Chapter 11:

The ambush

Waking up in a new world without any memories

The next morning, all the groups of adventurers met in front of the city gate. "I hope you don't make any mischief, my children!", Shizen admonished the elven twins. "Yes, Father! We promise it!" Both elves shouted in unison. Nevertheless, Taiki and his group received a despicable look. The group then set out to find the demon heads' hideout in order to defeat them. They headed towards the mountains in the north, as there was the border of the demonland and also the apparent camp of the heads. On the way there, the adventurers marched through a forest. It took a while, but they soon reached the foot of the mountain. The group turned their gaze upwards, which made them realize that the mountain was piercing the cloud cover. The mountain was also stocked with some trees of the forest. "Here we go! We are almost there! We just have to climb this mountain a bit. The king had told me that the camp was probably located in a cave that was supposed to be on this side of the mountain. In the best case we do not have to enter the demonland!" Said Grindol, who was now the leader of the group.

As they walked gently along the mountain and it became steeper and steeper, they noticed that the bottom of the mountain was already covered with snow. From that moment on, small birds no longer flew, but large birds of prey. "Watch out! It is said that there are some monsters here that look like they are normal birds of prey!", warned Luvin. "Icarus? You have those cat's eyes that can see very far. Can you also use this skill to detect whether it is a monster or a normal bird of prey?", Taiki turned to the kitten. "I don't know, but I can give it a try," Icarus replied, to which he used his skill: "Cat view!" The kitten inspected every single flying object that was in their immediate vicinity at the moment. At first he didn't recognize anything, but then he warned the group: "There is a flying creature in front that looks a little different from the normal birds of prey." The group glanced upwards after Icarus pointed to the spot where the apparent monster was.

One of Grindol's group was the first to agree with the kitten: "He's right! This is not a normal bird of prey, but a harpy!" "Hide all under the protection of the trees. Be quiet and do not make unnecessary movements! They have just as good eyes and even better ears as normal birds of prey. It is said that they were once sacred animals who were polluted by the demonking and therefore were banished from the kingdom of Heaven and now have to wander around this world forever, until death will redeem them from it," Added the second member of Grindol's group. "Move slowly. The camp should be higher up," Grindol commanded. This is how the group moved forward. High up, they heard the sound of the beasts circling in the air above the forest. The mood was tense. "I once fought against such critters. Believe me, they should not be taken lightly. I lost half of my members to these monsters," Luvin said. There was no sadness in Luvin's voice.

He didn't care what happened to his members. As they continued walking, they arrived at a path separated by trees that led in two directions. "One of these routes will lead to their camp. I would say that we split up! Luvin's entire group, Tsuyoshi, Chizu and Rya, follow the left path while the rest of us follows the right path!" Commanded Grindol. "I hope that's okay for you," The dwarf turned to Taiki, who then turned to Tsuyoshi, Chizu and Rya: "It's okay for me, as long as it suits you." "I don't mind. Just take care of yourself,", Said the half-demon. Tsuyoshi grumbled approvingly. Rya also agreed: "I don't mind either. Pay attention to every danger. We'll see you later." The group then marched their separate ways. "Stay steady!", Warned Grindol. The bodyguard of the elven siblings was particularly attentive. He wanted to fulfill his task at all costs. But everything remained silent. Even the harpy seemed to have disappeared. "Something is wrong here," Taiki thought out loud, as a feeling of discomfort flowed through him. "I agree with you," Icarus replied, to which Cyril nodded in agreement. 

"How right you are!" A deep voice suddenly sounded. The group turned wildly to find out where the voice came from. "Can't you see me? Too bad!", The foreign voice continued, as suddenly the two dwarves from Grindol's group received a stroke of something. "I am Namrai Dushman, one of the main commanders of the demonarmy! You fell right into our trap! There was never really a demoncamp here! It`s true that we are here, but don't think you can defeat us! After we destroy you, we will eliminate the second part of your group!", Laughed the demon. Out of nowhere, two figures emerged behind the trees. One of them was a large goblin with two pointed saber-toothed teeth. His skin color was in a slight blue. He wore a similar wolf's clothing around his neck as Ranak did back then, which Taiki immediately noticed. Immediately this goblin also introduced himself: "My name is Gorgol Hyula! I am a chief commander of the demonarmy! I heard that among you is the murderer of my Son! Maybe I'll spare one or two if you deliver the murderer!"

"We don't want to be too nice, Gorgol!" Sounded the voice that spoke previously. "That's right, Namrai!" The goblin asserted. Now the third person who stepped out behind a tree with Gorgol also introduced himself: "I am also a main commander of the demon army! I am the zombie Baaz Kordon! It will be my pleasure to destroy you!" Suddenly, the large-scale zombie raced forward, who then wanted to give Taiki a blow with his fist. However, Icarus interfered, parrying the attack. "You are always so energetic, Baaz! Hold your horses! That doesn't do your skin any good otherwise!" Teased Namrai the zombie. Icarus was a little disgusted by the demon as drool dripped from his mouth and the stench of decay flowed into his nose. Now Gorgol also interfered, who attacked Grindol. Their blades crossed.

"I know there is a person named Tsuyoshi in your group! He killed my son!" Shouted the goblin. But the dwarf did not reciprocate, but carried out another attack with his two dwarf colleagues. The goblin had to fight hard, as three axes attacked him at once. "I hope you leave me some fun as well!" Once again, the voice of the first demon who spoke to them sounded, before a transparent figure floated down from the air. You could hardly see the demon. He was like a ghost. Only a white veil, which had red eyes in the middle of it, could be seen from the demon. Cyril hit the zombie, although this had no effect. "Did you really think you could do any harm to an undead, you fool!" Grinned Baaz. Gorgol smashed his broadsword around like wild, hoping to hit one of the dwarves, but his plan failed. Leiko, Leika and their bodyguard were a bit off the beaten track and watched the fight. "What are you waiting for! Attack the third demon!", Jostled Grindol. But the elves did not listen to the dwarf. Admeus at least drew his blade to protect the elven siblings from a possible attack. "You should just let yourself get killed. The elves understood that we could not be defeated!", Said Namrai joyful. 

Baaz suddenly pushed Icarus and Cyril aside. When the two were lying on the ground and the zombie wanted to smash his fists at them, Taiki stopped him. He smashed his blade into the skull of the demon, which briefly paralyzed him. It gave them enough time for Cyril and Icarus to take some distance. "You're annoying maggot!", Baaz complained when he grapped Taiki and threw him to the ground. Instantly, Cyril spewed flames out of his mouth, causing the demon to burn. "These flames can't do anything to me! You still haven't understood it! You can't kill me so easily!", Laughed the zombie. "Oh really?", Smiled Icarus, whereupon Baaz took a closer look and realized that in some places he no longer had skin and some bones were already visible. "See? We don't necessarily have to kill you to destroy you. When your body turns to ashes, you've been defeated," Cyril said. This enraged the zombie, which is why he aggressively beat the dragon boy, who floated into the air to avoid the hit. Desperately, the zombie jumped into the air to catch him, failing to do so. Icarus and Taiki took the chance and severed his arms and legs with quick sword blows, causing the zombie to fell to the ground.

"Now, Cyril!", Taiki gave the sign, which is why the dragon boy got ready to hurl a firestorm at the demon. But suddenly he was grabbed by Namrai and smashed down to the ground. A painful moan could be heard from the boy. Grindol also gained the upper hand with Gorgol, who was pushed back further with each sword blow, which is why Namrai also interfered here and pushed the three dwarves away with a quick spell: "Wind god!" From the center of the demon, a powerful gust pushed out that it completely swept away the elves, dwarves and Taiki's group. "It can't be that I have to save you! And you call yourself the chief commanders of the demonarmy!", Quipped Namrai after he had cast a healing spell on Baaz and a stamina spell on Gorgol. "Shouldn't we follow them and wipe them out?", Baaz asked Namrai, who then replied: "No! Our task has been fulfilled. We can return! Our ally will destroy the group! We heave to deal with the other part of the group! That was an order from our king himself." The group, completely overwhelmed by this powerful spell, rolled down almost the entire mountain they climbed so painstakingly. "This power! And how strong will be the demonking?", Asked Taiki inwardly.

Due to the powerful spell, even some trees with roots were uprooted, which now also slid down the mountain. All of a time, the group hit a rock, which finally brought them to a standstill. "Duck!", warned an exhausted Grindol, after seeing some trees approaching them. They ducked, causing all of the trees to fly over them. "That was close! Who is this Namrai!?", Taiki wanted to know after seeing his power. "He's a Lich! To be more precise, he is something more dangerous than a Lich! He is also called "The Ruler of the Wind." However, I was not prepared for such a opponent! It could have been worse because the other two demon generals, who weren't there, are even stronger.", Grindol explained. When the group took a closer look around their landing are, they realized that behind the rock where they collided there was a large gorge where you could not see the ground. You could only see the pure blackness. 

"That was close!", Cyril gasped with relieve. "We were dead lucky!", Said Ikarus. "We have to regroup. We first recover and then go back to the top. This time we at least know who our opponents are! The only problem will be Namrai, as you can't physically harm him. You may harm him with magic, probably!", Explained Grindol. "We first have to determine who will take over the first guard! It may be that they followed us to make sure that we are really dead,", The dwarf added. So it happened that Cyril and Icarus were assigned to the first guard and to warn them from any trouble that want to cross them. Grindol stood on the rock. The wind blow through his beard. Taiki joined him and asked the dwarf out of curiosity: "How did you actually become so strong and what is your relationship with your group members, if I may ask?" Grindol smiled slightly and replied: "Each of my group members is related to me by blood. They are all younger brothers of mine. As you know, unfortunately, two of my brothers have already fallen. We knew how dangerous an adventure can be. Nevertheless, the curiosity and the urge to discover or to get out of our family mine, which we inherited, finally brought us out and were finally free." "I'm sorry for you because of your brothers. I have also lost many comrades who have grown very close to my heart-", Taiki said as a tear rolled down his cheek.

"Taiki! Watch out!", Allerted his master's voice, but it was already too late. He turned back to Grindol, only to find out that an iron blade pierced his belly. It was Leiko who raised his sword against the dwarf. Blood dripped down from the tip of his blade. Grindol got down on his knees. Taiki was in shock. He looked back and saw Leika beheading the other two dwarves of Grindols group. When Icarus and Cyril noticed this, they wanted to attack the elves, but Admeus intervened, who gave the two boys a deep cut on their stomachs, which also threw them to Taiki. Blood burst out of them. A painful groan sounded from their mouths. Taiki saw only red, which now stained the snow-white ground. "No....No! Hold on! Leiko! Leika! Why! Why!?", Taiki shrieked unsuspectingly. "Quite simply......The demonking is too powerful to defeat! I have heard the conversations between my father and the human king that apparently you are supposed to be the one who will defeat him! But that can't be! No one who is not descended from the nobility could ever become so strong! We federallized with the demons, which is why we didn't go into battle when you fought the heads of the demons. Nevertheless, I must say that the demons would not have had a chance if we had intervened! And now you will fall into the abyss!", Said Leiko with anger and pride in his voice. 

Suddenly, the elf pulled his blade out of Grindol. As a result, the dwarf was coughing and spitting blood. With another jab, the dwarf plunged into the depths. Admeus did not hesitate for a second, grabbed Cyril and Icarus at the same time, dragged them from Taiki, who resisted, but he had absolutely no chance agains him and he therefore received a slap in the face, causing his nose to bleed. After that, he threw the two boys down the gorge. Cyril and Icarus' injury was so severe that they didn't even scream when they fall down the abyss. "You will die now too! No one could ever survive this fall! That was the last time we met, scum! You should never have messed with the nobility of the elves!", Grinned Leiko as he grabbed the devastated and shocked Taiki. He had never liked the elven twins before, but he would never have expected them to betray them this way. Before Leiko threw the young boy into the abyss, he stared him in the eyes to see his grief and despair. Then he stabbed him in the stomach. Shortly thereafter, he threw him down the gorge, after which his body was eaten by the shadows. "Done!", He spoke contentedly to himself. However, Leika and Admeus were uncomfortable with the matter, which could be seen on their faces. 

"Well done, elvenprince!", Praised Namrai. "Everything happens exactly as my king foretold!", The demon thought contentedly. "Let us now go to war, so that it will now also become clear to the people in the human kingdom that we should not be underestimated and that they also realize that we are invincible! Hahaha!", Namrai laughed with relish at the victory over this world that was beginning.