Chapter 1:


I got reincarnated to solve my own murder case

“Okay see you tomorrow!”Bookmark here

I said as I waved goodbye to my schoolmate as we part ways.Bookmark here

Walking towards that quiet alley with homeless people that go searching through all the rubble and garbage that were scattered all over the place, I stopped frozen on my tracks as I smelled what seemed like burning plastic mixed with some odor that was like turkey that’s been left in the oven for too long.Bookmark here

“Must be a hobo cooking some rat or something.”Bookmark here

I shrugged it off and continued walking.Bookmark here

Approaching the edge of that alley, I saw a group of five guys that were dressed like they were going to a summer rock concert. They were laughing at some barrel that had something burning inside it. Bookmark here

“That explains where that smell was coming from.”Bookmark here

I continued my approach and one person from the group noticed my presence and then notified the rest of his buddies. They all stopped and turned their focus towards my direction. The biggest guy which seemed like he was their leader whispered something to the guy beside him. Both of them suddenly grinned at me and I saw them reaching for something on their back pockets. As soon as I saw the reflection from something metallic being pulled out of their pockets, I quickened my pace and then decided to make a dash like my life depended on it. Bookmark here

“…. Ouch, seriously?!” Bookmark here

I cursed as I tripped on something, most probably the holes on this uneven road. Bookmark here

“Hehehe”Bookmark here

“Hahahaha”Bookmark here

The laughter of those people chasing me got closer, and closer…Bookmark here

My body jumped out of bed and fell face first onto the floor. Seconds later, I heard my doorknob being turning as I see my mother entering my room and suddenly having a mixture of worry and ridicule written on her face.Bookmark here

“What happened?”Bookmark here

“Uhhm I was uhhh… exercising?”, I said, as I was still there lying on the floor.Bookmark here

“Well hurry up and come downstairs to eat breakfast with us, birthday boy!”, she says then kisses me on my left cheek and then pat on my messy hair before leaving the room.Bookmark here

I lazily try to get off the floor and then stopped for a minute to think about that strange dream I’ve just had. It’s the first time I have ever had a dream with such an unusual and yet strangely familiar feel. Bookmark here

At the corner of my eyes I see my little sister through my door that my mother forgot to close. coming out of her room. She walked out of her room and her attention turned towards me.Bookmark here

“Good morning!”, I greeted her.Bookmark here

“Good morning, Nii-chan”, she said in an expressionless manner. And then she proceeded downstairs.Bookmark here

“I should probably make my way downstairs too”, I said to myself as I began to fix my bed and change my clothes.Bookmark here

Walking towards the staircase, I could hear my father discussing loudly to someone about me being able to pass in the aptitude test for Magic Academy. Making my way downstairs, I could now see who my father was talking to. It was his older brother, my uncle Fujino. Bookmark here

“I told you my boy could do it! Just like his old man hwahahah!!!”, my father burst out in laughter.Bookmark here

“I never doubted him in the first place. Though I do doubt that his excellence came from your genes hahaha”, uncle Fujino teased.Bookmark here

“Are you stupid? We have the same genes since we’re siblings”, said my father with a mocking look on his faceBookmark here

My mother entered the living room and saw me watching my father and my uncle having an argument.Bookmark here

“Aren’t you two going to greet our celebrant today?”, my mother cut their argument.Bookmark here

“Me and Jane are done making breakfast”, she said as she turned away and headed back to the dining room.Bookmark here

We follow her and we also headed to the dining room. When I enter, I look around and see my little sister, Chiba, seated and aunt Jane was sitting beside her. Chiba was looking a bit annoyed because my aunt kept going on how much she has grown and how adorable she still looks. Bookmark here

“Happy birthday Shinzo!”, aunt Jane greeted me after seeing me enter the room.Bookmark here

“Thank you”, I said as I went to occupy the seat opposite to them.Bookmark here

My father sat at the center chair and uncle Fujino sat beside aunt Jane. My mother sat down beside me and as soon as she does, we all hear knocking coming from the front door. I volunteer to check on who it is at the door. I walk passed the living room and over to the front door and gently open it and see a middle aged woman who was peeking through the window beside the front door. It was my mother’s younger sister, aunt Sera.Bookmark here

“Uhhmm Aunt Sera?”Bookmark here

“Eeek! Oh it’s you Shinzo hahaha… Happy birthday!”, she said in a surprised and embarrassed manner.Bookmark here

I signal her to come in, she comes inside, I close the door and we walked to the dining room.Bookmark here

“Hi Sis!”, aunt Sera said to my mother as she walked over to her and kissed both of her cheeksBookmark here

“Did you get the cake for Shin?”, my mother askedBookmark here

“Yep”, aunt Sera said and she snaps her fingers and a white box with an orange ribbon suddenly appeared on her hand.Bookmark here

“Sera, I told you to not use magic as much as possible in this household”, my father said in a grumpy tone.Bookmark here

My father dislikes the use of any magic inside our house. It’s not that he’s not good at magic, he actually manages our family business which is selling patented magical items of the Kazushi family. He just prefers to live a normal life whenever he’s home.Bookmark here

“I’m so sorry Takeuchi-kun, tehehe”, aunt Sera says in a playful manner.Bookmark here

We all took a seat at the table. My mother went to the kitchen and came out with a large bowl of paella on her hands. We all enjoyed the delicious paella that my mother and my aunt prepared for us. After that it, was time to eat the cake that aunt Sera brought for me. I untied the orange ribbon on the box and I saw a chocolate cake with “Happy 17th birthday Shinzo” written on it. They all sang “Happy birthday” to me and I just sat there feeling flushed. I blew the candles and took the first slice of cake. Bookmark here

“So what affiliation will go with in your stay in the Magic Academy Shinzo?”, aunt Jane asked me while she was taking a slice of cake.Bookmark here

“You should pick the Astral affiliation just like what your father chose”, said uncle Fujino.Bookmark here

“Uhhh…I haven’t made up my mind on which affiliation I’ll pursue. I’ll probably pick on the practical exams tomorrow.”Bookmark here

“Ohhh I’m sure my Shinzo can ace that practical exam and he’ll be successful in whatever affiliation path he’ll choose. “, my mother says to calm me down.Bookmark here

Everyone kept on asking me on my plans and the chatting continued. With all this talk about my stay at the Magic Academy, I just can’t help but feel more and more nervous for tomorrow’s events.Bookmark here

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