Chapter 1:

Who are you? [PROLOGUE]


"FALL BACK!" yelled my comrades.
We rushed back to our wyverns, watching back as some of my teammates are being torn apart by the seething Balor. Some of us shed to tears as we left the corpses of our friends behind. We had to... We can't carry them, most of us are bleeding from inside-out. The wyverns zoomed through the sky and fired a massive blue fireball.
"TAKE COVER!!" yelled the Merkismathr.
I was too slow, too tired for my reflex to work properly. I looked up and suddenly my vision went pitch black and empty.
"Huh? What the heck happened." I said.
I almost thought I was going to go blind... I raised both of my hand and covered and eyes. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!
"Oh man, was that just a dream?!?" While my face frowned and I probably wouldn't want anyone seeing me like that.
I raise my hands and point my wrist towards my face to check the time on my watch,
"Oh shit, I’m late for school." I yelled and probably the entire neighborhood could hear that.
Without further due, I jump and rush to the bathroom and get prepared. I didn't think I would have enough time for breakfast, so I just grab a piece of bread, rushed out, and start running as fast as I can.
"Excuse me?" A high pitched voice said that.
It was crowded and I didn’t bother to look at who it was, however I AM LATE FOR SCHOOL.
"Sorry, I'm in a rush" I quickly said while running, I feel bad for her though.
Was it even a girl? Maybe that was a small kid that sounds like a girl? Ehh I don’t know.
“Phew, that was close… Just right on time” I panted drastically.
Why did I bother coming to school anyways? No one cares about me, they barely know anything about me. Why didn’t I just skip?
Sensei enters the class and it seems like she’s a tad bit happy today, who knows why...
"Good morning everyone, today we have a transfer student.” Said Sensei. "Come in Ayumi-chan”
A brown haired girl walks slowly through the door, she was looking down on the floor throughout the introduction. She stutters too...
"G-Good morning everyone, n-nice to meet you all. M-My name is A-A-Ayumi, I'm a t-t-transfer student here. P-Please take care of me! T-T-Thanks!"
Well, I can say that she looks gorgeous! Well, why would I care about others at this point? I don’t exist after all.
She walks towards my direction, oh… I realized the chair on my left is empty. That’s a legend seat according to Anime logic because it’s beside the window and at the last row ha-ha.
"You! do you remember me?" She asks.
I look to my back and check if she is talking to someone else, how stupid am I? I’m at the last row…
“Are you talking to me?” I reply while putting a confused face.
I didn't expect a transfer student, not just that, but also a gorgeous girl, to talk to me on her first day. Barely anyone does even, I don't really have friends, and my classmate treats me just fine but just as a classmate, nothing more.
Then she replied "Yes, who else then?"
The question she asked was for me? I was about to ask her why did she bother talking to me, but never mind.
"Well, I guess you were really rushing to school and probably didn't really look at me when I talked to you" she said.
Wait a minute, rushed? When? Oh, I did remember that a girl, no wait… A person wanted to ask me something earlier this morning. It couldn’t be her, at least...
“So you finally remembered huh? Yay” She replied happily.
Oh no, my face was so obvious that it clearly shows I remember.
"Well, I don't really remember it clear as water” I said with a blank face.
I ended the chat as soon as possible, she seemed kind of frustrated when I tried to avoid a lot of conversation with her. I'm not really used with talking to girls, of course it’s probably because I am lonely.
After finishing doing some errands for the teachers and now heading back to my class
Sigh, that was tiring. I should head home now I guess? I remembered I left some notes in under my desk. My legs felt like noodles, I’m too tired. However I really need the notes for tests preparation.
I open the door, and I saw a familiar figure sitting down alone on the desk next to the window.
“Oh, it’s her… Holy crap!”
Her drawings are fabulous! I stood longer behind her while staring at what she’s drawing.
She looks back and gasped “What the fuck, dude… what the hell are you doing here?”
"You're really talented" I said while smiling,
She quickly wrap up the things on her desk.
I could see the inarticulate roar of embarrassment on her expression.

"Oh right, I left my notes here in class. I saw you sitting alone so, I'm just wondering what you are up to." I told her and smiled. "Are you an Otaku or something? I don’t mind though, I love Anime too"
She replied back and I didn’t expect that kind of reply. "Idiot! Learn to knock the door before entering the class. Yes I am an Otaku, don’t judge me. Leave me alone now!"
Did her personality just twisted? My impression of her was different when she first talked to me.
I turned my back to head home, and
“Wait! Here, take this.” She yelled as she pointed out a piece of paper for me. “It’s not like I want to talk to you or something… Don’t get the wrong idea”
On the piece of paper was her e-mail. What was that all about?
To be continued... (WIP)

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