Chapter 0:


The Eclipse

“We should get moving,” said Jaime, Daemon nodded in agreement.Bookmark here

“Let me catch a breath I am tired we have been walking for almost an hour now” Scott begged while taking a deep breath. “Alright we will wait only 5 minutes or else we will be leaving you”, Jaime said in a slightly infuriating voice Bookmark here

Jaime, Daemon, Scott were a group of demon hunters who hunted demons for money. They were marching towards the forest of dyni which was infamous as the home of undead hollows and supposedly it had a hidden temple that houses wealth beyond human imagination.Bookmark here

“Finally we are here.” Daemon said while gazing towards the dark and spooky forest, “Be careful and stay together this forest is very dangerous and it is getting dark it is easy to get lost here”Bookmark here

“Alright, whatever you say Daemon”Bookmark here

Jaime and Scott followed Daemon who had an exceptional sense of direction and was a great navigator.Bookmark here

“Hey Jaime you see it?” Scott asked in a frightened tone pointing towards a pair of glowing eyes to which Jaime replied “See what?”Bookmark here

“The glowing eyes... you really can’t see them ?”There is nothing there, you are just scared and your mind is playing tricks on you” 

“Hey you two stop fooling around and keep moving.”, said Daemon Bookmark here

“But I really saw something there, I swear I am not joking”Bookmark here

“Are you frightened? we are demon hunters we hunt demons it is our job to hunt demons we are not supposed to be scared of them” said Jaime Bookmark here

Scott still paranoid that someone is watching them kept following Daemon and Jaime. After an hour of walking they arrived at the infamous temple which supposedly had the treasure.Bookmark here

“Now be careful you two don’t do anything stupid and follow me” Daemon ordered Scott and Jaime to which Jaime replied, “ Tell this to Scott, not to me” and they went inside the temple.

Prologue End.Bookmark here

The Eclipse

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