Chapter 3:



« Okay! Game time boys! »Bookmark here

Captain Kirk decided to give us one last speech before our arrival in Iraq. He tried his best to boost our morale to get us ready to capture the fields from the Chinese Army already posted there.Bookmark here

I was waiting by the door, already armed alongside Marco. Bookmark here

Suddenly, Zayne came behind us two to give us one last hug before our fight.Bookmark here

« Guys, whatever you do, don’t die »Bookmark here

I could feel his heart beating fast agaisn’t my shoulder blades and the sound of his teeth grinningBookmark here

A few moments later, we arrived at the coast and we’re thrown right into the warBookmark here

I could see thousands of Chinese soldiers already firing at usBookmark here

« Shields! » Captain Kirk screamed at the top of his lungsBookmark here

In a matter of seconds, you could see limbs and heads flying even though most of the soldiers we’re already taking shelter under their shields.Bookmark here

That was it. I was at war.Bookmark here

Screams, cries, prayers, soldiers asking for help, gunshots and grenades resonating on top of all this noise.Bookmark here

That was hell.Bookmark here

« Fight soldiers! »Bookmark here

Shut up. Bookmark here

« I need more men on the right! »Bookmark here

Shut up.Bookmark here

« Fire! »Bookmark here

Shut up.Bookmark here

« I need some backup! »Bookmark here

Shut up!Bookmark here

Shut up!Bookmark here

Shut up!Bookmark here

Shut up!Bookmark here

Zayne woke me up from my mental breakdown by touching my shoulder while i was laid back on my shield.Bookmark here

« We need to go! Let’s help on the right! »Bookmark here

I accompanied him and a couple other soldiers including Marco and Arthur closely following me.Bookmark here

We entered an abandonned building searching for a spot to start an assault but it was emptyBookmark here

Walking carefully, our unit was searching dor ennemies.Bookmark here

And then,Bookmark here

A scream froze our blood in an instantBookmark here

Shots came from every angles and i could see everybody around me get harmed by Chinese fire.Bookmark here

We tried to return fire back but there was way too many soldiers around us.Bookmark here

We we’re trapped.Bookmark here

Searching for someone to shoot, i fell into a strong eye contact with a enemy posted behind me.Bookmark here

He was already aiming at me.Bookmark here

I didn’t have time to move.Bookmark here

I was gonna die.Bookmark here

Then, Zayne pushed me away and took a bullet to his leg in consequence. He managed to kill the enemy soldier right after.Bookmark here

I was too in shock to say a word.Bookmark here

Zayne then proceeded to take cover behind a wall and bandage his leg that had been shotBookmark here

While doing so, his walkie-talkie started playing someone’s voiceBookmark here

« We need backup on the second floor! I report alot of casualties and injuries! »Bookmark here

Zayne got up on his injured leg and ran upstairs to assist.Bookmark here

I then tried to follow him but he stopped me.Bookmark here

« It’s safer if you stay here » he said.Bookmark here

I did as he said and stayed back, helpless and crying with my head between my hands because of the overwhelming situation.Bookmark here

Then i heard a noise.Bookmark here

« Don’t come guys, retreat, we’re done here, we won’t survive thi-»Bookmark here

A sound of vomit interrupted the soldier’s speech.Bookmark here

It was Marco.Bookmark here

I immediately gripped my assault rifle and followed upstairs.Bookmark here

All i could see was.Bookmark here

A sea of blood, with my partners swimming in it.Bookmark here

I tried to search for Marco’s body but tripped on something.Bookmark here

When i turned my head to see what it was.Bookmark here

I was witness of the most horrible thing i could see.Bookmark here

Zayne’s severed head.Bookmark here

I froze infront of this sight and threw up all i could before crawling on the red floor to search for Marco, moving multiple soldiers body just to find it lying there almost lifelessBookmark here

« Marco! » i said, while gripping his body.Bookmark here

« Caleb...that’s you? »Bookmark here

I couldn’t bring myself to identify.Bookmark here

I could only gobble up tears and try to stop his bleeding.Bookmark here

I could still save him.Bookmark here

I was about to save him.Bookmark here

Then i will save Zayne as well and we’ll go live somewhere far away from civilisation and war and find women, have children and maybe make a little business together.Bookmark here

Yes, that’s the plan.Bookmark here

« Stop it, I’m already good as dead. » he said while gigglingBookmark here

« I just want to know, is Caleb safe? » Bookmark here

« Yes he is. » i repliedBookmark here

« Hahaha...that bastard...what luck...i’m so glad he didn’t have to see me in this state » Bookmark here

He coughed blood again.Bookmark here

« I don’t have much time left...just do me a favor...please tell Caleb that i died like a hero » Bookmark here

« I will. » i replied while at my limit.Bookmark here

Then, he smiled and released all his muscles before losing all life he had.Bookmark here

Then, i stood up and walked calmly and exited the building to join the base posted at the coast.Bookmark here


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