Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The Lost Boy

Afterlife Airport

I don't know what genre should i apply to this story. It's definitely not a horror nor about a ghost. I'm trying to have a psychological theme (carried through supernatural thing) about human's nature with a little bit of added philosophy that I knew (really need to research more of it though). Anyway, enjoy!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ START OF CHAPTER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was a busy day in a certain airport terminal. Everyone was busy, minding their own business. There was a guy walking expertly around the crowd while talking on the phone without crashing into someone; and a group of people waiting for the last person to arrived while cursing that particular guy; and a small family going to a vacation;  and an angry old woman that were shouting at the customer assistant representative because of the long delay; and an announcement through the speaker about a tragedy that most people ignored. It was what you would call the normal view of an airport terminal. A mixed of various emotions. A mixed of high and low pitch voices. A mixed of different life.

Then there was a small boy, around the age of 12. He had a small figure with a natural blonde hair. His eyes was watery, ready to burst with overflowing tears. He walked slowly, wandering around looking for his mom through his now blurry vision.

Everyone have experienced that, it was a scary moment. Adults might think it wasn't that big of a deal, but for a small kid, it was terrifying. The fear of being lost as a kid was as terrifying as having a nightmare, or even worse than that. Normally, we would immediately call for our parent when we're afraid. Then, sleeping between them as the result of us begging it. But, what if they weren't there? What if our parent is nowhere to be found? That was the fear this boy was having. But still, he didn't cry. His mom had teach him to not cry at small thing, to always smile when things were bad. He remembered his mom's word. All in all, he was a strong boy, yet frail. Like a diamond which was tough but brittle.

And so, he kept walking.
He kept going aimlessly.
Wandering around.
With a little sound, calling for his mom.
and walking,
and walking.

It has been 1 hour since he was lost. He could no longer hold his tear any longer. His tear duct was about to burst out, His face was covered with dripping tear and snot. Then, he started to cry. The once repressed emotion started to burst. But suddenly, a small hand with a smooth skin touched his shoulder. It was a shocked to him. It was as if he had been woken up from a nightmare. A little gasp went out from his small mouth. He looked back and saw a girl that was around his age, probably older by a tiny bit.

She had a small and frail body with a height at around 140cm. Her hair had a deep dark black color that reached her waist. Her skin was as white as a porcelain with little to no complexion. She was wearing a white dress with little yellow stars around the bottom of the dress, the dress was long enough to reached her knee. It supplement her undeveloped body really well.

The boy went silent. He looked into her pale red eyes and was captivated by her eyes. Not because of the beauty and flawlessness of her eyes but because of the warm look she was giving to him. It was like she was saying that everything was going to be okay through her pupils. The boy's heart was immediately at ease. It was like his mother was there, hugging him with motherly love. Then, he wiped his face with his shirt.

He asked her.

"Who are you?"
"I am your angel, lets go to your mom!", said her as she smiled.

Her smile eased his heart even further. Now, the boy truly believed that he was going to be okay. He replied back with his newfound energy.


Then, both of them walked slowly. He followed her obediently while holding hand.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ END OF CHAPTER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Author's Note: Thanks for reading this story.

James K.
Moonlit Works

Afterlife Airport