Chapter 28:

Meeting Of The Main Force

Master Of Rejections But Beginner At Love

Back to the present.Bookmark here

"Sniff... sniff..."Bookmark here

Yui was currently trying to hold her tears back after she heard Kazuma's whole past.Bookmark here

"Here."Bookmark here

Kazuma handed her some tissues to wipe off her snot and tears.Bookmark here

"Sniff.. thanks..."Bookmark here

"That's the end, I suppose." he shrugged his shoulders.Bookmark here

"But sniff... didn't you confront Kanzaki or the others?" she asked while she was wiping her eyes.Bookmark here

"I tried to but I haven't seen them again since then. They changed the hideout of the gang, their phone numbers and even their residence." he gazed fiercely at the table.Bookmark here

"I don't even know yet why they did it."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Looking at her tears flowing down her cheeks, he sighed.Bookmark here

"You know what? Let's stop with this gloomy topic. I've told you everything I wanted. You can stay here to calm down. In the meantime, I'll prepare dinner for us." Kazuma suggested as he stood up.Bookmark here

He walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator.Bookmark here

"Now, let's see..."Bookmark here

He analyzed the content of the refrigerator.Bookmark here

"Hey, Yui. What do you w- Woah!"Bookmark here

When he turned around to Yui, so that he could ask what she wanted for dinner, she was already standing close to him.Bookmark here

"W-what are you doing?!" he was startled by her.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Yui gripped the ends of her skirt tightly to control her trembling.Bookmark here

Puff.Bookmark here

She hugged him out of nowhere.Bookmark here

"H-huh?"Bookmark here

Not knowing what to do, he waved his hands wildly in the air.Bookmark here

"... all the time..." Bookmark here

"You were in unimaginable pain all the time without anyone knowing about it..." she muffled.Bookmark here

Her hug tightened.Bookmark here

"I'm so sorry for not noticing... I knew that you've lost your parents but after seeing your face a few days after that, I thought that you were trying to overcome it. I barely knew you back then and therefore I thought that it would be better that I didn't meddle into your affairs..."Bookmark here

"But I was wrong... You just hid your pain and suffering... You didn't want anyone to know... Right?"Bookmark here

Kazuma did not reply. He just bit his lips as he returned the hug.Bookmark here

It was silent for a while.Bookmark here

"It was so painful..." Kazuma muttered.Bookmark here

"Yes, tell me your feelings..."Bookmark here

"Even today, I still miss them!"Bookmark here

His voice started to quaver.Bookmark here

"It's unfair... I still wanted to show them so much more!"Bookmark here

"Everything I wanted was to spend time time with them. So why did they have to die?"Bookmark here

"Sniff..."Bookmark here

Yui only listened to Kazuma venting out his emotions.Bookmark here

More than half an hour passed until they let go of each other.Bookmark here

The two had watery eyes. And despite that, they smiled at each other.Bookmark here

"Thanks, Yui."Bookmark here

"No, I should thank you for opening yourself up to me."Bookmark here

Yui took a step backwards and leaned on the wall.Bookmark here

"I know it's very insensitive of me but..."Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

"What do you plan to do if you see Kanzaki?" she asked and looked straight into his eyes.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

His face became grimmer.Bookmark here

"I guess I will hear him out firstly. Depending on his reasoning, I will try not to kill him." he replied as his eyes got sharper and more intimidating.Bookmark here

"B-but I'm sure that your parents-"Bookmark here

"i know what you're trying to say and you're right. However, I don't care if it's right or wrong. He took those from me whom I loved the most. He should know better than anyone else what will happen to him."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Yui did not say anything. She knew that it would be impossible to argue. What else could snap him out of his vindictive thoughts if even ethics and morals could not sway him?Bookmark here

Buzz.Bookmark here

"Oh, sorry!"Bookmark here

"No problem, go ahead."Bookmark here

She checked her phone after she noticed that she received a message.Bookmark here

"It's my mom. She said I should pick up Rika from her friend's house."Bookmark here

"Should I come with you?"Bookmark here

"No need to. The house is only a few minutes away from here."Bookmark here

"I see."Bookmark here

Both of them went to the entrance where Yui put on her shoes.Bookmark here

"See you tomorrow then!" she waved her hand while she forced a smile on her face.Bookmark here

"Yeah, see you tomorrow." Kazuma smiled back without noticing Yui's act.Bookmark here

She heaved a heavy sigh after she went outside.Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

"Oh, sorry!"Bookmark here

"It's fine."Bookmark here

Not watching where she was going, Yui bumped into a girl.Bookmark here

"Hm? Is something wrong?" the girl tilted her head.Bookmark here

"N-nothing at all!" Yui waved her hands in denial.Bookmark here

Yui unconsciously stared for too long at the girl.Bookmark here

The girl had long brown hair and emerald green eyes. Furthermore, she wore the school uniform of the all-girls school in Adachi.Bookmark here

"I see. Well, I have to go now." the girl walked away.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

While she was walking, Yui watched her back thoughtful.Bookmark here

"How weird... Why does it feel like I know her?" she muttered.Bookmark here

"Whatever. First of all, I need to pick up Rika."Bookmark here

She cleared her mind and started to move from her spot.Bookmark here

A few minutes passed.Bookmark here

Whereas Yui arrived at Rika's location, the girl, whom Yui bumped into, was approached by a tall guy.Bookmark here

"Hey, Shiho, long time no see!"Bookmark here

"Don't call me like that, Miller."Bookmark here

"Wow! You sure turned cold just like Shinya said."Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

Hirata was excited to see Shiho again for the first time after two years but got brushed off coldly by her. Unlike him, Shiho was annoyed.Bookmark here

"Geez, are you perhaps still mad at us?" he sighed.Bookmark here

"Watch your tone." Shiho glared at him spitefully.Bookmark here

"Oh, how scary." he commented playfully as he shrugged his shoulders.Bookmark here

Not exchanging any words anymore, the two walked with a distance to each other until they arrived at a certain building.Bookmark here

"Seems like Shinya's already there." he stated while he moved to the front door.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"Nervous from entering your previous home after all these years?" he teased her.Bookmark here

"Shut it." she rebuked.Bookmark here

Then, they entered the house. There was a pair of shoes at the entrance and the lights in the living room were already on.Bookmark here

"Hey, Shinya! We're here now!" Hirata called Shinya as he went to the living room.Bookmark here

"Hm? You're the first ones to arrive."Bookmark here

While watching TV, Shinya took a glance at Hirata.Bookmark here

"It's been a while, Shinya." Shiho greeted her brother with a fierce look.Bookmark here

"Oh, Shiho! I'm so happy to see you again! How long has it been? Two years?"Bookmark here

Shinya shot up from the couch and wanted to hug her.Bookmark here

Slap.Bookmark here

"Don't touch me."Bookmark here

Shiho slapped his hand away.Bookmark here

"I see."Bookmark here

Losing his interest, he was about to sit back down.Bookmark here

"Wait. What's the meaning of this?"Bookmark here

She took out her phone and showed him a message.Bookmark here

[Come to our old home in Shinjuku. It's about Kazuma.]Bookmark here

"It's so sad, you know? I called and texted you so many times, however, you ignored every last one of them. You only react if it's about Kazuma..." Shinya acted as if he was hurt.Bookmark here

"Cut the act and get to the point." she demanded furiously.Bookmark here

"Fine, fine. I wa-"Bookmark here

Ding dong.Bookmark here

"Must be the others." Hirata said.Bookmark here

Hirata opened the door for the new guests and led them to the living room.Bookmark here

"Hey, Shin-chan!" a cheerful girl appeared.Bookmark here

"Yo, Kyouko." Shinya waved his hand.Bookmark here

Yame Kyouko was a girl in the second year of high school. She wore her uniform loose, revealing her tanned skin and cleavage. She had a dyed blonde bob cut and brown eyes. Her colorful fingernails, multiple accessories and socks, which almost covered her entire calves, added to her impression as a typical gal.Bookmark here

"Sorry, we're late. Some twerps picked a fight with us."Bookmark here

"Yeah, it took us longer than expected."Bookmark here

Two black-haired boys entered the room.Bookmark here

"No worries, Ryota and Daisuke."Bookmark here

Toujou Ryota and Toujou Daisuke were cousins at the same age. Despite not being twins, the two 17 year old boys were almost identical. Both were high school dropouts and were currently active in shady businesses. The two had bowl cuts and golden eyes. They wore gray sweatpants and black muscle shirts. The only difference were the places of their tattoos. Only Ryota's right thick arm was tattooed whereas Daisuke had tattoos on the other arm.Bookmark here

"Hm? Who's that chick?" Ryota pointed at Shiho as he licked his lips.Bookmark here

"My sister." Shinya answered with a smile.Bookmark here

"!"Bookmark here

Kyouko and the Toujou cousins flinched.Bookmark here

"I didn't even know that you had a sister! Why didn't you tell us, Shin-chan?" Kyouko latched into his arms.Bookmark here

"Hehe, I forgot..." he laughed wryly.Bookmark here

"Ahem. That's not the point of today's meeting." Shinya cleared his throat.Bookmark here

As his expression got more serious, the atmosphere in the room got more intense.Bookmark here

"I've called you all here to discuss the upcoming fight. Our opponent this time is a new gang or rather, only one certain person." Shinya stated with an eerie grin.Bookmark here

"One person? Is he tired of living?" Daisuke asked confused.Bookmark here

"Why exactly are we all needed? Couldn't just one of us handle him single-handedly?" Ryota added.Bookmark here

"Under normal circumstances I would agree with you but this time it's a special person." Hirata answered while crossing his arms.Bookmark here

A photo was dropped on the floor by Shinya.Bookmark here

Shiho could not believe her eyes.Bookmark here

It was a photo of Kazuma.Bookmark here

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