Chapter 0:

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color bliss

hair colors and their statue levels Bookmark here

pink: one with pink hair is not despised. their personalities are happy and fruitful. they make a lot of friends and are very loved.Bookmark here

purple: one with purple hair is accepted. their personalities are some what hostile but only to those they barely know, the people close to them are treated lovingly. they have very few friends however their hostility gets them some "admirers" or "stalkers".Bookmark here

blue: one with blue hair IS despised. they are often depressing and sad. they can pass on depression to others so most avoid them, it is extremely rare for a "blue" to get 1 friend.Bookmark here

cyan/turquoise/aqua: one with aqua colored hair is admired. their personalities are calm and collective. one with aqua hair is often in nature and love rainy weather they have few human friends but many animal friends.Bookmark here

green: one with green hair is loved. they are usually assertive and kind [i don't know how that works but it does]. like purples they have few friends and many admirers. BONUS[they are a symbol of wealth income and love. that would also get them kidnapped and sold (unfortunately)].Bookmark here

red: one with red hair is despised. their personalities like the purples is hostile, but instead of only the people they don't know they are also hostile to the ones they know. they take their hostility to another level and have no friends. it would be ultra rare to see a red with a friend.Bookmark here

black: one with black hair is liked... i guess. they are naive, clingy and air-headed. people take advantage of them a bit too much its is sickening and is rare to see one with a true friend.Bookmark here

brown: one with brown hair is neutral[ neither liked or despised]. they are independent and quite loyal. they have one close friend that's it.Bookmark here

white/gray/silver: those with white hair are worshiped. they are mostly kind and giving. they are very rare and only have admirers, they don't really know how to live a normal life.Bookmark here

yellow/gold/blonde: one with golden hair is loved. they have the worst type of personalities, they pretend to act all happy and bubbly but really they are worse than reds. the only people who really "make friends" with them are blacks because of how naive they are. they are abusive to blacks in private[ that sounds racist,lol.]Bookmark here

orange: one with orange hair is loved. they are very bubbly and rarely get sad they are always cheering up other people and are a "common" friend for blues.they have a lot of friends and blues depression doesn't affect them.Bookmark here

genetics do not affect or determine your hair color and hair dye is extremely expensive.Bookmark here

is this world a simulation? what is the truth of this world? how many secrets could it be hiding? keep reading to find out.Bookmark here

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color bliss

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