Chapter 8:

The Duel Starts

Sun Buster:The Under king

Robin "but we have the advantage in numbers " Bookmark here

Texas "I'd say there are about 130 - 135 of them, while we got 250 soldiers on our side " Bookmark here

"Whatever, the guy we should be wary of the most is that guy, Falcon " Bang said.Bookmark here

"The one with white and pink hair? "Texas ask. Bookmark here

"Yes, he's the most dangerous among them all. His ability is too broken "Bookmark here

"For you to say that, that guy must really be dangerous. Maybe vice General Texas, you should take him on " Doffy says. Bookmark here

Jiro utter "as for me, i will take on that guy with black hair and necktie on the head, since he seems to be a swordsman " Bookmark here

"Do you mean Dentist. This time, i will remember all their faces. But that Dentist guy seems to be their leader " Bang said. Bookmark here

"Guys, don't attack them yet, but make it seem like you're trying to. Don't give away" Texas shouted. Bookmark here

All "yes sir " Bookmark here

Back to Dentist group. They are deciding who will fight who. Bookmark here

All at the same time "Falcon you are going to take on the vice General " Bookmark here

He retort "huh, why " Bookmark here

"Because you are the strongest among us all." Bookmark here

"You don't know that " Bookmark here

"come on, come on, don't be modest. Do you know how much moon spirit you were emitting at the colosseum. It was enough to knock out a normal person cold. So, give it your all " Bookmark here

"you guys... , you're just dumping all the hard work on me " Bookmark here

Hina "don't say that Falcon, there are other captains to deal with and they outnumber us. Everybody's going to be busy " Bookmark here

"You're right " Bookmark here

Xander shout out to the guys in front "cut through that corner, it will be faster" Bookmark here

After 2 hours of chasing, they arrived at the mountains. Leo undo his summon and all the Okami vanished. Bookmark here

Falcon summon a black panther with fiery eyes and order the panther to protect his squad at all cost, to provide backup. Bookmark here

All the members of his squad hold their hands near their chest, moved to tears saying "he's so kind. Worrying about us even in this situation, how noble " Bookmark here

Bang, the other 3 captains and vice General Texas all jumped out of the carriage and landed in front of Falcon and the rest. Bookmark here

Bang smirk and said "Yo, we meet again, you terrorists " Bookmark here

"It's revolutionaries you idiot, are you trying to pick a fight, ehn? You want a piece of me? " Petra started shouting. Bookmark here

"Petra we are here to fight in the first place, cool down" Falcon told Petra. Bookmark here

"Oh, you're right " Bookmark here

Texas raised one hand up with his two fingers standing, giving the soldiers a sign to attack. Bookmark here

The soldiers armed themselves and attacked the Revolutionaries however the Revolutionaries are not sitting back, they charged at the soldiers too clashing with each other. Those that can use moon power started using it both among the soldiers and the Revolutionaries. Bookmark here

Dentist, Pax, Sara, Xander, Falcon, Hina, Manson, Rosa, Timothy, Karasma, Mandog and Petra are standing still with captain Bang, captain Doffy, captain Jiro, captain Robin and vice General Texas facing them. Bookmark here

Falcon made his move first. Then they all scattered with Falcon taking Texas on, Karasma and Rosa vs Bang, Timothy, Hina and Sara vs Robin, Pax and Manson vs Bang, finally Dentist and Xander vs Jiro. Bookmark here

Falcon summon 2 of his hell Wolves and start to exchange blows with Texas. As fast as Falcon is, Texas is easily keeping up with him which really surprised him. Bookmark here

Texas blitzed Falcon, punch him in the gut and send him crashing into a hill, flattening the hill in the process. Bookmark here

Falcon stood back up. He used his black wolf and keep firing a barrage of lightning balls flattening hill after hill but still Texas was gaining on Falcon. He outclass him in both speed and power. Bookmark here

Most soldiers and the Revolutionaries stop fighting for a while and start to look at the fire power between Falcon and Texas's fight from far away. Bookmark here

Texas charges at Falcon with an unbelievable speed and clench his fist to the point that it starts to smoke. Falcon realizes that he cannot dodge it and if he take that hit, things are going to turn bad. Bookmark here

As Texas's fist nears Falcon's face, Falcon quickly creates a small shadow circle beneath his feet and sink inside quickly. Bookmark here

Texas fist misses and hit a mountain. That mountain completely shattered to pieces. Another shadow circle appears behind Texas and Falcon appeared through it. Bookmark here

Falcon's confused, he couldn't comprehend the secret behind Texas's power. 'How can a man be so powerful and is he even using moon power, if not then if he starts using it, then i don't even stand a chance. What the hell is going on.' Bookmark here

"I can see that you are confuse. Well it's no wonder, you are among the few that managed to escape that punch " Texas said. Bookmark here

Allow me to explain "this is my moon Power, '*200'. I can multiply my strength and speed *200 and other objects *100. So it will look like I'm not using my moon power when i am actually using it. By the way, i've only used *50 so far. So, don't disappoint me. What, don't tell me that's all you got ". He mocked Falcon. Bookmark here

"So that's why your physical strength is out of this world, a simple but terrifying ability. So, it's only *200 and that's *50 you've been using. Then i actually have a chance of defeating you " Falcon said with a badass look on his face. Bookmark here

Pax and Manson also started their fight with Doffy. Doffy's moon Power appears to be 'Wind'. He can create and control wind. Bookmark here

Pax turn into a nine tail fox and Manson's hands from his elbow downward turned dark. Bookmark here

Doffy compressed his wind as much as possible and blast it towards Pax and Manson. It turned into an air bomb. They managed to evade. Manson made Doffy's body heavy with gravity to the point that the ground underneath Doffy crack and squashed. Bookmark here

Doffy uses his wind and blast himself backwards escaping Manson's gravity. But he followed him with the gravity, crushing where exactly Doffy remove his step. Bookmark here

Doffy use his wind and blast himself upward but to his surprise, Pax is waiting for that chance. Pax charge a fire ball in his mouth and shoot it at Doffy. It exploded and knocked Doffy down. Bookmark here

He stood up all pissed off and raise his hand creating an enormous amount of wind and begin to send gales so sharp that they are tearing the ground and cutting rocks like banana. Bookmark here

Pax and Manson couldn't even move near Doffy. Bookmark here

"At this rate, we'll be done in by him, Pax. We have to think of something to avoid this situation " Manson said to Pax. Bookmark here

Back to Timothy, Hina, Sara vs Robin. Timothy shot her custom made gun at Robin. But Robin creates huge stems of trees and guard herself at the same time sending them forward and hit Timothy. Bookmark here

Robin grow a whole damn forest in a matter of seconds, saying "let's see how you'll get out of this " Bookmark here

Hina create 3 fire suites that are highly resistant to fire. She wear one and gave Sara and Timothy to wear as well. Bookmark here

They wore the clothes then Hina creates 50 containers of gasoline in the sky and destroy the containers making it pour all over the forest. Bookmark here

Robin tried to stop them but Sara used her sorcery to cut through all the branches she send after them. Bookmark here

Hina told Timothy "Timothy shoot the remaining container there, we'll be fine as long as we are wearing these suites " Bookmark here

Robin shouted "Noooooooo" Bookmark here

But Timothy shot that last container. It exploded and fire spread out all over the forest Robin created. Bookmark here

Robin quickly started creating layer after of trees to protect herself. But the fire is too strong that it's gaining on her. Bookmark here

Timothy, Sara and Hina managed to get out of the forest. Bookmark here

They are all happy that they defeated a world Force captain. Bookmark here

Surprisingly, Robin came out of the fire with only a burned hand. All happiness went back, because they saw how pissed she is. Robin dashed forward towards them and punch Hina in the stomach making her vomit blood. She kicked Sara in the head and send her flying. Bookmark here

Timothy jump back and shoot Robin in the arm. She looks at Timothy even more pissed. She disappear from Timothy's sight and appear right behind her. She grab and break Timothy's left arm. Bookmark here

Timothy looked at her with a painful expression. Bookmark here

"So you are not going to cry in pain. Trying to show your bravado? " Robin mocked Timothy. Bookmark here

Timothy said "you will definitely regret this-" Bookmark here

Suddenly Manson came crashing into a huge rock nearby Timothy with blood all over his body . Timothy went to Manson and managed to raise his head a little with her right hand asking him what happened. Pax also came crashing into the same rock. Bookmark here

Doffy came levitating saying "is that all you got Mr Pax and Mr Manson " Bookmark here

Pax stood up and claim "just wait, i'll wipe that grin off your face right now " Bookmark here

He deactivate his nine tail fox form and charge enough moon spirit and take a werewolf form but in the shape of a nine tail fox. Nine tails arranged vertically from from his neck to tail. Bookmark here

All of them start wondering," what is that form". Bookmark here

Pax "this is my hybrid form. The second form beast moon Power users can take. The 3rd is the 'Beast God Mode'. That's the highest level we can achieve " Bookmark here

Pax creates hundreds of fire needles and shoot them at Doffy. Doffy sensed how dangerous those fire needles are and managed to barely dodge them. The fire needles hit a hill behind him. The hill completely melted. Bookmark here

Both Pax and Doffy charge at each other with intent of killing. They engaged in close combat. They became completely invisible to bystanders. Bookmark here

The battle of the foot soldiers vs the newly recruit Revolutionaries ended after 3 hours with 7 revolutionaries standing. All the soldiers and other revolutionaries are down. Bookmark here

Dentist and Xander are defeated by Jiro. But he lost an arm and an eye with multiple cuts through out his body. At the end, he also collapsed. Bookmark here

Their surroundings where they fought is a complete disaster. About 3 mountains and 7 hills are cut down and destroyed. Bookmark here

Back to Falcon vs Texas. They exchanged thousands of blows, but Texas is still gaining on Falcon but he receive some damage too. Bookmark here

Texas removes his coat and cape, intending to take Falcon seriously. Bookmark here

Falcon smirk and remove his eyepatch too. He summon '4 Hell Tigers'. He shout out 'Inhabit' then all 4 tigers and 2 wolves turned to spirits and inhabit his body. He maintained his form except for some beast features. Bookmark here

He grew 6 horns vertically like that of a unicorn from his forehead to his nape, with each horn wielding an element. He grew a tail with steel thorns like needles all over the tail. He grew claws and Fangs and his one eye turned like that of an anaconda. Bookmark here

Texas was so surprised that it shows on his face, saying "Falcon, in my whole life, i've never seen or heard of a person with broken abilities like you. You can use the Beast God Mode! You are a beast" Bookmark here

He reply "Hehehe, well thanks " with lightning discharging out of his mouth and body. One horn on his head is wielding fire, the next one water, the next one lightning, the next one wind, the next one earth and the last one gravity. Bookmark here

Falcon jump up and punch Texas with his claws. Texas defended but Falcon break through his defense and hit him in the stomach making him vomit blood. Bookmark here

He click tongue and jump back. Bookmark here

He clench his fist and shout 'Max *200' The ground he's standing on starts cracking.Bookmark here

He told Falcon "come, I'm ready for you" Bookmark here

They exchanged tens of thousands punches and kicks within a few seconds. Bookmark here

They stopped and Falcon claim "this will finish you " Bookmark here

He grew wings on his back and take up to the sky bursting through the clouds in seconds. Bookmark here

Texas took a stance and prepared his strongest move waiting for Falcon to come down. Bookmark here

Falcon call out his technique name "Falcon Dive". He charged all the elements on his horns and combine them into one, forming an ominous looking falcon shape aura placed on his forehead. Bookmark here

He turn his head upside down and dive like a falcon. From above the clouds, he made it to the ground where Texas is in half second. In that half second, Texas threw 700,000 punches at Falcon's forehead. Bookmark here

Their impact was insane. It obliterated the entire area. 7 mountains were eradicated. Bookmark here

There's nothing left but smoke and a massive hole with no end in sight. Both Falcon and Texas starts to fall inside that hole both unconscious. Bookmark here

Pax and Doffy's fight ended up in a draw. Both fell down unconscious. Timothy shot Robin 3 times but she crushed Timothy with her trees until she's unconscious, then Robin fell down unconscious too because of loss of blood. Bookmark here

Karasma and Rosa managed to defeat Bang but they are badly injured too. They can't afford to move. Bookmark here

Most of Dentist's group are out cold, then suddenly reinforcement from world Force came with the 4 golems that were at the colosseum. Bookmark here

Before the reinforcement arrive, Petra, Mandog and Leo remembered what Dentist and the rest agreed on. 'Leo, Petra and Mandog. You are not to engage in battle at any cost. In case we lose, Leo you will summon Okami carriages, Mandog and Petra will load us up. Since Petra's moon Power is healing, you will protect them Mandog. Flee and don't let them catch us, we're counting on you. ' Bookmark here

Before the world Force reinforcement arrive at the main battle field, Leo, Petra and Mandog have managed to retrieve all the revolutionary members. They saved Falcon too before he fell inside the massive hole. The world Force reinforcement managed to save vice General Texas before he fell inside the hole after the Revolutionaries have fled. Bookmark here

Petra, Leo and Mandog along with defeated Dentist and the rest, retreated in defeat. Bookmark here

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