Chapter 1:

the beginning

color bliss

oh, it was just a dream.*yawn* why is the house so quiet. mom. dad. sako. hmm i wonder where they are maybe they left. the house was so quiet the only thing i could hear was the stairs creaking will i crept down them. huh?~ 
WHAT. THE. FUCK!? hahahaha funny joke ya'll can get of the floor now. huh? why aren't they budging. whats that it- it looks like... BLOOD! Bookmark here

oh good. what should i do what should i do? i-i'll call the cops ya that's what i'll do.

Bookmark here

'don't bother.'Bookmark here

huh who's there. i turned around just in time to see a dark figure emerging from the shadows.
ahh! wh-who are you? i said while crawl running back to my room to gt my phone. when i got my phone i scrambled to call the cops but the dark figure grabbed it from me before i could make any calls. that's when i shove them away and their hood fell of.Bookmark here

SHIRO! what are you doing hear and why is my family dead?!Bookmark here

'uh, could i tell you um somewhere safe.'Bookmark here

i let him carry to his car. while we where driving to somewhere 'safe'  he asked if i was ok. i didn't reply. i could slowly but surely feel my sanity slipping from my grasp. revenge... revenge was all i could think about.Bookmark here

revenge. revenge. revenge.Bookmark here

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