Chapter 1:

The Spark

A Kid in a Supernatural World

Hoshi wakes up on a typical Monday morning; as he walks out, he is greeted by his mom and sister. Hoshi's mom asks him, "Hey have you eaten breakfast? Also, I won't be home until nine, so you can make yourself food or buy yourself something. I will leave you some money on the counter." As his sister yells at him, "Brother, don't forget in six months we have the test to get into that school you have been dreaming of entering!" Hoshi answers to both at once with a simple "I got it, mom, thanks, and Yes, I know I've been training I can't improve myself in just three days." with that, his first day of middle school began. Hoshi started preparing even if the year had just begun. This certain test was considered a resume to enter an elite school for kids with a lot of potentials. Hoshi's sister would constantly ask if he was ready. He would always reply "Yes" or "I will be" to brush off the question he's been asked hundreds of times. She was a very nice person meaning she never truly made enemies. Hoshi knew he never truly had to worry; it kept his mind at ease. Hoshi begins to get closer to his school which he is suddenly approached by his two best friends Himari Sato, and Takahashi Akito. Himari is always the friendly one as she is in love with Hoshi. She just can't keep her eyes off him. No matter where Hoshi goes, Himari tends to follow. Takahashi is the exact opposite; he is the one always holding Himari back or getting her away from Hoshi. The school they go to is usually divided into classes by strength. This was a huge issue knowing that Hoshi was the weakest out of Takahashi or Himari. That means he is usually put in lower classes than his two friends. Most of the time, in order for them to hang out, they would find things to do. They might go shopping or go to a pool. It never bothered them the fact they can't hang out often. They knew their friendship was unbreakable……. Right? Hoshi decides to train one day in a dojo that was abandoned, he decides to build it back up, not to the best-looking shape, but it worked for him to practice. His main weapon was always a sword; since he was a child, he was in love with swords. Hoshi having a weak mark isn't his fault; it is believed his family is cursed, which is what makes any human born with Fujiwara blood in them their mark will never develop. Though there once was a tale of a man with the Fujiwara bloodline, which supposedly said how his mark was fully developed, not only that, he was also one of the strongest warriors in the world. His main choice of weapon was a Sword. The tales went on about how his mark didn't develop till he was fifteen years of age; when he did, it only made him stronger as beforehand; he already was a master swordsman he truly was never challenged to a sword fight no matter how strong his other opponent was. This always led to him further enhancing his swordsmanship as all the fights he had were either shut down or stopped before he was able to strike. This all changed once his mark developed; now it was believed he was stronger ten folds over, making him unbeatable. This was when this swordsman decided to Challenge one of the Elite Lieutenants. The Elite Lieutenants are a group of people who control and keep order in this world. Also, they are the ones usually going into battle against countries that try and seek war. They have been known to be considered gods among people just from how strong they are; once this barely known swordsman challenged one, the whole world went into shock. This was the day the world truly understood the values of skill from practicing and natural talent. The Elite Lieutenants decided to take this fight, to make sure that they wouldn't lose, they sent one of their best, being the number two. He was known to be fast and have the best offense in the Elite Lieutenants. Once the fight commenced, it was believed the swordsman would lose as he was facing one of the strongest Elite Lieutenants, but to everyone's surprise, this young swordsman was keeping up with number two, in a time frame of a second, it was seen a slash made from momentum through an enhancement to his sword he was able to defeat almost killing the number two. Everyone was in disbelief some kid that was just entering high school defeated someone so strong. This young kid was named the second Elite Lieutenant. Due to this, it was also believed to surpass number one sooner or later. Five years pass, the number two turns out to be very sick, which means he is also losing power in his mark. This was new to doctors as this never happened before, and this is when the speculations happened in which it was believed that some either cursed or poisoned the number two. Four years pass, the number two dies. They soon come to find out the cause of death. It was thought that he was cursed and that any family member he had, anyone born after him will never develop a mark. This was proven to be true seven generations later; not one family member has had their mark develop even with intense training. Hoshi learned this tale when he was just eight years of age, but it didn't matter he believed he would be the one to break this curse; he said to his mom, "I will break it no matter what I have to do I am going to surpass my Ancestor while becoming the greatest warrior known to mankind." Hoshi in his Dojo has gotten better but not enough to see any progress in his movement speed none the less he keeps practicing. Five hours go by, he decides to head home when he enters the house; it's already eleven at night, he doesn't see his sister at all. He is usually sitting on the couch finishing up homework and tends to go to sleep at three in the morning. Hoshi asks his mom, "Did she ever come home?" Mom answers, "No, I haven't seen her all day. She left for school and hasn't come back since it's a little scary." Hoshi, now scared for his life he decides to head out to look for his sister. Two hours go by, not knowing anything he has searched the neighborhood and all her favorite spots, now he is really scared not knowing what to do, when suddenly he gets a random call from somebody and Hoshi has never seen this number, so he imagines the worst. He answers the phone; this is when he hears a familiar voice when he says, "Yui, where are you? Why did you not call or send us a message." Yui replies, "Sorry, I was at Karaoke with my friends, and my phone died. I'm sorry, Hoshi, it won't ever happen again." Hoshi relieved that his sister is okay, he decides to look for her at the Karaoke she was at and walks home with her. Hoshi thought something was off; he decided to check his sister. He checked her legs, her arms, her breast, anything that can have a bruise on it. He even had one of his friends, that was a girl, check her in personal places; he made sure she was okay, also making sure she wasn’t abused or raped. That was his sister, so he wasn't playing jokes. An hour later, nothing was on her bruises or nothing that can show she was in harm's way; he was finally able to rest easy. Hoshi decided to go to sleep. It is February 14th Hoshi really wasn't big on Valentine since he never really got chocolates; since he was seen as weak, no one talked to him besides his two friends he had. It hasn't bothered him at all. He got used to it and, just let life take the wheel, but this year he wanted to confess to his best friend, Himari. He didn't know how to do it, so he thought he would just be straightforward; he still was scared. This is the one thing that really scared Hoshi the most. Hoshi finally got the guts to go up to her and admit his feelings, and what he saw next crushed his soul. He saw Himari with some guy he didn't know; he looked and just froze for a second, then walked away back to class. Hoshi decided to act normal, acting like he saw nothing, that's when it hit him what he didn't want to hear. Himari tells him, “some weirdo tried to come to talk to me, and I honestly was creeped out, but I smiled because he was just ugly.”

*Flashback* Hoshi sees Himari Smiling and Blushing, also not that touchy with him. Hoshi says in his head, "She isn't that touchy; maybe it's nothing. I'm overreacting; this might just be a miss understanding." Hoshi looks back Himari got touchy as he tried to kiss her Himari moved, which made him peck her on the cheek. *End of Flashback*

Hoshi asks, did you really not enjoy it? Because I saw you let him kiss you on the cheek. Himari looks at him in shock, saying, "You saw us, and you didn't bother coming to me; why didn't you come up to me. If you just decided to come up to me instead of leaving me, I wouldn't have been in that situation, and you wouldn't think I'm a slut or something." Hoshi stands up, deciding to reply, "I was going to confess to you, and I saw you with another guy; why would I bother going up to you? He is stronger and better in every way. I wouldn't be a match, so it makes no sense for me to even put my time to come up to you." Hoshi immediately decides to run away. Himari, with her mark, decides to track him once she gets his location portal her way to him; even so, she has to wait until he is stationary, which means she has a good minute of prep time. Hoshi running to his dojo decides to stop for food, as he does, he sees a portal open next to him. Himari came through it. The first thing she did was hug him telling him to his face, "I'm sorry, I promise I did not want anything to do with him. Once you told me how you felt, I was happy because I felt the same way; I just wanted to tell you it's okay if you don't want to be something anymore. I'll completely understand, but I just wanted to let you know how I feel." Hoshi got his stuff and left, not saying a word or even thinking of looking back. Himari didn't know the amount of pain Hoshi was in, but she believed the best thing to do was to leave him alone. She believed that everything would just pass by in a few weeks. Hoshi came home, greeted his mom, and she saw his eyes watery, she immediately asks him, "Hoshi, what happened? Why were you crying? Did anyone hurt you?" Hoshi replies quickly without hesitation, "No, mom I-I-I tried to confess to Himari, but I guess I was too late, and someone got to her first." *Smile with sadness behind it* Hoshi's mom hugs him while reassuring him everything will be fine, and a beautiful young lady will love him someday. Hoshi went to his room deciding from that day on he will train until his legs give out, he meant until he couldn't move. The next six months before the test, he made sure he was in top shape, but between those six months, their friend group split; now it was just Himari and Takahashi; they were sad Hoshi decided to leave, but only Himari knew the real reason. The test was just two hours away, this is the first time Himari and Takahashi speak to Hoshi since their friend group split six months ago. Takahashi tries to punch Hoshi, he quickly dodges pulling out his sword which then he is able to speak up: "Touch me, and you won't have a head."

*Takahashi and Himari start trembling*

They both couldn't believe how Hoshi changed since they last really talked to him. They thought he might actually win the exam. Hoshi goes to check his name on the board to see who he is fighting when he suddenly notices the name and face.

*Flashback Hoshi remembers the face of the guy who was flirting with Himari*

“So, it's him who I'm fighting. I guess I can't hold back at all; if not, I'm going to make a fool of myself.” Hoshi is walking towards the arena when he notices someone watching him, he decided to walk it off as if nothing was truly there, but the discomfort he felt shook him a little bit. He enters the arena, and he is in the second fight of the day, but he notices who the first fight is and decides to go into the waiting room instead of watching. *First Fight Himari vs. Takahashi* Hoshi knew who would win, but he felt sad for them; they were very close friends, so it wouldn't be easy for them. Hoshi knew it had to be done either way, and they wouldn't stop to succeed; no matter what challenged, he knew they would stay friends, so he was not worried. Soon after the match begins, he hears people screaming when suddenly he sees a whole bunch of medics in one area. Hoshi sees Takahashi heavily injured, right on the death's door that's when he lost it. He goes into the arena and into the field, which Himari was still on it. She had blood all over her hands and face. Himari says, "WAS THIS ENOUGH TO GET ATTENTION FROM YOU" Hoshi decides to tell her after months of not talking to her, "You have gone into the wrong side, and you did all this to get my attention. Why didn't you just come to my house to talk to me instead of taking your closest friend's life." Hoshi looks at HImari with disgust as he sees the damage she has caused. Himari start screeching while making weird noises making noises, when suddenly Hoshi dodges something thrown at him. He knows a fight will break out; he just doesn't think he will win even if he is fast enough. Himari's power is ten times what Hoshi is, all it takes is one hit, and that could mean the end of Hoshi; even so, he keeps on fighting. He doesn't care if his life is on the line. Himari decided to mention Takahashi, she also decided to mention how weak and gullible he was; this caused Hoshi to decide to strike even if he was at a total disadvantage. Hoshi goes for a blow on Himari she blocks, immediately pushing him back. Hoshi decides to go below the waist to be able to break her legs; he is then stabbed in hand. His hand, now having minimal function, loses the only advantage he had….Striking power. Hoshi doesn't care about his injury. He is now facing his possible death; he is terrified also barely capable of functioning properly. Himari sends another attack to him it Hoshi reads the attack and dodges it. Hoshi is running out of energy to dodge just from two attacks; he is questioning if he can go any longer. Hoshi decides to use all his strength on his legs in order to keep him in line for at least four to five more attacks, he just hopes he can make it past four to five attacks from Himari. She decides to send the next one with all his strength. He dodges, or at least he tried it caught his gut. Hoshi now has a huge gut wound causing him to drop to his knee in pain. Hoshi understanding the situation he is in does not know what to do. He is stuck in choosing to run or to knock her out in one swift strike.

*Flashback Hoshi remembers all the good times with Himari*

Hoshi makes a decision as Himari is deciding to strike Hoshi, believing this will end his life. Hoshi seeing the attack, is able to her attack when he suddenly gets the strength to tell her, "Himari, why would you do this? I know I made a mistake and left, but it shouldn't mean killing Takahashi and me. You know if I don't stop you, someone will kill you, or you can decide to stop this rampage. It will be a better outcome; just listen for once." Hoshi notices her face change, tears come out of her face, but the next thing he knows, he is getting attacked by her. Hoshi whispers to himself, "You have chosen the wrong path, and I am here to stop you for good." Hoshi decides to finally let himself get loose, if he has to kill her, he will. Hoshi, with a gut wound, draws his sword looking at Himari one last time; with that final look, he goes to unleash his final move. Hoshi gets instance, widening his breathing in order to move at top speed. He takes his final breath going under Himari's waist. This was to not let her know his location until the last second where he would already have his sword in her chin to knock her out. Hoshi gets under, as he is striking, somehow she read his moves; she struck his shoulder and lower arm; even so, Hoshi was able to make contact with her chin. Finally, she was unconscious, Hoshi was ready to die, and he knew it might be his end. Hoshi, no matter what, looked up, and as his life was fading, he just smiled even if it was the end of his story that everything would be okay in the end.

*Hoshi Dreaming of seeing his family and a random girl he has never seen. This Girl hugs him and tells him, "I love you, Hoshi you are everything to me."

Hoshi wakes up from the dream; he is in a hospital bed, not knowing where he was. Hoshi believed he was in heaven, but then he noticed Himari sitting next to him sleeping. Himari wakes up a second later, hugging Hoshi asking him for forgiveness which he is extremely pissed at what she did. Himari tries to explain herself, but Hoshi doesn't have it. The more Himari talked, the more furious he would get. She did nothing but hurt his friend, she dares to ask for forgiveness; that was all he was thinking. Hoshi looks up and proceeds to tell her, "Get out my face; I don't want to see you or even hear about you. You are horrible, the worst person I have ever met; you are trash Garbage; you shouldn't even be alive; you killed my best friend, now he can't get his life back. He is gone forever. LEAVE!!" As Himari is leaving, a nurse walks in. Hoshi asks the nurse, "When I was knocked out, what happened and how am I alive I had a horrible gut wound I shouldn't even be able to move." The nurse sits down proceeding to explain the situation "Well Hoshi, yes, it is true you had a horrible injury but somehow we got to you in time. We tried to operate on you, but it was useless, so we decided to take a more extreme measure. We decided to call on of the Elite Lieutenants to be specific The Eight, she is known to be the best healer and this wound was not going to close with an operation. Yes, you had a bad wound at least we thought it was bad but if we never got the Eight you would have died Yesterday afternoon. The Eight simply used her healing mark to close the wound, that was made from the battle inside your gut, this made it possible for you to live. In doing so she drained most of your energy and by I mean you won't have any energy for the next two days. Also, I wanted to ask you something as Himari brough this up. Is there a chance you might be a monster of some sort, HImari explained to me Yesterday how you woke up so suddenly and she noticed your eye had a Star shape and on the outside, it was a nice clear blue and in the inside a Rainbow color? I have done my research and supposedly there is one person who has ever had anEye of some sort and it was the Immortal Being known as death. It was believed death overtook the old Number two in the Elite Lieutenants, that's why so suddenly his power surged twenty times what it was. Hoshi replied, "No not that I know of it might have been her going crazy because she has also told me a guy, she knew had those same eyes it was actually my best friend Takahashi he had a star shaped eye with that same pattern." The Nurse nods and leaves allowing Hoshi to get ready to leave and go back home. Hoshi starts walking home as he is going to the store down the street from the Hospital, he is stopped by someone from Takahashi Family. Hoshi believed it was the father so he decided to answer, "Hey what can I help you with?" The guy asks Hoshi quietly "I am the Father of Takahashi I wanted to find you to ask would you mind attending Takahashi funeral. I heard a lot about you, Takahashi saw you as his own blood brother and looked up to you so I wanted to ask if you would like to attend. The Funeral will be in three days I will send you the directions a day before. It's up to you if you want to attend, I will not force you at all." Hoshi nods, as he nods, he gives the father his phone number in order to contact him with the address. Hoshi carefree can finish his walk home finally. He reaches home, with just the little bit of energy he has left over he opens the door, as soon as he opens the door he is hugged by his sister. Yui is bawling her eyes out just barely getting a few words out "You are alive Hoshi don't ever scare me like that I though you died. The school contacted us without any knowledge of your well-being, we though that meant you died but I'm so happy to see you." Hoshi tells Yui "It hurts my stomach is still healing." Yui sees the wound, without second though she jumps back apologizing. Hoshi mom drops to her knees seeing her son beat so bad. Hoshi mom was so angry, Hoshi had to calm her down himself by explaining why and how he is okay. She calms down but still has the urge to say some words, Hoshi laughs it off with his sister not letting know Takahashi died. Yui was very fond of Takahashi, Yui

saw Takahashi as a little brother, the fact he is dead would break her so Hoshi took it upon himself to not let her know. Hoshi was finally home and able to sleep properly in his own bed and room. Hoshi couldn't have asked for a better ending to a night.

*Dream Hoshi sees his mom getting killed and his sister about to get r*ped*

Hoshi wakes up from the nightmare sweating, confused he looks around to make sure that his nightmare wasn't real. He decides to go check his sister room and sees her sleeping, he does the same thing, going into his mom room also finds her sleeping. Hoshi is calm but for one moment lost his composure, he knew if it was not a Nightmare that he wouldn't be able to save them. Hoshi is not strong enough to handle people that are even slightly above him. Hoshi knew it was a fluke he survived going against Himari. Hoshi did catch onto one thing that the normal human wouldn't catch onto. Who was behind giving him a nightmare that was more like looking into the future.

*Flashback Could I have you're number in order to send you the address of the funeral.*

"He must have an ability involving seeing the future. I believe this is the way to get payback since he knows his son was my friend believing im the reason he is dead. If I have to kill him I will, this ability is to annoying I'm guessing it's foresight. Now I have to focus on this guy and this event before it even happens. My life SUCKS."

Hoshi keeps his cool, no matter what he knows he neither can show panic to anyone. Hoshi knows the problems it can cause, he would much rather stay quiet, grab a bite to eat and go practice. His Dojo small dojo is the same way as a small store he can go grab a bite.

Hoshi reaches the store, going to the food section when he notices that same man in the store. Hoshi doesn't say a word believing stay out of sight is the best idea. Hoshi will attack when the time is right and he knows that the time isn't right now, in doing so he stays quiet and decides to pay for his food and leave as fast as he can. Hoshi arrives at his dojo when he notices something have been changed around. He believed someone came inside looking for shelter noticing someone . Hoshi begins using his training when he decides to take a small nap. Hoshi only had about five hours of rest so he was extremely tired.

*Dream "Hoshi save her and leave I love you with all my heart." "Hoshi don't leave…….. please I beg of you don't leave her. HELP……" "Well it's sad, I did say an eye for an eye but I think this day forward I took a full leg and you will come for me whole not a leg. I cant wait to see the improvement in my little puppet." "I will destroy everything and everything you cared for just wait. I'm Going to put that head of yours in a wall." *

Hoshi wakes up shaken, while he was sleeping it started to rain. He decided to grab his stuff and walk into a corner, so he doesn't get wet. Hoshi grabs the last of his food to eat it. As he is taking the first bite, he hears the leaves rustle. This makes Hoshi jump, as he moves somewhere safe he grabs his sword, choosing to hide somewhere that he cannot be seen. Hoshi while hiding is deciding to look for the person either entering or passing by his dojo. Fifteen minutes pass by not noticing anyone coming in, seconds later his though completely change, he notices the main gate entering the dojo opens. Hoshi now has his eyes wide open making sure of who it is and if they can catch how strong they are from Aura alone. Hoshi looks closely noticing someone about has long brown hair. Hoshi gets out his hiding spot, as he is doing so he is getting ready to hit the floor so he can immediately strike. As he hits the floor he goes for an attack when he notices it was a girl, he stops himself swings the other way to make the strike miss. The attack he used is in motion until a strike happens which he had to move due to that very small detail. This small Girl jumps back as she does so Hoshi drops his sword and holds her making sure she cannot get away. He didn't know she was jus trying to dodge the blade not knowing if Hoshi would have stopped it in time. Hoshi putting her on the ground took a look at her face and noticed a very similar face.

*Flashback A girl sitting in the corner of Hoshi class. Beautiful Jade colored eyes, Silky brown hair*

Hoshi speaks up saying "You are the Girl who is always in the back of the class that never participates. Why are you here ? I know you didn't stumble upon my dojo randomly." The Girl stays quiet, Hoshi knew he wasn't going to get anything out of her easily but neither was he going to scare the Girl. Hoshi begins making small talk, talking about normal topics like school, sports, love life, anything and everything he can talk about. The Girl answered to four of his questions, this was his chance to maybe talk about deeper topics. Hoshi decided to ask what was her name, she didn't answer but it didn't bother him after that he decided to ask if she had any family. That was when she finally decided to speak up what he heard next broke his heart.

*Hoshi remembers Takahashi smile and always being extremely positive.*

The Girl answers his question with a simple but long statement "Yes I do have family. Sadly, one passed away his name was Takahashi Aiko he was my step brother. He was adopted when he was three years old I was only a few months older then him so he still saw me as his older sister. I truly miss him, he was young and a great kid, nothing to honestly complain about. Also the reason I am here is I want to get closure about him, I also you know…… *The Girl Blushes* Never mind that I just wanted to get closure." Hoshi doesn't know if he should say the real events or just lie about them. Hoshi notices even if she is young or is grieving that she should know the real events. Hoshi decides to explain briefly "I cannot tell you much but what I do now is as I am sitting inside the waiting room, I hear a whole bunch of screaming I mean tons and tons. It seemed like something amazing happened but once I decided to step outside I notice it wasn't people cheering it was Takahashi getting wheeled to a Hospital as his wounds could not be easily taken care of. What I heard was on the way to the Hospital he died due to Blood Loss, as me being friends with the person who killed him I took on that battle, which also sent me to the hospital with fatal wounds. Somehow I made it out I wish Takahashi also made it out I saw him just like you as a little brother. I'm sorry I couldn't protect him." The Girl tells Hoshi "Don't worry I know you didn't mean to get him killed, also I know how it begun he told me all about the friend group but don't worry also my name is Mori." Hoshi looks confused, he got curious "Are you, you know Trans." Mori looks at Hoshi with a displeased face, answering "No I'm not I didn't have a father, supposedly he was the one who named me, since I don't know him I cant really do much to get a reason why I got a boy name." Hoshi apologized immediately, without hesitation Hoshi asked Mori "Hey You want to get food I'm hungry. Sorry I used to much strength trying to catch, in doing so I got extremely hungry since I don't have much energy at all. I shouldn't even be training but I am which could actually kill me.

*Hoshi smiles and Laughs, Mori also Laughs with Hoshi*

As they are leaving Hoshi Dojo, Hoshi feels an Intense Aura coming from the right side. This was where Mori was walking. As he feels it intensify he waits last second to sense it. The second he senses the attack coming he throws Mori to the ground. Hoshi already heavily Injured takes a blow to the upper chest. Mori tries to use her mark but whoever this person is was able to disable her mark, Hoshi remembered some research he had to do find out how to disable a mark. What he found out wasn't good because he knew he had zero help as there was some sort of barrier or seal around his dojo. Hoshi decides to fight until the end no matter what it takes, Hoshi looks at Mori screaming "RUN NOW" Mori knows she cannot go against his word right now she is useless. Hoshi draws his real sword waiting for an attack he is at a pure disadvantage. This Disadvantage is his dojo is covered by a Forest, if he decides to run it will take him six minutes to get to an open field, with the strength he has left he will not make it. Hoshi knew he wouldn't make it but who would he be if he didn't try to win. He begins running to the open field, on the way there he had to dodge four attacks thrown at him he knew he had little strength maybe enough to get one person out of commission. Hoshi within the open field was able to sense some power back due to the barrier not being a problem to him. The attackers enter the open field noticing they are now at a disadvantage knowing Hoshi can now move freely. Hoshi analyzes there faces well he would have if they didn't have mask, as he finished analyzing one begins to run towards Hoshi. Hoshi being great a Close range has the upper hand, starting to dish out attacks he connected three one in the chin, Upper chest, and Leg. The other attacker goes for Hoshi blind spot, but he made one mistake the attacker let his location be known. Hoshi turns striking his head, getting a clean cut. The two attacker were killed and their blood was on his hands. Even so Hoshi didn't suffer somehow he regained his strength in the mist of battle. He felt brand new, Mori coming back with help notices the two bodies laying there. One without a head, the other with wounds in fatal spots. Mori looked at Hoshi with blood all over his face, shirt and pants. His shirt was ripped so all you say was his back and Abs. Mori blushed not knowing Hoshi physical look but had to remember why she came back "I came back to heal him just incase he was Injured." Mori runs towards Hoshi saying "Lay down I have to heal you, you don't have any wounds but you're energy might be low please lay down." Hoshi standing in place looked back at Mori, the stare on his face would terrify anyone with the smallest glance but the Aura he was unleashing was unexplainable. It was Immense and Thick, Mori grabbed him knowing he was in a state of shock and Adrenaline. Mori Healed Hoshi, after she finished they decided to head home. Hoshi looks at Mori smiling proceeding to ask "Let’s grab a bite first like I promised.” Hoshi and Mori go grab something to eat. Hoshi headed home also did Mori.

“Well what do we have here, I expected more from you two you guys are pathetic. It doesn’t matter you two are dead.”

*A Person in a black hood walks away from the two bodies*