Chapter 1:

The birth of the Shadow Emperor

The Rising Of The Shadow Emperor

In this world, where magic is considered the greatest gift upon humanity, the child with a cursed magic is born in the capital Zacus of Menenean Empire,

"Wah wah wah"

"Its a boy!"



"Healers cast healing magic!"

"We can't, She is already at the stage where our healing magic won't work. We need a superior healer."

"Give me my baby. Let me see him for the first and last time."

"Your Majesty please don't talk like that. You need to stay with us!"

"Hand her the baby. Let her see him"

The nurse handed the newborn baby to the dying queen...

"Oh my baby. You are so cute and small. I shall bestow you the name of Nishimoto Tatsuo. You shall become someone great."

"Your Majesty, please don't talk. If you talk then your condition will be worsen."

"Doctor..... We... We lost her."


"Sorry Doctor, We can't do anything now."

As the night were heard throughout the cry of the newborn baby, It was also heard the news of the death of the queen.

"Your Majesty.... We lost... We lost the queen."


The king then broke down as he lost his wife.

"Father... Why are you crying?"-Asked the first son Nishimoto Ryo.

"Your mother is no more."

"What do you mean by no more? Will she not come back again?"

The king didn't replied.

"Where is the child that my wife needed to die for."

"Your Majesty. Here is he. The 3rd child of the Royal Family, Nishimoto Tatsuo-sama."

"So this is the child that my wife needed to die."

"Your Majesty... Please control yourself. You can't let rage take over yourself."

"You are right.. I need to control myself, or I will lose my dignity as a king."

The Rising Of The Shadow Emperor

After one month. A priest came. You need a priest to check a newborn baby's magic and its power. The king brought the best priest in the kingdom of Menenean.

"Welcome mister priest." the maids of the castle welcomed the priest.

"Your Majesty. Bestow me your orders."

"O the greatest priest of this kingdom. I heard many great things about you. You shall check the magic and the power of this newborn baby."

"Oh your Majesty... I'm not that great to hear praises from you. And your order is my life path. I shall check the magical power of this newborn baby."

Then the priest went to the newborn baby. And then he putted his hand on his. Then after some time. The priest fell back. He was sweating to the toes. He had a scared face. Like he saw a demon.

"Are you okay?" Asked the king.

"He... He is not a child. HE IS A DEMON!!"

"What are you saying? Are you hurt in your head?"

"No Your Majesty. When I checked this child, I saw a dark figure. It was huge. When I was looking at it. It was also looking at me. This child is not normal!"

"What are you saying!?!. Then what shall I do?"

"When this child turns 10. You need to dispose him! If not, Wherever he goes, disaster shall follow."

Everyone was shocked. They couldn't say one thing. Then the prime minister of the kingdom broke the silent.

"Why should we wait for 10 years? We should eliminate him right now!"

"If you eliminate him right now. The demon in him will be broken free. Then none can save this world from domination."

"Gulp.. I… I see."

"I guess we need to wait for 10 years to get rid of this threat. Anyways what is this child's magic and what is the power?"

"My lord. It is a never seen magic called Shadow magic. This might be a cursed magic. And the power level currently is at the level of where he could beat a newbie magician."

"Oh lord. He is only 1 months old. And he could beat a newbie magician already?"

"But Great Priest what will happen if the demon inside him breaks out before he turns 10?" asked a minister.

"If that happens. No one in this world will survive."

Everyone was scared. They were speechless.

After the priest left. The prime minister asked the king to consider about waiting for 10 years.

"Your Majesty... Please consider about waiting for 10 years. It is too risky to wait for that much time. We should eliminate him right now."

"No Prime Minister Arata. It is too dangerous to kill him now. We shall follow what the priest said and eliminate him after he turns 10."

"But my lord."

"No buts. Its an order. Do not lay a hand on him until he turns 10."

"Yes my lord."

The next day. The prime minister was walking through the hallway. Then he saw the room where Tatsuo was.

"Who wants to wait for 10 years till this monster gets his power? We need to eliminate him right now or the world will be in danger. That priest was only bluffing. There is no way a devil will come after he dies."

The prime minister then found a knife on the table, and came to the crib where Tatsuo was sleeping.

"Die you monster!!!"

"Who are you calling a monster?" asked the head magician of the kingdom.

The prime minister was scared as the head magician came.

"No... No one. And what are you doing here head magician Ida Tomio."

"His Majesty asked me to protect the young second prince of the kingdom."

"Oh... I see."

"And I can clearly see that you were trying to murder the young prince even His Majesty told us to not harm him."

"How dare you talk to me like that. Know your place you brat."

"I know you are superior than me. But currently I'm the personal ground of Tatsuo-sama. And it is my duty to protect him from threats like you. Prime Minister Arata. I declare you a threat to the prince and arrest you for in attempt to murder the young prince."


"Guards. Arrest him and bring him to the king."



The prime minister was struggling. But he couldn't escape the guards' strength. After he got arrested, He was sent to the king to bring justice.

"Your Majesty. Prime Minister Arata tried to attempt murder to the young prince and defy your orders."

"Is that true? Prime Minister Arata?"


"Your Majesty. You already said that if someone dangers Tatsuo-sama's life. I shall arrest him. I'm just obeying your order."

"Arata. I thought way better for you. But I didn't expected to see you disobeying me. I'm Disappointed in you."

"But Your Majesty."

"No Buts. Guards lock him in the underground prison. He shall never see the outside lights again."



The guards took him away and locked him in the prison.

The Rising Of The Shadow Emperor

{One Year later}

Nishimoto Tatsuo is already one years old. He is already at the age of where most of the babies speak. But He wasn't like the other babies. He spoke way too soon. And his grammar was already perfect. But the past 1 year. He was bullied by his siblings. They kept on saying that he is a demon and that he is the reason why his mother died.

"Your Majesty. The 2nd prince is growing at the fast rate. At this rate he will soon understand that he will be eliminated at the age of 10. What shall we do?" Asked the new Prime Minister Saeki Kei.

"It is definitely noticeable that Tatsuo is growing at a insane speed. But we should refrain from the word of eliminating him."

"Yes your Majesty."

"Hey Tomio-nii, what are you doing?" Asked Tatsuo with a small tone of a baby.

"Nothing. I'm just doing some paper works of the new magicians in the kingdom."

"Are magicians strong?"

"Yes they are very strong."

"Then can I become a magician too?"

"Yes you can."

"Then why does Ryo-nii say that I can't become one?"

"He was lying. You also can become a great magician."

"Are you a great magician?"

"Yes I'm a great magician. In fact, I'm the strongest magician."

"WOW! Can I also become strong like you?"

"Yes of course. In fact you can surpass me."


Hearing this, Tatsuo was surprised.