Chapter 7:

The Elite Leader

Whispers heard in the dark

Eliana sits with a person wearing pure white suit that might put white sheets to shame. His hair silky smooth, straight and silvery which is tied into a neat pony by his back. If he wasn’t seen with Eliana, people could clearly say that he was an elite, a class of his own, not tarnished by the people around him.

As was he, so was the surrounding, so befitting to his nature or so it appeared.

The silhouette was bright, neat white with nothing but a small round table by the corner, lined near a glass wall viewing beautiful garden filled with flowers and small birds. Well, butterflies! Why not?! They too could be found if one keenly observes. Who has the time? well he does. In fact, that’s what kept him level-headed.

The room was so big and there was little furniture that the person standing by the entrance which was 250 meters away could be spotted right away.

There enters a well built man who calls the one sitting with Eliana his boss. the person who entered seems to be the harbinger of bad news, this didn't much efforts to figure out as his face which was so serious, said it all. Seeing such a strong and bold looking man have a sorry face would make anyone anxious, but him, the boss, didn't waver- like I said, level headedness.

He calmly asked about what the matter was, as he got up from his little tea party with Eliana. The man whispered into the ear of his boss, as he was finishing his statement, the boss, without any change in his expression or even flinching, bent down and punched him right at his torso. The boss had a thin frame that one would think it would relatively be impossible to penetrate into a pillar-like man who was just punched, well, they’re wrong.

On receiving his punch the man fell to the ground withering with pain. One could swear, anyone would react, but no, he was his right hand man, and he couldn’t afford to do so. 

He thus immediately got up, stood ready for anything that his boss might do next.

 Well, the boss gave him a cold gaze and said, “Let him try, we’ll see…. If he tries to escape again, don’t think twice, end him” 

Eliana, who sat sipping her tea got up and went beside the large man, looked up at him (he was too tall for her) and said, “why do you always have to ruin your boss’s mind, Vermin? Cant you give him some peaceful time with me, whom so ever that 'him' your boss mentions, cant that thing wait until we have some tea?”

 Vermin, the pillar-like man, was nearly filled with rage that he wanted to swallow her up with the show of his red, overworked eyes. He glared at her with all his might, giving out a vibe that warned her to stay away and mind her own business. Eliana jumped back in surprise like a kitten caught off-guard. 

Seeing this, Aron, the boss gave a slight hint of smile, no, a smirk, mocking the weak Eliana. He turned to Vermin and ordered, “Vermin, go, finish the job, otherwise don’t come back to me with your tail between the legs.”


As Vermin left, he turned to Eliana. Now that his tiger was gone it was time for the kitten to be trained,  “So, dear, how did your case go? Did you leave enough trail for the wolfs to sniff?”

 “Yes! I did” Eliana replied with excitement and continued, “they captured John” 

Seemingly impressed, Aron replied, “good for us” his hand reaches her face, slowly caressing her jawline, then suddenly with a swift action grabs her by the neck.

He sees fear in her eyes, enjoys it and slowly increases pressure in his fingers further causing suffocation. 

He laughs with all his might and says, “you nearly got caught there! Had their nose just caught on to your scent, our playtime would have ended. Do what I tell you to, nothing more, nothing less…” saying this he releases his grip, she gasps for breath. 

He continues, “if you mess up this chance that I give you, I promise you that you won’t exist to see the next day.” 

Eliana with teary eyes and still struggling to speak says, “I’m so-ory, i- wo-nt let this happe…n aaa.....gain” 

He coldly replies, cleaning his hand with a napkin as if he just finished having a croissant, “You better not”. He then threatens her with his gesture.

Later, he calls for his servant with the show of his hands.

In no time, Jane arrives with a glass of water. He helps, Eliana up, onto her chair and gave her a sip of water affectionately, as if nothing had happened, she, having no other choice sips slowly. 

Jane witnessing all this, looks at Aron, as if intending to say something. Aron responds to her with, “Sometimes its necessary to show people where they stand and who is greater in terms of power, if neglected to do so, the respect of the Alfa will be lost. I am the king of my pack, if someone fails to recognize that, they wont be spared.-

-I am sorry Eliana, it had to be done, also please don’t try to command Vermin. He can easily snap your head into two. And yes, I wouldn’t stop him form doing so, believe me.” 

Jane thought in her mind, what a smooth talker, you better beware Eliana, now that you are in lion’s den every step should be cautiously taken. After all, you are a very valuable pawn for us, my love and I…….

At the same time, Eliana wondered if something was wrong with Jane. She had been nothing more than a house maid of Aron. Being a woman, Eliana too had that radar that warned her or gave her the sensation that there was more to these two. But why? she wondered, as all the dirty work was handled by herself while all that this maid did was to take care of his house.


Little did she know that Jane was not just a maid, she took care of not only the house, but her boss too. In fact they had planned it all together or should I say, she was the master mind behind it all?

 All implying- all the bloodshed, all the deaths, all the major criminal activities.... or is it understood if I just say that she was the co-leader of COBRA gang? but well, she preferred to stay hidden to find loop-holes in her gang and the only person other than Aron who knew about her true identity was Vermin. 

She was the polar opposite of Aron. She loved to take care of all the dirty work, she liked to taint her hands with red stains, unlike Aron who tends to just order, keep his hands clean and never wanted to taint himself with all the nasty work. 

Aron was what one calls a perfect 'hypocrite' and Jane was psychotic and literally insane like an unleashed hound that had gone off track long ago. Such people living together is unimaginable, but that was what was going on. They were satisfied with the thought that they completed each other and thus worked together.