Chapter 9:

To Be Infamous

Sun Buster:The Under king

Both Leo, Petra and Mandog in anguish, discussing where to flee to. Because of the fight between the Revolutionaries and the world Force, 3 countries nearby thought it was an earthquake while others thought it was an enemy attack.

Leo, Mandog and Petra are confused about where to go because the world Force are patrolling every possible area. Luckily Xander manages to wake up, barely able to speak. 

He gave them directions while coughing blood. When they reach a point with 3 divided routes, he asks Petra and Mandog to split up and take each route while he and Leo will take one as well. 

He gave them the direction to their destination and pass out again. 

Leo is seriously speeding up the Okami when suddenly a world Force Rear General jumped in front of the Okami and stop them. 

Leo has already lost hope, intending to fight the Rear General to death. 

The rear general told Leo "wait, young man. I may be with the world Force but I'm not your enemy. I'm a friend of that man 'Xander' " 

"How can i believe you in this situation " 

"Well, given the situation, i can't really blame you. But still, believe me, if you take that road, you'll get caught. They are patrolling even in this area, so follow that road and head to the underground base " 

Leo was terrified and surprised at the same time saying "how did you know that. That's the place Mr Xander told me to head to. "

Xander murmur "Leo, do as he says, he's my friend. " 

"Mr Xander, you're awake " Leo said. 

The rear general Kai said "you've really taken a beating, Xander. But I'm amazed that you guys survived a vice General and 4 captains .OK, get going. " 

Mandog, Leo and Petra manage to get to their rendezvous point and unlocked the underground basement and entered. 

Petra said "OK Leo, Mandog get them all out of the carriages and line them up in this space. There are more than 120 of them, so it will take at least 2 days to heal them enough to walk. " 

She form some hand seals and activates her moon Power. A white spiky ball appeared in the air over the casualties, then the light envelope all of them. 

"That should do it. Now let's go and buy some food and water."

Petra and Mandog went out and bought all their necessities and returned back to the underground basement. 

They spend 2 days before most of the Revolutionaries start to wake up. The next day all of them have waken up while Petra passed out due to over using her moon Power for 3 days and nights straight. 


Everybody in the hall went all gloomy. The air in the room has completely changed. 

Dentist stood up and asked "Guys, why are we all so gloomy? It's not like we were defeated completely, you could even call it a draw. Besides, we were outnumbered and there were 4 captains and a vice General, if you ask me, we did pretty great." 

The air in the room starts to change gradually. 

"Well, i guess if he says so."

"Yeah, it's not like we were defeated completely."

"You're right, we gave them a run for their money even though we were completely outnumbered."

People starts murmuring through out the room. 

Mandog said "But Mr Falcon you are one hell of a beast. I couldn't believe my eyes back there when i saw that form of yours. I almost got caught up in the last explosion. " 

"So that huge tremors were because of Mr Falcon, i thought the world was about to end. " 

"You can say that again." 

"Anyways, we got to witness the true strength of our leaders beforehand."

"Of course. I've never heard of a gathering of world Force officers like that defeated. Our leaders are really something else."

"That being said, Dentist and Xander, you guys are the only ones who were completely defeated." Manson said. 

Both Xander and Dentist "ugh, well, you know...Oh that. Unlike you guys, both me and Dentist doesn't have moon Power so it's even impressive that we manage to seriously injured a captain to the point of amputating his arm." 

"So, who cut captain Jiro's arm." Manson asked. 

Dentist answer "it was Xander while i cut his eye and gave him some serious wounds. But still Xander, that weapon of yours is impressive. It can cut and it can produce fire at the same time." 

They all ask Dentist "what weapon? Xander uses weapon? " 

He answer "yep, it's a string made of steel that can be manipulated using one's moon spirit. It can also produce fire. How much string you can manipulate depends on the user's moon spirit and Xander is really good with it." 

Falcon "well, with this battle, we will make the World Force recognize us as an enemy." 

Xander "i think i will go outside to hear the opinion of the masses and know our position." 

"Yeah, that will be helpful." Dentist said. 

In continent 1, the country of Donia is where the headquarters of World Force is located. Inside the headquarters are all big names including 7 generals out of 10, 4 vice generals out of 7, 11 rear generals out of 15 and the overall leader of the World Force Star General 'Barlow'. Discussing the incident with the World Force officers. 

They're discussing how a vice general together with 4 captains are defeated by some no names. Suddenly a reporter opened the door in a haste and reported 

"Sir, General Santos, together with 5 captains that went to continent 3 three days ago, are defeated in battle." 

All "what did you say." 

"General Santos? Did you confirm that? "

"Yes sir, i am sure." 

"By who,by which army? Is it the Empress? "

"No sir, the thing is they were defeated by two men." 

"Two men you said! Are you crazy? We are talking about a general and 5 captains here, what do you mean? Who are they? "

"Sir, it's Delphine Gael and Indra Indigo." 

Star General Barlow "those two.... Curse them. Why would they have to do that. What's their bounty again? " 

General Mia speak "i think... Oh yeah, it's 4,000,000,000 Nix on Delphine Gael's head and 7,000,000,000 Nix on Indra Indigo. Those guys are truly dangerous. It pains me to say this but, one general cannot take on those two." 

General Taboo "you are right, those two are bad news. But,still the Empress is ahead of them. If i remember right the bounty on the Empress is 11,000,000,000 Nix." 

Star General Barlow "then i think we should deal with the problem at hand, that is the incident with vice General Texas and the 4 captains. We don't want them to turn out to be like Indra Indigo and Delphine Gael." 

"You are right "

"Then i think a wanted poster will be the best way."

"yeah, they will be widely known so hiding will prove to be more difficult for them." 

Star General Barlow "So who's the strongest among them." 

The cameraman soldier "Sir, the strongest man among them is this guy 'Falcon' " He show them his picture. 

He commented "He managed to take on vice General Texas one on one." 

Barlow "one on one you say! Vice General Texas's strength rival some of the Generals." 

General Taboo "you can say that again. Pride aside, that man is a beast. He's among the candidates for becoming a General after all. " 

Barlow "hey cameraman, you can continue." 

"Yes sir, Falcon is the strongest among them followed by Karasma, this is his picture, then Pax, this is him, followed by Manson, then Dentist, he's their leader. Then Xander, then this woman Hina, then this woman Sara followed by this rich woman Timothy, then lastly this woman Rosa. There are other notorious rebels that have bounties on their head as well, but they seem to be their foot soldiers. That's all, sir."

Barlow "Timothy... Timothy... Isn't she that rich woman that despise most nobles. So she's chosen her path. Lucky her."

"what? "

Barlow "nothing. So i think this Falcon, his bounty will be 800,000,000 Nix." 

All Generals "what, isn't that a bit too high? " 

Barlow "shut up. I know what i am doing. They are revolutionaries trying to overthrow the world. If they are defeated by a vice General, do you think that they will just stay put. They will add to their strengths." 

All generals "yes sir, you are right." 

Barlow continues "as for pax, we underestimated him before and put a bounty of 20,000,000. So now it will be 400,000,000 Nix. As for Karasma, it will be 550,000,000 Nix. Manson's bounty will be 320,000,000 Nix. As for Dentist, since he's their leader, let's see... 450,000,000 Nix. Xander will have 270,000,000 Nix. This woman Hina will have 120,000,000 Nix. Next Sara will be 90,000,000. Then this rich lady 88,000,000 Nix. The last one, Rosa will have a bounty of 55,000,000 Nix" 

Barlow finished writing it down on a paper and gave it to the cameraman telling him. 

"Take it to the poster department. Print them out and start distributing it to the world right now." 

Cameraman "Yes sir." 

Back to continent 2. Xander went outside the basement to find some news about their fight. But to his surprise, everywhere on the wall and newspapers are all their faces with articles about them. 

He cover his face and went ahead and gather 10 wanted posters for each of them and went back to the basement. 

He showed all of them the wanted posters. The women covered their mouth in surprise. Falcon was kinda surprised to see his bounty so high. 

All over the world, everyone's talking about them. 

The news reaches Delphine Gael and Indra Indigo. They commented "hmmm, interesting." 

In continent 11, people are rejoicing over seeing Dentist's wanted poster saying. 

"He seems to be having fun." 

"He's really a handful."

Two badass dudes comment "Maybe it's about time he would need our help." 

Xander tells Dentist and the others that "with these wanted posters, moving around will be extremely difficult. So i think the coup d'etat will happen sooner than anticipated. Besides, if we take over Mangad kingdom, we will have room to train and become stronger if not.... " 

Dentist "i think you're right. In the next 3 days, we'll send twenty people there to obverse their current behaviors and daily lives for a week while we prepare. I think that will be the best solution for now. What do you guys think?" 

They all smiled and said "that's Dentist for ya. The plan is perfect. We can enter any country with an 'All Pass'. " 

Timothy "then i think their best disguise will be as traders. I will prepare everything they will need. So who will be the ones going ? " 

Dentist "Hina, can you and your group take this quest? " 

Hina "OK Dentist. I'm good with people so i think i can manage." 

"Thanks Hina. You can take some people from my group."

"Then i guess it's decided. In the next three days, you will depart."