Chapter 1:

I Don't Speak Because I Don't Trust


I remember him. Only him, the bright smile, so bright it could outshine the sun. His deep blue eyes with that special sparkle. His small nose and his grey hair just like a wolf's.
I don't remember is name, nor do I remember his voice. But I do remember a word, the last word. Search.
He was probably the same age as me, about 13 years old.

They said I fell from a cliff, that it is a miracle that I survived. I was found by a man looking for his dog, turns out it stayed with me, they said if it didn't i would probably be dead now.
Apparently I have been in a coma for two years now. I woke up about a day ago in a hospital, they told me what happened and asked for my name. I didn't speak, not because I couldn't but I didn't trust these people.
Since I didn't answer, they called me Amari, which means miracle.

I couldn't walk, i was too weak, but I could sit up. In the room I could see a window, outside, the trees didn't have many leaves but they were green so I figured it was almost spring. I could also see a bookshelf, there were not many books in it. There was the bed I sat in, white, and clean.
Also, right in front of me was a mirror, i couldn't remember the face of the person i saw, but I knew it was me. 

I had long red hair, it probably grew a lot those two years, I was very skinny, my eyes were green and dull. My skin was very pale and I was very small. I was wearing white, probably hospital clothes. I had freckles. Everything was new, even though I couldn't remember how I looked before.

Someone walked in, one of the nurses. She had blonde hair in a bun and she was wearing blue nurse clothes. 
She saw how I looked at myself in the mirror.
"You didn't change a lot these two years, but you don't look the same." The nurse said. She sounded nice but I don't trust someone I just met.

I didn't move.

"Eh, what am I doing, it's not like she can talk."

I knew it, everyone puts on a fake smile, just to seem better to others. I don't smile, I don't cry, nor do I laugh or scream. I don't do anything that will show emotions, it's useless.

I know that I need to find that boy. He knows something that I don't, if I'm right he knows who my parents are, what happened and who I am.

The nurse had already left and I lied back on the bed. I closed my eyes and tried to remember but there was nothing. Before I knew it a doctor came in, he was also the first one I saw when I woke up. 

"Hey, Amari, I am going to do a checkup on you now." He looked very young but also wise, he had olive skin, long green hair in a ponytail, his nose was crooked and he had calm orange eyes. He wore glasses with a black frame, they were probably new since a sticker thing sat on them.

He had brought a wheelchair, he stretched his hand out toward me, I grabbed his hand and he helped me onto the wheelchair.

Authors note
Thanks a lot for reading, I kinda got the idea from a dream I had, or well, two dreams. You know when you get that feeling of falling but then you wake up in your bed. This might sound weird, but I love that feeling. 
I dreamt about the other stuff a little but I added a lot not it. I love dreams. >_<