Chapter 1:

Kibo Ollana

Executioner's Curse

25 May 2024:Bookmark here

In a dark room full of chains a young adult tied with chains and handcuffs, sitting quietly looking at the floor and not moving.Bookmark here

A guy with light green hair and bandages, all over his body came close to him and said "Kibo the time has come." Kibo, the young adult who sat in the room started moving and yelling "Let me out! I'm begging you." The person with the light green hair started laughing and left. A promise came out of Kibo's mouth "I promise you when I will get out you are the first one I'm coming after."Bookmark here

13 March 2004:Bookmark here

Night, 2:55 PMBookmark here

Town of Monstan, The main street of MonstanBookmark here

A pregnant woman had walked in the main street with her 3-year-old daughter. While she was walking, an old man came across her and said "Congratulations! Your husband told me that you are about to give birth soon. Have you had the time to pick a name?" She replied with a bright smile "Not yet, but, I have something that I wanted for a long time." The man smiled as well and continued to walk "Good luck", he shouted when he was far enough from her.Bookmark here

2 hours later.Bookmark here

The woman had arrived at the hospital with her husband.Bookmark here

A doctor came towards them and said, "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Ollana I will be your doctor for this special day my name is Ofir, anything you need I'm here." Bookmark here

5:00 PM - Mrs. Ollana went into surgery.Bookmark here

7:24 PM - emergency called, 3 more doctors are going into the surgery room.Bookmark here

7:55 PM - Mr. Ollana called into the Surgery Room.Bookmark here

"Your wife won't last until the end of the surgery. You may be with her until the end."Bookmark here

Mr. Ollana got close to his wife with tears in his eyes and said "I love you." Mrs. Ollana smiled and tears came from her eyes as well. "I love you too." She took a big breath and said "Don't worry, it wasn't for nothing the baby will be alive." Mr. Ollana rushed and grabbed her hand "How do you want to name him?" Mrs. Ollana smiled and replied "At the beginning, I had a name I wanted, but now I want something else, I want you to stay as a family and be happy, that's my hope" She closed her eyes.Bookmark here

Kibo.Bookmark here

6 May 2017:Bookmark here

My dad left when I was 10 years old when he left a letter was on the table. It was from him, "I am sorry, I can't take it anymore. Kibo, you are the reason she died. I can't look at you in the face without thinking about her."Bookmark here

I and my sister were left alone, she was bigger than me by 3 years.Bookmark here

My sister, Nina was the only family member left. She lived with me and took care of me.Bookmark here

She was the mother figure in my life.Bookmark here

"I'm home, Kibo," Said Nina.Bookmark here

"Welcome back" replied Kibo and smiled.Bookmark here

"Kibo, will you come with me to the executioner's test? I want you to see your sister pass and see me becoming the best executioner in the country."Bookmark here

Kibo smiled, she was his light.Bookmark here

"I will be there all the way for you."Bookmark here

Nina giggled and said, "I am going to get some food, stay here."Bookmark here

An hour passed and Nina still hasn't come back. Kibo left the home and started heading into the market, he saw people running towards him. One of the people that were running towards him told Kibo "Runaway people from other countries are here, run far before you will get their plague." Kibo was terrified. The man that has talked to him earlier added "Don't be worried we called the executioners, they are coming from the capital now. In the meantime, a girl is holding them back for us."Bookmark here

Kibo screamed "Nina!" and began running towards her.Bookmark here

When he arrived, he saw her holding two strangers with no cover on her hands.Bookmark here

"Nina stop they will infect you." Screamed Kibo.Bookmark here

Nina turned and looked at him, smiled, and said "Don't worry, as long as you are safe I am happy."Bookmark here

An hour later the executioners arrived, I was sent home with my sister. They told me not to touch Nina, so we sat far away from each other. There was silence, none of us talked.Bookmark here

After a couple of minutes of silence, a knock on the door was heard.Bookmark here

"Open up it's the police we were sent by the executioners."Bookmark here

I opened the door. They asked me if I touched her or got close to her, I answered no on everything.Bookmark here

An executioner came in the door, he wore his arm sleeve in order to take Nina. "She is about to get executed, she touched the trespasser we need to kill her before the plague will infect others."Bookmark here

I was in shock, I couldn't move he took Nina.Bookmark here

Why can't I save her? Body, move!Bookmark here

A sound of a door getting closed was heard.Bookmark here

7 May 2017:Bookmark here

I left the house and walked in the streets of Monstan, a guy was talking on a stage and said "The executioners saved us again, in one hour from now we will execute a fallen from ours. God will save us from those filthy strangers." Kibo heard what the announcer said and went to take a place, he knew who is the fallen. He waited, hasn't moved a muscle, and looking at the ground.Bookmark here

The hour had passed quickly. And Nina was escorted to the stage with an executioner and chains on her hands. Quiet, no one was talking. A large guillotine was in the middle of the stage.Bookmark here

When Nina got to the guillotine a priest came onto the stage and started speaking.Bookmark here

In his head Kibo thought, Why her? just yesterday she wanted to become an executioner.Bookmark here

The priest started his speech. "In the name of God, I wish her happy life after death."Bookmark here

She is just 16 why? I can't be alone.Bookmark here

"We all hope you will be sent to heaven."Bookmark here

Nina's head was placed in the guillotine, an executioner held the rope.Bookmark here

Nina save me! Please don't go. I promised you I will come to see you become the best executioner.Bookmark here

The priest nodded.Bookmark here

the executioner let go of the rope...Bookmark here

What's right?Bookmark here

Nina, please tell me.Bookmark here

I don't know what to do...Bookmark here

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