Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

2.5 billion times

Bright white light illuminates the corridor, the sound of wheels on stretchers being dragged and people everywhere whispering.

-Will be all right. (?)

-I hope so. (?)

-You will see, soon, soon, we will be sitting in a park enjoying the view. While an angel runs with a big smile on his face around the trees. (?)

Her face had changed, the worry was gone, she smiles a little and discreetly and I continue.

-And you know what else? You will get his attention, telling him not to run so much so he doesn't fall and get hurt, and I will say "leave him Rochely, he's just having fun like any kid". (?)

-You know, I always loved that side of you, you always see things in a positive way Logan. (Rochely)

The world started to spin more slowly at that moment, just like the first time we met. I continue with the same silly mania from that time, looking into his eyes, losing myself in his world, and wondering if he would ever be mine.

-Did you ever think what his name will be? (Rochely)

His simple words put me back in reality and the world goes on normally.

-I didn't think of any, because whatever name I chose you would reject and put one that you thought. (Logan)

-Hahahaha, this is not entirely true, I accept your opinions. (Rochely)

-Cleiton. (Logan)

-What? Hahahaha, we will not name our son Cleiton. (Rochely)

-You see, you always do that. (Logan)

We started to laugh a little remembering the things that happened until now, until we stopped and a silence permeated, I start looking in your eyes and before I get lost again in your world I ask.

-So, what is the name are you thinking to put? (Logan)

-Hmmm, you know I was thinking of a big name for him, I was thinking of putting Arthur. (Rochely)

-I liked, Arthur of the medieval stories of King Arthur, a little boy who lived on the streets, but with a big heart. Only he manages to remove the legendary Excalibur sword, thus becoming king. (Logan)

-Yes, just like in the stories, a little boy ... (Rochely)

-But with a big heart. (Logan and Rochely)

-Sir, it's time to start. (doctor)

-Ok, we're going. (Logan)

He returns to the operating room to wait for us inside. I look at Rochely and there was no longer a worried look on her, she had a serene face, just waiting for my words.

-Let's go dear? Our son is waiting for us. (Logan)

-Ok. (Rochely)

I hold her hand and smile, she smiles back at me, it was time for us to go, I let go of her hand and start pushing her stretcher over to the nurses.

The surgery starts, the doctors didn't stop for a minute, I was watching, unable to do anything, my sweet Rochely was suffering while giving birth to our boy, but she was always a strong woman, much stronger than me, I knew that she would handle it, my faith in her told me it would be okay. A few hours of surgery passed, but for me it had been an eternity and it seemed that it would take another eternity, until a small cry illuminates my hopes. It was so small and looked so fragile, the nurse who was holding it came towards me and handed it to me, I held it it weighed almost nothing, but my arms felt like they were holding something big like a whole world, I knew in that moment that this was my world, that was where I got lost in my wife's eyes and wondered if I would ever have it.

-Look Rochely, our boy, our boy was born. He is not handsome? (Logan)

-Hunf ... he is ... beautiful ... (Rochely)

Something was wrong, she didn't look too good.

-Rochely? (Logan)

-Sir something is wrong, her heart rate is slowing. (doctor)

At that moment I felt a tremor, as if the world was in ruins and falling apart.


-Rochely? Hey Rochely please answer me. (Logan)


-Please don't leave me Rochely. (Logan)

Feeling that the worst would happen...

-Look at him, isn't it beautiful? (Logan)

All I got was just a smile.

-Yes ... he's beautiful ... but I'm a little ... tired now ... I think I'm going to sleep a little ... (Rochely)

-No Rochely, you can't sleep now! Hold tight. Hey Rochely! Rochely! Rochely! (Logan)

I kept calling his name, while his eyes were closing, until it was all over, like a sound of a stretched rope being cut to indicate the end of a life. The heartbeat no longer captured any more from Rochely. That sound that machine made began to penetrate my mind, the doctors running and screaming in despair, everything was over, the world started to spin more slowly, even though I was not looking into his eyes, even though I was not lost in his world. That distressing sensation, all that noise, my face being filled with tears without realizing it, it was all over for me, I close my eyes. I keep hearing those noises until a powerful crash appears.


I open my eyes and see nothing, just the same scene and the same noises, until it is repeated again.


Where could all this noise be coming from?




I keep looking until my eyes find him, I was looking at my son.


I slowly approach my ear to his chest until I touch him.


All that noise disappeared, I could just hear your heart, little by little the noise was calming me down.