process.”Bookmark here

Miss Feldia continued on until she stopped in front of a large tree in the courtyard.Bookmark here

“By the way, Miss Feldia?”Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

“What’s with the rope?”Bookmark here

“Ah. Right, I need you to strip naked.”Bookmark here

Emyria was silent for a second. After cleaning out her ears she smiled cheerfully.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry Miss Feldia, I must have heard you wrong.”Bookmark here

“Nope, you heard right,” Miss Feldia said with a smile.Bookmark here

The smile quickly faded from Emyria’s face.Bookmark here

“What? Why!?”Bookmark here

“Believe it or stringing a person up while naked was once a punishment. Alas, it is no longer a punishment, aside from a few that use it.”Bookmark here

“Then why are you still doing it?”Bookmark here

“Because I love the traditional ways.”Bookmark here

“A-Aystaria won’t like this…”Bookmark here

“Believe me when I say that once she learned of what you tried to do, she would do this to you as well.”Bookmark here

“N-No way…”Bookmark here

“And it would be far worse than what I could do. If anything, I’m being benevolent. Aystaria would make you suffer.”Bookmark here

“Irredeemable…”Bookmark here

“Now, you should begin stripping before I do it for you,” Miss Feldia said with an irredeemable smile.Bookmark here

#Bookmark here

The burning sensation like a fire of a lit candle raged throughout Emyria’s body as she slowly made her way down the street. As she turned the corner, she found herself forced to the ground as if she had walked into a brick wall. What in the world did I hit, Emyria wondered as she looked up. She could see, standing before her a girl that looked familiar, but yet different at the same time.Bookmark here

“Don’t I know you?”Bookmark here

“You’re the girl that cried, all because you saw that man die.”Bookmark here

Emyria started to recall that painful memories of how she killed a man. Tears began to swell up around her eyes as the Undertaker twirled on the ball of her foot before pulling out a small handkerchief from between her breast.Bookmark here

“Don’t cry, we all die, hehe,” she giggled as she handed over the handkerchief.Bookmark here

After wiping away her tears, Emyria tried to take her mind off of the memories.Bookmark here

“Why do you rhyme your words like that?”Bookmark here

“We see as we do, and do as we see, forever alone Undertakers will be.”Bookmark here

“I… don’t… What?”Bookmark here

“Ask a question you did, now I poke you in the rib,” the Undertaker said as she playfully poked Emyria in the ribs.Bookmark here

Even though Emyria was confused by the Undertaker’s words, she felt a sense of peace as she smiled.Bookmark here

“Thank you.”Bookmark here

The Undertaker giggled as she patted Emyria on the head.Bookmark here

“No need to thank me, just go be free.”Bookmark here

“You are really sweet, I would massage your… Uh… wait… I need to think of a better rhyme.”Bookmark here

Another giggle escaped the Undertaker’s mouth.Bookmark here

“No need to rhyme, just don’t get attacked by a slime.”Bookmark here

Emyria smiled as she bid farewell to the strange girl who disposed of corpses for a living. The sun was beginning to set over the ridge line as Emyria entered through the gateway to see Aystaria leaning against the door frame. She looked cheerful as Emyria closed her eyes, only to feel a faint aura of disappointment.Bookmark here

“So, how was your day at school?” Aystaria asked with a smile.Bookmark here

“You already know, don’t you…”Bookmark here

“Hehe. I do. Come with me.”Bookmark here

Aystaria twirled in a half-circle, and opened the front door. Emyria followed behind as she thought about what Miss Feldia said. As they continued down the hallway, Emyria realized they weren’t heading for her room.Bookmark here

“Are we not going back to my room?”Bookmark here

“Nope,” Aystaria said in a cheerful tone.Bookmark here

The two of them entered into Aystaria’s room as Aystaria closed the door behind her.Bookmark here

“Go sit on the bed.”Bookmark here

“You’re going to string me up naked, aren’t you?” Emyria asked as she sat down on Aystaria’s bed.Bookmark here

“Of course I would. If Feldia hadn’t already done it, you would be hanging from your window while I carefully added weights to select areas. But… I can tell by the look on your face that your regret what you did.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, you taught me so much, and I just used it to bully my friend.”Bookmark here

“Friend?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, Nolvet, and I were childhood friends before we drifted apart.”Bookmark here

“I see. Lay back for me, please.”Bookmark here

Emyria laid back on the bed as she watched Aystaria head over to her desk. Pulling out a small glass vial with white liquid in it, Aystaria sat down beside Emyria as she quickly unbuttoned her school uniform. Upon revealing the bare skin of her stomach, Aystaria popped the cork of the vial, and dipped her finger deep into the white liquid. The smell of a faint malodorous odor wafted from the vial, and near Emyria’s nose.Bookmark here

“That smells awful. What is that, and what exactly are you doing?” Emyria asked as she held her nose.Bookmark here

“This will help heal the rope burns on your body.”Bookmark here

As Aystaria applied the liquid, Emyria could feel the cool sensation of the medicine as Aystaria gently covered the rope burns in a thin layer. Aystaria slowly worked her way up to the ribs, before dipping her finger back into the snow-colored liquid.Bookmark here

“You know, I could have just applied this myself.”Bookmark here

“Oh? So you don’t want me to apply this for you like a maid serving her master?” Aystaria asked in a teasing tone.Bookmark here

“I’d rather you apply it to more sensitive areas. If you are going to keep doing it that is.”Bookmark here

“That would imply that this is your reward.”Bookmark here

“I mean, I did learn my lesson. Can’t you be nice for once, Aystaria?” Emyria asked with a smile.Bookmark here

“All right, if you continue with your story on your friend then I’ll apply this medicine over your whole body. How’s that?”Bookmark here

“I’m fine with that trade.”Bookmark here

“Okay then. Start from the beginning,” Aystaria said as she continued to apply the medication.Bookmark here

“Believe it or not, Nolvet wasn’t born a noble. She grew up to a poor family before she managed to become a model for some well-known artist. Before long, she ended up with a lot of money, and the two of us meet on a beach one summer.”Bookmark here

Aystaria looked over the rest of Emyria’s body as she dipped her finger into the vial again. Lifting her up her skirt, and revealing the rope burns around her thighs, Aystaria carefully traced a finger up Emyria’s inner thighs. In that moment a soft moan escaped Emyria’s mouth as she closed her legs together.Bookmark here

“B-Be careful there…”Bookmark here

“Sensitive, are we?”Bookmark here

Emyria nodded shyly as she relaxed her legs.Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah…”Bookmark here

“I’ll be gentle. Continue.”Bookmark here

“O-Okay. Well, to make this a long story short, Nolvet started to change after high-school. She began to hate me, and try to get into fights with me. Never understood why though.”Bookmark here

Aystaria moved down to Emyria’s feet, and carefully removed her shoes, and socks revealing the burns that cover her bare legs, and tops of her feet. Getting a thicker coat of the white liquid onto her finger, Aystaria gently applied to Emyria’s legs, working her way downward to her feet as she spoke.Bookmark here

“She’s jealous of you. If you were paying attention to the cries for help you would see that she wants you to help her, but she doesn’t know how to ask.”Bookmark here

“That’s not fair though as I don’t even know what to do, nor how to help.”Bookmark here

“Seems pretty obvious to me. Let’s start by apologizing to her tomorrow, okay?”Bookmark here

Emyria sighed.Bookmark here

“Yeah, you’re right. I need to at least apologize for giving her a black eye.”Bookmark here

“That you do. Now, turn over, and I’ll apply the last bit of this medication to your back,” Aystaria said with a smile.Bookmark here

#Bookmark here

A long walk up a mile long staircase made Aystaria, and Emyria stop for a second. Emyria had never been to Nolvet’s house, and seeing the vast manor setting upon the clifftop was almost intimidating. The two of them looked to each other, before Aystaria smiled.Bookmark here

“Race you to the top.”Bookmark here

The cheerful pixie rushed up the stairs with nimble grace, and a light foot.Bookmark here

“Aystaria!”Bookmark here

Emyria quickly rushed after Aystaria hoping to catch up with her. Why is it she is so fast, Emyria thought as she managed to close the gap between her, and Aystaria. Ensuring that she carefully stepped as she made haste, Emyria realized that she was close to reaching the top of the stairs while just keeping up with Aystaria. A single blink made Emyria question if she was seeing things. As if by magic or some divine intervention, Aystaria had just managed to beat her to the top of the stairs. Before Emyria could fall to the ground on her face from the exhausting run upwards, Aystaria caught her. Aystaria smiled as she held Emyria steady.Bookmark here

“Looks like you still have some training to do.”Bookmark here

“I think you were just scared that I could have beaten you,” Emyria said as she struggled to control her breathing.Bookmark here

A smug look came across Aystaria’s face.Bookmark here

“I could beat you without throwing a single punch.”Bookmark here

“Pretty sure you told me overconfidence can get you in trouble.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, you in trouble. I know how to restraint myself.”Bookmark here

Aystaria made her way forward towards the manor as Emyria followed behind her. The manor stood out among the horizon of the sea just behind as the pristine, ivory-white building made the scene appear timeless like a painting. A well-kept pathway invited guest from the stairwell straight to the front door of the manor. Skipping nimbly down the cobblestone path, Aystaria stopped at the porch. Once Emyria had caught up, Aystaria knocked on the door as she stood their with her arms relaxed behind her her, fingers interlaced with one another. Her expression, as always, was calm, relaxed, and cheerful as she stood there bouncing on the balls of her feet.Bookmark here

The door opened, revealing a petite young girl with long blue hair, and square-rimmed glasses. She was dressed in a maid outfit, and appeared as if she had not eaten for days. Her timid expression made it clear that she was afraid to speak to people. After looking over Aystaria, and Emyria for a minute, the girl spoke.Bookmark here

“C-Can I help you?”Bookmark here

“Hiya, I was wondering if we could meet with Lady Faldur,” Aystaria said with a cheerful smile.Bookmark here

“Remove your shoes when you enter,” the maid said as she held open the door.Bookmark here

Aystaria entered into the main lobby as she removed her boots at the entrance—with Emyria doing the same. The maid girl bowed slightly as she spoke in a timid voice.Bookmark here

“Please wait here. I shall fetch Lady Faldur for you.”Bookmark here

The maid headed up the grand stairwell as Aystaria, and Emyria waited in the foyer. Aystaria hummed a cheerful tune as she continued to bounce up, and down on the balls of her feet as she swayed slightly from side to side. Why does she seem more cheerful than usual, Emyria wondered as she looked around the foyer. As the various maids of the house traveled down the hallways with the foyer acting as the intersecting hub between all of connecting halls, Emyria noticed that all the maids had blue hair, and wore glasses. Another thing that stood out to her was the fact that aside from all the maids being without shoes or socks, a few of them appeared to walk as if with each step there was a deep swelling pain in their feet.Bookmark here

“So, is it just me—”Bookmark here

Before Emyria could finish her sentence, Aystaria cut her off with a playful giggle.Bookmark here

“Now, now, Emyria, we can have a race back down the stairs when we finish up here, okay?”Bookmark here

I guess this is something we should talk about when we aren’t around, Emyria thought as she noticed Nolvet coming down the stairs. Beside her was a girl who appeared to be in her late twenties, with pale skin like a ghost, and pale blue eyes that resembled the ocean. A thigh-length strapless dress with an incredibly short skirt made the girl stand out among the maids, and even Nolvet herself. Her slender bare legs, and petite bare feet made her appear even more attractive as she stopped at the bottom of the stairwell.Bookmark here

Nolvet—in contrast to Emyria—was dressed in the fine noble outfit could buy. An elegant black laced corset with soft shades of crimson accented the various areas throughout as the frilly short skirt emphasized her bare legs, and feet. A touch of crimson toenail polish was brought out by the pale complexion of her skin.Bookmark here

“What do you want?” Nolvet asked as in a stuck-up tone as she looked to Emyria.Bookmark here

“Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Lady Faldur,” Aystaria said as she bowed slightly.Bookmark here

“Are you Emyria’s private tutor?”Bookmark here

“Why yes I am. Aystaria Pynn, at your service.”Bookmark here

“Now I can see where Emyria got her poor taste in skill.”Bookmark here

“Excuse me?” Emyria blurted out.Bookmark here

Emyria stepped forward, and in the blink of an eye she found herself stopping dead in her tracks. The sharp edge of a blade was just inches from her throat, yet it was unable to get any closer. Looking down slightly, Emyria could see that Aystaria had used the tip of her scabbard to push the blade off its course. Out of the corner of her eye, Emyria could see Aystaria looking calm, and relaxed as she continued to have a cheerful expression on her face.Bookmark here

“Now, now, I think we can be civil about this, don’t you?” Aystaria asked in a calm manner.Bookmark here

The girl appeared annoyed as she tried to force her blade to move, yet, as if by magic, her blade was unable to move. Nolvet sighed as she looked over to the girl.Bookmark here

“Wyiss, put away your weapon. You know my father would be angry at you if you damaged anything in his home.”Bookmark here

With an annoyed click of her teeth, Wyiss put away her blade as kept her eyes locked on Aystaria.Bookmark here

“If you two are going to fight, then we can take it to the training room.”Bookmark here

“Oh no, that’s okay. I didn’t come here to fight. Besides, it’s not like you’d win anyways, Miss Wyiss,” Aystaria said with a cocky smile.Bookmark here

“The hell did you just say?”Bookmark here

Aystaria continued to maintain her cheery expression as Wyiss appeared as if she was about to bust a blood vessel.Bookmark here

“I think my words were perfectly cohesive in the contextual manner.”Bookmark here

“Okay, now you’re just asking for me to kick your ass.”Bookmark here

Without saying another word, Wyiss headed down one of the hallways. Nolvet sighed as she follow behind.Bookmark here

“Voi kulta, oi rakas,” Aystaria said as she giggled.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, what did you say, Aystaria?” Emyria asked.Bookmark here

“Oh, it’s nothing, Emyria. I’m just so happy that she is such an easy opponent to read.”Bookmark here

Skipping down the hallway, and twirling on the balls of her feet, Aystaria appeared more cheerful than she normally was as Emyria followed behind her at a steady stride. Stepping into one of the room, revealed a large area of empty space. Hardwood covered most of the floor, aside from a fairly sizable patch that was different in color. It was made of a softer type of wood that would be considerably less painful. On the north wall was an ample selection of weapons from longswords, short blades, spears, and every possible weapon that one could imagine.Bookmark here

Wyiss stepped into the room as she headed for a section of the weapons that held various wooden swords. Grabbing one of the hilts that had been etched into the wood, Wyiss threw the four foot long solid wooden sword to Aystaria. Catching it with one hand, Aystaria twirled the sword around as she closed her eyes. This feels far too light for me, Aystaria thought as she readied her weapon in her dominant hand. Wyiss squared off against Aystaria as a smug expression came across her face.Bookmark here

“All that twirling doesn’t help in actual combat.”Bookmark here

“No, but it should tell you just how much better I am than you,” Aystaria said in a playfully tone.Bookmark here

“Now you’re just pissing me off! I’m wiping that smug grim off your damn face!” Wyiss yelled as she dashed straight for Aystaria without any thought to her attack.Bookmark here

With a smile on her face, Aystaria threw her sword up into the air. Like a moth to a flame, Wyiss looked up for only a moment at the sword. In that split second, Aystaria spring boarded off of Wyiss’ chest, and landed a jaw shattering kick that forced her onto the ground. As the wooden sword fell from the air, Aystaria caught it with her off-hand—twirling it before driving the tip into the ground, using the sword as a crutch to lean on like a gentlemen with an umbrella.Bookmark here

Wyiss shook off the feeling in her jaw as she tried to stand to her feet. She could feel her head spinning from the kick that she had taken, yet her pride would not allow her to be put down so easily. Readying her weapon, she glared at Aystaria with hate in her eyes. Aystaria could only giggle as she used her hand to try, and hold back her laugh.Bookmark here

“You are quite tough, aren’t you, Miss Wyiss?”Bookmark here

“Drop the formalities you annoying nympho.”Bookmark here

“Oh my, name calling?” Aystaria could only giggle more as Wyiss rushed forward again.Bookmark here

This girl is just so easy to read, Aystaria thought as she continued to lean against her sword—placing her hand on her hip. Shifting her weight ever so sightly, Aystaria watched as the Wyiss tried desperately to stab her in the chest. As if in-tune with the motions of the blade, Aystaria leaned lower to the ground Wyiss swung the sword in a horizontal motion. By mere inches, the wood missed Aystaria as she continued to hold herself in a leaning position at an almost perfect incline angle. Returning to a standing position, Aystaria smiled as she lifted up Wyiss’ skirt for a brief second before she could swing her weapon again.Bookmark here

“Hehe. So, white panties, I see,” Aystaria teased.Bookmark here

Wyiss could only blush in embarrassment as her face turned a bright red. Holding her skirt down after being violated, Wyiss appeared more furious than she had before. I’m about to end this little girl, Wyiss thought as she took a second to steel her mind. Taking in one deep breath, Wyiss stepped forward on her leading foot, and maintained a solid composure of her form that any master would have been proud of her. Yet, like an ever changing shadow of fog, Aystaria evaded the slicing blow to the gut, as she jumped backwards with a single flip as she stuck the landing perfectly.Bookmark here

“Nailed it,” Aystaria said holding up two fingers.Bookmark here

Without a second to delay, Wyiss prepared to thrust her weapon into Aystaria’s lower stomach. This time I got her, Wyiss thought as she continued with the motion of stepping forward with her leading foot. Yet, Wyiss could only stare in awe by what she was seeing after completing her attack.Bookmark here

Aystaria stood atop of the blade as she giggled. Like a small child playing a prank, Aystaria shoved the tip of her toes into Wyiss’ mouth. In that moment, Aystaria couldn’t help, but giggle as she stared down at Wyiss with calm, and gentle expression.Bookmark here

“Does my sock taste good?”Bookmark here

I am going to slit her throat! All she is doing is toying with me, Wyiss thought as she bit down on Aystaria’s toe. A painful yelp echoed throughout the room as Aystaria quick retracted her foot from Wyiss’ mouth. Jumping off the weapon, and landing on one foot, Aystaria removed her thigh-high sock, and checked the area that Wyiss had bitten. The area around Aystaria’s toes showed a clear sign of deep bite marks.Bookmark here

“That actually hurt, you know,” Aystaria pouted as she removed her other sock.Bookmark here

Wyiss quickly split up as fast as she could, and wiped her tongue off.Bookmark here

“That’s disgusting. Who the hell puts their foot in someone’s mouth?”Bookmark here

After getting her bearings, Wyiss readied herself to engage Aystaria once again in combat. Okay, I see how she moves now. This time, I’m going to beat her into the ground, Wyiss thought as she stepped forward carefully. Wyiss continued to watch Aystaria ensuring that she knew exactly what strikes she would use against her. The cheerful expression of Aystaria’s grin continued to slowly etch itself into Wyiss’ mind as she tried to focus on what she had to do.Bookmark here

“You should try no to make it obvious that you’re studying my movements. I’m going to tell you right now that it won’t work,” Aystaria said with a cute wink.Bookmark here

Wyiss stopped dead in her tracks as she continued to keep her guard up. She can’t be a mind reader, there is no way she can know, Wyiss thought as she took a step back. Another giggle escaped Aystaria’s mouth as she readied her wooden sword in her dominant hand.Bookmark here

“No, I can’t read your mind. You told me everything about you from your stance, the way you care yourself, how you breathe, everything I know is because I watched how you interacted with the world around you.”Bookmark here

“No one is good enough to understand a person like that. You’re lying!”Bookmark here

Aystaria rushed forward with her left foot as she watched Wyiss ready her guard for a frontal assault. The sound of two wooden swords echoed throughout the room.Bookmark here

“See this is the difference between you, and me, Wyiss. You’re like a rock, strong, and firm in stance. I however am like the flowing river, ever changing, and able to move anywhere,” Aystaria said as she twirled on the ball of her foot.Bookmark here

Using her rotation to smoothly redirect the force of Wyiss’ momentum against her, Aystaria had quickly ended up beside Wyiss. Aystaria smiled as Wyiss realized she was too late to followed up with a strike or even defend herself.Bookmark here

“Poke,” Aystaria said in a cutesy tone as she gently poked the tip of Wyiss’ right breast.Bookmark here

In an instant, Wyiss felt her body tingle around her breast, and quickly gravitate between her legs. She let out a loud moan as her legs buckled like bricks to the floor. What did she do to me, Wyiss wondered as a rush of liquid escaped from between her thighs. With her body unable to move, and her breathing rapidly increasing, Wyiss struggled to maintain her grip on her sword. As she continued to struggle to process what her body was doing, she felt a chill run down her spine. She had faced many different situations in her time, but of all of them, the sense of Aystaria out of her field of vision scared her.Bookmark here

Like a shadow in the dark, Aystaria wrapped her arms around, and giggled softly as she gently bit down on Wyiss’ ear.Bookmark here

“You can tell me that I’ve won now, okay,” Aystaria whispered in a seductively playful tone.Bookmark here

“Y-You win, just please… stop doing that!”Bookmark here

Aystaria smiled as she stood to her feet, and grabbed the wooden sword. Throwing it across the room at just the right angle, Aystaria had managed to make the sword rest on the weapon wall rack without much effort. Holding her hand out in a nonthreatening gesture, Aystaria smiled as she looked down at Wyiss.Bookmark here

“You do fight well.”Bookmark here

Wyiss took Aystaria’s hand as an amusing chuckle left her mouth.Bookmark here

“I’ve never lost a duel before. You truly are a strong one.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I know.”Bookmark here

“You’re also extremely cocky.”Bookmark here

Aystaria giggled as she twirled on the ball of her foot, and struck a pose with her hands on her hips.Bookmark here

“Well, I have to be confident in myself, otherwise I’ll always lose.”Bookmark here

Wyiss looked over to Nolvet, and Emyria.Bookmark here

“Nolvet, Lady Hyteria, is something wrong?”Bookmark here

Both Nolvet, and Emyria were in awe at the fight they had witnessed. Neither of them spoke as Aystaria, and Wyiss made their way over to them.Bookmark here

“So girls, care to put your pity fights to the side, and make up like friends?” Aystaria asked.Bookmark here

Emyria turned to Nolvet as she took a deep breath in, and exhaled.Bookmark here

“I’m sorry for the black eye, Nolvet. You just… You started making fun of me after we got into high-school, and I don’t know why.”Bookmark here

“It’s… It wasn’t your fault. I was just jealous.”Bookmark here

“Jealous of what?”Bookmark here

“Why don’t all of us go for a stroll on the beach?” Aystaria chimed in with a cheerful tone.Bookmark here

#Bookmark here

Aystaria twirled on the ball of her bare feet as she felt the soft sand between her toes. Her white hair gleamed the rays of the setting sun making her appear elegant in the twilight. While she, and Wyiss stood at the coastline, Emyria, and Nolvet had made their way to a nearby cliff face that stood out at the horizon of the beach. Wyiss sat down in the sand as she leaned back on the palm of her hand, using her arm as support.Bookmark here

“So, where did you learn to fight like that?” Wyiss asked as she looked over to Aystaria.Bookmark here

“I guess you don’t remember,” Aystaria said with a smile as she sat down next to her.Bookmark here

“Remember what? We’ve never met before.”Bookmark here

Laying back in the sand with a smug expression on her face, Aystaria closed her eyes as she rested her head against her arms. Digging her toes into the sand, she exhaled a sigh of relief. I guess she truly doesn’t remember me, Aystaria thought.Bookmark here

“Hey now, Aystaria! Don’t go silent on me you nympho.”Bookmark here

“I guess if you’re going to keep calling me that then I need to call you virgin, right?” Aystaria said as she giggled softly.Bookmark here

Wyiss’ face turned a bright red.Bookmark here

“H-Hey now! How do you know I haven’t been with a man?”Bookmark here

“Only men? You should explore what this world has to offer.”Bookmark here

“You’re into girls?”Bookmark here

Aystaria opened one eye as she looked over to Wyiss.Bookmark here

“Want to try it?”Bookmark here

“N-No!”Bookmark here

“Pretty sure your body language is telling me otherwise.”Bookmark here

“Stop being a pervert!”Bookmark here

“Why would I want to stop being myself? I love who I am.”Bookmark here

“So you like being a perverted girl who touches others in inappropriate ways?”Bookmark here

“Hey now, I only touched you like that because you’re easy,” Aystaria said giggling loudly.Bookmark here

Without warning, Wyiss straddled Aystaria’s hips, and pinned her arms down into the sand.Bookmark here

“You take that back! I’m not easy!”Bookmark here

“Really? Because you’re on top of me,” Aystaria said calmly with a smug expression.Bookmark here

Wyiss took a moment to process the situation as her face started to turn bright red from embarrassment.Bookmark here

“I don’t mind be on bottom if you’re into that.”Bookmark here

“You are…”Bookmark here

As Wyiss looked down at Aystaria’s chest, she noticed the six silver dog tags around her neck.Bookmark here

“Staring at my breast? And you call me a nympho,” Aystaria giggled.Bookmark here

Wyiss took the dog tags in her hand, and looked over the names on each of them.Bookmark here

“Six…”Bookmark here

Aystaria’s expression turned into one of pain as she recalled what each of the dog tags represented.Bookmark here

“Aystaria…”Bookmark here

A faint smile appeared on Aystaria’s face as she placed her hand on Wyiss’ thigh.Bookmark here

“Hey Wyiss?”Bookmark here

“Yeah…”Bookmark here

Without saying anything, Wyiss got off of Aystaria as she stood to her feet. I know I know that name, but where did I meet this girl, Wyiss wondered as she watched Aystaria jump to her feet. Taking a second to stare at the setting sun, Aystaria took what time she had left to pull out the small lantern she had kept strapped to her thigh. Placing it around her neck, she lit the candle inside as the last light of the sun fell below the horizon.Bookmark here

“Well, I think Emyria, and I should be heading back to her place. I do hope we can hangout sometime, Wyiss.”Bookmark here

“Sure.”Bookmark here

#Bookmark here

Emyria stared out at the twilight fading sun as it started to set beyond the horizon.Bookmark here

“I still don’t get why though. Why did you pick on me? What changed between us?” Emyria asked.Bookmark here

“I was jealous because you were able to rebel, and try to stand on your own. My father wouldn’t let me. I’m… stuck like this.”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

Nolvet shook her head.Bookmark here

“Nothing… never mind. Look, don’t worry about me being an asshole. I won’t do anything like that anymore, okay?”Bookmark here

Emyria wrapped her arms around Nolvet tightly.Bookmark here

“I might not understand, but if you ever need to talk to someone, you can always come to me, or even Aystaria.”Bookmark here

Emyria looked out to where Wyiss, and Aystaria were only to be puzzled by what she was seeing. Wyiss was clearing straddling atop Aystaria as they each stared into the other’s eyes.Bookmark here

“Uh… Okay, you have me,” Emyria corrected herself.Bookmark here

“Are our private tutors doing…”Bookmark here

“I think it’s better if we just watch the sunset, and pretend that never happened.”Bookmark here

“Agreed.”Bookmark here

As the last rays of the sun set, Emyria took a second to stretch her body.Bookmark here

“All right, well, I think Aystaria will want to be heading back home, so, I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay, Nolvet?”Bookmark here

“Yeah,” Nolvet said with a faint smile.Bookmark here

Waving good-bye, Emyria made her way down from the cliff face, and met with Aystaria at the front gate of the manor. The cheerful smile of Aystaria’s expression in some odd way, always put Emyria at ease. Even with the struggles of the day to day world, Aystaria was able to remain happy, even in the darkest times. She was like the candle that shone around her neck—a bright flame in a cruel world.Bookmark here

“So, ready for that rematch?” Aystaria asked in a playful tone.Bookmark here

Emyria smiled as she shook her head.Bookmark here

“I figured we could just talk this time around.”Bookmark here

“Someone is afraid they lose,” Aystaria said giggling as she danced down the stairwell with grace.Bookmark here

“I saw what you, and Wyiss did.”Bookmark here

“Did you now?”Bookmark here

“You could have at least been somewhere more private.”Bookmark here

“Oh? Not a fan of watching two girls go at it?”Bookmark here

“Do you have no shame?”Bookmark here

Aystaria flipped backwards onto the last step of the stairwell as she stuck the landing with a cute pose.Bookmark here

“If I was ashamed of everything I did, I’d never move forward in my life.”Bookmark here

“So if I strip you naked, you’d be okay with it?” Emyria asked with a smirk.Bookmark here

“You can strip me naked if that’s what you’re into,” Aystaria said with a cute wink.Bookmark here

“See, how are you able to do that?”Bookmark here

“Do what? Turn the conversation around?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, you always seem to do it so well.”Bookmark here

Aystaria grabbed Emyria by the hand.Bookmark here

“Here, try letting go, and being free. Twirl for me.”Bookmark here

Emyria tilted her head, puzzled by the request that Aystaria made.Bookmark here

“Twirl?”Bookmark here

“Mhm. Twirl on the ball of your foot.”Bookmark here

“Okay… not sure why, but here I go.”Bookmark here

With a single spin, Emyria twirled on the ball of her foot like she had seen Aystaria do a thousand times before.Bookmark here

“Again.”Bookmark here

Emyria twirled around again, and again as she started to feel her head spinning.Bookmark here

“Okay, I’m starting to get dizzy. How do you keep this up for so long.”Bookmark here

“It’s because your using your eyes. Close your eyes, and allow your mind to flow freely.”Bookmark here

Closing her eyes, Emyria rotated on the ball of foot once again as she felt a gentle breeze blowing.Bookmark here

“Now, faster.”Bookmark here

Twirling a bit faster, Emyria felt as if she wasn’t spinning around on the ball of her foot, but in a world where she was in control.Bookmark here

“Along your arms to remain fluid. Move like the water, and you will be able to counteract anyone that tries to attack you. You will be unpredictable to them, while being able to deal with whatever may be thrown your way.”Bookmark here

“Are you sure about that?”Bookmark here

Aystaria giggled as she drew her blade.Bookmark here

Emyria could hear the sounds of the blade as it left its stealth. The blade was heading straight for her at a speed that she would had original found impossible to hear. Calculating the rotation, and speed she quickly matched it with that of the blade. As if by luck, Emyria caught the hilt of the sword in her hand as she continued to twirl in motion with what she had calculated. Stopping in front of Aystaria, Emyria opened her eyes as she held the blade at the ready.Bookmark here

“I think I am ready for that rematch after all,” Emyria said with a smile.Bookmark here

Aystaria giggled as she stepped forward. Pushing the blade into her scabbard, allowed her to move in closer to Emyria until her face was a few inches from her own. With a smirk on her face, Aystaria patted Emyria’s head gently.Bookmark here

“You’re still not ready to face me. Besides, you have school tomorrow. So, let’s get back to your house. You still have to study for your exams, and then the trip to city of Athelas.”Bookmark here

“Right. Don’t worry, I got this.”Bookmark here

#Bookmark here

Aystaria placed the lantern on her nightstand as she looked out the bedroom window. In one week she will have to take her exams. Then a week after that, we have that school trip to the city of dreams. I haven’t been there in quite a while. Not since… that day, Aystaria thought as she removed her boots, and placed them at her bed side. Laying down on her bed, she removed the dog tags from around her neck as she stared at them with sorrow in her eyes. A single sigh left her mouth as she turned over onto her back, and stared up at the ceiling.Bookmark here

“No one will ever know what we did, nor will they praise us, we simply live as shadows,” Aystaria said aloud as she closed her eyes.Bookmark here

A knock at the door forced her eyes open. Looks like it’s Reina, and Lyis. I guess they are here to learn the truth. Guess I shouldn’t keep them waiting, Aystaria thought as she stood to her feet.Bookmark here

“Aystaria, may we come in?” Reina asked from beyond the doorway.Bookmark here

Aystaria opened the door as she smiled cheerfully. Standing side by side was Reina, and Lyis. The two of them appeared calm, and serious. Yet, even through their murderous expressions, Aystaria could tell they were not here to take her head.Bookmark here

“We’re not here to kill you,” Reina said.Bookmark here

“I know. We both know that the two of you wouldn’t be able to. Come in, please. You two want some tea?”Bookmark here

Reina, and Lyis entered the room as they stood before Aystaria after she had closed the door behind them. Without warning, Reina, and Lyis both dropped to their knees, and bowed their heads as sign of respect.Bookmark here

“Okay… I didn’t see this coming actually,” Aystaria said with a confused look on her face.Bookmark here

“Please, train us,” Reina begged.Bookmark here

“That sounds like a lot of work though,” Aystaria said as she made her way over to her bed.Bookmark here

As Aystaria laid down on her bed she watched as Reina, and Lyis stood at the foot of her bed.Bookmark here

“Please… Aystaria. We need to get stronger, like you,” Lyis said as he held his hands up with a pauper’s expression.Bookmark here

Reina climbed atop the bed as she seductively made her way over to Aystaria.Bookmark here

“You do do realize that I already know what your trying to do, right?” Aystaria asked with a smirk.Bookmark here

“We know, that’s why we are being honest,” Lyis said as he sat down on the bed sitting on his ankles like a feminine girl.Bookmark here

Aystaria smiled as she moved closer to Reina, and slowly brushed back her red bangs.Bookmark here

“Your seduction techniques need work,” Aystaria said in a playfully seductive tone.Bookmark here

Kissing Reina’s lips gently, Aystaria carefully pinned Reina down onto the bed.Bookmark here

“Lyis sweetie, you like watching two girls have fun, right?”Bookmark here

Lyis blushed as he turned away.Bookmark here

“I-I’ve never…”Bookmark here

“I guess there is a lot I need to teach the two of you. Things about your bodies that you didn’t know about,” Aystaria said with a devilish smile.Bookmark here

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