Chapter 1:

New school, new me

My life as a teenage dog

Hi, my name is Faye Channing and this year I’m starting middle school at a new school called the S.W.I academy. Starting middle school is very stressful, it’s even more stressful since I’m new to this school, but want to know what’s even more stressful than this? Well, buckle up cause it’s about to get weird real fast. You see, ever since I was a child, I’ve had the ability to transform myself into a canine dog, I’m not even joking, one moment I’m a regular human being and the next one I’ll have long pointy ears and a fluffy tail. No one knows about this, except my parents, they don’t seem to mind at all, in fact they were excited when they found out about this. All my life I had been homeschooled, so I never had to worry about keeping my power a secret, but today all that changes. I’m staring directly at the school entrance, watching all the other students walking in, all happy without a care in the world. While I’m over here hoping to God that I don’t have one of my freak accidents in the middle of class! Just take a deep breath…if you keep procrastinating, you’ll be late for your first class which is…math, ugh! I hate math! Maybe I will just keep procrastinating…

The school bell rang signaling that class was about to begin, I walk into my classroom and everyone else is already seated…except for me. The teacher had already begun the class and was scribbling at the white board “About time you showed up, please take your seat” said the teacher while still scribbling. I nod, too embarrassed to say anything and when I look at the other students…they’re all just staring at me like I’m some sort of weirdo! My face started heating up from embarrassment, man I really wish I didn’t procrastinate much... I slowly make my way through the classroom trying to find an empty chair. What an awful way to start the day… “Hey! There's an empty seat next to me!”. I look over to the back of the classroom and I see this boy waving his hand energetically at me with this big smile. “You can sit next to me if you want” he said while pointing at the empty chair next to him. “Uhm…okay” I make my way towards him and settle down on the empty chair. “I’m Felix, what’s your name?” he asked me, still with his bright smile that could lighten up the darkest of caves. “I’m Faye…”. “Faye? That’s such an awesome name!”. Damn this kid is loud… “Hey Felix, keep it down” the teacher scolded at Felix. “Oh umm…sorry teach” Felix replied rubbing the back of his neck with an awkward smile and a soft blush. “So, Faye, are you new here?” he quickly turned his attention back at me. “Umm…yeah”. “Awesome! You chose the best school in town!”. “Hey, keep it down, you’re scaring her” a different voice erupted from the class, a girl sitting on the other side of Felix, she looked like quite the emo with her black hair, black glasses, and she was even wearing black lipstick, it looked nice on her paler skin. “No, I’m not Jade!”. Jade quickly gives Felix a punch on his arm to get him to shut up. “Ow…that hurts…” Felix whined, finally calming down. “Sorry about that, he can be a bit too energetic sometimes” said Jade looking at me while she adjusted her glasses. “Oh no! Don’t worry about it…”. “I’m Jade by the way” she said while doing the peace sign with her hand. “Nice to meet you, I’m…”. “Faye, I know, I overheard you guys’ conversation”. “Oh…okay” I turn my attention back to the class, so far nothing out of the ordinary had happened and I even met two people in my first class!

It was finally lunchtime; I make my way through the cafeteria with my lunch tray looking for a place to sit. Everyone else was having lunch with their friend groups but I still didn’t know anyone, beside those two kids from class. After searching for a bit I’m able to find a small empty table by the corner and I place down my lunch tray in it, as I start to sit down, I suddenly hear footsteps heading my way. Even though the cafeteria is very loud and crowded I can still detect all kinds of sounds thanks to my dog hearing. I look around and see Felix running towards me. “Hey Feya! Is this seat taken?”. “Umm…no its not- “before I could even finish speaking, he had already sat down. “Thanks!” he quickly began devouring his food as if he hadn’t eaten in days, he was like a damn animal. “So uhm…where’s Jade?” I ask a bit timid. “Oh Jade? She usually eats with her other emo friends; those guys are way too gloomy for me”. “I see…so do you have any other friends” I asked bluntly. “Well, uhm…it’s a bit complicated…most people consider me “annoying” for whatever reason…so I don’t have many friends”. He replied a lot quieter, slightly blushing from embarrassment. “…I’ll be your friend” I give him a soft genuine smile. He looks at me and his sad expression quickly disappears as a smile makes its way through his face, his eyes glistening in happiness. “I’d love that!”. After we were done with our lunches Felix was kind enough to give me a tour of the school and we got to know each other a bit better. Everything was going great! Until it happened…I could feel my tail starting to form and grow. My face was quickly filled with fear and Felix looks at me: “Hey Faye are you okay?”. I didn’t even answer, and I ran towards the nearest girl’s bathroom and locked myself inside one of the stalls, luckily no one else was here. Felix quickly followed behind, confused by this situation and waited a bit outside the door until he softly knocked: “Hey Faye, are you okay?” I thought I was going to die from how terrified I was, this long fluffy tail was sticking behind me, and I couldn’t get it to go away, and to make matters worse class was starting soon. “Faye, do you want me to get a teacher?”. “No! I mean…I’m fine…”. “Clearly you’re not, please come out I’m worried…”. I groan in frustration trying to think of a way out of this situation, I can’t come out or everyone will see my tail, but if I don’t do something Felix will get a teacher to come in. Felix takes a deep breath and asks: “Are you on your period…?” slightly blushing in embarrassment. “W-what? No! I-It’s not that!”. My mind is completely blank, I have no idea on what to do. I give out a loud sigh as I decide to do something very risky, I might not know Felix that well yet, but he seems trustworthy. “Hey Felix… can you come inside?”. “In there?! But I might get in trouble…” Felix hesitated a bit but after hearing a soft please come from Faye he quickly made his way into the bathroom making sure no one saw. “Faye I’m here, now please tell me what’s wrong.” “Okay this is going to look weird but…try to keep an open mind…”. I take a deep breath and slowly open the stall door, revealing my long fluffy tail and now my long pointy ears. Felix’s jaw dropped to the floor when he saw me, but he didn’t look weirded out, he looked quite excited. I’ve always been so scared to be rejected because of my other form, but in this moment, I felt like I made the right choice.

After explaining my power to Felix, I gave out a sigh in relief noticing how well he had taken the news, maybe a bit too well, he wouldn’t stop petting my tail and ears, although I do enjoy a good pat, so I won’t complain. “Promise you’ll keep this between us…?” I say slightly pouty. “I promise.” “Pinky promise…?” I stretch out my pinky towards him. He gives a small chuckle: “Of course”. Well now that he pinky promised he can’t back out now. “Man, who would’ve thought that you could transform into a dog, that’s so freaking cool!”. “Yeah, I guess so, but I still don’t have full control over it and accidents like this tend to happen sometimes…”. “No need to worry! I’ll help you out in whatever way I can!”. My eyes got a bit watery at that last bit, I was so grateful for becoming friends with someone as amazing as Felix. “Hey, look your ears are gone, and so is your tail!”. I blinked a few times until I noticed that he was right, they were finally gone, and just in time, class is about to start! Felix grabbed me by my hand softly and walked me out of the bathroom, us heading towards our next class. “Hey Felix…?” I stop walking and so does he, looking over at me with an eyebrow raised. “I just wanted to say…thanks for everything”. He gives me a soft smile: “No problem” and we headed off to class. This was the start of a beautiful friendship…

Joe Gold
Taylor Victoria