Chapter 2:

A fairy tale

Executioner's Curse

8 May 2017:Bookmark here

Kibo opened his eyes and looked around him. He was in a room, old but clean. He was looking around while he thought to himselfBookmark here

"Where am I? Where is Nina?" Then he remembered.Bookmark here

"Right, Nina is dead" Tears fell out of his eyes. He got up from bed looked at his clothes. They were new. He didn't remember what happened after his sister was killed. He ran down the wooden stairs and saw a red-haired fat woman cooking in the kitchen. He stopped running, she hadn't noticed him. Kibo thought: So I am at this women's house what should I do. Kibo looked at the kitchen and searched for something to use, he suddenly saw a big knife, quietly he proceeded towards the knife. She was still cooking. Kibo took the knife and held it with two of his hands. He was terrified, his hands were trembling. He screamed "Hey, you where am I? Where is my sister? Why am I here?" The woman laughed and turned around and said: "You were crying unconsciously on the floor in the middle of the street, so I took you showered you, and gave you new clothes. I know it was your sister who died." Kibo was surprised and didn't know what to say. "Put the knife down kid!" She said and began walking towards him, as a result, Kibo lifted the knife higher. She stood very close to him, lifted her hands up, and screamed while looking at the ceiling "Stab me!" Kibo was frightened, he couldn't move, he fell to the floor while he was shivering and began crying, the woman had begun squatting towards Kibo, she reached out her hand to Kibo, he screamed at her to not get close to him, but she didn't listen, Kibo took the knife and bravely cut her finger, blood was falling out of her eye, her look hadn't changed she was still smiling, although she bled she hugged him and said with comforting voice :Bookmark here

"Don't worry you're safe now."Bookmark here

8 May 2019:Bookmark here

Kibo woke up, put on some clothes, ran down the stairs, and screamed "Today is the day you will see me become an executioner."Bookmark here

Lisa the red-haired woman said "I am sure of it" and began laughing.Bookmark here

Kibo made a sad face and laughed with her.Bookmark here

"Don't be surprised if I will become the strongest one" said Kibo with his hands on the waist.Bookmark here

Lisa walked towards Kibo, looked him in the eyes, and said "What is your dream?"Bookmark here

Kibo's eyes looked empty.Bookmark here

He replied with a cold voice "Nothing."Bookmark here

Lisa slapped him and said, "Then why going into something that will make you lose your humanity?"Bookmark here

Kibo with his red cheek replied, "Because that's what Nina wanted to do."Bookmark here

Lisa grinned and said, "Then promise me you won't die."Bookmark here

Kibo smiled and laughed "Yeah, that wasn't my intention from the beginning."Bookmark here

Every city sent all of the participants together, Kibo left the house for the exams, to meet the others participants from the city.Bookmark here

There were three participants except:Bookmark here

Rin - brown eyes and hair.Bookmark here

Rig - Dark blue hair and cyan eyes. Rig wears glassesBookmark here

Shunji - Black hair with silver color eyes.Bookmark here

Rig and Rin walked towards Kibo and Rin said excitingly "Are you the last participant? Hi I am Rin and this is Rig we are so excited about this exam I want to become an executioner so bad, you will have a lot of money and people will want to be like you and maybe hot boys will hit on me."Bookmark here

Kibo laughed and said, "Wow you are talking a lot. I am Kibo." Rig also introduced himself.Bookmark here

The three of them started staring at Shunji, he was annoyed and said "Stop staring at me! What the hell you want?" Rin changed her voice tone and said with a more angry voice "Where is your introduction? Huh? We all done there is only one left, spoiler alert it's you!"Bookmark here

Rig whispered to Kibo "Scary..."Bookmark here

Kibo turned his face towards Rig, his eyes were terrified.Bookmark here

After Rin yelled at Shunji for a couple of minutes they were off to the capital city "Sakura". On their way, the three talked together while Shunji was walking as far as he could from them. After a long 3 hour walk in the woods, they have finally made it to the city. For their eyes it was different, instead of wooden houses, it was made out of brick and taller buildings.Bookmark here

"So when are the exams?" Asked Rin.Bookmark here

"In two hours from now. But we need to go register at the colosseum." Replied Rig.Bookmark here

"So we have about one hour to walk around in the city, let's walk" Said Rin excitingly.Bookmark here

Shunji just left the three raised his arm and said "Bye" Rin made an angry face but chose not to call for him.Bookmark here

They went into the street and bought food at shops it was something new for them.Bookmark here

Rig saw that people are starting to walk towards the colosseum so he said "We need to go register or we won't be able to participate." Kibo and Rin agreed and they have begun walking towards the colosseum.Bookmark here

A lot of people were in the capital for the exam, the colosseum can hold up to 5,000 viewers.Bookmark here

After they signed up they were directed into the middle of the colosseum. The colosseum was full of viewers and in the middle were all the participants.Bookmark here

5 minutes later a guy started speaking to the microphone :Bookmark here

"Welcome to the 74th executioner exam."Bookmark here

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