Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 - Ruin of Ymen

Origin's of Shadows

In a fantasy world, lived a teenager who had just turned eighteen. The girl lived in a very prosperous and fighting kingdom. The kingdom was called Arkite. It was known to be incredibly brutal and bestial. So already expected, it was very dangerous. For every ten babies born in that wild environment, four of them were killed before turning five years old for experiencing very complicated scenes and situations. And what was the kingdom like? On the heights. By far it was the highest height spot nearby. Dwellings and establishments ranged from the sky to below the surface. Made up of thorns, mountains, cliffs, holes between the houses, and everything you can imagine.In that world it was natural that there were functions that society applies to you. Adventurers, farmers, merchants, blacksmiths and soldiers. These are the main functions that most choose to choose. And Charlotte Kagami, our protagonist, not being so different, adapted her monotonous way of living to be an adventurer. Her parents were blacksmiths and lived in constant danger. After all, they didn't know what to expect from their future customers in their store. Charlotte had an older brother. But he had been missing for five years. Of course, adventurers had assigned classes. Wizard, spearman, marksman, healer, warrior. Those were the main ones, but of course there was much more. But uncommon. And Charlotte didn't have a specific class. She has always wanted to be very versatile and be able to use everything. But for parental reasons, was never able to leave the house much for the realm to be very dangerous. So she was practically always treated like a princess, except in one respect that she went out of her way to please her. Her look. The blue-eyed girl always left her beautiful green hair in a ponytail. She wore colorful clothes, leaving a lot of emphasis. It was a dense heavy night, three days after Charlotte's oldest birthday. She was finally able to unintentionally leave the house. But obviously she always trained in hiding from her parents. Using his spear made by her parents exclusively for her. Made of adamante, one of the best materials for making equipment and weapons. And oddly enough, even though she was totally isolated in this world, she already had pretty good accuracy with her spear. But for some reason, she still didn't want to  a spearman. And it was only a few hours before dawn and Charlotte finally left the house. But something unexpected happened. Out of nowhere, a gigantic golem that surpassed the heights of the sky, annoyingly, arrives walking slowly towards the city of Charlotte, Ymen. The strangest thing is that no one noticed he was coming. Only when he immediately arrived on the stalk of the huddle of houses in the sky, with a deafening blow, destroying them all and killing every inhabitant of every house crushed. Of course, lots of debris falling in different areas of the kingdom. And in pure reaction, with the great impact on the region, Charlotte opened the window and jumped up to the roof to see what was happening, since she lived in the highest part of the city. And comes across the eyes of the big golem vibrating and staring at her. Obviously, she was totally immobile desperate. But luckily, she hears a loud voice calling out to her, and immediately an ax with a purple aura involved, hits that creature, making its head a little shaken and turned. Obviously it was just a tickle for him. But with that the girl managed to escape jumping off the roof and giving a back flip without even thinking. Her father cried out in despair. He was there on the ground, a considerably high height difference. Since she was in heaven and her father at the beginning of the structure. And as expected, Charlotte had plummeted from there and was rapidly falling. Luckily for her or not, the golem punched her house and some nearby, which coincidentally went through the buildings and hit her exactly. A punch made by an extremely thick fist, sending her through two houses and falling to the ground with a bounce. Getting totally helpless and totally destroyed. Luckily she didn't die. Her father, still desperate, immediately went after his beloved daughter to take care of her, without even now realizing where his wife is. But meanwhile, the golem destroying with punches and kicks the entire region of the city of Ymen, with countless civilian deaths.Fifteen minutes had already passed. The city was being completely devastated. Charlotte's father had put his daughter in the city's underground refuge and had returned to fight for his people, still not realizing where his wife is.Reinforcements had arrived for that situation. That town had no decent adventurers, so some roups came from the nearest town, to the point where they could hear the damage. A healer, a warrior, a wizard, three soldiers and two archers. The leader apparently that he was one of the soldiers.“Deck one!” - he said, that later the magician released combat and explosion spells against the unbeatable golem. But apparently it had had no effect.“Deck two!” - the archers launched their arrows with force effect, synchronized towards the golem. Which had had no effect either. They just bounced off and fell to the ground."Deck three!" - the two soldiers and the warrior went towards the golem with the healer giving them speed effect, physical strength and super jump. The first turn was a soldier, but the golem creates thorns in his palm, taking advantage that he was at high speed, just raised it causing the soldier to die cruelly. Two seconds later the other soldier did a super jump and went towards the golem's head. Hitting with his iron sword. But the only thing he managed to do was have the sword broken as soon as he touched the monster. The golem simply opened its mouth and ripped the soldier open with its teeth, then digested him. Everyone around that conflict was completely desperate. I could feel the long sweat of tension from a distance. And lastly, the brave warrior who simply couldn't move a muscle to see his two comrades dead in cold blood in front of him. It stayed still. The golem took advantage and simply stepped on it. All that remains is guts and a pool of blood. Which, by the way, was practically on the healer's side. Who died of a heart attack. Only the fearful leader soldier and his archers remain."AAAAAAAH" - shouted the leader, but this despair would not do any good.And so, the rest of the pitiful group tried to run away as fast as possible. Charlotte's father had just arrived and was watching them closely running with the golem just stopped. He couldn't do anything but try to help them. But he had nothing on his mind. While he didn't notice, the golem grabbed a wall that was disconnected from the dwelling and threw it towards the soldier. That by some miracle he managed to dodge because while running, he tripped over the rubble of bricks and fell rolling to the ground. And for this event to happen, the huge wall hit the two archers. Who died crushed by their own. And then Charlotte's father took the soldier by the shoulder towards the shelter, which was already close, and they managed to escape safely.“WHAT CREATURE IS THIS? WHY ALL MY COMPANIONS DIED?” - screamed and cried the soldier at the same time being carried. And soon he met with the survivors who had managed to get there. To get to the shelter, you had to go down a giant staircase in the main tavern in town. And there in the basement, there would be a hideout full of equipment. At the appointed time, there was Charlotte, her childhood friend Lena. And a few more adults and two children.Bookmark here

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