Chapter 1:

Chapter 1


I had a normal life like any other college student, until an event completely changed my life, as does manga protagonists who have their world turned upside down all of a sudden. Ok, but what happened to me? Well, I wasn't tele transported to another world, I didn't acquire powers through an accident, and I also didn't meet the love of my life. What happened to me was that I ended up being accused of murder. (Souta)

Thursday 08/06/20 6:30.

I always considered myself an unlucky guy, but I didn't expect anything from what had happened yesterday. It was night and I had just returned home when I find two police officers talking to my mother, they explained to me that I was seen at a crime scene near a narrow and empty street, which I always pass as a shortcut to get there faster at home. They said that the famous Japanese model was found dead in that place. If only the prosecution was my only problem... I contacted my lawyer to defend myself when I saw that things didn't look too good, he told me he wouldn't be able to participate in the case, I questioned him why, but he hung up. I called other attorneys in the area, but they all responded the same thing without giving me any further explanation. I was completely desperate, there was no one I could count on, I had no choice, so I decided to ask him for help. (Souta)

Souta leaves his house and goes towards his university, arriving there he enters his room, it was completely empty except for a student sitting in the corner of the window who was reading a book.

The one sitting by the window and reading was Ryusaki, he and I have known each other since we were children, we studied at the same schools and now we are at the same university, however I had never talked to him, that's because he was always reading his books without interacting with anyone around you. Unfortunately, he was the only person I could count on. As he was always reading, I associated him as an intelligent person. (Souta)

-Hey Ryusaki! (Souta)

-... (Ryusaki)

-Wow, how hot it's today, isn't is? Hahahaha. (Souta)

-Your name is Souma right? (Ryusaki)

-Actually, it's Souta. (Souta)

-What you want? (Ryusaki)

Even though he was talking to me, he wouldn't stop flipping and reading his book. (Souta)

-Please help me prove my innocence! (Souta)

-If it's something about being caught cheating on some test I don't know if I could... (Ryusaki)

-Isn't it! (Souta)

-Which?! It was obvious to me that you were cheating that day, was it possible that none of the teachers had noticed? (Ryusaki)

-What are you talking about? Well, whatever it's, forget about it. The truth is, I was accused of doing something very serious. (Souta)

-What could be more serious than cheating on a test? (Ryusaki)

-I was accused of murder. (Souta)

-You committed murder? (Ryusaki)

For some reason, the worried expression and the sweat running down his face made it look like he'd already decided that I actually killed someone. (Souta)

-I didn't do any of that, so I'm asking for your help. (Souta)

-Ahhhhhh, there's no way I can help you, I'm just a student. (Ryusaki)

-Please I have no one to turn to. (Souta)

-Take this. (Ryusaki)

Ryusaki handed me a small piece of paper, on which the name Ricardo was written. (Souta)

-Is that the name of any lawyer I can contact? (Souta)

-No, it's a guy I know from inside the prison if you need anything just look for him. (Ryusaki)

-No way! I don't want to be arrested! (Souta)

-Dude if you want so much to prove your innocence why don't you call some lawyer to help you? (Ryusaki)

-I've already tried it, but no matter which one I tried to call everyone refused. (Souta)

-All refused? This is weird. (Ryusaki)

Souta lowers his head to Ryusaki.

-Please Ryusaki, you're the only person I can trust. Please help me. (Souta)

Souta in the middle of his request starts to cry because he is terrified that he might be arrested for something he has never done. Ryusaki looked at Souta's sad face with a serious face until he broke into a smile.

-Okay, I'll help you. (Ryusaki)

-Serious? (Souta)

-Yes, from what you told me there is something going on in this story. Also, it seems like a lot of fun to be part of it, so I'll help you out. (Ryusaki)

-Thank you...thank you...thank you... (Souta)

Thursday 08/06/20 13:20.

I took Ryusaki to the crime scene where the investigation was being done, it was a narrow alley and very dark even during the day, that was the typical place that no one in their right mind would pass by. Arriving at the place where the victim died, there were several police officers and a detective guarding the perimeter.

-Sorry boys, but this area is temporarily out of access to normal people. (detective)

-It's okay, detective, I got permission to explore these surroundings. (Souta)

Souta shows a note left by police officers who entered his house.

-I see, so you are the accused of the crime? (detective)

-So-so, as they didn't have any evidence against me, they let me stay loose and go looking for evidence to prove my innocence. The only thing I had to accept was putting on this anklet that tracks my position. (Souta)

-I see... well the place is free for you to search then. All clues are in their proper places wrapped in plastic bags, except the body you will have all the information on how the place was. (detective)

-Strange, you said the victim's body wasn't here, but he's still at the crime scene. (Ryusaki)

Ryusaki had found a body beside the Dumpster in the corner of the wall.

-What are you talking about Ryusak... ahhhhhhhh there really is a dead body there, WAIT WHY ARE YOU KICKING HIM?! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?! (Souta)

- Sorry boys, but this isn't the victim's body. Hmmm, give me a second. (detective)

The detective approached the body lying on the ground with a teaser (stun gun).

-Hey wake up! (detective)

He brought the gun close to his body and turned it on, making the man who was sleeping unconscious wake up with the electrical discharge.

-Ahhhhhhh, what do you think you're doing you as*****?! (beggar)

-Sir, have I not already told you that you are prohibited from entering this area while the investigation is in progress? (detective)

-Prohibited? This is my house, you cannot forbid me to enter my own house. (beggar)

-Is a piece of cardboard with a cloth found in the trash your definition of home? (Ryusaki)

-Humf, your insolent, that's why I shit and shoot on people. (beggar)

-Wait, what do you do? (Souta)

-Sir, I already warned you, if you keep getting in the way, we'll have to use more severe means. (detective)

-I don't care what you say, I've lived here my whole life and I won't leave for nothing. (beggar)

-Wait, so you're saying you never left this place? (Ryusaki)

-Exactly, my history with this place is as old as your mother, now leave me alone. (beggar)

-Wednesday, August 2, around 2 am, did you happen to see a murder scene happening at this location? (Ryusaki)

-Don't be silly, this kind of thing doesn't happen here... often... at least I don't remember any this week. (beggar)

If the murder happened near that location the victim would have reacted causing some noise, if he didn't see anything maybe he killed her in another location and brought her body here. There is also the possibility that this madman didn't even hear anything while he was sleeping, he sleeps like a rock, even Ryusaki kicking him wasn't enough to wake him up.

-Well, if you've done what you wanted to do, I ask you to excuse me, it's time for me and my honey to spend some time alone. (beggar)

-Honey? (Souta)

-Yes, my love. (beggar)

The beggar takes a female mannequin out of the trash can where there was a hole in her mouth, which he was using to kiss and sticks his tongue inside.

-Uohhhhhh, this is disgusting man, this thing was in the trash, how can you put your mouth on a thing like that? (Souta)-That hole... did you make it? (Ryusaki)

-Yes, I made two holes in it myself with a needle and a lot of effort. (beggar)

-Two? (Ryusaki)

-You don't even want to know where the other one is and what I use him for. Hahahahaahahaha. (beggar)

-That was enough. Come with me. You two feel free to scour the area in peace. (detective)

He put a handcuff on the beggar and led him out of there.

-What a disturbing scene, I hope I never have to see these things again. Right Ryusaki? (Souta)

-I liked. (Ryusaki)

-What? (Souta)

-Okay, let's look around and see if we can find anything useful. (Ryusaki)

-OK. (Souta)

It had been about two hours since we started looking for clues and we hadn't found anything. The place was small, so this gave us the opportunity to review every corner of it very carefully without any rush, looking for every detail that might have gone unnoticed, but still we didn't find anything.

-How was, Ryusaki? (Souta)

-Nothing good, no matter how hard we look we won't find anything here. (Ryusaki)

-That means he was careful not to leave any traces. (Souta)

-That's an option. (Ryusaki)

-An option, is it? Tell me, in the thrillers you read what the detective would do in a situation like this? (Souta)

-I don't know, I don't read thrillers. (Ryusaki)

-I see, you don't read thriller books... wait, I called you precisely because I thought you were an expert in this area from reading this kind of book so much. (Souta)

-I'm not a big fan of drama and suspense. (Ryusaki)

-Why? (Souta)

-It's stressful and distressing to read something like this, you know, you are suffering all the time because of the problem presented, to finally have a feeling of relief that the problem has been solved. (Ryusaki)

-And what kind of book do you like to read then? (Souta)

-I only read comedy. (Ryusaki)

-So, my life is a joke? (Souta)

-Let's ask people who live nearby if they noticed anything suspicious that night. (Ryusaki)

-OK. (Souta)

That region was surrounded by old, run-down buildings that were still in operation, so we split up to save our time. However, the operation was not progressing well, we went to the apartments, but most were empty and those who weren't were just old people and ordinary people who said they didn't want to waste time with 18 years old. At the end of that Ryusaki and I met and sat down on a bench exhausted.

-And there? (Ryusaki)

-Nothing. You? (Souta)

-Nothing. Did you try to ask people passing by? (Ryusaki)

-Yes, nothing. You tried? (Souta)

-Nothing either. (Ryusaki)

-How is it possible for someone to be able to kill a person in a place surrounded by buildings without being seen by anyone and without leaving any trace behind? (Souta)

-I already figured out how. (Ryusaki)

-Serious? (Souta)

-The killer can only be a ghost. (Ryusaki)

Souta starts hanging Ryusaki with a rear naked choke.

-When it's not your head that's at stake, it's easy to make jokes, you shit. (Souta)

-Help... I can't... breathe... pfuaaaaaaaaa. Calm down I was just kidding. (Ryusaki)

It was around 13:40 and we couldn't find any information that would help us.

-Why don't we take a break and go eat something? (Ryusaki)

-Right. (Souta)

We got up from the bench and walked out of the place, the further away we went I was becoming more sure that the murder didn't take place there. That place didn't have security cameras, and it was very dark and empty at night, it would be the ideal place for a crime scene with no tracks, so even though I find it difficult to have happened there, why would the victim approach a place like this. While I was investigating the place, I took the opportunity to read about the report left by the police, the victim's house was searched in it and no letter or message was found that would induce her to go there, in addition her cell phone was inspected and there was no message suspicious, meaning no one instructed her to go there. Looking at it from this point, what is most likely to have happened is that the killer killed her elsewhere and brought her here. If I found out where this place was, it would be enough to prove my innocence, so the reason for accusing me for always passing through here wouldn't make much sense. But still, who did it and why? Was she a famous person, was she a hater or something?

-Hey Ryusaki, we can eat here. (Souta)

-Lamen? Okay. (Ryusaki)

-Good afternoon, two medium servings of the traditional house, please. (Souta)

-Okay, two servings coming out. (chef)

I sit next to Ryusaki at the counter.

-Hey Ryusaki, why did you decide to help me? (Souta)

-What are you talking about, you kept getting pissed off asking me to help you. (Ryusaki)

-Yes, but you seemed a little apprehensive to accept at the beginning and I would understand very well if you refused until the end. Why in the end did you end up accepting? For me, accepting it doesn't suit you, it's not something the Ryusaki I know would do. (Souta)

-Ahhhhhhhh... Ryusaki is too big. (Ryusaki)

-What? (Souta)

-Call me Ryu. (Ryusaki)

-Ryu... why did you end up accepting? (Souta)

-Hmmmmm... I think it was because I thought it would be interesting. (Ryusaki)

-I thought you didn't like drama and suspense. (Souta)

-I dislike. (Ryusaki)

-So why did you think it would be interesting? (Souta)

-Hey Souta, we're friends, aren't we? (Ryusaki)

Why is he asking me this?

-Yes... of course we are. (Souta)

-And even? That's great. (Ryusaki)

I had never seen Ryu smile like that before, he looked like someone else.

-What we were talking about before... (Souta)

-Here's the order, two traditional ramens. Enjoy. (chef)

- Thankfully, I was starving. Thanks for the food! (Ryusaki)

After eating we started walking straight home. Halfway through, Ryu's phone starts vibrating and he picks it up.

-Uaahhhhhh. (Ryusaki)

-What happened? (Souta)

-I'm sorry, don't cry, it won't happen again. (Ryusaki)

-Who are you talking to? Let me see this. (Souta)

When I approach his cell phone, I immediately regret wanting to have seen it. It was a 2D girl with pink hair crying, her name is Maki-chan and is from a mobile game that has become quite famous among kids and girls.

-Ryu... why are you playing this game? (Souta)

-DON'T LOOK AT ME THAT WAY! I know it's weird, I know that, I even tried to stop him from playing it several times. (Ryusaki)

-You tried? (Souta)

-Yes... but every time I stopped playing the other day, she showed up a notification and when I opened it was her crying asking me if she wasn't enough for me. (Ryusaki)

Hey man why are you crying in a crouch while rubbing your finger on the floor, have some dignity.

-And even! Now that I remember. Hey Souta, we can stop by a place before we leave. (Ryusaki)

The place Ryu took me was an ice cream parlor with a Maki-chan poster.

-Hey Ryu... what is this? (Souta)

-There is a promotion with a launch of a Maki-chan milkshake, in each one comes a code that has a chance to give you a skin for your Maki-chan. (Ryusaki)

-I really think it would be better not to ask, but what kind of skin is this? (Souta)

-It's her wearing pajamas while holding a pillow written "Yes" and "No" on the back. Anyway, I need to get this skin at any cost. (Ryusaki)

-You know how sick you are, don't you? (Souta)

That's right, I need to send a message to my mother saying that I'll be arriving later because I went a bit off the beaten path.

-Here! (Ryusaki)

-Why are you asking me to hold this. (Souta)

-I'm not asking, I'm giving it to you. I just need the code that comes in it. (Ryusaki)

-Why don't you take it? (Souta)

-You are crazy! Have you seen the color of it? It must be infested with chemicals, if I take it, I'll end up dying sooner. (Ryusaki)

But is it okay if I'm the one to die early?-Hey, did you get it? (Souta)

-No... (Ryusaki)

Why are you crying? It was obvious you weren't going to take it off right away.

I came home around 3:55 pm, my mom asked me how it went and I said we didn't find anything useful. She was quite worried, but I told her not to get too excited about it that justice was on my side. However, I was still nervous about the situation, we didn't have anything and the trial was going to be in two days. I would really like to continue looking for more clues today, but I thought it best we go back and read all the reports the police made available to me.