Chapter 12:

among us neutron star collides with another to create supermassive among us forehead black hole

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Reading intrigued me. It was a pleasure I enjoyed mostly in secret during downtime. We’d been stuck on Polus for 7 months now, and everyone seemed accustomed to the cold and miserable conditions outside. But, in the root of everyone’s consciousness, we knew there was something else. A false crewmate, an impostor that was among us. I knew it was within myself, and after the incident around 7 months ago after the landing, I also knew there was another. I never caught their colour, but it was there.

One book stood out to me. I don’t know where it came from, all I remember is that I retrieved it from the caves under the Laboratory. A small red book with a cover so eroded I could only make out one word. “Sus”. It was a collection of stories describing the art of war and fighting, which I found particularly interesting. But alongside the thought of impending departure, mind you the dropship had been under repair for 7 months now, I realise something. Once we depart and presumably return to MIRA, the jig would be up. There, it really dawned on me. No-one can leave this planet, sus or not.

“Let your plans be sus and as impenetrable as night, and when you strike, fall like a thunderbolt.”

Sus Tzu, The Art of Sus

It was time for blood. We had waited long enough. Although it would be great to find out who my partner is, it is impossible without raising suspicion. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll be drawn out from the spilling of fresh blood. No sussy impostor could resist that. It was time to strike. Gather your composure, hop into the vent behind the bookshelf in Admin and make haste. As I crawl through the cramped tunnels, I couldn’t help but wonder if the book came from that bookshelf that hid this vent entrance. Maybe food for thought sometime in future.

Under Laboratory, I hear the unmistakable sound of the scanner. Peeping out, darkness. I exit the bathroom stall and creep around the corner to find nobody. Green was scanning. What a fool, in the dark by himself. He didn’t last long, nor did he have a chance. Back in the tunnel, I am teetering on the edge of resurfacing when the alarm blares. “Emergency meeting”. Was this it? Over before it began?

“If you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the sus of a hundred battles.”

Sus Tzu, The Art of Sus

The meeting room was cold. So cold it could freeze one’s soul. But an eerie atmosphere of tension created a feeling of warmth enough to keep you from shattering apart. Black stepped forward. “I didn’t think it would happen. 7 MONTHS of NOTHING, and now THIS!” He points to the projector, beaming an image of the mutilated body of Green. I stare emotionless, while chatter brews inside the room. Black abruptly shuts off the projection and pauses, before resuming “Any sus?”. The room was deadly quiet, and I remembered something.

All sussiness is based on deception”

Sus Tzu, The Art of Sus

No-one talking? Perfect-o. I remember that I heard footsteps while the scanner was running, hence there was someone else in medbay just before Green’s death. “Well, where was everyone around 5 minutes ago?” I ask. 5 seconds of silence broken with Red, saying that he was in Communications rebooting the signal router. One by one, the others spoke. All seemed normal until Purple said he was in electrical. Why? The lights were on. I didn’t have to do the talking, everyone else did. Purple panicked and broke down, and whilst we were all ready to kill him off, I realised that he could be of use.

“In the midst of sussing, there is also opportunity”

Sus Tzu, The Art of Sus

I step forward. “No, Orange was probably just passing by. No reason to sus him just for being in electrical. It was probably a vent kill anyway” The group pondered and time was running out. With 10 seconds left we cast our votes. The result was 2 votes for Orange and everyone else skipping. This was good, I was getting inside of their heads. Soon, they would lose them.

“To know your sus, you must be your sus”

Sus Tzu, The Art of Sus

Look from their perspective, yes. Green is dead after 7 months of calm. There are 8 of us left, 6 crewmates and 2 sussies. I was one of them, and time was running out. Someone will fall. The meeting disperses and I make my way towards Specimen. Minutes pass until Blue walks in unwise to my shadow in the corner. He stands, trying to start the reactor. A blunder, I think as the knife plunges itself into his back. But instead of leaving, I decide to stay and lurk.

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”

Sus Tzu, The Art of Sus

Purple walks in and sees the body. He didn’t report it. He didn’t report it! What a fool. I barge in and act rightfully shocked. He didn’t even have a chance to try and explain himself before I sounded the alarm. The crew gathers in the office, 7 of 8. My story is the nail in Purple’s coffin, and with that, there were 6. I must admit I felt pity for him. If he had just reported the body, we wouldn’t be here about to toss him into a volcano. But alas, too little, too late.

They will fall, one by one, until a victor is crowned.

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

Sus Tzu, The Art of Sus