Chapter 5:

Unspoken Truth


BeepBeep Six thirty in the morning. Ace Scott awakes from his nightmare by an alarm. “Well that was a familiar dream”. Ace pulls his body forward as he feels a little sting. He gets startled and slowly opens his robe. Ace sees himself wrapped in a bandage around his torso stained in blood on the chest area. Ace gets shaken up as a flashback to that night catches on to him. He unwraps the bandage around him and slowly takes a look at his chest only to find the scar has disappeared. “Huh”, Ace laughs to how stupid he feels “I must have been out of my mind to wrap myself with a bandage, I’m glad I never met crazy stalker girl though I’ll miss her she was pretty nice and had extremely huge boobs too”

“Who has extremely huge boobs?”

“None of your business creep...”

The voice to his statement sounds familiar to Ace’s ears. Feeling anxious, He turns his and sees the god of all stalkers standing with a wide smile on her face. “AHHHH” Ace screams out loud having to find Nishimura in his room. 

“Good morning Ace”

“Mom! There’s a creepy stalker in my room”

Nishimura sitting on-top of Ace, forcefully trying to cover Ace’s mouth “Shush you’ll give away my position”. Ace’s struggles to fight her off.

“What position”

“I’m not suppose to be here”

“Damn right you are” 

A cute girl, Long blue hair, C-Cup and round glasses, passes by Ace’s room as she hears disturbing noises. “S-Stop that” says Nishimura.

“I can’t”

“D-Don’t move so much someone will hear us"

“No I can’t take it anymore... If you don’t stop resisting... I’m going to...”

The blue haired girl quickly opens the door and shouts out with her eyes closed “NISHINA STOP THIS INSTANT...”. She opens her eyes and sees Nishimura on top of Ace. Ace and Nishimura stop fighting each other and looks at the girl. The blue haired girl looks at Ace and sees his robe open, Ace’s hand on Nishimura’s breast and Nishimura’s hands on Ace’s chest pushing Ace down. The Blue haired girl gets the wrong Idea as her face turns Red “I’M S-S-SORRY I DISTURBED YOU PLEASE CONTINUE WHATEVER YOU WERE DOING” She says as she storms out of the room and the door closes behind her. 

“Well that was weird” Ace says as He looks at Nishimura, Nishimura glares at Ace with her face red. He looks at his hand and gently squishes Nishimura’s breast. Ace panics and pushes Nishimura away. He looks at his hand with his face all red. Nishimura groans, she takes out her gun and points it at Ace. Ace panics as he tries to reason with Nishimura. “I’m not a groper I swear, I would never do that”. Ace’s reductive reasoning does not erase the fact that he groped Nishimura’s breast. Nishimura empties the guns chamber trying to get at shot at Ace.

After short while, Ace and Nishimura sitting on their legs on the bed. Nishimura feels a little embarrassed after being groped by Ace. Ace quietly looks at Nishimura also feeling embarrassed after groping her. The environment in the room feels a bit awkward since neither of them will not say a word to each other. Ace tries to break the ice between them, then suddenly another unfamiliar girl walks in the room.

“Are you Ace Scott”


Ace changes into school cloths (Gakuran: Japanese boys black school uniform that consists of a square shouldered top with a stand-up collar, five golden buttons and black straight legged pants) he is given, Kaori Mizuhara, purple long flowing hair, definitely a D-Cup, an S-Class beauty with a face every girl would kill for, walks Ace up to the main office at the HQ. “This way” Kaori stands aside as she point to the door. The steal door slides open as Ace enters.

Ace is offered a seat in a room what my seem to be like the presidents round table. Across the table sits, a super hot principal, black hair with a long braided pony tail Miss Kiyomi Mitsuko. On her right sits a PE teacher with red hair, skilled in hand to hand combat, Mr Keichiro Watanabe, and on her left vice principal Kirigimoto Nohaku with wide scar moving diagonally across his face, accurate sharpshooter with any gun given to him.

Ace gulps as he looks at them. Feeling nervous to be around such high class people. He feels he should say something. Before he could think of any words, Mitsuko asks a question.

“Can you tell us what you saw that night”


“The night you and a student of ours were attacked”

“I don’t think...”

“We know you saw something... Now answer the question, tell us what you saw”

Ace sighs softly and answers the question.

“I saw some guy, I heard Nishimura scream and I thought she was being attacked by some dark alley scumba... when I got a closer look at his face... his eyes were all black and had this disturbing aura about him...”

“I see... Well then...”

“Wait but what does this have to do me?... and what is this place?”

The room stays quiet for a moment, Mitsuko sighs and thinks it’s best if they do not leave Ace in the dark.

“This is an Organisation called S.P.A.D.E.S”


SPECIAL PARANORMAL ANTI-DEMON EXTERMINATION SOCIETY... Spades for short, we specialise in hunting Demons and exterminating them”

“I see”

“But we don’t really exterminate them, more like exorcising them”

“Then shouldn’t it be a Special Paranormal Anti-Demon Exorcism society”

“I’ve also asked that question before” Nohaku replies with a smile, eyes closed and his arms fold. “Yeah it would make more sense if we replaced the extermination with exorcism” Keichiro replies to Nohaku’s statement. With all the ideas being passed on the table, Mitsuko loses her cool and bangs the table as she shouts out loud “I’M NOT THE ONE WHO CAME UP WITH THE STUPID NAME OK” Mitsuko takes a deep sigh “Can we focus here, It doesn’t matter whether its extermination or exorcism”. The table stays silent for a few minutes. Mitsuko sighs again as she pulls her attention to Ace. “Scott we want you to...”, Without letting Mitsuko finish her sentence Ace declines Mitsuko’s offer.


“I know what comes after, you going to ask me to stay dead to the world and join you”

“Yes... but...”

“Look I have a mother who is probably worried about me... a little sister I sworn to protect, dinner my aunt cooked which I missed the night I was attacked, so thanks but no thanks I’m not joining”

Ace stands up and puts his hand’s in his pockets. He turns and walks to the door as he is about to open it. Mitsuko tries to change Ace’s mind with information about his father. “We know what happened to your father”. Ace stops his hand as he was about to press the button. He lets his hand go as he clenches his fist. “Tch... What could you possibly Know about my father, all that’s ever happened to him is he died in a collapsing building during an earthquake”

“March 18th Except it wasn’t an earthquake”

Ace turns back irritated by Mitsuko’s understatement, He furiously marches back to the table “WHAT DO YOU KNOW”. Mitsuko looks straight into Ace’s rage. She closes her eyes and gives Ace an ultimatum. “If you agree to work with us maybe I’ll let you in, what happened that day”. Ace looks down and stays silent for a minute. He unclenches his fist and agrees to Join Spades. Mitsuko stands up from her chair. She stares deadly into Ace’s eyes about to deliver the truth to Ace. 

“Ace... The truth about your father is…”