Chapter 1:

The day it all came crumbling down.

The Scarlett Dragon's Pride And Revenge

        It was a day just like any other in the kingdom of Dragonia, everyone was preparing for the star dragon festival that was happening tomorrow and the royal family was no different. 
"Miss Scarlett, are you ready for the tournement thats happening tomorrow." Libra said.
"Of course im ready, its the tournement that's gonna decide who amongst us will become ruler after all, i've been training everyday to finally beat my big brother Havoc." the princess said excitely. 
Yes the star dragon festival, held once all of the king's kids have reached 16 and older, to determine who will lead the kingdom, and now that the princess has finally hit 16, the star dragon festival will be held in the kingdom once again.It has been nearly 40 years since the last one was held. Concidentally, its also held on their father the king's 65th birthday. Yes Normally this would make anyone excited, if only the curtain of tragedy did not descend upon the festival, maybe things would have been different. Bookmark here

      The Festival has started, and the crowd has gathered into the stadium. Everyone is eager to see the tournement begin. The tournement rules are simple, the 8 siblings are split into 2 blocks, and the 4 in each block fight against each other one time, and the one with the most wins advances. The winner of both blocks then compete in a first to three wins match. The Winner of the tournement is then declared the royal heir and will take over the crown from their father, lord saladin. Fast forward to the finale, and the winner of both blocks are the 3rd princess , Scarlett and the 1st prince Havoc. 
"I'm glad you're the one im fighting Havoc, i've been training to finally beat you, the crown is mine."
"I'm glad you're the one standing on this stage with me right now, i wont have to regret doing this." Just as they were about to begin the fight, an explosion occurs in the stands. As Scarlett and the rest of the crowd turns their head to the explosion site, a scream is heard coming from the king's throne. A group of rouge knights have taken the king hostage and slaugthered all his guards. As everyone is in panic over the surrounding events, Havoc flew up into the air of the stadium and declared.
"This is the beginning of a new era, no more will we be the peace loving kingdom of dragonia, today shall mark the start of our new union with the kingdom of Chaosix. We shall bring about a new age to the world and become supreme rulers of the continent of Almania." As he finishes his speech, a rush of soldiers wearing the emblem of Chaosix flood the stadium and holds everyone hostage. 
"You bastard, you sold us out to Chaosix?" Scarlett proclaimed loudly. 
"Sold us out is such a bad word, i prefer the phrase made an alliance." Havoc said as he proceeds to unseathe his sword. 
"Now you have 2 choices, either drop your sword and surrender or we can fight to the death. Of course, you'll be the one who's dead." 
Just as Scarlett was getting ready to fight Havoc, The ground around her shot up and trapped her in a cylinder. She then fell through the ground into the basement of the stadium.
"Libra, what are you doing, i was ready to beat the snot out of him."
"I'm sorry milady, but we gotta leave now, there's no way you can win."
"Plus, even if you win, what are you gonna do with all the chaosix soilders, there's no way you can take them all down" That voice came from behind libra, it was the 2nd prince Alexander.
"I've prepared an escape route for you and libra, your first piority after escaping is to seek refuge with our allies, the red cross." Despite her protests, Libra proceeds to carry her mistress down the escape path, just as soilders start surrounding Alexander. 

"Milady, we've arrived at the kingdom of red cross."
"It's already been 2 weeks huh, let's go."
Cut to the dragonia kingdom.
"Sir Havoc, the lady and her maid have arrived at the red cross."
"So they have huh, how's the purge of the senates going."
"Sir, its been going well, we've almost gotta rid of all the members from your dad's faction as well as imprison all the members from Miss Scarlett's faction, however sir may i ask why are we not killing them."
"There's no need for you to know, now begone."
"Soon, operation paradise shall be completed, Alexander, how's the progress with that going."
"It's been going well brother, in another 3 weeks itll be fully charged."
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