Chapter 1:

Unexpected visits

Flame Fairy

               Once upon a time, in an isolated place full of beauty and life, a young hunter entered the bush in search of what to eat, until he came across a crystalline lake and from above it, a beautiful maiden seemed to be floating in the center of it and seemed to dance with the waters, which like snakes, they flew following her hands.

The hunter was charmed by the lady and without much thought, spoke to her, praising her for her special beauty, the lady with a look of curiosity asked him if he could stay with her until dawn and without hesitation, he accepts, without asking for anything in return.

They talked for hours, until the moon set to the center of the sky and she then began to disappear into tears by leaving her behind, the young man asked her if she had anything she could do to prevent them from not seeing each other, then she spoke to her ear and then kissed her, both consummated in love and when the sun was about to come out, their bodies came together, became one and then disappeared along with the dark of the night

Some say that if you can find the right lake, you can see the silhouette of this couple and after they see you, a portal forms on the shore of the lake, leading to the place where the couple in love left and can live loving each other forever and ever.

And so.... the journey through the land of eternal lovers.... has begun.....

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The lights are pointed at a short-haired girl and small square-lens glasses, around her has speakers, monitors and a pulpit of modern design, showing that she be on a stage of some event, greeting everyone with emotion:

- for everyone who wants a great emotion....

-..... Welcome.... to FANTASY EXPO!!!!

[Loud applause]

After this shower of applause, the girl goes smiling to the backstage, takes a deep breath and makes a face of relief, a girl with a headset comes fast towards her and gives her a glass of red wine, which as soon as she takes it, squeezes her step and goes straight to a dressing room, where she sits in a simple chair and in a way nothing elegant continues to drink and talk alone:

- Great emotion.... what a joke....

- If you really want emotion, you should go to an amusement park, not a convention like that.... bag....

Another girl enters without knocking on the door, well dressed and in a certain hurry for something, in this she talks non-stop:

- Megan! Have you forgotten the VIP party you have to go to?!?

- The heads of the publisher are waiting for us and.....

Megan gets up and with quick steps, pushes the other girl with rudeness:

- What did you think you are? There are no us in this...

- ..... They’re waiting for me.

- Make sure you don't make that mistake again, assistant....

Despite the anger that girl was at that time, both went to such a party of the publisher; everyone drank in crystal glasses and fit in with each other, Megan and the other girl enter that room and it doesn't take long for someone else to bump into the girl without giving a damn, even making her fall, and left there, she looks angrily at Megan, who watches her as she leaves laughing.

The other person was the owner of the publisher they quoted, who talks to Megan with a broad smile:

- Megan my dear, you had no problem getting here, right?

- I want to know the news, do not hide anything from me, okay?

- Of course... i have nothing to hide even.....

And for hours and hours, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, drinking a lot, talking and laughing a lot, and disdaining the servants who worked in that place, the night went well.... hot, but the day passed and another day came

Megan wakes up in a clumsy way, tapping everything in an attempt to turn off the alarm clock, without noticing the small figure that passes through her fingers; she finally gets what she wanted, gets up and stretches with will, a radio turns on by herself, and it can be a system activated by sound, and with the pleasant sound, begins to dress care freely:

{This.... is..... a awesome.... sooooound!!!!}

{Good morning,.... is 10:30 AM}

- (Good.... good morning....) Right!!! I managed to talk without making a mistake this time.... yes!!!!

Megan finishes dressing, being just a large shirt with a subtle drawing of an anime character (modified, of course), approaches the radio and changes frequency and stopping at a very lively station for otakus:

{Heeeeeey....everybody, you who is connected on the radio \\\.\}

- Uh?!?

{And today.... is holiday!!!!!}

{And which way is more fun to spend the holiday..... animes!!!!}

- Weeeeell.......

Megan finds that little interference strange, but as it was just a little, she goes on her way to the kitchen, without noticing that once again a tiny figure passes behind her back:

- Nerd talks.....

- Lucky it is the only radio that speaks of books in the region....

- ..... Or I wouldn't even come close....

She goes through the living room and goes to the kitchen, which is open, goes to the coffee maker that was on the counter top between the living room and the kitchen and uses it to get some coffee; from where Megan is and possible to listen to the radio that is still playing:

{After all, who prefers to take traffic and get hot and a sunny day like this, if you can stay under your air conditioning and stay soft....}

- Most annoying guy..... Hurry up and talk about the publishers.....

- I'm out of time to waste on the obvious

- My head.....

Soon after finishing preparing your coffee, puts everything on a tray with an anime character in the center of it (again modified, Of course) and heads to the room, opening with a little difficulty the door; As soon as you face the faces inside, the figure goes through at high speed in front of your face:

{So, here's the hottest news from Osaka's famous talents!}

- But what?!?

For quite little she doesn't drop all her breakfast in her room, Megan seems surprised that there's some bug or whatever flew out and almost hits her in the face, so she puts the tray above her desk, which seemed to be filled with manga-style drawings and the Notebook turned off.

{For starters, A Fantasy expo was attended by one of the muse writers and a fairytale prodigy, Megan Sweetheart}

- I have to open the window and scare this insect away...

She approaches the windows, the sunlight gradually dims her after pushing away the curtains and without worrying about what she was wearing (and what was quite revealing) she opens the window with everything

The rays of sunshine cause Megan to shine as the breeze stroked faceless, her eyes closed and her deep breathing indicate that she is in a good mood, which changes after noticing that there was no noise but the birds singing and fly away:

- There ...... nothing better than clean air and......

- Whoa?!? The radio said that.....

Megan opens her eyes, and the astonishment is clear on her face:

- Is it so......

- What?!?

She is on the second floor of a small commercial building, Megan is clinging to the edge of the window in panic, looking at what was around the building, absolutely nothing but an open area in the middle of a dense forest:

{Your apresen...... Bzzzzz}

- Where am I!!!!

Panicked, she widens her eyes in despair:

- But what a......

It is.... You must be thinking..." what an exaggeration, it doesn't have to be hysterical” orThere.... is getting what it deserves."

First of all, you'd look like this too if your house was sent out of nowhere or whatever happened.

After the frustration of not having a sign of life around her, she screams uncontrolled, hoping that someone can help this strange and perhaps dangerous problem:


- It’s!!! Is there anyone there?!?

- Heeeeeey!!!!!

Second, try to think about the career I have... I'm finally seen by society, I don't have time to get lost in the middle of nowhere.... and a bag, this....

- There is anyone theeeeeeere!!!! Helloooooo!!!!!

That's when she manages to assimilate everything, her hands went down to her face and her eyes were bulging after thinking the following:

Third.... and not least.....

- I was kidnapped...!!!

First chapter – unexpected visits

Megan is dismayed to see that she is in the middle of nowhere and the possibility of being in a kidnapping, her hands go to her head and her countenance and distress, her heavy walk in the room indicates anxiety and her voice shows hatred:

- Crap life..... When I finally get the pinnacle

- Calm down Megan!! Calm down.... I need to be rational in the time like this and....

- Damning.... but just right now!?!

- Why do I now.....?

Strange noises coming from the outside, the door handle being gently turned, someone was trying to get in, but could not because the door opens from the outside with a key, Megan takes a tremendous fright to hear it, but puts her hand in her mouth not to scream, and as soon as she calmed down, was sneaky up to the closet , picked up a baseball bat that was just above and quietly approaching the door.

The doorknob moves a lot, a panting voice comes from outside and Megan trembled a lot, afraid of him having a firearm or being taller and stronger than her and..... anyway, she prepares for the worst, she moves one of her hands and quickly opens the door and without looking (for having closed her eyes) she hits whoever it was with violence:

- Die, monster...!!!!!

Megan tries to take a subtle look, to know if she did not really kill the guy, but when she looked good, she had a great astonishment to see that he was a young boy and not so strong, but as she did not see so clearly, took his glasses, ran to the bedside, opened the drawer and took a glasses and put on it , She approaches the supposed misplaced and notes that her clothes were somewhat medieval, but with a more detailed and golden design, but what caught her attention most were her pointed ears:

- *Hmm.... Curious costumes you’re... and.... these ears

But before she could check it out, she thought of something that made her smile and ran out into the room, not calling for the noise she made:

- *I'd better avoid the worst... Tehehe

After brief noises and noises coming from the room, Megan returns with ropes and a chair, this time with all possible care not to wake him until he finishes what he wanted; She lifts him up with difficulty and puts him sitting in the chair, puts his arms back and begins to tie him up in a peculiar and unusual but effective way to arrest him:

- *Let's see now who will be the helpless here.....

- *Maybe he'll even like it.... Tehehe....

She tied his feet in a way that made his legs a little open, and then took another rope and used to hold his chair even more and after finishing, lay panting and with a broad smile:

- *now just wait.....

- *he will see what is good for cough ...

Megan had been satisfied with her "self-defense masterpiece," and for a while waited for him to wake up on her own, and amid things on the desk, small eyes watched her with a certain fascination:

- *What an interesting.....human….

After hours and hours have been spent, the boy seemed to be slowly awakening, He lifts his head and shakes from side to side, to regain consciousness, then he opens his eyes and tries to move his hands, but finally notices that he is all tied up:

- Hmmmm.... (What a headache....)

- (Good... I think I....)

- (hum?!? What was that?!? )

- Don't even think about trying to escape, you hear?!?

Megan enters the room, with the baseball bat resting on her shoulders and a slightly less expositive outfit, but well stripped and fair:

- Now I've got you, kidnapper!

- take me home now or I'll beat you up with this !!!

The boy leans as far forward as he can trying to speak desperately:

- (you do not .....)

- You don't understand, girl...

- It’s not safe here!!!!

- Let me go and I....

With much doubt in mind, Megan seems unwilling to let the boy go, but approaches to face him arrogantly:

- Do you really think I'm going to fall for this anime cliché....

- Hey, this place is full of dangerous animals and monsters

- Hey.... I came here to save you, let's go to a safe place and...

Oh!!! Cut that one, hero of a taint!!!

She puts her free hand on his face, which is surprised and embarrassed, she slides her fingers around his neck slowly, intertwining them in his hair, and she slips into his ear:

- You are a bad.... bad boy, you know?

- I bet it took a lot of work to know my tastes

- What's it like?

- think I'm going to fall for you because you're...

Megan pulls his ear hard enough, the boy feels the pain and makes a strange grimace:

-.... You've got that ridiculous fake pointy ear!?!

- Ouch!!! That hurts, human !!!

She let go of his ear after checking to see if she had any indication that it was a fake ear, really glued to it, and as soon as she touched it, she took a step back and put her right hand in her mouth and her left on her head, pensive.

- *Not possible.... I don't think that's real.....

- *Calm down Megan, Calm down.... Let's be rational for a moment before we freak out...

Megan looks right at him, analyzing him as she tries to find a logical solution to this case:

- *She must be a fanatic for me and had surgery to stay like this....

- *.... i.e. from birth and he has used it to his advantage...

- could you free me.....

- Quiet otaku.... I'm thinking here....


- By quiet.....

Megan turns her back on him in order to try to concentrate, but did not notice that the little one be approaching without making any noise:

- *Come on Megan, get back together....

- * It wouldn’t be crazy if it came from a fan and...

- Young human greetings, I am the....

As soon as she heard this, without thinking twice she turned around, slapping the little creature and being thrown meters away, falling into the cup of coffee, Megan is looking everywhere to identify where such a voice came from even feeling hit something with her hand, and being completely soaked by the coffee, the little girl begins to speak with some anger:

- Gah!!! hey!!! What's your problem, girl!!!

Megan looks in the direction of the desk and when faced with it, fell back in fright, stayed a few seconds and quickly got up without believing what she was seeing or hearing, since there was little creature in her cup of coffee, hysterical and wet, talking non-stop:

- I tried to be kind, but you really are not....

- It's not possible, it's... it's...

- That's what, human?!?

In shock from what she was seeing, she screams and pointing at that little creature with bright antennae:

- P.... P... Pixie!!!

Megan hits her own face with both hands, then stops and forth trying to concentrate, this time with some difficulty to assimilate the situation, looking quickly at the boy and his desk, where is the impatient "visitor"

­ - It's not possible for such a thing...

- *... must be some sort of toy or a mini robot

- * Wait, there's no way it's done, just got wet with the coffee and it's "working" well

- * And to improve, if it were a machine, it would have to have a technology ahead of the current time that we are

- * No one would have that much money or willingness to set something so ingenious for a simple writer, like me

While Megan thought more and more about what would be the most logical reason for everything here, without noticing the little pixie lands on her shoulder and tries to speak to her ear:

- Are you daydreaming or what, huh?

And another scare happens, as well as another beautiful slap on the poor creature, who again comes out flying and hits the wall below the window on her back and falling to the ground, Megan this time feels this and regrets, tries to apologize to her:

- oh damn, little excuse

- I did not want to....

- What you said it, human?!?

- What’s it like?

The pixie does not appear to have suffered damage again, getting up with her face tied and flies towards her at high speed, stopping in front of Megan and staring at her:

- For your information, I'm very tall even for a pixie, okay?

- Besides, I....

- But it is not possible....

They both look to the side, the same side that is the boy tied to the chair, they seem to have forgotten that there was someone else there and he continues to talk, trying to loosen up in a subtle way:

- This is no time for childish nonsense!!!

- Who do you think you're calling childish, elf-weak?!!

- That's it.... is not the case now....

- if we don't get out of here. We're going to...!!!


Everyone looks at the direction of the window, loud bangs are felt by everyone there, even the pixie, which is suspended in the air:

- Too late ... he.... already arrived ....


- But what...?

Megan gets up and runs out, the pixie then follows her flying and leave the supposed elf tied up, the bangs got closer and closer and the roars almost deafening, they go down the service stairs of the building in silence, it was possible to see the fascination in the gaze of Megan and the little girl who accompanies her.

When they reach the front door, they stop and come face the reason for the loud roars and bangs and it seems that Megan's surprises are far from over, as they are facing a huge chimera


The two of them get in the way and don't seem to get into a consensus, because Pixie moves everything up on her beast and Megan runs to the other side of fear:

- Let´s goooooo!!!!

- no way ...!!

Faint bursts of pure energy come out of pixie's hands and are cast into the chimera, but have no effect on it, which does not even care about it, turning to the direction of Megan, who in despair, runs without looking back:

- *Damn.... But what the hell is this...?

- Not in a million years would a kidnapper have that much effort

- *Damn.... damnn..... Damnn it!!!

The creature then begins to take off, knocking down some trees around her, Megan falls to the ground because of the wind pressure, but turns fast to try to get up; it doesn't take long for the chimera to go down well above her, roaring to make her run out, because the beast covers her with her paw, giving no alternative but to regret:

- *Why.... Why did this have to happen just now....?

- *just when it was finally being recognized..... Damn it....

As she witnesses this, the little pixie flies towards that beast without thinking twice and seems to be singing some kind of mantra or song, but the roars make it impossible to be heard; Megan begins to cry with hatred and dread as the chimera's face approaches and his mouth opening, but at the last moment, a beam of light hits Megan on her left cheek and goes out; the beast stop for a moment because of it, but before it could resume with his meal, a reddish glow is present and the beast is amazed.

Meanwhile, the boy finally lets go, breaking the chair forcing her legs propel into the air; a sound of explosion makes him take a fright, which makes him, instinctively, run to the window to see what happened and comes up with something fantastic, such a creature was seemed frightened, with one of his paws missing and with what remained is completely charred; In front of him, an incandescent silhouette remains motionless in the air, emanating a great deal of sparkling energy, The boy continues to observe without any reaction beyond admiration, but note that such a silhouette looked at him all this time and as soon as he realizes, she waves at the boy and flies towards Chimera , covering him with flames altogether and defeating him; Gradually the silhouette loses its strength, revealing gradually who was inside it.

The flames are gone, from the chimera, only what was left were embers and ashes, from that silhouette that caused such a display of power, Megan appears, who was wearing the same costumes of the little creature, she herself could not believe what happened, but before she could think about it, her strength goes off and a flash takes care of her , undoing such a curious appearance and separating them in mid-air, the elf was about to jump out of the window, in order to help her, but a figure comes out on the other side of the creature's remains, picking them up before reaching the ground, the boy is relieved by it and begins to say:

- *(phew, that was for very little)

- (you took too long to get... !!!)

A sly, pointy-eared girl is holding Megan and the pixie in her arms effortlessly:

- (.... sister!!! )

- (Why need to speak in a tone of voice such a loud, little brother?)

- (What do YOU need to be so formal for?)

The elf then jumps out the window to talk more to his sister:

- ( It is you who is beginning to act equally like the humans you aspire to save, dear brother.)

- (Amalia .... why do you have to say such things like that)

- (But I'm not right about that, Handel?)

- That doesn’t come to... I mean...

- (that's not the case, Amalia)

Amalia and Handel start laughing and do not notice that Megan was regained consciousness, as well as the pixie too, but both pretend to be asleep before they stop being distracted; the elves then take them both into the ruins of that building.

Arriving inside the apartment, with a little difficulty, Megan was placed on the couch lying down and the pixie on the coffee table, Amalia begins to sing a song in a low voice and in an unknown language, her hands emanated an energy in an emerald tone, but when she was about to touch her forehead, Megan holds her hand and says:

- Hey, what's going on? Who said you could touch me like that?

- Are you trying to do what you want to do?

Amalia stares at Megan, without even trying to let go of her hands, and replies:

- Eh... Healing... you....

When Amalia finishes saying this, the emerald energy covers Megan's entire body, who in fright lets her hand out and looks at her own; the energy seems to run like an electrical discharge, but dissipates fast; Megan then starts saying:

- What are you going to... Was that...?

- My body has never been lighter.... and this glow....

- That's it.... be.... magic....

- How it is?!!

- Don't take this the wrong way, Human....

At this point, Handel was watching a remote carefully while exchanging a few words with Megan:

- My sister can't speak the language of men very well.

- But in time she'll get the hang of it

- By the way, you disguise very badly, you know?

- will see if the pig has laid egg, will....!!!

- Look, I've already collected the eggs, but thanks for trying to remember

- What?!? Is that serious?!?

Amalia hardly remembers laughing at that question, but does not hold back after

the answer he gives:

- Of course not, but i might as well, right?

- uhuhuhu... hahahaha....

- You Jerk... Taking one with my face in my house, Asshole!!!

Handel puts the remote control back to the coffee table, sits on the couch and wait Amalia stop laughing in order to start talking calmly with Megan:

- Sorry for my inconvenience ... thought to be more humorous

- it would help to show you that I don't want evil, but.....

He then looks to Amalia, who already knowing what it is about lowers his head in a sign of repentance:

- (but then you had to screw it up, didn't you?)

- (my sincere apologies, my dear brother)

- By the way.....

At this point, Handel puts his hand on his head, but specifically where he received the strong blow, he smiles, but the pain he still feels is clear:

- Did you have to be that violent?

- Any other elf would have let you die in these ruins

Megan is incredulous to hear this, but thought coldly, analyzed everything that had happened after he got there and after completing everything in his mind, his face revealed the purest happiness and fascination:

- * not possible.... cannot..... it is not possible.... it is not possible.... It's not.... Possible!!!!!

Handel closed his eyes and trying to keep his pose relaxed, kept talking without noting what was about to happen:

But I do not intend to hold grudges, most that arise from these ruins have worse reactions and......

- A real elf!!!!!

- Uh, but what....

Before you know it, Megan throws herself at him and they both fall along with the armchair and on occasion, Amalia gets a big fright, because little Pixie flies screaming in the same direction as the two:

- Yahoo.... I want to play too!!!

- Hey!!! .... Stop you two with.....

- Stop shaking, elf.... You're mine!!!!

- Ours Megan.... ours....

Megan seemed to have surrendered Handel to the ground, putting herself almost completely above him, She and Pixie act like a cat, rubbing their faces to his, who without having much to do, just stands still and embarrassed:

- What do WE like?!? What's mine is mine, and that's final....

- (sister, help me here, please)

- Cut it out, it's ours and no more discussions....

- Do not invent it, little brat..... This is mine, find another....

- My name is Hanabi, not little brat.... does not make this mistake.....

- I'll call you whatever I want, doesn’t need to introduce yourself, li… ttle... brat!!!

- How dare you call me that again....?

- (Sister....)

Amalia seems indifferent to his request for help, smiling in an ironic way at Handel, his hand to the face of the most to understand the intention in his words:

- (should I? I am reluctant about such support, my dear brother)

- (Plus, you don't seem to me to need or even have such a will in your heart, dear brother)

- (do you have a certain statement that it is your will to remove the ladies from near your body?)

- (If it is to screw me, at least be more direct, Amalia!!!! )

Amalia begins to laugh again, this time in a more friendly way compared to before and in her mind, the sight of three elven children, a boy and two girls, both playing together in the middle of a garden; after this, Amalia seems to keep her smile while watching the three there, without even thinking about getting up, Megan tickles Handel, looking at him carefully, almost like a scientific experiment and Hanabi is helping her, and she is laughing at the situation, along with the "victim".

- From what I see, elves also feel tickled..... Interesting.....

- Hey.... Haha.... what do you think.... Hahahahah...... the elves are different from humans??!

- Tickling.... tickle... tickle... tickle

- Stop Pixie... hahaha... Please, that's enough!!!!

- What if I don't want to? Hahaha....

°I know what goes on in your Minds, "what kind of attitude is that after all you've done and said? " or maybe “What kind of person is that who just decides to trust someone at that level?”, First things firsts, I still do not trust them, but in an unknown land, all help and welcome, but I will keep my two eyes open for anything; Besides, I want to understand what happened

°Well, I do not know how I got here, much less who was responsible, but if there is a way to return home, then I, Megan Sweetheart, I'll get it at my pace, maybe I can get a good story around here.... or should I say, a good adventure.

°But now, that does not think of any more of this, tomorrow I try.... have my answers....

The moon illuminates the entire forest and ruins, from where the peculiar group rests from a busy day, and in the midst of this, a being finds himself looking through the third floor window of the building, drops of water float around her, coming out of her wings and shining like a rough diamond, she prepares to leave, turning fast and going higher and louder, without causing any sound:

- *This girl.... Is strong.....

She looks carefully at the remains of the charred creature as she flies above her:

-* defeat a creature like this the first time using prismatic transformation.....

-* I hope it wasn't lucky or I'll be disappointed

Even with the light of the moon, it is not possible to see her face, but it is remarkable the wide smile that she makes:

-*Well, regardless, it'll be fun to figure it out....

- Huhu.....

After such thought, the shimmering lady flies toward the moon and quickly disappears, leaving behind only laughter running into the air.


Flame Fairy