Chapter 1:

The Encounter between Student and Master

The Student of The Almighty

「Why is it, that every single time i happen to wake up, one of you bastards is trying to kill me? For fucks sake. 」 The dragon said, yawning and stretching out it's paws.
「You there, boy, how long since it's been since Brendans time?」 Bookmark here

The hero of Hershey Kingdom, Aaron von Furtheven stood there, sword in hand, and confused. When he discovered the dragon in its lair, he had assumed that a fight to the death would ensue. However... Bookmark here

「Boy, I asked you a question. Do you want me to repeat it? I don't really like repeating myself.」 Bookmark here

「Ah, no, i heard you clearly... 」He said, shaking himself out of his stupor.
「Uh... If that Brendan is the hero of legend, then about 3 hundred years?」 Bookmark here

「Hmmm. So 3 hundred years since I've last awoken. Brendan was an interesting boy. 3 hundred years. Ah yes, you humans have a rather limited lifespan don't you. The average of 60 to 80 years?」
The dragon seemed to be pondering something, but since Aaron couldn't read reptilian features, he was unsure. Bookmark here

「 Anyway, has he left any descendants? 」the dragon asked. Bookmark here

「Uh, well, he got married into the royal family, or at least that's how the legend goes. 」 Bookmark here

「Is that so. Okay now boy. Listen to me. I wish to go to your kingdom. That's his final resting place is it not? 」 Bookmark here

「I would guess so, there's a statue of him in the capital city. Wait... You want to visit the human country???」 Bookmark here

「You heard me right boy. Now put the sword away. I don't know what urged you here but it looks like they were trying to send you to your death. Or have you people forgotten whose domain this is? Hm?」 Bookmark here

「Ah... Well sir dragon... I've actually been chosen as the hero to defeat the demon lord.」 Bookmark here

「Hahahaha, at this level? Or are you still leveling up? Ah, no need to answer that. You look like quite the novice. I'm sure you've defeated many an orc, or minotaur. Maybe even a Griffon. 」 Bookmark here

「Uh... Well...」 Bookmark here

「Hmm? 」 Bookmark here

The dragon cast Analyse. This form of analysis went as far as to check the logs of an adventurer or hero. A rare skill for short lived races, only appearing among those christened divine, but an everyday skill used by those of more than centennial lifespan. Bookmark here

「Hmmm. So you've got quite the bunch of kills there. No Griffon though. A killer shark? On your own? Well done.」 Bookmark here

「How... How are you doing that? Are you reading my mind?」 Bookmark here

「No boy, I'm using analysis. I can see it in your stats. You're doing pretty well. You could defeat a griffon at this state, but it would be a close call. 」 Bookmark here

「Oh really? I appreciate the praise. 」 Bookmark here

「Think nothing of it. But that's where it ends. Against me, you'd have died instantly. So I'm glad you didn't rush in headstrong like your predecessors.」 Bookmark here

「I appreciate you sparing my life.」 Bookmark here

「Again, think nothing of it. Like i mentioned earlier, i want to visit your kingdom. I want to appraise the state of the world. I haven't left my domain in a long while, so i yearn for adventure.」 Bookmark here

「Is that going to be okay? Won't monsters try to take over your domain?」 Bookmark here

「Oh? So you'd worry about the domain of one such as I? Truly an interesting chap you are, aren't you boy?」the dragon said after raising it's head, looking increasingly curious. Bookmark here

「It could be due to those braces of courage that you aren't feeling it, but I've left behind enough oppressive magic power to bring foolish individuals into a state or shock, and weaker ones death. 」it continued. Bookmark here

「Oh I definitely feel it, even with these braces and enchantments on.」Aaron said, raising his arms to show the braces he mentioned. Bookmark here

「I see. By the way, i have yet to get your name. What do they call you boy.」 Bookmark here

「They call me Aaron von Furtheven. You can call me Aaron if you like, sir dragon.」 Bookmark here

「Yes, enough with the sir dragon stuff now. I suppose i should give you my name as well」. He said, standing up from his slumped position. Bookmark here

「They called me many things. Genocidal Dragon, Species Killer, Disaster Incarnate... My favourite being the Chaos Dragon King.」 Bookmark here

「Dragon King???」 Bookmark here

「Yes. It shouldn't be that surprising. But since we're now aquainted, I'll grant you access to my real name. You young Aaron, can call me Ceinselvic Superium Dringoveis. Or Cein for short. 」 Bookmark here

「Ceinselvic Superium Dringoveis... What a spectacular name.」 Bookmark here

「You recognize it's superiority. Just like Brendan did. You're also an interesting one aren't you. 」 Bookmark here

Aaron, who had been sitting cross legged at this point, had started to be very comfortable in front of his dragon acquaintance. Bookmark here

「Thanks again for your praise, but all i did was recognize its magnificence.」 Bookmark here

「Alright. I've decided. I'm taking you under my wing.」 Bookmark here

「Huh???」 Aaron said, looking a bit shocked, not expecting the sudden tutelage. Bookmark here

「Hmm, i guess that might not be enough. I'll be your master from now. As in your instructor. I had originally wanted to go visit your kingdom, but now i have a keen interest in you young Aaron.」 Bookmark here

「I'm going to be training under a dragon???」 Bookmark here

「Is it something you find fault with young Aaron?」 Bookmark here

「No, oh no, i was just surprised. To be under the tutelage of one such as you...」 Bookmark here

「Flattery won't get you anywhere.」 Bookmark here

「I'm not trying to flatter you though... These are my geniune thoughts.」 Bookmark here

「Is that so. So be it young Aaron. For now, extend your hand.」 Bookmark here

「Alright, so what is it now.」 Bookmark here

「I'm sharing some of my power with you.」 Bookmark here

「???」 Bookmark here

「So that the others can recognize you as my pupil. There are other intelligent dragons who might see your potential, but I'm staking my claim. 」 Bookmark here

「So i belong to you?」 Bookmark here

「In a sense, yes. But worry not young Aaron, I'm not going to exploit you in any way. Like i said, I'm interested in you. I want to see you become stronger. 」 Bookmark here

Cein cast a spell, causing magic power to flow into Aaron, and temporarily changing one of his eyes into one of the reptilian kind. Bookmark here

「There we go. How does it feel?」 Bookmark here

「Incredible... Beyond human... I've never felt a power like this ever!」Aaron replied, adrenaline flowing through his veins. His body had now been covered in a thick purplish and silvery blue light that emanated from his body. Bookmark here

「And yet it was just a fraction of what i hold. Congratulations Young Aaron, you're now a trainee of the Ancient Chaos Dragon Emperor, Ceinselvic Superium Dringoveis.」 Bookmark here

「... Dragon Emperor...」Aaron said, the light beginning to settle around him. Bookmark here

「Now let's get out of here...」Cein said looking like he was about to start moving. Bookmark here

「Ah,you humans are terrified of my kind right? So i best disguise myself.」 Cein said, almost instantly transforming into a humanoid form. Bookmark here

He had transformed into a brown skinned man with a slender yet powerful build, and handsome features. He had purplish, almost midnight coloured hair, with a gray and black fringe. He had shortened his two black horns to the point that they seemed like part of the hairstyle. A suit he had been dressed in, similar in colour to his original scales, gave off a dark blue sheen. He walked with style and class befitting a wealthy merchant, or noble. Bookmark here

「Well now you're just putting me to shame... I wish i could afford clothes like that.」Aaron said with an exasperated smile. Bookmark here

「Hahaha, come now boy. While this does look like it's made of fine fabric, this is my skin. I can't be out in the nude now can i?」 Bookmark here

「I guess you're right. Looks amazing by the way. 」 Bookmark here

「Again, flattery will get you no where. You're a truly nice guy though aren't you?」Cein replied.「 I hope it's not due to fear. I don't sense that from you though 」he continued lightly, not allowing Aaron to hear. Bookmark here

「Why a suit though? I figured since you were a dragon, especially one of your power, you'd appear in... maybe some armour? Like a knight or adventurer.」 Bookmark here

「It's all a matter of preference. I'm strong and all but I don't like looking intimidating. Now let's walk and talk. I have a treasury under here that might help me in your kingdom. You still use those coins don't you?」Cein replied, flipping a coin that had been nearby. Bookmark here

「Ah, yes we do. The ones we use are not the same as the ones from 300 years ago but we can try our luck. 」Aaron said after catching the coin and examining it. Bookmark here

「Well I'm giving a large portion to you for now. You can say you found them in an old cave or something along those lines. They'll be useful.」 Bookmark here

「Why can't i say i found them here?」 Bookmark here

「What are you gonna say? Oh, i found the ancient chaos dragon and he gave me gold coins for being his friend?」Cein said, mimicking his voice. Bookmark here

「Are we friends? 」Aaron asked, nonplussed by the slight mockery. Bookmark here

「We're partners.」Cein said, nonchalantly. Bookmark here

「Are we? Aren't we student and teacher?」Aaron continued, tilting his head slightly. Bookmark here

「And partners. Let's just get the story straight. I'm a mysterious man you met while on a journey to level up, and now I'm your teacher. Everything else will have to be as we go. How old are you anyway Young Aaron? Your status says you've done 17 rotations of the seasons?」 Bookmark here

「17 years old is what we say.」 Aaron replied matter of factly. Bookmark here

「So by that logic I'm... hm... almost 800 years old. Maybe i should take a form more fitting. I heard that some of my juniors take on the forms of younger females even though they are advanced in age. Is this a preference of the human males?」Cein asked, now tilting his head. Bookmark here

「I think that one suits you well. You are at peak physical strength right? Also, that's... That's not really a preference for everyone... Some people maybe?」Aaron replied.「By the way, would you mind sparring with me a bit in your humanoid form?」he continued, looking a bit excited by the prospect of fighting a dragon. Bookmark here

「Hmmm... yes it does. It feels more natural to feel power flowing in this form. Sparring though... We were almost at the treasury, but let's go to an empty place for now. I don't want this lair to collapse. It might not look it from the outside but this is a castle.」Cein replied, looking forward to the sparring match as well. Bookmark here

「Okay. But can you please at least keep it to a point where i don't die instantly?」Aaron responded, remembering his masters earlier warning. Bookmark here

「I wouldn't dare kill my student before he learns any of my ways now. What kind of master would that make me?」Cein replied, looking a bit despondent at his students comment. Bookmark here

「A bad one? 」Aaron replied with a serious face, clearly stating the obvious. Bookmark here

「Thanks for stating the obvious Young Aaron. 」Cein smiled, revealing larger than average human canines. Bookmark here

「So, swords? Magic? Bare hands?」 Bookmark here

「Which ever you prefer. 」 Bookmark here

「Then all of them is fine?」 Bookmark here

「I'll be gauging your talents so that would probably be for the best. So. Grab my shoulder.」 Bookmark here

Cein cast teleportation magic, and instantly they appeared in the middle of nowhere. Nothing but rock and greenery as far as the eyes could see. Bookmark here

「This should be perfect then. Starting pace, a few paces apart or do you just want to have at it right here right now?」 Bookmark here

「Let's go with proper duel rules.」 Bookmark here

「It won't always be like that when fighting different types of opponents. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt though, as this is a a sparring match.」 Bookmark here

「I know. I at least want to test the power you've allowed me on equal ground. 」 Bookmark here

「Good man.」 Cein said with a smile, again exposing his canines. Bookmark here

He then proceeded to walk a few steps across from Aaron and turned around. Bookmark here

「This should be optimal. Ready?」 Bookmark here

Aaron drew his sword, got in a fighting stance while lowering his centre of gravity, causing his aura to change instantly. Bookmark here

「Ready.」 Bookmark here

「Oh hoho.. I knew i saw something in this one. Let's have at it then, Aaron my boy.」Cien smiled, impressed by the change in demeanour. Bookmark here

Cein had summoned a beastly looking bastard sword and launched himself at Aaron. Bookmark here

Almost instantly, multiple sword clashes ensued, gouging rock, ground and tree alike. Aaron was on the defensive, parrying the bastard sword at millisecond intervals, trying to make space for himself. Bookmark here

「You won't get anywhere like that. Don't just be on the defensive. Attack a bit. You have magic don't you?」 Cein said, while simultaneously casting a lighting spell. Bookmark here

「Shit! At point blank? I thought this was a sparring match! 」Aaron said, summoning his speed and dodging instantly. He had cast haste, which added extra speed to his already fast stride. Bookmark here

「This is the bare minimum!」 Cein replied, turning and throwing the sword at Aaron. Bookmark here

Aaron rushed it, nicked it and went straight for Cein. He unleashed slash after slash, filled with as much force as he could muster. Cein didn't seem to be moving at all, yet all the strikes seemed to miss. Bookmark here

「Huh? Dammit.. Fireball! 」
A fireball shot from Aarons left hand, big enough to engulf the average man. Bookmark here

「Very nice try. 」Cein said, emerging from the flames unharmed. 「You should add a bit more heat to this. Let me show you.」 Bookmark here

Cein lifted his right hand, then said 「Hell inferno ball」. Bookmark here

A blackish red ball of flame, seemingly from the bowels of hell had appeared within Ceins palm. Aaron stepped back from the sheer heat it was emitting. Bookmark here

「What the hell is that???」 Bookmark here

「It's the Hell inferno ball. 」 Bookmark here

The hell inferno ball was currently absorbing, no, it seemed to be eating the flames of the formerly used fireball, growing even hotter than it had already been. Bookmark here

「Kuh... fucking hell... 」Aaron muttered, 「let's see if this can deal with that. Artic prison!」 Bookmark here

Aaron began emitting an icy cold air pressure, that could instantly freeze anything in its path. Bookmark here

「Hail storm blast!」 Bookmark here

Artic prison was only the predecessor that added benefits to Hail storm blast, which shot at Cein and consumed him and the Hell flame ball. Bookmark here

「Not too shabby. You clearly are a warrior worthy of my teachings.」 Cein said, holding a reduced form of the hell inferno ball. Bookmark here

Hail storm blast and Artic prison had done their job in cutting its power down tremendously. Bookmark here

「Rapid wind blitz! 」 Bookmark here

Aaron cast a spell whilst rushing toward Cein. Cein had a grin on his face.
「Careful where you step boy」 Bookmark here

Aaron instantly stepped back, and saw his wind blades get shot down instantly. Bookmark here

「Is that... pure magic power? Magic bullets? 」 Bookmark here

「The most basic magic projectile. Even easier than all the elemental projectiles. Or would you prefer i attacked you with the elements?」 Bookmark here

「I'm getting a lot from this fight already...To think Magic bullets would be this much stronger than wind blades. Usually they'd cut right through. 」 Bookmark here

「Indeed. Just like this. Rapid wind blitz.」 Bookmark here

Ceins cut through the rest of Aarons blades, and almost tore him to shreds. Aaron had done his best to dodge, but got caught with a swift kick to the chest. Bookmark here

「We're testing your balance today. 」 Bookmark here

「How the hell did we get to that, 」laughed Aaron, clutching his ribs. Bookmark here

「I didn't crack any did i? 」 Bookmark here

「Hopefully not. I ran out of healing potions just getting here.」 Bookmark here

「You have my power, you'll heal soon enough.」 Bookmark here

「Oh? Then why not just go all out?」 Bookmark here

「If you were someone else, i would have considered that a death wish. Do you want to die? I'll grant that to you if you wish?」Cein replied, his aura he had been emitting growing a lot fiercer Bookmark here

「I'm joking, students can joke right?」Aaron replied, being dominated by the pressure. Bookmark here

「I'm not familiar with your sense of humour, but if it was a joke then a joke it is. 」Cein stated, the aura vanishing as instantly as it had appeared. He was now within arms length of Aaron. Bookmark here

Aaron put down his sword and started unleashing an array of punches and kicks. He was being parried, blocked or countered at every attempt. Bookmark here

「How about a handicap?」 Cein suggested Bookmark here

「No fists from your side? 」Aaron added, beginning to look a bit ragged. Bookmark here

「Should be a lot more interesting. 」Cein said, looking nonplussed, and seized from using his hands to attack his student. Bookmark here

From then on, Aaron started getting more and more hits in, yet was still worse for wear. To the untrained eye, it might have seemed like he was on the offensive, but he was gradually getting slower and slower. One or the other was being sent across their battle ground, pulverising rocks and trees in the process. Aaron had delivered a kick that sent Cein flying, jumped in the same direction, performed sky walk and shot pressurised water lances in his direction. Bookmark here

「My my, how fun this is,」 laughed Cein, destroying the lances with a backhanded claw slash. Somewhere throughout the fight, he had transformed his hands to those of dragon claws. Bookmark here

「By the way! Watch this!」 He raised his hand and the bastard sword came back to him while he was still falling backwards. Bookmark here

「You sure you don't need to stabilise?」Aaron asked, rushing towards his master in an attempt to attack. Bookmark here

「For what? The ground? Hahahaha! Hey, this one won't kill you, but it's going to be really rough! Chaos slash!」 Bookmark here

A multicolored, thick slash seemed to cut through the air and almost split Aaron in two. Had he not been using his defense magic, he'd probably be a corpse falling at incredible speeds to its own burial. Bookmark here

「You're really trying to kill me aren't you?」Aaron asked, his demeanour changing slightly to his previous childish behaviour. Bookmark here

「This is a sparring match young Aaron, nobody is going to die! 」Cein said with a laugh, landing and stepping backwards. He hit a wall and used it to boost himself towards Aaron. Aaron was about to use sky walk to platform himself and dodge, but he was a split second too late and ate a knee to the guts. Cein used sky walk, ran a few meters higher than where Aaron had risen and unleased a gravity and lightning powered guillotine kick, shooting Aaron into the ground. Cein landed close to the embellishment that Aaron had made, walking slowly.
Bookmark here

「1. 2. 3. 4... Hey, are you well down there? Still alive i presume? Hmmm... well then. 5. 6. 7. eig- 」catching Cein off guard, Aaron swiped Ceins legs, causing him to almost fall level. Before Cien hit the ground, Aaron elbowed him, causing Cein to spin like a hand on a clock, cutting down a massive tree in the process. Bookmark here

「Now where the hell did that come from,」 Cein said, dusting himself off, with a joyous look on his face. Bookmark here

「I don't know, I happened to rely on my instincts and that was the result」Aaron said, half panting, half heaving. Bookmark here

「Good job. Let's stop there for the day. You look like you're on the brink of collapse. Here.」 Bookmark here

Cein threw Aaron a bottle with red liquid inside. Bookmark here

「Is.... Is this... is this a.」Aaron tried to speak, still completely out of breath. Bookmark here

「Yes, it's a healing potion. Highest quality i have. Don't be greedy and tell me there's a higher quality out there.」 Bookmark here

「Actually this is higher than I've seen since i was born. All our potions are either blue, green or purple. 」Aaron said after downing the contents of the bottle. Bookmark here

「Thanks a lot by the way, you really saved my ass. If we fought for real I'd have been dead a few times out there. 」 Bookmark here

「Don't mention it. You are strong. Incredibly so. And your warrior instinct is incredible. My current issue is that you didn't properly grasp the dragonic power I have bestowed upon you, but i understand that it is currently too soon. I was fighting you with what i assumed to be the level you should currently be at, but i may have overlooked the difference in our biology. However as you are human, your body will adjust eventually.」 Bookmark here

「Ah... Thank you very much. 」Aaron replied, a bit happy at his masters words. Bookmark here

「Oh, by the way, I've noticed this since earlier, but has your attitude changed when you changed forms?」Aaron asked, his regular childish demeanor returning. Bookmark here

「Ah yes, this happens sometimes. I like getting into what i feel are the specifics a certain body I'm transformed in is like.」 Bookmark here

「You've had too much free time haven't you.」Aaron stated with a blank look. Bookmark here

「I'm an ancient dragon, even i want to have fun sometimes. Now. Off to the treasury! 」 Bookmark here

「The treasury~!」 Bookmark here

「Then, we go to your country and start our journey.」 Bookmark here

「Yeah, let's do that.」Bookmark here

Golden Boy
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