Chapter 6:

Popularity isn't what it seems to be


Kiyomi Mitsuko stares at Ace as she’s about to deliver the truth about Ace’s father. “Ace... The truth about your father is...”. Ace sits quietly on his seat, as the memories on march 18th flood Ace’s mind. 

“(March 18th, on my way to my Dad’s workplace, I remember that... I was happy for some reason. I have gotten something I really wanted to give to my Dad, but... on that same peaceful night a terrible earthquake happened and that’s when I saw the building collapse. Out from the dust cloud, I saw a shadowed figure... it had large wings and it’s eye’s glowed with a bright red color... then suddenly...)”

Mitsuko puts her hands together, out comes a loud clapping sound. Ace flinches and awakens from his daydream. Mitsuko with zero news to deliver to Ace, she grins. “No one really knows what happened that day”. Ace stands up leaning with both hands against the table. “What”

“All we know is after the incident, we found large traces of salt”


“It’s what demons leave behind when they disappear from the scene. All we can say is your father was killed by a Demon”

“Is it the one with the red glowing eye’s”

“Red glowing eye’s?... the demon’s we’ve encountered don’t fit that description... only the one’s shaded black”

“I see...”

Ace turns around and walks straight to the door. “Where are you going” Mitsuko asks. Ace looks back at Mitsuko and smile. “Well I can’t be late on my first day” Ace says as he leaves the room. The door closes behind him, he looks down and takes a deep breath. Ace turns and in front of him stands Kaori Mizuhara, deeply penetrating Ace’s personal space with her dreadful stare. Ace flinches and looks back at her. “Ah... are you okay” He asks as Kaori continues to stare. Ace feels a little bit awkward to the silence. Kaori brushes Ace’s hair to the side as Ace gets a hit of nostalgia. “That’s Much better... All students should assemble to the assembly hall” Kaori turns as she leaves.

“What... was that just now...” Ace is left frozen on the same spot, he feels as if he has been reminded of something but he can not wrap his finger around it. He touches his forehead as it starts to all come back to him. He looks up and shouts “DAMN IT I FORGOT MY WALLET!”

Ace walks in to the assembly hall after being lost for a while, as late as he is the assembly meeting has come to a closing as everyone leaves. He falls on his knees with despair. Mr Keichiro Watanabe find Ace kneeling on the ground “What are you doing”.

“I was late, everyone has already been assigned to a class”

“Get up on your feet and come with me”

Keichiro walks into his class with Ace. Ace feels anxious to see his new classmates. “Now class we are having a new student with us” says Keichiro as he looks at Ace. Ace stays frozen for a while as Keichiro prods him. He snaps out of it, he clears his throat and introduces himself to the class.

“My name is Ace Scott, thanks for having me”

The students start to chatter about Ace in the background. One female student stands up and asks Ace a question. “Um... are you the guy that was stabbed through the heart?”. Ace feels a little embarrassed as he gave the curious classmate an answer. “Y-yes”. The whole class stands up and exult “Can I eat lunch with you”. Ace not knowing why everyone is suddenly excited. Keichiro enlightens him about what is happening.

“Haven’t you heard”

“Heard what”

“You’re pretty famous around the school... Iron-Heart”


Lunch time, Ace buys his lunch at the cafeteria. He finds an open seat, he spots Kaori and walks up to her. “Is this seat taken” he asks as Kaori stands and walks away “Now it is”. Ace sighs and seats down to eat his lunch as girls starts throw themselves around him. Ace looks around as every guy stares at him with a dreadful look in their eyes. Ace looks down all nervous he comes up with a lame bathroom excuse and storms out of the cafeteria.

He finds himself a nice quiet spot where he sits with no one around to bother him. Having forgotten his lunch at the cafeteria his stomach starts to growl. “Is this seat taken” Ace looks behind him and sees a guy, orange hair with rectangular glasses. “Not really” Ace replies to him. 


“A lunch box, why you giving it to me”

“I figured you might want it”


“By the way I’m Satori Nagatomi”

“And I’m...”

“Ace Scott”

Ace looks at Satori and thinks to himself “This freaking guy”. Satori looks up “Ace if you got any questions to ask I’m your guy”. 

“Yeah I do... Who is the purple haired girl”

“Purple haired girl you say... Kaori Mizuhara”

“I see”

“Why you ask...”

“It’s nothing”

The bell rings as Ace walks back to class on his way he bumps into someone one he thought he would never see again

“Huh? Shimizu”