Chapter 0:

Cap 0 - The Problematic Apprentice

Eyes of the Mind

Our hunter organization, long ago was secret, we fought in the shadows to defend the light, it was like that for a long time, until the cataclysm known as the demonic cataclysm.

The cataclysm was caused by the use of a large-scale spell made by the demon known as Unbeliever, after his escape from the spiritual dimension, he bathed the world with his magic, causing the cataclysm that destroyed the stones of barrier across the globe, this made the reality, once sealed, that it hid the mystical and legendary beings of our plane from being reunited. 

Chaos was widespread, our world was now constantly attacked by it which until then was just superstition, demons, youkai, dragons, wow organization was overloaded, it was then that the elderly Miranda took the initiative of making public the existence of supernatural hunters, this idea was not accepted immediately by the other elders, but in view of the current situation in the world they had no other option.

With our organization revealed to the world, we started to hire new hunters to combat threats, ironically we had a large number of interested, but a supernatural hunter doesn't just depend on strength, there is a small portion of humanity that is more sensitive to the world supernatural, this makes many of these people able to develop a form of magical supernatural power, this kind of power is different from person for a person, even so, training hunters was something that took time, few had success in developing their form of magical power, some of those who achieved the feat of developing their power, after some time they showed themselves unworthy, becoming corrupted or surrendering to supernatural forces for more power, but we couldn't just stop training new hunters, the current situation forced us to continue, that's when she arrived, her first impression was of a disinterested girl, her style was strange, while all the other beginners wore the training uniform she refused to wear, always with his white T-shirt with a juice box design, a hair messy around his neck, a pair of black jeans and his dark blue sneakers

with a star logo.

At first I had no interest or faith in that girl, but in short training time she proved to be superior to other students. 

I trained many hunters on this long journey of life, but that girl, she demonstrated a focus I had never seen before, within a month she had mastered form of magic power, did not expect to see another user of the control skill of soul, it was a surprise, not only for me, but for the entire order of hunters supernatural, it's been a long time since we've seen a rookie with such talent. 

At the time when Haruka is a beginner in our organization, she turned out to be a very mysterious girl, she never said anything about her life outside of the facilities, as she also did not say the real reason for wanting to participate in the our organization of supernatural hunters, I cannot force her to speak for on the other hand, since her arrival she has shown herself very promising, I always see her training her technique with her Katana.

"Girl, it's been a while since something bothers me..."

"Is your back pain old?"

"Your way of speaking hasn't changed at all in that time, has it?"

Despite being a beginner in hunter training, Haruka had a strange personality, in addition to not showing much respect for their superiors. 

"Hmm, so tell me old man, what's bothering you?"

"For what reason do you want to become a hunter?"

"Why? Well, I have nothing better to do."

It was a very futile reason to risk your life, but coming from Haruka it was almost acceptable.

"You actually have a better evolution than any other girl student, but your stubbornness is something you need to address."


Despite her way of thinking and acting, Haruka was still my closest student. promising, she had an almost perfect command with her katana, in addition to demonstrate a natural talent with its magical power, with little training time she was selected for the apprenticeship test, it was the test that few beginners were selected, it was applied once per person on specific days.

"Are you anxious, girl?"

"For what?"

"Have you forgotten? The apprenticeship test you were selected for."

"Not old. I didn't forget the test, I just didn't remember it."

"What you said doesn't even make sense girl, you must keep in mind that the test will be today, right?"

At that moment, Haruka stopped his sword strikes, for a second it looked like she had a chill.


"Say Girl."

"Aaaaaah! I'm sick, help! I'm having a heart attack, call the old ambulance!"

While Haruka thrashed on the floor, the only thing I thought was how that imitation was ridiculous and pathetic.

"Girl, you forgot didn't you?" 

"Our! As it's late right, bye old man I have to help the old ladies to cross the street!" 

“Girl, I will not allow you to escape this test."

"Help this poor girl who needs it, she says I fell off my bike and I'm at the doctor."

It was like a child throwing a tantrum after losing a toy, Haruka could be promising, but she failed a lot with her commitments, I believe faithfully that she pretended to be forgotten by laziness and lack of interest.

"No. Now get ready, you need to be ready for your assessment, I don't want to regret having accepted you as a student."

"Apparently, you just want to keep your morale at the top."

"What did you say?!"

"Ala, it's the woodpecker, what an interesting animal, isn't it? he keeps hitting the beak trees and such. Look at the time, let's go!"

As always Haruka managed to annoy me in a unique way, but even so, I still looked at the girl as a daughter, she could have a toxic personality, but she also had a kind role, after all, I didn't even know her personal life.

"Come on, old man, open the way, show the route!"

"Don't talk to me like I'm a girl dog, let's go downstairs, you must know where it is."

As we walked through the premises, I could see that Haruka's face didn't leave her cell phone screen, as always, her interest in our organization still seemed to be zero, I guided her through the quiet corridors to the lower floors, but Haruka did. she showed disinterest in the environment, as if she just wanted to leave, I could feel her restlessness and anxiety, but she had been selected to act as a hunter and the initial interest had come from it, so I could only help her achieve what she did. desired.

When we got to the evaluation room, Haruka without me saying anything, took the front and entered the room alone, it was like a courtroom, with an arena in the center, the room had two floors where the evaluators were, usually they were high level hunters, amidst the assessment center she seemed even more anxious, the wait for her turn was indeed excruciating.

"Beginner Haruka, please introduce yourself for your evaluation." 

A tired, serious voice came from the top of the room, beginning an assessment.

"Can we start?"

"Yes, I am ready."

"First of all, for what reason do you want to be a supernatural hunter?"


Haruka seemed to have frozen after the question, her fingers intertwined in her back, her uneasiness was more than visible.

"Didn't you hear the question?"

"I want to become strong, to eliminate any threat, any threat to human life..." 

"What would you do if the threat were human?"

"I'm not interested in sparing any kind of threat, regardless of whether it's spiritual or human."

"So basically if a human showed up as a threat, you would kill him?"

"A human who would prove a threat... Yes, I would eliminate him without any remorse, a threat to life is not to be tolerated."

It was the first time I witnessed Haruka say those words, it was like had a sense of justice, eliminate any threat even if it's human, this goes against the hunter's code, those words were an affront to our organization, it was apparent that she had annoyed some of her evaluators with those words.

"So would kill anyone you identified as a threat, little girl?"

Without Haruka noticing, behind her was Carlos, he was a tall man with hair blond and with a menacing look, he was an expert rank hunter, very known for his speed and unique talent in lightning control skill.

The girl could feel the pressure of the man behind her, but even so she refused to look back, remained firm and immobile in the center of the room.

"Yes, a threat to life must be eliminated, I would do that without thinking twice."

 "That thought is not suitable for a hunter, but I didn't expect much from someone inexperienced who arrived here after only a month and a half of training."

"Mr. Jet Cat, I don't expect you to understand my reasons, but I don't accept if you criticize my experience, I wouldn't be being evaluated otherwise."

"Who are you calling jet cat you insolent brat?"

The girl had a gift for stressing others, but in that situation, stressing someone like Carlos in the midst of his assessment was his biggest mistake, even I didn't could interfere.

"Time, come on Carlos, leave the girl alone, you were boring to damn in your apprenticeship, actually I think you're still currently equal."

That extremely soft and quiet voice was the hunter Speak, though trying to help in the current situation, she only fueled the hunter's wrath.

"Enough of your meddling! We are in the middle of an evaluation, take your seats immediately."

In the blink of an eye after the intrusion of the elder Apollo, everyone just stayed in silence, going against the elder's orders is the same as signing a sentence of death.

"Sebastian, the girl is your student, despite her immature and disrespectful thinking, did she prove herself worthy of the title of hunter?"

"Yes, the girl is not only my best student, she also proved to be one of the most promising to become a hunter, I believe she will become a very experienced hunter in the future."

"I see... but I want to see her skills first, in your reports you claims she has the same form of power as her former apprentice, is she sure that this time her judgment wasn't flawed again, was it?"

"Absolutely, the girl is indeed immature and disrespectful, but I see the girl as a great hunter, I take any punishment for her actions."

The elder seemed intrigued but satisfied, despite saying that he assumed the acts of Haruka, I really had no idea what his steps would be after the evaluation, whether it would become corrupted or not, I had no idea, but I would all to avoid the decay of another student. 

"Well, child, the words of your master say a lot about you, but I want to know if you are in fact capable of being a hunter, in front of you there are 3 statues, they're in the danger class about human, your master has already explained. what are the hazard classes?"

"Yes! The hazard classes are divided into 6, class D, C, B, A, S and SS each with its certain threat levels, the threat level over human is a of the weakest, present in class D being the first level of danger in scale."

"Exactly, so I don't need to explain anything else, they're sealed, after the test start they will try to kill you and we will not offer any help to unless you're about to die, do you agree?"

"Yes. I agree."

A serious and direct answer was something I didn't expect from Haruka, despite the her doubtful personality, she understood her situation well.

In a few seconds Haruka entered her combat stance, preparing her sword for a quick draw while analyzing the statues. 

“Release the seals, let's get started."

With the elder's order the seals were released, the statues came back to life after seeing the girl, they advanced with fierce speed towards her, she in against part remained immobile.

His fighting style was to analyze any type of movement of his enemies carefully, as the statues approached her, Haruka made a fast movement using her soul control skill, she advanced quickly splitting the head of one of the statues in half with his quick draw, while in a split second, she repositioned her body in midair to attack your next target. The second statue prepared to attack the girl, however, Haruka launched an attack using the pressure of the wind from the her sword, along with her magical ability, splitting the statue's trunk, doing a 360 degree spin, Haruka landed on the ground preparing her against attack, dodging the punches and kicks of the third statue, the girl fired 5 blows that cut the limbs of the third statue in a matter of seconds.

In the midst of that display of skill, the hunters in the room couldn't stop being perplexed, it wasn't every day that a beginner destroyed 3 classes of danger to human in such a short time.

"Intriguing, very intriguing, where did you get such skill with the sword girl?"

"Did I play Nioh and ninja gaiden a lot, ma'am?"

"Very funny your joke, my name is Speak, and please don't call me Lady, I feel like a passion fruit drawer like your master."

- Hey! The old man is only 73 years old, the fact that he takes blue pills doesn't make him adrawer passion fruit.

"Girl! What the hell are you talking about me?"

"Enough! I've come to my verdict."

The elder's words at the same moment silenced the perplexed hunters with the beginner's skills.

Haruka looked anxious for the words the elder was about to utter, no she could contain my curiosity too, after all Haruka was my best student, be failing was a frustration not only for her but for me as well.

“After your demonstration, young girl, I realized that you have a talent for combat, however, I can't let your previous ideals pass, neither I will bar you from joining our hunter organization, however, you are absolutely forbidden to use your abilities against any and all humans, I hope I was clear."

"Yes, you were very clear." 

"Very well, I approve of you as an apprentice hunter, I hope I don't regret it girl."

"I'll do my best so you don't regret it!"

Despite Haruka's words and that smile she had plastered on the her face, I could see her frustration, she looked angry but hid it well her feelings, as she withdrew from the center of the room I couldn't help but notice the hatred in her eyes.

I went to meet her, walking down the stairs of the large evaluation hall, I could see, she was standing looking at the ground like she was disappointed with something.

"So girl, how do you feel about becoming an apprentice hunter?"

“Old man, I literally don't understand you…"

"Like? What girl are you talking about?"

"The rules of hunters are depressing, the threat here is not just the world spiritual."

Haruka looked at me with a bitter and disturbing look, I could feel pressure giant coming from that girl, even being a much more experienced hunter and strong I was apprehensive with that current situation.

“Girl…what are you talking about?

"Nothing, I'm traveling in my thoughts, I'm leaving here."

At that moment Haruka had a change of mood literally incomprehensible, she went from something scary and intimidating to a girl high school teenager, I didn't really understand, she seemed to be bipolar, but also, she just seemed to be playing with the current situation, her personality it was a mystery to me, even so, I couldn't turn my back on her.

"So that was the girl?"

"It should be eliminated... you know what happened to the last user of that hideous magic."

"Patience... Sebastian is well aware of what happened to the last user of the form of the soul, I believe he will not let this happen again."

"What if she joins that monster too?"